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1) Heat flux across an open pore enables the continuous replication and selection of oligonucleotides towards increasing length (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 26th 2015
Moritz Kreysing, Lorenz Keil, Simon Lanzmich, Dieter Braun

2) Coulomb explosion during the early stages of the reaction of alkali metals with water (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 26th 2015
Philip E. Mason, Frank Uhlig, V, Tillmann Buttersack, Sigurd Bauerecker, Pavel Jungwirth

3) Synthesis and characterization of hexaarylbenzenes with five or six different substituents enabled by programmed synthesis (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 26th 2015
Shin Suzuki, Yasutomo Segawa, Kenichiro Itami, Junichiro Yamaguchi

4) Dual-display of small molecules enables the discovery of ligand pairs and facilitates affinity maturation (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 26th 2015
Moreno Wichert, Nikolaus Krall, Willy Decurtins, Raphael M. Franzini, Francesca Pretto, Petra Schneider, Dario Neri, J

5) Catalytic, stereospecific syn-dichlorination of alkenes (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 12th 2015
Alexander J. Cresswell, Stanley T.-C. Eey, Scott E. Denmark

6) Catalytic enantioselective synthesis of indanes by a cation-directed 5-endo-trig cyclization (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 12th 2015
Craig P. Johnston, Abhishek Kothari, Tetiana Sergeieva, Sergiy I. Okovytyy, Kelvin E. Jackson, Robert S. Paton, Martin D. Smith

7) Rational design of functional and tunable oscillating enzymatic networks (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 12th 2015
Sergey N. Semenov, Albert S. Y. Wong, R. Martijn van der Made, Sjoerd G. J. Postma, Joost Groen, Hendrik W. H. van Roekel, Tom F. A. de Greef, Wilhelm T. S. Huck

8) On the origin of the stability of graphene oxide membranes in water (Nature Chemistry) Monday January 5th 2015
Che-Ning Yeh, Kalyan Raidongia, Jiaojing Shao, Quan-Hong Yang, Jiaxing Huang

9) Solvating additives drive solution-mediated electrochemistry and enhance toroid growth in non-aqueous Li (Nature Chemistry) Monday December 15th 2014
Nagaphani B. Aetukuri, Bryan D. McCloskey, Jeannette M. Garc, Leslie E. Krupp, Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan, Alan C. Luntz

10) Copper-catalysed selective hydroamination reactions of alkynes (Nature Chemistry) Monday December 15th 2014
Shi-Liang Shi, Stephen L. Buchwald

11) Systems chemistry: Selecting complex behaviour (Nature Chemistry) Monday December 8th 2014
Andrew J. Bissette, Stephen P. Fletcher

12) Exploring the sequence space for (tri-)peptide self-assembly to design and discover new hydrogels (Nature Chemistry) Monday December 8th 2014
Pim W. J. M. Frederix, Gary G. Scott, Yousef M. Abul-Haija, Daniela Kalafatovic, Charalampos G. Pappas, Nadeem Javid, Neil T. Hunt, Rein V. Ulijn, Tell Tuttle

13) Spatially resolved analysis of short-range structure perturbations in a plastically bent molecular crystal (Nature Chemistry) Monday December 8th 2014
Manas K. Panda, Soumyajit Ghosh, Nobuhiro Yasuda, Taro Moriwaki, Goutam Dev Mukherjee, C. Malla Reddy, Pan

14) Screening and classifying small molecule inhibitors of amyloid formation using ion mobility spectrometry (Nature Chemistry) Monday December 8th 2014
Lydia M. Young, Janet C. Saunders, Rachel A. Mahood, Charlotte H. Revill, Richard J. Foster, Ling-Hsien Tu, Daniel P. Raleigh, Sheena E. Radford, Alison E. Ashcroft

15) Supramolecular binding and separation of hydrocarbons within a functionalized porous metal (Nature Chemistry) Monday December 1st 2014
Sihai Yang, Anibal J. Ramirez-Cuesta, Ruth Newby, Victoria Garcia-Sakai, Pascal Manuel, Samantha K. Callear, Stuart I. Campbell, Chiu C. Tang, Martin Schr

16) Substrate control in stereoselective lanthionine biosynthesis (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 24th 2014
Weixin Tang, Gonzalo Jim, K. N. Houk, Wilfred A. van der Donk

17) Towards greener and more sustainable batteries for electrical energy storage (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 17th 2014
D. Larcher, J-M. Tarascon

18) Rhodanine hydrolysis leads to potent thioenolate mediated metallo- (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 17th 2014
J, Sander S. van Berkel, WeiShen Aik, Anna M. Rydzik, Matthew B. Avison, Ilaria Pettinati, Klaus-Daniel Umland, Akane Kawamura, James Spencer, Timothy D. W. Claridge, Michael A. McDonough, Christopher J. Schofield

19) Halogen bonding in water results in enhanced anion recognition in acyclic and rotaxane hosts (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 17th 2014
Matthew J. Langton, Sean W. Robinson, Igor Marques, V, Paul D. Beer

20) Pseudopterosin synthesis from a chiral cross-conjugated hydrocarbon through a series of cycloadditions (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 17th 2014
Christopher G. Newton, Samuel L. Drew, Andrew L. Lawrence, Anthony C. Willis, Michael N. Paddon-Row, Michael S. Sherburn

21) DNA modifications: Another stable base in DNA (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 10th 2014
Pijus Brazauskas, Skirmantas Kriaucionis

22) Mechanistic, crystallographic, and computational studies on the catalytic, enantioselective sulfenofunctionalization of alkenes (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 10th 2014
Scott E. Denmark, Eduard Hartmann, David J. P. Kornfilt, Hao Wang

23) The role of LiO2 solubility in O2 reduction in aprotic solvents and its consequences for Li (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 10th 2014
Lee Johnson, Chunmei Li, Zheng Liu, Yuhui Chen, Stefan A. Freunberger, Jean-Marie Tarascon, Praveen C. Ashok, Bavishna B. Praveen, Kishan Dholakia, Peter G. Bruce

24) Structure of a designed protein cage that self-assembles into a highly porous cube (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 10th 2014
Yen-Ting Lai, Eamonn Reading, Greg L. Hura, Kuang-Lei Tsai, Arthur Laganowsky, Francisco J. Asturias, John A. Tainer, Carol V. Robinson, Todd O. Yeates

25) Covalent functionalization of monolayered transition metal dichalcogenides by phase engineering (Nature Chemistry) Monday November 10th 2014
Damien Voiry, Anandarup Goswami, Rajesh Kappera, Cecilia de Carvalho Castro e Silva, Daniel Kaplan, Takeshi Fujita, Mingwei Chen, Tewodros Asefa, Manish Chhowalla

26) Revealing the macromolecular targets of complex natural products (Nature Chemistry) Sunday November 2nd 2014
Daniel Reker, Anna M. Perna, Tiago Rodrigues, Petra Schneider, Michael Reutlinger, Bettina M, Andreas Koeberle, Christina Lamers, Matthias Gabler, Heinrich Steinmetz, Rolf M, Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz, Oliver Werz, Gisbert Schneider

27) Discovering chemistry with an ab initio nanoreactor (Nature Chemistry) Sunday November 2nd 2014
Lee-Ping Wang, Alexey Titov, Robert McGibbon, Fang Liu, Vijay S. Pande, Todd J. Mart

28) Molecular motor-driven abrupt anisotropic shape change in a single crystal of a Ni complex (Nature Chemistry) Sunday October 26th 2014
Zi-Shuo Yao, Masaki Mito, Takashi Kamachi, Yoshihito Shiota, Kazunari Yoshizawa, Nobuaki Azuma, Yuji Miyazaki, Kazuyuki Takahashi, Kuirun Zhang, Takumi Nakanishi, Soonchul Kang, Shinji Kanegawa, Osamu Sato

29) Atom-efficient regioselective 1,2-dearomatization of functionalized pyridines by an earth-abundant organolanthanide catalyst (Nature Chemistry) Sunday October 19th 2014
Alexander S. Dudnik, Victoria L. Weidner, Alessandro Motta, Massimiliano Delferro, Tobin J. Marks

30) DNA brick crystals with prescribed depths (Nature Chemistry) Sunday October 19th 2014
Yonggang Ke, Luvena L. Ong, Wei Sun, Jie Song, Mingdong Dong, William M. Shih, Peng Yin

31) Switching on the fluorescence of 2-aminopurine by site-selective microhydration (Nature Chemistry) Sunday October 19th 2014
Simon Lobsiger, Susan Blaser, Rajeev K. Sinha, Hans-Martin Frey, Samuel Leutwyler

32) Self-assembling hydrogel scaffolds for photocatalytic hydrogen production (Nature Chemistry) Sunday October 5th 2014
Adam S. Weingarten, Roman V. Kazantsev, Liam C. Palmer, Mark McClendon, Andrew R. Koltonow, Amanda P. S. Samuel, Derek J. Kiebala, Michael R. Wasielewski, Samuel I. Stupp

33) Direct observation of a borane (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 28th 2014
Adrian Y. Houghton, Juha Hurmalainen, Akseli Mansikkam, Warren E. Piers, Heikki M. Tuononen

34) Recognition and sensing of low-epitope targets via ternary complexes with oligonucleotides and synthetic receptors (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 28th 2014
Kyung-Ae Yang, Mihaela Barbu, Marlin Halim, Payal Pallavi, Benjamin Kim, Dmitry M. Kolpashchikov, Stevan Pecic, Steven Taylor, Tilla S. Worgall, Milan N. Stojanovic

35) Molecular topology: Star-crossed self-assembly (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 21st 2014
Guido H. Clever

36) 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine is a predominantly stable DNA modification (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 21st 2014
Martin Bachman, Santiago Uribe-Lewis, Xiaoping Yang, Michael Williams, Adele Murrell, Shankar Balasubramanian

37) A Star of David catenane (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 21st 2014
David A. Leigh, Robin G. Pritchard, Alexander J. Stephens

38) Redox-inactive metal ions modulate the reactivity and oxygen release of mononuclear non-haem iron(III) (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 14th 2014
Suhee Bang, Yong-Min Lee, Seungwoo Hong, Kyung-Bin Cho, Yusuke Nishida, Mi Sook Seo, Ritimukta Sarangi, Shunichi Fukuzumi, Wonwoo Nam

39) Dynamic covalent chemistry of bisimines at the solid/liquid interface monitored by scanning tunnelling microscopy (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 14th 2014
Artur Ciesielski, Mohamed El Garah, S, Petr Kova, Jean-Marie Lehn, Paolo Samor

40) Capturing snapshots of post-synthetic metallation chemistry in metal (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 7th 2014
Witold M. Bloch, Alexandre Burgun, Campbell J. Coghlan, Richmond Lee, Michelle L. Coote, Christian J. Doonan, Christopher J. Sumby

41) Synthetic fermentation of bioactive non-ribosomal peptides without organisms, enzymes or reagents (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 7th 2014
Yi-Lin Huang, Jeffrey W. Bode

42) Tailored hierarchical micelle architectures using living crystallization-driven self-assembly in two dimensions (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 7th 2014
Zachary M. Hudson, Charlotte E. Boott, Matthew E. Robinson, Paul A. Rupar, Mitchell A. Winnik, Ian Manners

43) Non-oxidative intercalation and exfoliation of graphite by Br (Nature Chemistry) Sunday September 7th 2014
Nina I. Kovtyukhova, Yuanxi Wang, Ayse Berkdemir, Rodolfo Cruz-Silva, Mauricio Terrones, Vincent H. Crespi, Thomas E. Mallouk

44) Dithiol amino acids can structurally shape and enhance the ligand-binding properties of polypeptides (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 31st 2014
Shiyu Chen, Ranganath Gopalakrishnan, Tifany Schaer, Fabrice Marger, Ruud Hovius, Daniel Bertrand, Florence Pojer, Christian Heinis

45) Chiral self-sorting and amplification in isotropic liquids of achiral molecules (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 31st 2014
Christian Dressel, Tino Reppe, Marko Prehm, Marcel Brautzsch, Carsten Tschierske

46) In situ X-ray snapshot analysis of transient molecular adsorption in a crystalline channel (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 31st 2014
Ryou Kubota, Shohei Tashiro, Motoo Shiro, Mitsuhiko Shionoya

47) Low-energy spectrum of iron (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 31st 2014
Sandeep Sharma, Kantharuban Sivalingam, Frank Neese, Garnet Kin-Lic Chan

48) Efficient discovery of bioactive scaffolds by activity-directed synthesis (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 24th 2014
George Karageorgis, Stuart Warriner, Adam Nelson

49) Electron transfer through rigid organic molecular wires enhanced by electronic and electron (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 24th 2014
Junpei Sukegawa, Christina Schubert, Xiaozhang Zhu, Hayato Tsuji, Dirk M. Guldi, Eiichi Nakamura

50) Triazolinediones enable ultrafast and reversible click chemistry for the design of dynamic polymer systems (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 11th 2014
Stijn Billiet, Kevin De Bruycker, Frank Driessen, Hannelore Goossens, Veronique Van Speybroeck, Johan M. Winne, Filip E. Du Prez

51) High-performance Ag (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 11th 2014
Adam Holewinski, Juan-Carlos Idrobo, Suljo Linic

52) Synthetic ion transporters can induce apoptosis by facilitating chloride anion transport into cells (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 11th 2014
Sung-Kyun Ko, Sung Kuk Kim, Andrew Share, Vincent M. Lynch, Jinhong Park, Wan Namkung, Wim Van Rossom, Nathalie Busschaert, Philip A. Gale, Jonathan L. Sessler, Injae Shin

53) Asymmetric triplex metallohelices with high and selective activity against cancer cells (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 3rd 2014
Alan D. Faulkner, Rebecca A. Kaner, Qasem M. A. Abdallah, Guy Clarkson, David J. Fox, Pratik Gurnani, Suzanne E. Howson, Roger M. Phillips, David I. Roper, Daniel H. Simpson, Peter Scott

54) A redox hydrogel protects hydrogenase from high-potential deactivation and oxygen damage (Nature Chemistry) Sunday August 3rd 2014
Nicolas Plumer, Olaf R, Alaa Alsheikh Oughli, Rhodri Williams, Jeevanthi Vivekananthan, Sascha P, Wolfgang Schuhmann, Wolfgang Lubitz

55) Two-dimensional materials: Crystallized creations in 2D (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 27th 2014
Neil R. Champness

56) Harnessing redox activity for the formation of uranium tris(imido) compounds (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 27th 2014
Nickolas H. Anderson, Samuel O. Odoh, Yiyi Yao, Ursula J. Williams, Brian A. Schaefer, John J. Kiernicki, Andrew J. Lewis, Mitchell D. Goshert, Phillip E. Fanwick, Eric J. Schelter, Justin R. Walensky, Laura Gagliardi, Suzanne C. Bart

57) A nanoporous two-dimensional polymer by single-crystal-to-single-crystal photopolymerization (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 27th 2014
Patrick Kissel, Daniel J. Murray, William J. Wulftange, Vincent J. Catalano, Benjamin T. King

58) Gram-scale synthesis of two-dimensional polymer crystals and their structure analysis by X-ray diffraction (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 27th 2014
Max J. Kory, Michael W, Thomas Weber, Payam Payamyar, Stan W. van de Poll, Julia Dshemuchadse, Nils Trapp, A. Dieter Schl

59) Synthesis of hydroxyphthioceranic acid using a traceless lithiation (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 27th 2014
Ramesh Rasappan, Varinder K. Aggarwal

60) Control of ultrafast molecular photodissociation by laser-field-induced potentials (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 20th 2014
M. E. Corrales, J. Gonz, G. Balerdi, I. R. Sol, R. de Nalda, L. Ba

61) Evolution of enzyme catalysts caged in biomimetic gel-shell beads (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 20th 2014
Martin Fischlechner, Yolanda Schaerli, Mark F. Mohamed, Santosh Patil, Chris Abell, Florian Hollfelder

62) Template-directed covalent conjugation of DNA to native antibodies, transferrin and other metal-binding proteins (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 20th 2014
Christian B. Rosen, Anne L. B. Kodal, Jesper S. Nielsen, David H. Schaffert, Carsten Scavenius, Anders H. Okholm, Niels V. Voigt, Jan J. Enghild, J, Thomas T, Kurt V. Gothelf

63) Controlling epithelial sodium channels with light using photoswitchable amilorides (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 20th 2014
Matthias Sch, Mike Althaus, Martin Fronius, Wolfgang Clauss, Dirk Trauner

64) Irreversible xenon insertion into a small-pore zeolite at moderate pressures and temperatures (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 20th 2014
Donghoon Seoung, Yongmoon Lee, Hyunchae Cynn, Changyong Park, Kwang-Yong Choi, Douglas A. Blom, William J. Evans, Chi-Chang Kao, Thomas Vogt, Yongjae Lee

65) A spontaneously blinking fluorophore based on intramolecular spirocyclization for live-cell super-resolution imaging (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 20th 2014
Shin-nosuke Uno, Mako Kamiya, Toshitada Yoshihara, Ko Sugawara, Kohki Okabe, Mehmet C. Tarhan, Hiroyuki Fujita, Takashi Funatsu, Yasushi Okada, Seiji Tobita, Yasuteru Urano

66) Vibronic coherence in oxygenic photosynthesis (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 13th 2014
Franklin D. Fuller, Jie Pan, Andrius Gelzinis, Vytautas Butkus, S. Seckin Senlik, Daniel E. Wilcox, Charles F. Yocum, Leonas Valkunas, Darius Abramavicius, Jennifer P. Ogilvie

67) An organic thiyl radical catalyst for enantioselective cyclization (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 13th 2014
Takuya Hashimoto, Yu Kawamata, Keiji Maruoka

68) Mass-selected nanoparticles of PtxY as model catalysts for oxygen electroreduction (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 13th 2014
Patricia Hernandez-Fernandez, Federico Masini, David N. McCarthy, Christian E. Strebel, Daniel Friebel, Davide Deiana, Paolo Malacrida, Anders Nierhoff, Anders Bodin, Anna M. Wise, Jane H. Nielsen, Thomas W. Hansen, Anders Nilsson, Ifan E. L. Stephens, Ib Chorkendorff

69) The direct anti-Markovnikov addition of mineral acids to styrenes (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 13th 2014
Dale J. Wilger, Jean-Marc M. Grandjean, Taylor R. Lammert, David A. Nicewicz

70) Observation of an all-boron fullerene (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 13th 2014
Hua-Jin Zhai, Ya-Fan Zhao, Wei-Li Li, Qiang Chen, Hui Bai, Han-Shi Hu, Zachary A. Piazza, Wen-Juan Tian, Hai-Gang Lu, Yan-Bo Wu, Yue-Wen Mu, Guang-Feng Wei, Zhi-Pan Liu, Jun Li, Si-Dian Li, Lai-Sheng Wang

71) Cooperative activation of cyclobutanones and olefins leads to bridged ring systems by a catalytic [4 (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 6th 2014
Haye Min Ko, Guangbin Dong

72) Direct observation of the collapse of the delocalized excess electron in water (Nature Chemistry) Sunday July 6th 2014
Janne Savolainen, Frank Uhlig, Saima Ahmed, Peter Hamm, Pavel Jungwirth

73) Directed assembly of optoelectronically active alkyl (Nature Chemistry) Sunday June 22nd 2014
Martin J. Hollamby, Maciej Karny, Paul H. H. Bomans, Nico A. J. M. Sommerdjik, Akinori Saeki, Shu Seki, Hiroyuki Minamikawa, Isabelle Grillo, Brian R. Pauw, Paul Brown, Julian Eastoe, Helmuth M, Takashi Nakanishi

74) Enantiospecific sp2 (Nature Chemistry) Sunday June 8th 2014
Amadeu Bonet, Marcin Odachowski, Daniele Leonori, Stephanie Essafi, Varinder K. Aggarwal

75) Development of a minimal saponin vaccine adjuvant based on QS-21 (Nature Chemistry) Sunday June 1st 2014
Alberto Fern, Eric K. Chea, Constantine George, NagaVaraKishore Pillarsetty, Jeffrey R. Gardner, Philip O. Livingston, Govind Ragupathi, Jason S. Lewis, Derek S. Tan, David Y. Gin

76) Bulk protonic conductivity in a cephalopod structural protein (Nature Chemistry) Sunday June 1st 2014
David D. Ordinario, Long Phan, Ward G. Walkup IV, Jonah-Micah Jocson, Emil Karshalev, Nina H, Alon A. Gorodetsky

77) Incorporation of protein flexibility and conformational energy penalties in docking screens to improve ligand discovery (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 25th 2014
Marcus Fischer, Ryan G. Coleman, James S. Fraser, Brian K. Shoichet

78) Imaging the intracellular distribution of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in living cells with quantitative hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 25th 2014
Dan Fu, Jing Zhou, Wenjing Suzanne Zhu, Paul W. Manley, Y. Karen Wang, Tami Hood, Andrew Wylie, X. Sunney Xie

79) Design and synthesis of the first triply twisted M (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 25th 2014
Gaston R. Schaller, Filip Topi, Kari Rissanen, Yoshio Okamoto, Jun Shen, Rainer Herges

80) Single-molecule analysis of chirality in a multicomponent reaction network (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 18th 2014
Mackay B. Steffensen, Dvir Rotem, Hagan Bayley

81) Oxidation of ethane to ethanol by N2O in a metal (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 18th 2014
Dianne J. Xiao, Eric D. Bloch, Jarad A. Mason, Wendy L. Queen, Matthew R. Hudson, Nora Planas, Joshua Borycz, Allison L. Dzubak, Pragya Verma, Kyuho Lee, Francesca Bonino, Valentina Crocell, Junko Yano, Silvia Bordiga, Donald G. Truhlar, Laura Gagliardi, Craig M. Brown, Jeffrey R. Long

82) Main-group chemistry: Boron served straight up (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 11th 2014
Christian Reus, Matthias Wagner

83) The cytotoxicity of ( (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 11th 2014
Laureen C. Colis, Christina M. Woo, Denise C. Hegan, Zhenwu Li, Peter M. Glazer, Seth B. Herzon

84) Colloidal inverse bicontinuous cubic membranes of block copolymers with tunable surface functional groups (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 11th 2014
Yunju La, Chiyoung Park, Tae Joo Shin, Sang Hoon Joo, Sebyung Kang, Kyoung Taek Kim

85) A two-coordinate boron cation featuring C (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 11th 2014
Yoshiaki Shoji, Naoki Tanaka, Koichiro Mikami, Masanobu Uchiyama, Takanori Fukushima

86) Synthesis of most polyene natural product motifs using just 12 building blocks and one coupling reaction (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 11th 2014
Eric M. Woerly, Jahnabi Roy, Martin D. Burke

87) Installing logic-gate responses to a variety of biological substances in supramolecular hydrogel (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 4th 2014
Masato Ikeda, Tatsuya Tanida, Tatsuyuki Yoshii, Kazuya Kurotani, Shoji Onogi, Kenji Urayama, Itaru Hamachi

88) Functional carbon nanosheets prepared from hexayne amphiphile monolayers at room temperature (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 4th 2014
Stephen Schrettl, Cristina Stefaniu, Christian Schwieger, Guillaume Pasche, Emad Oveisi, Yannik Fontana, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Javier Reguera, Riccardo Petraglia, Cl, Gerald Brezesinski, Holger Frauenrath

89) A transferable model for singlet-fission kinetics (Nature Chemistry) Sunday May 4th 2014
Shane R. Yost, Jiye Lee, Mark W. B. Wilson, Tony Wu, David P. McMahon, Rebecca R. Parkhurst, Nicholas J. Thompson, Daniel N. Congreve, Akshay Rao, Kerr Johnson, Matthew Y. Sfeir, Moungi Bawendi, Timothy M. Swager, Richard H. Friend, Marc A. Baldo, Troy Van Voorhis

90) Bioorthogonal cyclization-mediated in situ self-assembly of small-molecule probes for imaging caspase activity in vivo (Nature Chemistry) Monday April 28th 2014
Deju Ye, Adam J. Shuhendler, Lina Cui, Ling Tong, Sui Seng Tee, Grigory Tikhomirov, Dean W. Felsher, Jianghong Rao

91) Genetically encoded reporters for hyperpolarized xenon magnetic resonance imaging (Nature Chemistry) Monday April 28th 2014
Mikhail G. Shapiro, R. Matthew Ramirez, Lindsay J. Sperling, George Sun, Jinny Sun, Alexander Pines, David V. Schaffer, Vikram S. Bajaj

92) Mechanically triggered heterolytic unzipping of a low-ceiling-temperature polymer (Nature Chemistry) Monday April 28th 2014
Charles E. Diesendruck, Gregory I. Peterson, Heather J. Kulik, Joshua A. Kaitz, Brendan D. Mar, Preston A. May, Scott R. White, Todd J. Mart, Andrew J. Boydston, Jeffrey S. Moore

93) Addendum: Diversity in the dynamical behaviour of a compartmentalized programmable biochemical oscillator (Nature Chemistry) Sunday April 20th 2014
Maximilian Weitz, Jongmin Kim, Korbinian Kapsner, Erik Winfree, Elisa Franco, Friedrich C. Simmel

94) Addendum: Exceptionally fast carbon#8211;carbon bond reductive elimination from gold(III) (Nature Chemistry) Sunday April 20th 2014
W. J. Wolfe, M. S. Winston, F. D. Toste

95) Fatty acid membrane assembly on coacervate microdroplets as a step towards a hybrid protocell model (Nature Chemistry) Sunday April 20th 2014
T-Y. Dora Tang, C. Rohaida Che Hak, Alexander J. Thompson, Marina K. Kuimova, D. S. Williams, Adam W. Perriman, Stephen Mann

96) A mitochondrial pathway for biosynthesis of lipid mediators (Nature Chemistry) Sunday April 20th 2014
Yulia Y. Tyurina, Samuel M. Poloyac, Vladimir A. Tyurin, Alexander A. Kapralov, Jianfei Jiang, Tamil Selvan Anthonymuthu, Valentina I. Kapralova, Anna S. Vikulina, Mi-Yeon Jung, Michael W. Epperly, Dariush Mohammadyani, Judith Klein-Seetharaman, Travis C. Jackson, Patrick M. Kochanek, Bruce R. Pitt, Joel S. Greenberger, Yury A. Vladimirov, H, Valerian E. Kagan

97) Optimized orthogonal translation of unnatural amino acids enables spontaneous protein double-labelling and FRET (Nature Chemistry) Sunday April 20th 2014
Kaihang Wang, Amit Sachdeva, Daniel J. Cox, Nabil W. Wilf, Kathrin Lang, Stephen Wallace, Ryan A. Mehl, Jason W. Chin

98) Reactions of xenon with iron and nickel are predicted in the Earth's inner core (Nature Chemistry) Sunday April 20th 2014
Li Zhu, Hanyu Liu, Chris J. Pickard, Guangtian Zou, Yanming Ma

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