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1) Remote C (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 17th 2016
Juntao Ye, Zhihao Shi, Theresa Sperger, Yoshifumi Yasukawa, Cian Kingston, Franziska Schoenebeck, Mark Lautens

2) A synthetic redox biofilm made from metalloprotein (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 10th 2016
Lucie Altamura, Christophe Horvath, Saravanan Rengaraj, Ana, Kamal Elouarzaki, Chantal Gondran, Anthony L. B. Ma, Charlotte Vendrely, Vincent Bouchiat, Marc Fontecave, Denis Mariolle, Patrice Rannou, Alan Le Goff, Nicolas Duraffourg, Michael Holzinger, Vincent Forge

3) Prebiotic synthesis of phosphoenol pyruvate by (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 10th 2016
Adam J. Coggins, Matthew W. Powner

4) A viscous solvent enables information transfer from gene-length nucleic acids in a model prebiotic replication cycle (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 10th 2016
Christine He, Isaac G, Brandon Laughlin, Martha A. Grover, Nicholas V. Hud

5) Photoswitching of glass transition temperatures of azobenzene-containing polymers induces reversible solid-to-liquid transitions (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 10th 2016
Hongwei Zhou, Changguo Xue, Philipp Weis, Yasuhito Suzuki, Shilin Huang, Kaloian Koynov, G, R, Hans-J, Si Wu

6) Enantioselective amine (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 3rd 2016
Pankaj Jain, Pritha Verma, Guoqin Xia, Jin-Quan Yu

7) Multistep nucleation of nanocrystals in aqueous solution (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 3rd 2016
N. Duane Loh, Soumyo Sen, Michel Bosman, Shu Fen Tan, Jun Zhong, Christian A. Nijhuis, Petr Kr, Paul Matsudaira, Utkur Mirsaidov

8) Predatory behaviour in synthetic protocell communities (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 3rd 2016
Yan Qiao, Mei Li, Richard Booth, Stephen Mann

9) Ballbot-type motion of N-heterocyclic carbenes on gold surfaces (Nature Chemistry) Monday October 3rd 2016
Gaoqiang Wang, Andreas R, Saeed Amirjalayer, Marek Knor, Johannes Bruno Ernst, Christian Richter, Hong-Jun Gao, Alexander Timmer, Hong-Ying Gao, Nikos L. Doltsinis, Frank Glorius, Harald Fuchs

10) Suppression of Kasha's rule as a mechanism for fluorescent molecular rotors and aggregation-induced emission (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 26th 2016
Hai Qian, Morgan E. Cousins, Erik H. Horak, Audrey Wakefield, Matthew D. Liptak, Ivan Aprahamian

11) Homochiral polymerization-driven selective growth of graphene nanoribbons (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 26th 2016
Hiroshi Sakaguchi, Shaotang Song, Takahiro Kojima, Takahiro Nakae

12) An infrared spectroscopy approach to follow (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 26th 2016
Jongcheol Seo, Waldemar Hoffmann, Stephan Warnke, Xing Huang, Sandy Gewinner, Wieland Sch, Michael T. Bowers, Gert von Helden, Kevin Pagel

13) Mechanically interlocked daisy-chain-like structures as multidimensional molecular muscles (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 19th 2016
Jia-Cheng Chang, Shin-Han Tseng, Chien-Chen Lai, Yi-Hung Liu, Shie-Ming Peng, Sheng-Hsien Chiu

14) Conformer-specific hydrogen atom tunnelling in trifluoromethylhydroxycarbene (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 19th 2016
Artur Mardyukov, Henrik Quanz, Peter R. Schreiner

15) Adsorbate-mediated strong metal (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 19th 2016
John C. Matsubu, Shuyi Zhang, Leo DeRita, Nebojsa S. Marinkovic, Jingguang G. Chen, George W. Graham, Xiaoqing Pan, Phillip Christopher

16) In situ observation of self-assembled hydrocarbon Fischer (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 19th 2016
Violeta Navarro, Matthijs A. van Spronsen, Joost W. M. Frenken

17) Lack of evidence for phase-only control of retinal photoisomerization in the strict one-photon limit (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 12th 2016
M. Liebel, P. Kukura

18) Site-selective C (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 12th 2016
Yongbing Liu, Haibo Ge

19) Click and chemically triggered declick reactions through reversible amine and thiol coupling via a conjugate acceptor (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 5th 2016
Katharine L. Diehl, Igor V. Kolesnichenko, Scott A. Robotham, J. Logan Bachman, Ye Zhong, Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Eric V. Anslyn

20) Direct observation of subpicosecond vibrational dynamics in photoexcited myoglobin (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 5th 2016
C. Ferrante, E. Pontecorvo, G. Cerullo, M. H. Vos, T. Scopigno

21) The scope and mechanism of palladium-catalysed Markovnikov alkoxycarbonylation of alkenes (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 5th 2016
Haoquan Li, Kaiwu Dong, Haijun Jiao, Helfried Neumann, Ralf Jackstell, Matthias Beller

22) A decarboxylative approach for regioselective hydroarylation of alkynes (Nature Chemistry) Monday September 5th 2016
Jing Zhang, Ruja Shrestha, John F. Hartwig, Pinjing Zhao

23) Fusing tetrapyrroles to graphene edges by surface-assisted covalent coupling (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday August 30th 2016
Yuanqin He, Manuela Garnica, Felix Bischoff, Jacob Ducke, Marie-Laure Bocquet, Matthias Batzill, Willi Auw, Johannes V. Barth

24) Emergence of a catalytic tetrad during evolution of a highly active artificial aldolase (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday August 30th 2016
Richard Obexer, Alexei Godina, Xavier Garrabou, Peer R. E. Mittl, David Baker, Andrew D. Griffiths, Donald Hilvert

25) Mechanism of O2 diffusion and reduction in FeFe hydrogenases (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday August 23rd 2016
Adam Kubas, Christophe Orain, David De Sancho, Laure Saujet, Matteo Sensi, Charles Gauquelin, Isabelle Meynial-Salles, Philippe Soucaille, Herv, Carole Baffert, Vincent Fourmond, Robert B. Best, Jochen Blumberger, Christophe L

26) A stable heavier group 14 analogue of vinylidene (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday August 23rd 2016
Arnab Rit, Jes, Haoyu Niu, Simon Aldridge

27) Dearomative dihydroxylation with arenophiles (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday August 23rd 2016
Emma H. Southgate, Jola Pospech, Junkai Fu, Daniel R. Holycross, David Sarlah

28) Breaking scaling relations to achieve low-temperature ammonia synthesis through LiH-mediated nitrogen transfer and hydrogenation (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday August 23rd 2016
Peikun Wang, Fei Chang, Wenbo Gao, Jianping Guo, Guotao Wu, Teng He, Ping Chen

29) Mechanically controlled quantum interference in individual (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 15th 2016
Riccardo Frisenda, Vera A. E. C. Janssen, Ferdinand C. Grozema, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Nicolas Renaud

30) Enabling singlet fission by controlling intramolecular charge transfer in (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 15th 2016
Eric A. Margulies, Claire E. Miller, Yilei Wu, Lin Ma, George C. Schatz, Ryan M. Young, Michael R. Wasielewski

31) Mass spectrometry captures off-target drug binding and provides mechanistic insights into the human metalloprotease ZMPSTE24 (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 15th 2016
Shahid Mehmood, Julien Marcoux, Joseph Gault, Andrew Quigley, Susan Michaelis, Stephen G. Young, Elisabeth P. Carpenter, Carol V. Robinson

32) Deep-hole transfer leads to ultrafast charge migration in DNA hairpins (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 15th 2016
Nicolas Renaud, Michelle A. Harris, Arunoday P. N. Singh, Yuri A. Berlin, Mark A. Ratner, Michael R. Wasielewski, Frederick D. Lewis, Ferdinand C. Grozema

33) New ligands for nickel catalysis from diverse pharmaceutical heterocycle libraries (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 8th 2016
Eric C. Hansen, Dylan J. Pedro, Alexander C. Wotal, Nicholas J. Gower, Jade D. Nelson, Stephane Caron, Daniel J. Weix

34) Benzazetidine synthesis via palladium-catalysed intramolecular C (Nature Chemistry) Monday August 1st 2016
Gang He, Gang Lu, Zhengwei Guo, Peng Liu, Gong Chen

35) MIDA boronates are hydrolysed fast and slow by two different mechanisms (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 25th 2016
Jorge A. Gonzalez, O. Maduka Ogba, Gregory F. Morehouse, Nicholas Rosson, Kendall N. Houk, Andrew G. Leach, Paul H.-Y. Cheong, Martin D. Burke, Guy C. Lloyd-Jones

36) Small-molecule control of protein function through Staudinger reduction (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 25th 2016
Ji Luo, Qingyang Liu, Kunihiko Morihiro, Alexander Deiters

37) Total synthesis and structure (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 25th 2016
Xiao-Feng Xiong, Hang Zhang, Christina R. Underwood, Kasper Harps, Thomas J. Gardella, Mie F. W, Michael Mannstadt, David E. Gloriam, Hans Br, Kristian Str

38) Fast and selective ring-opening polymerizations by alkoxides and thioureas (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 25th 2016
Xiangyi Zhang, Gavin O. Jones, James L. Hedrick, Robert M. Waymouth

39) Nickel-centred proton reduction catalysis in a model of [NiFe] hydrogenase (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 18th 2016
Deborah Brazzolotto, Marcello Gennari, Nicolas Queyriaux, Trevor R. Simmons, Jacques P, Serhiy Demeshko, Franc Meyer, Maylis Orio, Vincent Artero, Carole Duboc

40) Translational, rotational and vibrational relaxation dynamics of a solute molecule in a non-interacting solvent (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 18th 2016
Michael P. Grubb, Philip M. Coulter, Hugo J. B. Marroux, Balazs Hornung, Ryan S. McMullen, Andrew J. Orr-Ewing, Michael N. R. Ashfold

41) Identification of (S)-selective transaminases for the asymmetric synthesis of bulky chiral amines (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 18th 2016
Ioannis V. Pavlidis, Martin S. Wei, Maika Genz, Paul Spurr, Steven P. Hanlon, Beat Wirz, Hans Iding, Uwe T. Bornscheuer

42) Directionally tunable and mechanically deformable ferroelectric crystals from rotating polar globular ionic molecules (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 11th 2016
Jun Harada, Takafumi Shimojo, Hideaki Oyamaguchi, Hiroyuki Hasegawa, Yukihiro Takahashi, Koichiro Satomi, Yasutaka Suzuki, Jun Kawamata, Tamotsu Inabe

43) The dipolar endofullerene HF@C60 (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 11th 2016
Andrea Krachmalnicoff, Richard Bounds, Salvatore Mamone, Shamim Alom, Maria Concistr, Benno Meier, Karel Kou, Mark E. Light, Mark R. Johnson, St, Anthony J. Horsewill, Anna Shugai, Urmas Nagel, Toomas R, Marina Carravetta, Malcolm H. Levitt, Richard J. Whitby

44) Peptide tessellation yields micrometre-scale collagen triple helices (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 11th 2016
I. Caglar Tanrikulu, Audrey Forticaux, Song Jin, Ronald T. Raines

45) Observation of trapped-hole diffusion on the surfaces of CdS nanorods (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 11th 2016
James K. Utterback, Amanda N. Grennell, Molly B. Wilker, Orion M. Pearce, Joel D. Eaves, Gordana Dukovic

46) Installing hydrolytic activity into a completely de novo protein framework (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 4th 2016
Antony J. Burton, Andrew R. Thomson, William M. Dawson, R. Leo Brady, Derek N. Woolfson

47) Force-induced tautomerization in a single molecule (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 4th 2016
Janina N. Ladenthin, Thomas Frederiksen, Mats Persson, John C. Sharp, Sylwester Gawinkowski, Jacek Waluk, Takashi Kumagai

48) Creating complex molecular topologies by configuring DNA four-way junctions (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 4th 2016
Di Liu, Gang Chen, Usman Akhter, Timothy M. Cronin, Yossi Weizmann

49) Determination of photoelectrochemical water oxidation intermediates on haematite electrode surfaces using operando infrared spectroscopy (Nature Chemistry) Monday July 4th 2016
Omid Zandi, Thomas W. Hamann

50) Oligomeric ferrocene rings (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 27th 2016
Michael S. Inkpen, Stefan Scheerer, Michael Linseis, Andrew J.P. White, Rainer F. Winter, Tim Albrecht, Nicholas J. Long

51) Oligoarginine peptides slow strand annealing and assist non-enzymatic RNA replication (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 27th 2016
Tony Z. Jia, Albert C. Fahrenbach, Neha P. Kamat, Katarzyna P. Adamala, Jack W. Szostak

52) Allosteric activation of membrane-bound glutamate receptors using coordination chemistry within living cells (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 27th 2016
Shigeki Kiyonaka, Ryou Kubota, Yukiko Michibata, Masayoshi Sakakura, Hideo Takahashi, Tomohiro Numata, Ryuji Inoue, Michisuke Yuzaki, Itaru Hamachi

53) Switchable photooxygenation catalysts that sense higher-order amyloid structures (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 27th 2016
Atsuhiko Taniguchi, Yusuke Shimizu, Kounosuke Oisaki, Youhei Sohma, Motomu Kanai

54) High-resolution mapping of bifurcations in nonlinear biochemical circuits (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 20th 2016
A. J. Genot, A. Baccouche, R. Sieskind, N. Aubert-Kato, N. Bredeche, J. F. Bartolo, V. Taly, T. Fujii, Y. Rondelez

55) Kinetic pathway for interfacial electron transfer from a semiconductor to a molecule (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 20th 2016
Ke Hu, Amber D. Blair, Eric J. Piechota, Phil A. Schauer, Renato N. Sampaio, Fraser G. L. Parlane, Gerald J. Meyer, Curtis P. Berlinguette

56) Engineering nanometre-scale coherence in soft matter (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 20th 2016
Chaoren Liu, Limin Xiang, Yuqi Zhang, Peng Zhang, David N. Beratan, Yueqi Li, Nongjian Tao

57) Cell-sized asymmetric lipid vesicles facilitate the investigation of asymmetric membranes (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 13th 2016
Koki Kamiya, Ryuji Kawano, Toshihisa Osaki, Kazunari Akiyoshi, Shoji Takeuchi

58) Self-organized architectures from assorted DNA-framed nanoparticles (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 13th 2016
Wenyan Liu, Jonathan Halverson, Ye Tian, Alexei V. Tkachenko, Oleg Gang

59) Accurate first-principles structures and energies of diversely bonded systems from an efficient density functional (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 13th 2016
Jianwei Sun, Richard C. Remsing, Yubo Zhang, Zhaoru Sun, Adrienn Ruzsinszky, Haowei Peng, Zenghui Yang, Arpita Paul, Umesh Waghmare, Xifan Wu, Michael L. Klein, John P. Perdew

60) Neutral zero-valent s-block complexes with strong multiple bonding (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 6th 2016
Merle Arrowsmith, Holger Braunschweig, Mehmet Ali Celik, Theresa Dellermann, Rian D. Dewhurst, William C. Ewing, Kai Hammond, Thomas Kramer, Ivo Krummenacher, Jan Mies, Krzysztof Radacki, Julia K. Schuster

61) Charge-transfer-directed radical substitution enables para-selective C (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 6th 2016
Gregory B. Boursalian, Won Seok Ham, Anthony R. Mazzotti, Tobias Ritter

62) A chemically powered unidirectional rotary molecular motor based on a palladium redox cycle (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 6th 2016
Beatrice S. L. Collins, Jos C. M. Kistemaker, Edwin Otten, Ben L. Feringa

63) Self-assembled molecular p/n junctions for applications in dye-sensitized solar energy conversion (Nature Chemistry) Monday June 6th 2016
Byron H. Farnum, Kyung-Ryang Wee, Thomas J. Meyer

64) Synthesis and stability of xenon oxides Xe2O5 and Xe3O2 under pressure (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
Agn, Nicholas Worth, Chris J. Pickard, Richard J. Needs, Sakura Pascarelli, Olivier Mathon, Mohamed Mezouar, Tetsuo Irifune

65) In situ mapping of the energy flow through the entire photosynthetic apparatus (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
Jakub Dost, Jakub P, Donatas Zigmantas

66) In situ real-time imaging of self-sorted supramolecular nanofibres (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
Shoji Onogi, Hajime Shigemitsu, Tatsuyuki Yoshii, Tatsuya Tanida, Masato Ikeda, Ryou Kubota, Itaru Hamachi

67) Wide-dynamic-range kinetic investigations of deep proton tunnelling in proteins (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
Bridget Salna, Abdelkrim Benabbas, J. Timothy Sage, Jasper van Thor, Paul M. Champion

68) The structural and chemical origin of the oxygen redox activity in layered and cation-disordered Li-excess cathode materials (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
Dong-Hwa Seo, Jinhyuk Lee, Alexander Urban, Rahul Malik, ShinYoung Kang, Gerbrand Ceder

69) Organometallic neptunium(III) complexes (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
Micha, Joy H. Farnaby, Christos Apostolidis, Eric Colineau, Olaf Walter, Nicola Magnani, Michael G. Gardiner, Jason B. Love, Nikolas Kaltsoyannis, Roberto Caciuffo, Polly L. Arnold

70) Catalytic enantioselective addition of organoboron reagents to fluoroketones controlled by electrostatic interactions (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
KyungA Lee, Daniel L. Silverio, Sebastian Torker, Daniel W. Robbins, Fredrik Haeffner, Farid W. van der Mei, Amir H. Hoveyda

71) Catalyst design for natural-gas upgrading through oxybromination chemistry (Nature Chemistry) Tuesday May 31st 2016
Vladimir Paunovi, Guido Zichittella, Maximilian Moser, Amol P. Amrute, Javier P

72) Diindeno-fusion of an anthracene as a design strategy for stable organic biradicals (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Gabriel E. Rudebusch, Jos, Kjell Jorner, Kotaro Fukuda, Jonathan L. Marshall, Iratxe Arrechea-Marcos, Guzm, Roc, Carlos J. G, Lev N. Zakharov, Masayoshi Nakano, Henrik Ottosson, Juan Casado, Michael M. Haley

73) Cyclic polymers from alkynes (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Christopher D. Roland, Hong Li, Khalil A. Abboud, Kenneth B. Wagener, Adam S. Veige

74) Quasicrystallinity expressed in two-dimensional coordination networks (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Jos, David, Guoqing Lyu, Ran Zhang, Carlos-Andres Palma, Willi Auw, Nian Lin, Johannes V. Barth

75) A synthetic molecular system capable of mirror-image genetic replication and transcription (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Zimou Wang, Weiliang Xu, Lei Liu, Ting F. Zhu

76) Dynamic control over supramolecular handedness by selecting chiral induction pathways at the solution (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Yuan Fang, Elke Ghijsens, Oleksandr Ivasenko, Hai Cao, Aya Noguchi, Kunal S. Mali, Kazukuni Tahara, Yoshito Tobe, Steven De Feyter

77) Fabrication of carbon nanorods and graphene nanoribbons from a metal (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Pradip Pachfule, Dhanraj Shinde, Mainak Majumder, Qiang Xu

78) Dissipative self-assembly of vesicular nanoreactors (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Subhabrata Maiti, Ilaria Fortunati, Camilla Ferrante, Paolo Scrimin, Leonard J. Prins

79) Imaging single-molecule reaction intermediates stabilized by surface dissipation and entropy (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Alexander Riss, Alejandro P, Sebastian Wickenburg, Hsin-Zon Tsai, Dimas G. De Oteyza, Aaron J. Bradley, Miguel M. Ugeda, Patrick Gorman, Han Sae Jung, Michael F. Crommie, Angel Rubio, Felix R. Fischer

80) Reversible S-nitrosylation in an engineered azurin (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Shiliang Tian, Jing Liu, Ryan E. Cowley, Parisa Hosseinzadeh, Nicholas M. Marshall, Yang Yu, Howard Robinson, Mark J. Nilges, Ninian J. Blackburn, Edward I. Solomon, Yi Lu

81) A motif for reversible nitric oxide interactions in metalloenzymes (Nature Chemistry) Monday May 30th 2016
Shiyu Zhang, Marie M. Melzer, S. Nermin Sen, Nihan, Timothy H. Warren

82) Molecular rectifier composed of DNA with high rectification ratio enabled by intercalation (Nature Chemistry) Monday April 4th 2016
Cunlan Guo, Kun Wang, Elinor Zerah-Harush, Joseph Hamill, Bin Wang, Yonatan Dubi, Bingqian Xu

83) Unimolecular dissociation dynamics of vibrationally activated CH3CHOO Criegee intermediates to OH radical products (Nature Chemistry) Monday April 4th 2016
Nathanael M. Kidwell, Hongwei Li, Xiaohong Wang, Joel M. Bowman, Marsha I. Lester

84) Charge-ordering transition in iron oxide Fe4O5 involving competing dimer and trimer formation (Nature Chemistry) Monday April 4th 2016
Sergey V. Ovsyannikov, Maxim Bykov, Elena Bykova, Denis P. Kozlenko, Alexander A. Tsirlin, Alexander E. Karkin, Vladimir V. Shchennikov, Sergey E. Kichanov, Huiyang Gou, Artem M. Abakumov, Ricardo Egoavil, Johan Verbeeck, Catherine McCammon, Vadim Dyadkin, Dmitry Chernyshov, Sander van Smaalen, Leonid S. Dubrovinsky

85) Carbon (Nature Chemistry) Monday April 4th 2016
Roman Rohac, Patricia Amara, Alhosna Benjdia, Lydie Martin, Pauline Ruffi, Adrien Favier, Olivier Berteau, Jean-Marie Mouesca, Juan C. Fontecilla-Camps, Yvain Nicolet

86) Experimental realization of two-dimensional boron sheets (Nature Chemistry) Saturday April 2nd 2016
Baojie Feng, Jin Zhang, Qing Zhong, Wenbin Li, Shuai Li, Hui Li, Peng Cheng, Sheng Meng, Lan Chen, Kehui Wu

87) Discovery of a regioselectivity switch in nitrating P450s guided by molecular dynamics simulations and Markov models (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 21st 2016
Sheel C. Dodani, Gert Kiss, Jackson K. B. Cahn, Ye Su, Vijay S. Pande, Frances H. Arnold

88) Charge-compensation in 3d-transition-metal-oxide intercalation cathodes through the generation of localized electron holes on oxygen (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 21st 2016
Kun Luo, Matthew R. Roberts, Rong Hao, Niccol, David M. Pickup, Yi-Sheng Liu, Kristina Edstr, Jinghua Guo, Alan V. Chadwick, Laurent C. Duda, Peter G. Bruce

89) Self-assembly of size-controlled liposomes on DNA nanotemplates (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 21st 2016
Yang Yang, Jing Wang, Hideki Shigematsu, Weiming Xu, William M. Shih, James E. Rothman, Chenxiang Lin

90) Dynamic formation of a solid (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 14th 2016
Martin R. Busche, Thomas Drossel, Thomas Leichtweiss, Dominik A. Weber, Mareike Falk, Meike Schneider, Maria-Louisa Reich, Heino Sommer, Philipp Adelhelm, J

91) A simple physical mechanism enables homeostasis in primitive cells (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 14th 2016
Aaron E. Engelhart, Katarzyna P. Adamala, Jack W. Szostak

92) Controlled growth of high-density CdS and CdSe nanorod arrays on selective facets of two-dimensional semiconductor nanoplates (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 14th 2016
Xue-Jun Wu, Junze Chen, Chaoliang Tan, Yihan Zhu, Yu Han, Hua Zhang

93) Crystalline coordination framework endowed with dynamic gate-opening behaviour by being downsized to a thin film (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 7th 2016
Shun Sakaida, Kazuya Otsubo, Osami Sakata, Chulho Song, Akihiko Fujiwara, Masaki Takata, Hiroshi Kitagawa

94) Modular synthesis of N-glycans and arrays for the hetero-ligand binding analysis of HIV antibodies (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 7th 2016
Sachin S. Shivatare, Shih-Huang Chang, Tsung-I Tsai, Susan Yu Tseng, Vidya S. Shivatare, Yih-Shyan Lin, Yang-Yu Cheng, Chien-Tai Ren, Chang-Chun David Lee, Sujeet Pawar, Charng-Sheng Tsai, Hao-Wei Shih, Yi-Fang Zeng, Chi-Hui Liang, Peter D. Kwong, Dennis R. Burton, Chung-Yi Wu, Chi-Huey Wong

95) Synthesis of a distinct water dimer inside fullerene C70 (Nature Chemistry) Monday March 7th 2016
Rui Zhang, Michihisa Murata, Tomoko Aharen, Atsushi Wakamiya, Takafumi Shimoaka, Takeshi Hasegawa, Yasujiro Murata

96) Carbon dioxide transport in molten calcium carbonate occurs through an oxo-Grotthuss mechanism via a pyrocarbonate anion (Nature Chemistry) Monday February 29th 2016
Dario Corradini, Fran, Rodolphe Vuilleumier

97) Reprogramming the assembly of unmodified DNA with a small molecule (Nature Chemistry) Monday February 22nd 2016
Nicole Avakyan, Andrea A. Greschner, Faisal Aldaye, Christopher J. Serpell, Violeta Toader, Anne Petitjean, Hanadi F. Sleiman

98) Encoding complexity within supramolecular analogues of frustrated magnets (Nature Chemistry) Monday February 22nd 2016
Andrew B. Cairns, Matthew J. Cliffe, Joseph A. M. Paddison, Dominik Daisenberger, Matthew G. Tucker, Fran, Andrew L. Goodwin

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