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1) Dopaminergic neurons promote hippocampal reactivation and spatial memory persistence (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 19th 2014
Colin G McNamara, Álvaro Tejero-Cantero, St, Natalia Campo-Urriza, David Dupret

2) Synaptic plasticity mediating cocaine relapse requires matrix metalloproteinases (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 19th 2014
Alexander C W Smith, Yonatan M Kupchik, Michael D Scofield, Cassandra D Gipson, Armina Wiggins, Charles A Thomas, Peter W Kalivas

3) Mind matters: placebo enhances reward learning in Parkinson's disease (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 19th 2014
Liane Schmidt, Erin Kendall Braun, Tor D Wager, Daphna Shohamy

4) Hierarchical competitions subserving multi-attribute choice (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 12th 2014
Laurence T Hunt, Raymond J Dolan, Timothy E J Behrens

5) Attention can either increase or decrease spike count correlations in visual cortex (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 12th 2014
Douglas A Ruff, Marlene R Cohen

6) Cortical neurogenesis in the absence of centrioles (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 5th 2014
Ryan Insolera, Hisham Bazzi, Wei Shao, Kathryn V Anderson, Song-Hai Shi

7) Anchoring the neural compass: coding of local spatial reference frames in human medial parietal lobe (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 5th 2014
Steven A Marchette, Lindsay K Vass, Jack Ryan, Russell A Epstein

8) Representation of aversive prediction errors in the human periaqueductal gray (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday October 5th 2014
Mathieu Roy, Daphna Shohamy, Nathaniel Daw, Marieke Jepma, G Elliott Wimmer, Tor D Wager

9) Modulation of oligodendrocyte generation during a critical temporal window after NG2 cell division (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 28th 2014
Robert A Hill, Kiran D Patel, Christopher M Goncalves, Jaime Grutzendler, Akiko Nishiyama

10) Neural correlates of water reward in thirsty Drosophila (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 28th 2014
Suewei Lin, David Owald, Vikram Chandra, Clifford Talbot, Wolf Huetteroth, Scott Waddell

11) A somatosensory circuit for cooling perception in mice (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 28th 2014
Nevena Milenkovic, Wen-Jie Zhao, Jan Walcher, Tobias Albert, Jan Siemens, Gary R Lewin, James F A Poulet

12) Neural antecedents of self-initiated actions in secondary motor cortex (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 28th 2014
Masayoshi Murakami, M In, Gil M Costa, Zachary F Mainen

13) Social learning and amygdala disruptions in Nf1 mice are rescued by blocking p21-activated kinase (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 21st 2014
Andrei I Molosh, Philip L Johnson, John P Spence, David Arendt, Lauren M Federici, Cristian Bernabe, Steven P Janasik, Zaneer M Segu, Rajesh Khanna, Chirayu Goswami, Weiguo Zhu, Su-Jung Park, Lang Li, Yehia S Mechref, D Wade Clapp, Anantha Shekhar

14) Tactile frequency discrimination is enhanced by circumventing neocortical adaptation (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 21st 2014
Simon Musall, Wolfger von der Behrens, Johannes M Mayrhofer, Bruno Weber, Fritjof Helmchen, Florent Haiss

15) Single rodent mesohabenular axons release glutamate and GABA (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 21st 2014
David H Root, Carlos A Mejias-Aponte, Shiliang Zhang, Hui-Ling Wang, Alexander F Hoffman, Carl R Lupica, Marisela Morales

16) Visualizing an emotional valence map in the limbic forebrain by TAI-FISH (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 21st 2014
Jianbo Xiu, Qi Zhang, Tao Zhou, Ting-ting Zhou, Yang Chen, Hailan Hu

17) Metabolic regulator LKB1 is crucial for Schwann cell (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 7th 2014
Bogdan Beirowski, Elisabetta Babetto, Judith P Golden, Ying-Jr Chen, Kui Yang, Richard W Gross, Gary J Patti, Jeffrey Milbrandt

18) Genome-wide identification and characterization of functional neuronal activity (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 7th 2014
Athar N Malik, Thomas Vierbuchen, Martin Hemberg, Alex A Rubin, Emi Ling, Cameron H Couch, Hume Stroud, Ivo Spiegel, Kyle Kai-How Farh, David A Harmin, Michael E Greenberg

19) Information-limiting correlations (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 7th 2014
Rub, Jeffrey Beck, Ingmar Kanitscheider, Xaq Pitkow, Peter Latham, Alexandre Pouget

20) Perceptual training continuously refines neuronal population codes in primary visual cortex (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday September 7th 2014
Yin Yan, Malte J Rasch, Minggui Chen, Xiaoping Xiang, Min Huang, Si Wu, Wu Li

21) Damage to dorsolateral prefrontal cortex affects tradeoffs between honesty and self-interest (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 31st 2014
Lusha Zhu, Adrianna C Jenkins, Eric Set, Donatella Scabini, Robert T Knight, Pearl H Chiu, Brooks King-Casas, Ming Hsu

22) Reversal of theta rhythm flow through intact hippocampal circuits (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 31st 2014
Jesse Jackson, B, Romain Goutagny, Jean-Bastien Bott, Fr, Christian Kortleven, Steven L Bressler, Sylvain Williams

23) Encoding and decoding in parietal cortex during sensorimotor decision-making (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 31st 2014
Il Memming Park, Miriam L R Meister, Alexander C Huk, Jonathan W Pillow

24) Edge-orientation processing in first-order tactile neurons (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 31st 2014
J Andrew Pruszynski, Roland S Johansson

25) Genetic variability in the regulation of gene expression in ten regions of the human brain (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 31st 2014
Adaikalavan Ramasamy, Daniah Trabzuni, Sebastian Guelfi, Vibin Varghese, Colin Smith, Robert Walker, Tisham De, John Hardy, Mina Ryten, Daniah Trabzuni, Sebastian Guelfi, Michael E Weale, Adaikalavan Ramasamy, Paola Forabosco, Colin Smith, Robert Walker, Sampath Arepalli, Mark R Cookson, Allissa Dillman, J Raphael Gibbs, Dena G Hernandez, Michael A Nalls, Andrew B Singleton, Bryan Traynor, Marcel van der Brug, Luigi Ferrucci, Robert Johnson, Ronald Zielke, Dan L Longo, Juan Troncoso, Alan Zonderman, Lachlan Coin, Rohan de Silva, Mark R Cookson, Andrew B Singleton, John Hardy, Mina Ryten, Michael E Weale

26) Dimensionality reduction for large-scale neural recordings (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 24th 2014
John P Cunningham, Byron M Yu

27) Mutual antagonism between Sox10 and NFIA regulates diversification of glial lineages and glioma subtypes (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 24th 2014
Stacey M Glasgow, Wenyi Zhu, C Claus Stolt, Teng-Wei Huang, Fuyi Chen, Joseph J LoTurco, Jeffrey L Neul, Michael Wegner, Carrie Mohila, Benjamin Deneen

28) Image familiarization sharpens response dynamics of neurons in inferotemporal cortex (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 24th 2014
Travis Meyer, Christopher Walker, Raymond Y Cho, Carl R Olson

29) Activity-dependent regulation of astrocyte GAT levels during synaptogenesis (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 24th 2014
Allie K Muthukumar, Tobias Stork, Marc R Freeman

30) Gamma-range synchronization of fast-spiking interneurons can enhance detection of tactile stimuli (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 24th 2014
Joshua H Siegle, Dominique L Pritchett, Christopher I Moore

31) The GABAergic parafacial zone is a medullary slow wave sleep (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 17th 2014
Christelle Anaclet, Loris Ferrari, Elda Arrigoni, Caroline E Bass, Clifford B Saper, Jun Lu, Patrick M Fuller

32) Alzheimer's disease: early alterations in brain DNA methylation at ANK1, BIN1, RHBDF2 and other loci (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 17th 2014
Philip L De Jager, Gyan Srivastava, Katie Lunnon, Jeremy Burgess, Leonard C Schalkwyk, Lei Yu, Matthew L Eaton, Brendan T Keenan, Jason Ernst, Cristin McCabe, Anna Tang, Towfique Raj, Joseph Replogle, Wendy Brodeur, Stacey Gabriel, High S Chai, Curtis Younkin, Steven G Younkin, Fanggeng Zou, Moshe Szyf, Charles B Epstein, Julie A Schneider, Bradley E Bernstein, Alex Meissner, Nilufer Ertekin-Taner, Lori B Chibnik, Manolis Kellis, Jonathan Mill, David A Bennett

33) Methylomic profiling implicates cortical deregulation of ANK1 in Alzheimer's disease (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 17th 2014
Katie Lunnon, Rebecca Smith, Eilis Hannon, Philip L De Jager, Gyan Srivastava, Manuela Volta, Claire Troakes, Safa Al-Sarraj, Joe Burrage, Ruby Macdonald, Daniel Condliffe, Lorna W Harries, Pavel Katsel, Vahram Haroutunian, Zachary Kaminsky, Catharine Joachim, John Powell, Simon Lovestone, David A Bennett, Leonard C Schalkwyk, Jonathan Mill

34) Hippocampal-neocortical functional reorganization underlies children's cognitive development (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 17th 2014
Shaozheng Qin, Soohyun Cho, Tianwen Chen, Miriam Rosenberg-Lee, David C Geary, Vinod Menon

35) Celsr3 is required in motor neurons to steer their axons in the hindlimb (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 10th 2014
Guoliang Chai, Libing Zhou, Mario Manto, Fran, Fr, Andr, Fadel Tissir

36) Polyglutamine-expanded androgen receptor interferes with TFEB to elicit autophagy defects in SBMA (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 10th 2014
Constanza J Cortes, Helen C Miranda, Harald Frankowski, Yakup Batlevi, Jessica E Young, Amy Le, Nishi Ivanov, Bryce L Sopher, Cassiano Carromeu, Alysson R Muotri, Gwenn A Garden, Albert R La Spada

37) Cocaine exposure reorganizes cell type (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 10th 2014
Andrew F MacAskill, John M Cassel, Adam G Carter

38) Sharp emergence of feature-selective sustained activity along the dorsal visual pathway (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 10th 2014
Diego Mendoza-Halliday, Santiago Torres, Julio C Martinez-Trujillo

39) Beyond genotype: serotonin transporter epigenetic modification predicts human brain function (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 3rd 2014
Yuliya S Nikolova, Karestan C Koenen, Sandro Galea, Chiou-Miin Wang, Marianne L Seney, Etienne Sibille, Douglas E Williamson, Ahmad R Hariri

40) An olfactory cocktail party: figure-ground segregation of odorants in rodents (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 3rd 2014
Dan Rokni, Vivian Hemmelder, Vikrant Kapoor, Venkatesh N Murthy

41) LKB1 and AMPK regulate synaptic remodeling in old age (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 3rd 2014
Melanie A Samuel, P Emanuela Voinescu, Brendan N Lilley, Rafa de Cabo, Marc Foretz, Benoit Viollet, Basil Pawlyk, Michael A Sandberg, Demetrios G Vavvas, Joshua R Sanes

42) Corticolimbic gating of emotion-driven punishment (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 3rd 2014
Michael T Treadway, Joshua W Buckholtz, Justin W Martin, Katharine Jan, Christopher L Asplund, Matthew R Ginther, Owen D Jones, Ren

43) A comprehensive thalamocortical projection map at the mesoscopic level (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday August 3rd 2014
Barbara J Hunnicutt, Brian R Long, Deniz Kusefoglu, Katrina J Gertz, Haining Zhong, Tianyi Mao

44) 'Silent' mitral cells dominate odor responses in the olfactory bulb of awake mice (Nature Neuroscience) Monday July 28th 2014
Mihaly Kollo, Anja Schmaltz, Mostafa Abdelhamid, Izumi Fukunaga, Andreas T Schaefer

45) Central amygdala PKC- (Nature Neuroscience) Monday July 28th 2014
Haijiang Cai, Wulf Haubensak, Todd E Anthony, David J Anderson

46) Cerebellum involvement in cortical sensorimotor circuits for the control of voluntary movements (Nature Neuroscience) Monday July 28th 2014
R, Maria Spolidoro, Nicolas Guyon, Guillaume P Dugu, Fekrije Selimi, Philippe Isope, Daniela Popa, Cl

47) Anterior cingulate engagement in a foraging context reflects choice difficulty, not foraging value (Nature Neuroscience) Monday July 28th 2014
Amitai Shenhav, Mark A Straccia, Jonathan D Cohen, Matthew M Botvinick

48) Orbitofrontal activation restores insight lost after cocaine use (Nature Neuroscience) Monday July 21st 2014
Federica Lucantonio, Yuji K Takahashi, Alexander F Hoffman, Chun Chang, Sheena Bali-Chaudhary, Yavin Shaham, Carl R Lupica, Geoffrey Schoenbaum

49) miR-92a regulates expression of synaptic GluA1-containing AMPA receptors during homeostatic scaling (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday July 13th 2014
Mathieu Letellier, Sara Elramah, Magali Mondin, Ana, Andrew Penn, Daniel Choquet, Marc Landry, Olivier Thoumine, Alexandre Favereaux

50) Transneuronal propagation of mutant huntingtin contributes to non (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday July 13th 2014
Eline Pecho-Vrieseling, Claus Rieker, Sascha Fuchs, Dorothee Bleckmann, Maria Soledad Esposito, Paolo Botta, Chris Goldstein, Mario Bernhard, Ivan Galimberti, Matthias M, Andreas L, Silvia Arber, Tewis Bouwmeester, Herman van der Putten, Francesco Paolo Di Giorgio

51) A spinal analog of memory reconsolidation enables reversal of hyperalgesia (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday July 6th 2014
Robert P Bonin, Yves De Koninck

52) Independent control of gamma and theta activity by distinct interneuron networks in the olfactory bulb (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday July 6th 2014
Izumi Fukunaga, Jan T Herb, Mihaly Kollo, Edward S Boyden, Andreas T Schaefer

53) Reactivation of emergent task-related ensembles during slow-wave sleep after neuroprosthetic learning (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday July 6th 2014
Tanuj Gulati, Dhakshin S Ramanathan, Chelsea C Wong, Karunesh Ganguly

54) Gene co-regulation by Fezf2 selects neurotransmitter identity and connectivity of corticospinal neurons (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday July 6th 2014
Simona Lodato, Bradley J Molyneaux, Emanuela Zuccaro, Loyal A Goff, Hsu-Hsin Chen, Wen Yuan, Alyssa Meleski, Emi Takahashi, Shaun Mahony, John L Rinn, David K Gifford, Paola Arlotta

55) Noninvasive optical inhibition with a red-shifted microbial rhodopsin (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday July 6th 2014
Amy S Chuong, Mitra L Miri, Volker Busskamp, Gillian A C Matthews, Leah C Acker, Andreas T S, Andrew Young, Nathan C Klapoetke, Mike A Henninger, Suhasa B Kodandaramaiah, Masaaki Ogawa, Shreshtha B Ramanlal, Rachel C Bandler, Brian D Allen, Craig R Forest, Brian Y Chow, Xue Han, Yingxi Lin, Kay M Tye, Botond Roska, Jessica A Cardin, Edward S Boyden

56) Translational control of mGluR-dependent long-term depression and object-place learning by eIF2 (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 29th 2014
Gonzalo Viana Di Prisco, Wei Huang, Shelly A Buffington, Chih-Chun Hsu, Penelope E Bonnen, Andon N Placzek, Carmela Sidrauski, Kre, Randal J Kaufman, Peter Walter, Mauro Costa-Mattioli

57) Differences in the emergent coding properties of cortical and striatal ensembles (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 29th 2014
Liya Ma, James M Hyman, Adrian J Lindsay, Anthony G Phillips, Jeremy K Seamans

58) Simultaneous transcranial magnetic stimulation and single-neuron recording in alert non-human primates (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 29th 2014
Jerel K Mueller, Erinn M Grigsby, Vincent Prevosto, Frank W Petraglia, Hrishikesh Rao, Zhi-De Deng, Angel V Peterchev, Marc A Sommer, Tobias Egner, Michael L Platt, Warren M Grill

59) Population coding of affect across stimuli, modalities and individuals (Nature Neuroscience) Monday June 23rd 2014
Junichi Chikazoe, Daniel H Lee, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Adam K Anderson

60) Acid-sensing ion channels contribute to synaptic transmission and inhibit cocaine-evoked plasticity (Nature Neuroscience) Monday June 23rd 2014
Collin J Kreple, Yuan Lu, Rebecca J Taugher, Andrea L Schwager-Gutman, Jianyang Du, Madeliene Stump, Yimo Wang, Ali Ghobbeh, Rong Fan, Caitlin V Cosme, Levi P Sowers, Michael J Welsh, Jason J Radley, Ryan T LaLumiere, John A Wemmie

61) Nuclear BK channels regulate gene expression via the control of nuclear calcium signaling (Nature Neuroscience) Monday June 23rd 2014
Boxing Li, Wei Jie, Lianyan Huang, Peng Wei, Shuji Li, Zhengyi Luo, Allyson K Friedman, Andrea L Meredith, Ming-Hu Han, Xin-Hong Zhu, Tian-Ming Gao

62) Maintenance of postmitotic neuronal cell identity (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 15th 2014
Evan S Deneris, Oliver Hobert

63) Lesions of prefrontal cortex reduce attentional modulation of neuronal responses and synchrony in V4 (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 15th 2014
Georgia G Gregoriou, Andrew F Rossi, Leslie G Ungerleider, Robert Desimone

64) Melanocortin 4 receptors in autonomic neurons regulate thermogenesis and glycemia (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 8th 2014
Eric D Berglund, Tiemin Liu, Xingxing Kong, Jong-Woo Sohn, Linh Vong, Zhuo Deng, Charlotte E Lee, Syann Lee, Kevin W Williams, David P Olson, Philipp E Scherer, Bradford B Lowell, Joel K Elmquist

65) Behavioral and neurophysiological correlates of regret in rat decision-making on a neuroeconomic task (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 8th 2014
Adam P Steiner, A David Redish

66) A spike-timing mechanism for action selection (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 8th 2014
Catherine R von Reyn, Patrick Breads, Martin Y Peek, Grace Zhiyu Zheng, W Ryan Williamson, Alyson L Yee, Anthony Leonardo, Gwyneth M Card

67) Leptin signaling in astrocytes regulates hypothalamic neuronal circuits and feeding (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 1st 2014
Jae Geun Kim, Shigetomo Suyama, Marco Koch, Sungho Jin, Pilar Argente-Arizon, Jes, Zhong-Wu Liu, Marcelo R Zimmer, Jin Kwon Jeong, Klara Szigeti-Buck, Yuanqing Gao, Cristina Garcia-Caceres, Chun-Xia Yi, Natalina Salmaso, Flora M Vaccarino, Julie Chowen, Sabrina Diano, Marcelo O Dietrich, Matthias H Tsch, Tamas L Horvath

68) Functional organization of glomerular maps in the mouse accessory olfactory bulb (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 1st 2014
Gary F Hammen, Diwakar Turaga, Timothy E Holy, Julian P Meeks

69) Two distinct layer-specific dynamics of cortical ensembles during learning of a motor task (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 1st 2014
Yoshito Masamizu, Yasuhiro R Tanaka, Yasuyo H Tanaka, Riichiro Hira, Fuki Ohkubo, Kazuo Kitamura, Yoshikazu Isomura, Takashi Okada, Masanori Matsuzaki

70) Identification of distinct ChAT+ neurons and activity-dependent control of postnatal SVZ neurogenesis (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 1st 2014
Patricia Paez-Gonzalez, Brent Asrican, Erica Rodriguez, Chay T Kuo

71) Patterns across multiple memories are identified over time (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday June 1st 2014
Blake A Richards, Frances Xia, Adam Santoro, Jana Husse, Melanie A Woodin, Sheena A Josselyn, Paul W Frankland

72) ALK5-dependent TGF- (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday May 25th 2014
Yingbo He, Hui Zhang, Andrea Yung, Saul A Villeda, Philipp A Jaeger, Oluwatobi Olayiwola, Nina Fainberg, Tony Wyss-Coray

73) Mechanical coupling maintains the fidelity of NMDA receptor (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday May 25th 2014
Rashek Kazi, Jian Dai, Cameron Sweeney, Huan-Xiang Zhou, Lonnie P Wollmuth

74) Mutations in Eml1 lead to ectopic progenitors and neuronal heterotopia in mouse and human (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday May 25th 2014
Michel Kielar, Fran, Sara Bizzotto, C, Camino de Juan Romero, Karine Poirier, Renske Oegema, Grazia Maria Mancini, Nadia Bahi-Buisson, Robert Olaso, Anne-Ga, Katia Boutourlinsky, Dominique Boucher, Wassila Carpentier, Patrick Berquin, Jean-Fran, Richard Belvindrah, Victor Borrell, Egbert Welker, Jamel Chelly, Alexandre Croquelois, Fiona Francis

75) Spatiotemporal receptive fields of barrel cortex revealed by reverse correlation of synaptic input (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday May 18th 2014
Alejandro Ramirez, Eftychios A Pnevmatikakis, Josh Merel, Liam Paninski, Kenneth D Miller, Randy M Bruno

76) Inhibition of mitochondrial protein import by mutant huntingtin (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday May 18th 2014
Hiroko Yano, Sergei V Baranov, Oxana V Baranova, Jinho Kim, Yanchun Pan, Svitlana Yablonska, Diane L Carlisle, Robert J Ferrante, Albert H Kim, Robert M Friedlander

77) Induction of self awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday May 11th 2014
Ursula Voss, Romain Holzmann, Allan Hobson, Walter Paulus, Judith Koppehele-Gossel, Ansgar Klimke, Michael A Nitsche

78) Mitochondrial oxidant stress in locus coeruleus is regulated by activity and nitric oxide synthase (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday May 11th 2014
Javier Sanchez-Padilla, Jaime N Guzman, Ema Ilijic, Jyothisri Kondapalli, Daniel J Galtieri, Ben Yang, Simon Schieber, Wolfgang Oertel, David Wokosin, Paul T Schumacker, D James Surmeier

79) Aberrant topoisomerase-1 DNA lesions are pathogenic in neurodegenerative genome instability syndromes (Nature Neuroscience) Monday May 5th 2014
Sachin Katyal, Youngsoo Lee, Karin C Nitiss, Susanna M Downing, Yang Li, Mikio Shimada, Jingfeng Zhao, Helen R Russell, John H J Petrini, John L Nitiss, Peter J McKinnon

80) Cellular origins of auditory event-related potential deficits in Rett syndrome (Nature Neuroscience) Monday April 28th 2014
Darren Goffin, Edward S Brodkin, Julie A Blendy, Steve J Siegel, Zhaolan Zhou

81) Partitioning neuronal variability (Nature Neuroscience) Monday April 28th 2014
Robbe L T Goris, J Anthony Movshon, Eero P Simoncelli

82) High-fidelity optical reporting of neuronal electrical activity with an ultrafast fluorescent voltage sensor (Nature Neuroscience) Tuesday April 22nd 2014
Fran, Jesse D Marshall, Ying Yang, Yiyang Gong, Mark J Schnitzer, Michael Z Lin

83) The age and genomic integrity of neurons after cortical stroke in humans (Nature Neuroscience) Monday April 21st 2014
Hagen B Huttner, Olaf Bergmann, Mehran Salehpour, Attila R, Jemal Tatarishvili, Emma Lindgren, Tam, L, Tibor Hortob, G, Elisabet Englund, Beata Werne Solnestam, Sofia Zdunek, Christian Scharenberg, Lena Str, Patrik St, Benjamin Sigurgeirsson, Andreas Dahl, Stefan Schwab, G, Samuel Bernard, Zaal Kokaia, Olle Lindvall, Joakim Lundeberg, Jonas Fris

84) Population code in mouse V1 facilitates readout of natural scenes through increased sparseness (Nature Neuroscience) Monday April 21st 2014
Emmanouil Froudarakis, Philipp Berens, Alexander S Ecker, R James Cotton, Fabian H Sinz, Dimitri Yatsenko, Peter Saggau, Matthias Bethge, Andreas S Tolias

85) Executive control processes underlying multi-item working memory (Nature Neuroscience) Monday April 21st 2014
Antonio H Lara, Jonathan D Wallis

86) Scaling down of balanced excitation and inhibition by active behavioral states in auditory cortex (Nature Neuroscience) Monday April 21st 2014
Mu Zhou, Feixue Liang, Xiaorui R Xiong, Lu Li, Haifu Li, Zhongju Xiao, Huizhong W Tao, Li I Zhang

87) Volitional modulation of optically recorded calcium signals during neuroprosthetic learning (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday April 13th 2014
Kelly B Clancy, Aaron C Koralek, Rui M Costa, Daniel E Feldman, Jose M Carmena

88) Implication of sperm RNAs in transgenerational inheritance of the effects of early trauma in mice (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday April 13th 2014
Katharina Gapp, Ali Jawaid, Peter Sarkies, Johannes Bohacek, Pawel Pelczar, Julien Prados, Laurent Farinelli, Eric Miska, Isabelle M Mansuy

89) Single App knock-in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday April 13th 2014
Takashi Saito, Yukio Matsuba, Naomi Mihira, Jiro Takano, Per Nilsson, Shigeyoshi Itohara, Nobuhisa Iwata, Takaomi C Saido

90) Parvalbumin interneurons provide grid cell (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday April 6th 2014
Christina Buetfering, Kevin Allen, Hannah Monyer

91) Excessive cocaine use results from decreased phasic dopamine signaling in the striatum (Nature Neuroscience) Sunday April 6th 2014
Ingo Willuhn, Lauren M Burgeno, Peter A Groblewski, Paul E M Phillips

92) Contributions and challenges for network models in cognitive neuroscience (Nature Neuroscience) Monday March 31st 2014
Olaf Sporns

93) Mutations in the Matrin 3 gene cause familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Nature Neuroscience) Monday March 31st 2014
Janel O Johnson, Erik P Pioro, Ashley Boehringer, Ruth Chia, Howard Feit, Alan E Renton, Hannah A Pliner, Yevgeniya Abramzon, Giuseppe Marangi, Brett J Winborn, J Raphael Gibbs, Michael A Nalls, Sarah Morgan, Maryam Shoai, John Hardy, Alan Pittman, Richard W Orrell, Andrea Malaspina, Katie C Sidle, Pietro Fratta, Matthew B Harms, Robert H Baloh, Alan Pestronk, Conrad C Weihl, Ekaterina Rogaeva, Lorne Zinman, Vivian E Drory, Giuseppe Borghero, Gabriele Mora, Andrea Calvo, Jeffrey D Rothstein, Carsten Drepper, Michael Sendtner, Andrew B Singleton, J Paul Taylor, Mark R Cookson, Gabriella Restagno, Mario Sabatelli, Robert Bowser, Adriano Chi, Bryan J Traynor

94) Serial dependence in visual perception (Nature Neuroscience) Monday March 31st 2014
Jason Fischer, David Whitney

95) Attentive scanning behavior drives one-trial potentiation of hippocampal place fields (Nature Neuroscience) Monday March 31st 2014
Joseph D Monaco, Geeta Rao, Eric D Roth, James J Knierim

96) Astrocyte Kir4.1 ion channel deficits contribute to neuronal dysfunction in Huntington's disease model mice (Nature Neuroscience) Monday March 31st 2014
Xiaoping Tong, Yan Ao, Guido C Faas, Sinifunanya E Nwaobi, Ji Xu, Martin D Haustein, Mark A Anderson, Istvan Mody, Michelle L Olsen, Michael V Sofroniew, Baljit S Khakh

97) Reversed theta sequences of hippocampal cell assemblies during backward travel (Nature Neuroscience) Wednesday March 26th 2014
Anne Cei, Gabrielle Girardeau, C, Karim El Kanbi, Micha

98) Learned spatiotemporal sequence recognition and prediction in primary visual cortex (Nature Neuroscience) Monday March 24th 2014
Jeffrey P Gavornik, Mark F Bear

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