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1) Differential Regulation of NSC Phenotype and Genotype by Chronically-activated Microglia within Cocultures (Integrative Biology) Wednesday September 28th 2016
Kurt Farrell, Ali Borazjani, Margot Damaser, Chandrasekhar Rama Kothapalli

2) Modeling of the mechano-chemical behaviour of the Nuclear Pore Complex: Current research and perspective (Integrative Biology) Wednesday September 21st 2016
Alberto Garcia, Jose Felix Rodriguez Matas, Manuela Teresa

3) Valve interstitial cell contractile strength and metabolic state are dependent on its shape (Integrative Biology) Thursday September 15th 2016
Ngoc Thien Lam, Timothy J Muldoon, Kyle Quinn, Narasimhan Rajaram, Kartik Balachandran

4) Actomyosin contractility and RhoGTPases affect cell-polarity and directional migration during haptotaxis (Integrative Biology) Wednesday September 14th 2016
Tatjana J. Autenrieth, Stephanie C. Frank, Alexandra M. Greiner, Dominik Klumpp, Benjamin Richter, Mario Hauser, Seong-il Lee, Joel Levine, Martin Bastmeyer

5) Assessment of metabolism-dependent drug efficacy and toxicity on a multilayer organs-on-a-chip (Integrative Biology) Wednesday September 7th 2016
Zhongyu Li, Yaqiong Guo, Yue Yu, Cong Xu, Hui Xu, Jianhua Qin

6) Correction: Nanoscale mechanics guides cellular decision making (Integrative Biology) Friday September 2nd 2016
Zainab Rahil, Sara Pedron, Xuefeng Wang, TaekJip Ha, Brendan Harley, Deborah Leckband

7) Cardiomyocyte progenitor cell mechanoresponse unrevealed: strain avoidance and mechanosome development (Integrative Biology) Thursday September 1st 2016
Arianna Mauretti, Noortje A. M. Bax, Mieke H. van Marion, Marie Jose Goumans, Cecilia Sahlgren, Carlijn V. C. Bouten

8) High content image analysis of focal adhesion-dependent mechanosensitive stem cell differentiation (Integrative Biology) Tuesday August 30th 2016
Andrew Holle, Alistair McIntyre, Jared Kehe, Piyumi Wijesekara, Jennifer L. Young, Ludovic G Vincent, Adam J. Engler

9) Microfluidics in microbiology: putting a magnifying glass on microbes (Integrative Biology) Tuesday August 30th 2016
Sanya Siddiqui, Nathalie Tufenkji, Christopher Moraes

10) Quantum Dot-MUC1 Aptamer Conjugate for Targeted Delivery of Protoporphyrin IX and Specific Photokilling of Cancer Cells through ROS Generation (Integrative Biology) Friday August 26th 2016
Seema Singh, Pravin Jha, Vandana Singh, Kislay Kumar Sinha, Sahid Hussain, Manoj Kumar Singh, Prolay Das

11) To Grow is Not Enough: Impact of Noise on Cell Environmental Response and Fitness (Integrative Biology) Wednesday August 24th 2016
Nash Delta Rochman, Fangwei Si, Sean Sun

12) Cell-cycle-dependent Ca2+ transients in human induced pluripotent stem cells revealed by a simultaneous imaging of cell nuclei and intracellular Ca2+ level (Integrative Biology) Wednesday August 17th 2016
Kenta Shimba, Shoko Iida, Kiyoshi Kotani, Yasuhiko Jimbo

13) Real-time Imaging and Quantitative Analysis of Doxorubicin Transport in a Perfusable Microvessel Platform (Integrative Biology) Monday August 8th 2016
Max Bogorad, Peter Searson

14) Toll-like receptor 2-mediated MAPKs and NF-[small kappa]B activation requires GNAO1-dependent pathway in human mast cell (Integrative Biology) Saturday August 6th 2016
Yu Yangyang, Meiling Jin, Bo Yu, Wei Zhang, Zhangang Xiao, Zhuo Mao, Yihong Lai, Dongxu Lin, Qiang Ma, En Pan, Yarui Zhang, Weizhen Zhang

15) Investigating the mechanical properties of zona pellucida of whole human oocytes by atomic force spectroscopy (Integrative Biology) Monday August 1st 2016
Laura Andolfi, Elena Masiero, Elena Giolo, Monica Martinelli, Stefania Luppi, Simone dal Zilio, Ines Delfino, Roberta Bortul, Marina Zweyer, Giuseppe Ricci, Marco Lazzarino

16) 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in E-Box motifs ACAT|GTG and ACAC|GTG increases DNA-binding of the B-HLH transcription factor TCF4 but not USF1. (Integrative Biology) Friday July 29th 2016
Khund-Sayeed Syed, Ximiao HE, Timothy Holzberg, Jun Wang, Shriyash Upadhyay, Stewart R Durell, Sanjit Mukherjee, Matthew T Weirauch, Robert Rose, Charles Vinson

17) Dynamic transcription factor activity networks in response to independently altered mechanical and adhesive microenvironmental cues (Integrative Biology) Friday July 29th 2016
Beatriz Penalver Bernabe, Seungjin Shin, Peter D. Rios, Linda J. Broadbelt, Lonnie D. Shea, Stephanie K. Seidlits

18) Regulation of macrophage polarization and plasticity by complex activation signals (Integrative Biology) Thursday July 28th 2016
Tim D Smith, Margaret J Tse, Elizabeth L Read, Wendy F Liu

19) Quantitative analysis of B-lymphocyte migration directed by CXCL13 (Integrative Biology) Wednesday July 27th 2016
Xiaji Liu, Sreeja B. Asokan, James Bear, Jason M. Haugh

20) Acetate ion enhance load and stability of doxorubicin onto PEGylated nanodiamond for selectively tumor intracellular controlled release and therapy (Integrative Biology) Tuesday July 26th 2016
Lin Li, Lu tian, Wenjing Zhao, Yingqi Li, Binsheng Yang

21) Nanoscale Mechanics Guides Cellular Decision Making (Integrative Biology) Tuesday July 26th 2016
Zainab Rahil, Sara Pedron, Xuefeng Wang, Taekjip Ha, Brendan Harley, Deborah Leckband

22) Coordination of signaling and tissue mechanics during morphogenesis of murine intestinal villi: a role for mitotic cell rounding (Integrative Biology) Monday July 25th 2016
Andrew Michael Freddo, Suzanne K. Shoffner, Yue Shao, Kenichiro Taniguchi, Ann S Grosse, Margaux N Guysinger, Sha Wang, Shiva Rudraraju, Benjamin Margolis, Krishna Garikipati, Santiago Schnell, Deborah L Gumucio

23) Mathematical modelling of microtumour infiltration based on in vitro experiments (Integrative Biology) Tuesday July 19th 2016
Emmanuel Lujan, Liliana N Guerra, Alejandro Soba, Nicolas Visacovsky, Daniel Gandia, Juan Carlos Calvo, Cecilia Ana Suarez

24) In vitro-in silico interface platform for spatiotemporal analysis of pattern formation in collective epithelial cells (Integrative Biology) Tuesday July 19th 2016
Masaya Hagiwara

25) Template-Assisted Extrusion of Biopolymer Nanofibers under Physiological Conditions (Integrative Biology) Monday July 18th 2016
Mohammad Raoufi, Neda Aslankoohi, Christine Mollenhauer, Heike Boehm, Joachim P Spatz, Dorothea Bruggemann

26) Matrix Stiffness Exerts Biphasic Control Over Monocyte-Endothelial Adhesion via Rho-mediated ICAM-1 Clustering (Integrative Biology) Saturday July 16th 2016
Harry A Scott, Boi Quach, Xiao Yang, Soroush Ardekani, Andrea Paulina Cabrera, Randall Wilson, Ilhem Messaoudi-Powers, Kaustabh Ghosh

27) Stem cells: to be born great, achieve greatness, or have greatness thrust upon them? (Integrative Biology) Friday July 1st 2016
Raymond Tran, Corinne A. Hoesli, Christopher Moraes

28) Local extracellular matrix alignment directs cellular protrusion dynamics and migration through Rac1 and FAK (Integrative Biology) Thursday June 30th 2016
Shawn P Carey, Zachary Goldblatt, Karen Elizabeth Martin, Bethsabe Romero, Rebecca Williams, Cynthia A Reinhart-King

29) PDMS microwells for multi-parametric monitoring of single mitochondria in a large scale: a study of their individual membrane potential and endogenous NADH (Integrative Biology) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Venkata Suresh VAJRALA, Emmanuel Suraniti, Michel RIGOULET, Anne DEVIN, Neso Sojic, Stephane Arbault

30) Minimum wound size for clotting: flowing blood coagulates on a single collagen fiber presenting tissue factor and von Willebrand factor (Integrative Biology) Saturday June 18th 2016
Shu Zhu, Maurizio Tomaiuolo, Scott Diamond

31) Visualizing mechanical modulation of nanoscale organization of cell-matrix adhesions (Integrative Biology) Saturday June 18th 2016
Guanqing Ou, Dhruv Thakar, Jason C Tung, Yekaterina A Miroshnikova, Christopher C Dufort, Edgar Gutierrez, Alex Groisman, Valerie M Weaver

32) Osteoblast-Derived Paracrine Factors Regulate Angiogenesis in Response to Mechanical Stimulation (Integrative Biology) Thursday June 16th 2016
Chao Liu, Xin Cui, Thomas Michael Ackermann, Vittoria Flamini, Weiqiang Chen, Alesha Castillo

33) Optimizing Micropattern Geometries for Cell Shape and Migration with Genetic Algorithms (Integrative Biology) Wednesday June 15th 2016
Philipp Johannes Albert, Ulrich Sebastian Schwarz

34) Pathway-based network modeling finds hidden genes in shRNA screen for regulators of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Integrative Biology) Thursday June 2nd 2016
Jennifer Wilson, Simona Dalin, Sara J Gosline, Michael T Hemann, Ernest Fraenkel, Douglas A Lauffenburger

35) Macrophage secretion heterogeneity in engineered microenvironments revealed using a microwell platform (Integrative Biology) Wednesday June 1st 2016
Frances Y McWhorter, Tim D Smith, Thuy U Luu, Maha Rahim, Jered Brackston Haun, Wendy F Liu

36) Three-dimensional hierarchical cultivation of human skin cells on bio-adaptive hybrid fibers (Integrative Biology) Monday May 23rd 2016
Viktoria Planz, Salem Seif, Jennifer S Atchison, Branko Vukosavljevic, Lisa Sparenberg, Elmar Kroner, Maike Windbergs

37) Protein expression patterns of the yeast mating response (Integrative Biology) Friday May 13th 2016
Haiyu Yuan, Rongfei Zhang, Bin Shao, Xuan Wang, Qi Ouyang, Nan Hao, Chunxiong Luo

38) Next generation tools to accelerate the synthetic biology process (Integrative Biology) Thursday May 5th 2016
Steve C. C. Shih, Christopher Moraes

39) Vinculin head-tail interaction defines multiple early mechanisms for cell substrate rigidity sensing (Integrative Biology) Wednesday May 4th 2016
Zengzhen Liu, Philippe Bun, Nicolas Auduge, Maite Coppey-Moisan, Nicolas Borghi

40) Gradually softening hydrogels for modeling hepatic stellate cell behavior during fibrosis regression (Integrative Biology) Tuesday May 3rd 2016
Steven R Caliari, Maryna Perepelyuk, Elizabeth M Soulas, Gi Yun Lee, Rebecca Wells, Jason A Burdick

41) Three-dimensional models for studying development and disease: moving on from organisms to organs-on-a-chip and organoids (Integrative Biology) Friday April 29th 2016
Hang Lu, Emily Jackson

42) Quantitative evaluation of ABC transporter-mediated drug resistance based on determination of anticancer activity of camptothecin against breast cancer stem cells using TIRF (Integrative Biology) Friday April 29th 2016
Parthasarathy Arumugam, Joon Myong Song

43) Progress towards understanding heterotypic interactions I: multi-culture models of breast cancer (Integrative Biology) Thursday April 14th 2016
Mary C Regier, Elaine T. Alarid, David Beebe

44) Biological Insights from Synthetic Biology (Integrative Biology) Monday April 11th 2016
Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, Ahmad S. Khalil, John McCarthy

45) Synthetic biology approaches in cancer immunotherapy, genetic network engineering, and genome editing (Integrative Biology) Monday April 4th 2016
Deboki Chakravarti, Jang Hwan Cho, Benjamin Harris Weinberg, Nicole M Wong, Wilson W Wong

46) Dynamic behaviors of astrocytes in chemically modified fibrin and collagen hydrogels (Integrative Biology) Saturday April 2nd 2016
Negar Seyedhassantehrani, Yongchao Li, Li Yao

47) A morphospace for synthetic organs and organoids: the possible and the actual (Integrative Biology) Friday April 1st 2016
Aina Olle-Vila, Salva Duran-Nebreda, Nuria Conde-Pueyo, Raul Montanez, Ricard Sole

48) Synthetic biology: insights into biological computation. (Integrative Biology) Thursday March 31st 2016
Romilde Manzoni, Arturo Urrios, silvia velazquez-garcia, Eulalia de Nadal, Francesc Posas

49) Leveraging a high resolution microfluidic assay reveals insights into pathogenic fungal spore germination (Integrative Biology) Thursday March 24th 2016
Layla J Barkal, Naomi M Walsh, Michael R Botts, David Beebe, Christina Hull

50) Chemical imaging of molecular changes in a hydrated single cell by dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry and super-resolution microscopy (Integrative Biology) Tuesday March 22nd 2016
Xin Hua, Craig Szymanski, Zhaoying Wang, Yufan Zhou, Xiang Ma, Jiachao Yu, James E. Evans, Galya Orr, Songqin Liu, Zihua Zhu, Xiao-Ying Yu

51) Deformability-based cell selection with downstream immunofluorescence analysis (Integrative Biology) Friday March 11th 2016
Josephine Shaw Bagnall, Sangwon Byun, David T. Miyamoto, Joon Ho Kang, Shyamala Maheswaran, Shannon L. Stott, Mehmet Toner, Scott R. Manalis

52) Mechanical phenotyping of primary human skeletal stem cells in heterogeneous populations by real-time deformability cytometry (Integrative Biology) Tuesday March 8th 2016
Miguel Xavier, Philipp Rosendahl, Maik Herbig, Martin Krater, Daniel Spencer, Martin Bornhauser, Richard Oreffo, Hywel Morgan, Jochen Guck, Oliver Otto

53) Using synthetic biology to make cells tomorrow's test tubes (Integrative Biology) Tuesday March 8th 2016
Hernan G. Garcia, Robert C. Brewster, Rob Phillips

54) The appeasement of Doug: a synthetic approach to enhancer biology (Integrative Biology) Thursday February 25th 2016
Ben J Vincent, Javier Estrada, Angela DePace

55) Rationally rewiring the connectivity of the XylR/Pu regulatory node of the m-xylene degradation pathway in Pseudomonas putida (Integrative Biology) Thursday February 25th 2016
Aitor de las Heras, Esteban Martinez-Garcia, Maria Rosa Domingo Sananes, Sofia Fraile, Victor de Lorenzo

56) Thinking big by thinking small: advances in mechanobiology across the length scales (Integrative Biology) Tuesday February 23rd 2016
Stephanie Mok, Christopher Moraes

57) An on-chip model for investigating the interaction between neurons and cancer cells (Integrative Biology) Tuesday February 23rd 2016
Yifeng Lei, Jun Li, Nuoxin Wang, Xinglong Yang, Yoh Hamada, Qizhai Li, Wenfu Zheng, Xingyu Jiang

58) Monitoring protein synthesis in single live cancer cells (Integrative Biology) Tuesday February 23rd 2016
Chengyi Tu, Loredana Santo, Yuko Mishima, Noopur Raje, Zeev Smilansky, Janet Zoldan

59) Reduction in E-cadherin expression fosters migration of Xenopus laevis primordial germ cells (Integrative Biology) Thursday February 18th 2016
Thilo Baronsky, Aliaksandr Dzementsei, Marieelen Oelkers, Juliane Melchert, Tomas Pieler, Andreas Janshoff

60) Genetically modified bacteriophages (Integrative Biology) Monday February 15th 2016
Antonia P. Sagona, Aurelija M. Grigonyte, Paul MacDonald, Alfonso Jaramillo

61) Label-free concentration of viable neurons, hESC and cancer cells by means of acoustophoresis (Integrative Biology) Monday February 15th 2016
Marina C Zalis, Juan F Reyes, Per Augustsson, Staffan Holmqvist, Laurent Roybon, Thomas Laurell, Tomas Deierborg

Gary S McDowell, Joan M. Lemire, Jean-Francois Pare, Garrett Cammarata, Laura Ann Lowery, Michael Levin

63) A device for co-culturing autonomic neurons and cardiomyocytes using micro-fabrication techniques (Integrative Biology) Friday February 5th 2016
Kosuke Oiwa, Kenta Shimba, Takashi Numata, Akimasa Takeuchi, Kiyoshi Kotani, Yasuhiko Jimbo

64) Nano-clustering of ligands on surrogate Antigen Presenting Cells modulates T cell membrane adhesion and organization (Integrative Biology) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Pierre Dillard, Fuwei Pi, Annemarie Lellouch, Laurent Limozin, Kheya Sengupta

65) Precisely parameterized experimental and computational models of tissue organization (Integrative Biology) Friday January 29th 2016
Jared M. Molitoris, Saurabh Paliwal, Rajesh B. Sekar, Robert Blake, JinSeok Park, Natalia A. Trayanova, Leslie Tung, Andre Levchenko

66) Interstitial fluid pressure regulates collective invasion in engineered human breast tumors via Snail, vimentin, and E-cadherin (Integrative Biology) Tuesday January 26th 2016
Alexandra S. Piotrowski-Daspit, Joe Tien, Celeste M. Nelson

67) Microfluidic device for simultaneous analysis of neutrophil extracellular traps and production of reactive oxygen species (Integrative Biology) Monday January 25th 2016
S. F. Moussavi-Harami, K. M. Mladinich, E. K. Sackmann, M. A. Shelef, T. W. Starnes, D. J. Guckenberger, A. Huttenlocher, D. J. Beebe

68) Intracellular singlet oxygen photosensitizers: On the road to solving the problems of sensitizer degradation, bleaching and relocalization. (Integrative Biology) Friday January 22nd 2016
Elsa Fernanda Freitas da Silva, Frederico M. Pimenta, Brian Wett Pedersen, Frances Helen Blaikie, Gabriela N. Bosio, Thomas Breitenbach, Michael Westberg, Mikkel Bregnhoj, Michal Etzerodt, Luis G Arnaut, Peter R Ogilby

69) 3D alcoholic liver disease model on a chip (Integrative Biology) Friday January 22nd 2016
JaeSeo Lee, BongHwan Choi, Da Yoon No, GeonHui Lee, Seung-ri Lee, HyunJik Oh, Sang-Hoon Lee

70) Stoichiometric control of live cell mixing to enable fluidically-encoded co-culture models in perfused microbioreactor arrays (Integrative Biology) Wednesday January 20th 2016
Paola Occhetta, Nicholas Glass, Ellen Otte, Marco Rasponi, Justin John Cooper-White

71) Synthesis of an inositol hexakisphosphate (IP6) affinity probe to study the interactome from a colon cancer cell line (Integrative Biology) Wednesday January 20th 2016
Meng-xin Yin, Bruno Catimel, Mark Gregory, Melanie Condron, Eugene Kapp, Andrew B Holmes, Antony Wilks Burgess

72) Fully quantified spectral imaging reveals in vivo membrane protein interactions (Integrative Biology) Wednesday January 20th 2016
Christopher King, Michael Stoneman, Valerica Raicu, Kalina Hristova

73) Modeling continuum of epithelial mesenchymal transition plasticity (Integrative Biology) Thursday January 14th 2016
Mousumi Mandal, Biswajoy Ghosh, Anji Anura, Pabitra Mitra, Tanmaya Pathak, Jyotirmoy Chatterjee

74) Performing selections under dynamic conditions for synthetic biology applications (Integrative Biology) Wednesday January 13th 2016
Jessica M. Lindle, Mary J. Dunlop

75) Chemical communication between bacteria and cell-free gene expression systems within linear chains of emulsion droplets (Integrative Biology) Tuesday January 12th 2016
Matthaeus Schwarz-Schilling, Lukas Aufinger, Andrea Muckl, Friedrich C Simmel

76) Capillary Plexuses are Vulnerable to Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (Integrative Biology) Monday January 11th 2016
Leo Boneschansker, Yoshitaka Inoue, Rahmi Oklu, Daniel Irimia

77) Adipose-derived Stem Cells Increase Angiogenesis through Matrix Metalloproteinase-dependent Collagen Remodeling (Integrative Biology) Thursday January 7th 2016
Young Hye Song, Seung Hee Shon, Mengrou Shan, Abraham Strook, Claudia Fischbach-Treschl

78) A synthetic gene circuit for measuring autoregulatory feedback control (Integrative Biology) Tuesday January 5th 2016
Miquel Angel Schikora-Tamarit, Carlos Toscano-Ochoa, Julia Domingo Espinos, Lorena Espinar, Lucas B. Carey

79) From noise to synthetic nucleoli: can synthetic biology achieve new insights? (Integrative Biology) Monday January 4th 2016
Marta Ciechonska, Alice Grob, Mark Isalan

80) Phenotypic Regulation of Liver Cells in a Biofunctionalized Three-Dimensional Hydrogel Platform (Integrative Biology) Monday January 4th 2016
Myung Hee Kim, Supriya Kamakshi Kumar, Hitomi Shirahama, Jeongeun Seo, Jae Ho Lee, Nam-Joon Cho

81) Synthetic biology: applying biological circuits beyond novel therapies (Integrative Biology) Thursday December 24th 2015
Anton Dobrin, Pratik Saxena, Martin Fussenegger

82) Studying complex system: Calcium oscillations as attractors of cell differentiation (Integrative Biology) Wednesday December 23rd 2015
Mauro C. X. Pinto, Fernanda M.P. Tonelli, Andre L. V. Gomes, Alexandre Hiroaki Kihara, Henning Ulrich, RODRIGO R RESENDE

83) Getting there is half the battle: recent advances in delivering therapeutics (Integrative Biology) Friday December 11th 2015
Sasha Cai Lesher-Perez, Tatiana Segura, Christopher Moraes

84) Use of protein-engineered fabrics to identify design rules for integrin ligand clustering in biomaterials (Integrative Biology) Friday December 11th 2015
Patrick Loen Benitez, Shamik Mascharak, Amy Celeste Proctor, Sarah Heilshorn

85) A computational functional genomics based self-limiting self-concentration mechanism of cell specialization as a biological role of jumping genes (Integrative Biology) Thursday December 10th 2015
Jorn Lotsch, Alfred Ultsch

86) Addressing biological uncertainties in engineering gene circuits (Integrative Biology) Wednesday December 9th 2015
Carolyn Zhang, Ryan Tsoi, Lingchong You

87) Build to Understand: Synthetic Approaches to Biology (Integrative Biology) Wednesday December 9th 2015
Le-Zhi Wang, Fuqing Wu, Kevin Flores, Ying-Cheng Lai, Xiao Wang

88) 3-D individual cell based computational modeling of tumor cell-macrophage paracrine signaling mediated by EGF and CSF-1 gradients (Integrative Biology) Monday December 7th 2015
Hildur Knutsdottir, John Condeelis, Eirikur Palsson

89) Mutual regulation causes co-entrainment between a synthetic oscillator and the bacterial cell cycle (Integrative Biology) Tuesday December 1st 2015
Marta Dies, Leticia Galera-Laporta, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo

90) Modeling Type 2 Diabetes-like Hyperglycemia in C.elegans on a Microdevice (Integrative Biology) Tuesday December 1st 2015
Guoli Zhu, fangchao Yin, li wang, wenbo wei, Lei Jiang, Jianhua Qin

91) A second-generation expression system for tyrosine-sulfated proteins and its application in crop protection (Integrative Biology) Friday November 27th 2015
Benjamin Schwessinger, Xiang Li, Thomas L. Ellinghaus, Leanne Jade G. Chan, Tong Wei, Anna Joe, Nicholas Thomas, Rory Pruitt, Paul D. Adams, Maw Sheng Chern, Christopher J. Petzold, Chang C. Liu, Pamela C. Ronald

92) Mimicking the topography of the epidermal-dermal interface with elastomer substrates (Integrative Biology) Friday November 27th 2015
Priyalakshmi Viswanathanan, Murat Guvendiren, Wesley Chua, Stephanie Telerman, Kifayathullah Liakath-Ali, Jason A Burdick, Fiona Watt

93) Time-Series Modeling of Live-Cell Shape Dynamics for Image-based Phenotypic Profiling (Integrative Biology) Friday November 27th 2015
Simon Gordonov, Mun Kyung Hwang, Alan Wells, Frank B. Gertler, Douglas A Lauffenburger, Mark Bathe

94) Re-membering the body: applications of computational neuroscience to the top-down control of regeneration of limbs and other complex organs (Integrative Biology) Monday November 16th 2015
G. Pezzulo, M. Levin

95) Assessment of the Potential of a High Frequency Acoustomicrofluidic Nebulisation Platform for Inhaled Stem Cell Therapy (Integrative Biology) Monday November 16th 2015
Layla Alhasan, Aisha Qi, Amgad Rezk, Leslie Yeo, Peggy Pui Yik Chan

96) Nature versus Design: Synthetic Biology or how to build a biological non-machine (Integrative Biology) Saturday November 14th 2015
Manuel Porcar, Juli Pereto

97) Stiff substrates enhance monocytic cell capture through E-selectin but not P-selectin (Integrative Biology) Saturday November 14th 2015
Joanna MacKay, Daniel A Hammer

98) A microfluidic dual gradient generator for conducting cell-based drug combination assays (Integrative Biology) Tuesday November 10th 2015
Devrim Kilinc, Jefrem Schwab, Stefano Rampini, Oshoke Wil Ikpekha, Ashwin Thampi, Agata Blasiak, Peng Li, Robert F Schwamborn, Walter Kolch, David Matallanas, Gil Lee

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