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1. +3
Electronic Transport via Homopeptides: The Role of Side Chains and Secondary Structure (Journal of the American Chemical Society)
Authors: Lior Sepunaru, Sivan Refaely-Abramson, Robert Lovrin,,

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2. +3
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Organometal Halide Perovskites for Li-ion Batteries (Chemical Communications)
Authors: Wentao Sun, Hua-Rong Xia, Lian-Mao Peng,,

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3. +3
Humic acid as promising organic anodes for lithium/sodium ion batteries (Chemical Communications)
Authors: Hui Zhu, Jiao Yin, Xue Zhao, Chuanyi Wang, Xiurong Yang,,

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4. +2
The free-energy cost of accurate biochemical (Nature Physics)
Authors: Yuansheng Cao, Hongli Wang, Qi Ouyang, Yuhai Tu,,

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5. +2
Rapid early formation and crystal refinement of chemical conversion hopeite coatings induced by substrate sandblasting (New Journal of Chemistry)
Authors: Xian Zhang, Gui-yong Xiao, Xing-chuan Zhao, Kun He, Wen-hua Xu, Yu-peng Lu,,

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6. +2
2,6-Dihalo-9-selenabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes and Their Complexes with Selenium Dihalides: Synthesis and Structural Characterisation (New Journal of Chemistry)
Authors: Vladimir Alekseevich Potapov, Svetlana Amosova, Elena Abramova, Maxim Musalov, Konstantin Lyssenko, M G Finn,,

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7. +2
Authors: Theodore Dallas Swift, Hannah Nguyen, Andrzej Anderko, Vladimiros Nikolakis, Dion Vlachos,,

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8. +2
img alt="Thumbnail image of graphical abstract" " \>
Fe(OTf)3 (European Journal of Organic Chemistry)
Authors: Sandip Kundal, Swapnadeep Jalal, Kartick Paul, Umasish Jana,,

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9. +2
Straightforward and one-pot synthesis of bifunctional phosphorus Betti bases under solvent-free conditions via phosphine oxide component (Tetrahedron Letters)
Authors: ,,

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10. +2
A biomimetic Schlemm's canal inner wall: A model to study outflow physiology, glaucoma pathology and high-throughput drug screening (Biomaterials)
Authors: ,,

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11. +2
Nondestructive Speciation Depth Profiling of Complex TiOx Nanolayer Structures by Grazing Incidence X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy (Analytical Chemistry)
Authors: Beatrix Pollakowski, Burkhard Beckhof,,

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12. +2
Meso-2'-linked Porphyrin-BODIPY Hybrids: Synthesis and Efficient Excitation Energy Transfer (Dalton Transactions)
Authors: Qin-Qin Hu, Yi-Zhou Zhu, Shao-Chun Zhang, Yu-Zhang Tong, Jian-Yu Zheng,,

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13. +2
An Arylative Ring Expansion Cascade of Fused Cyclobutenes via Short-Lived Intermediates with Planar Chirality (Journal of the American Chemical Society)
Authors: Norihito Arichi, Ken-ichi Yamada, Yousuke Yamaoka, Kiyosei Takas,,

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14. +2
Quantum Confinement Regimes in CdTe Nanocrystals Probed by Single Dot Spectroscopy: From Strong Confinement to the Bulk Limit (ACS NANO)
Authors: Jenya Tilchin, Freddy T. Rabouw, Maya Isarov, Roman Vaxenburg, Relinde J. A. Van Dijk-Moes, Efrat Lifshitz, Daniel Vanmaekelberg,,

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15. +2
Novel Antimicrobial Agents and Strategies. Edited by David (ChemMedChem)
Authors: Dean G. Brown,,

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16. +1
Efficient Identification of Murine M2 Macrophage Peptide Targeting Ligands by Phage Display and Next-Generation Sequencing (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
Authors: Gary W. Liu, Brynn R. Livesay, Nataly A. Kacherovsky, Maryelise Cieslewicz, Emi Lutz, Adam Waalkes, Michael C. Jensen, Stephen J. Salipante, Suzie H. Pu,,

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17. +1
The Use of Liprotides To Stabilize and Transport Hydrophobic Molecules (Biochemistry)
Authors: Jannik N. Pedersen, Jan S. Pedersen, Daniel E. Otze,,

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18. +1
Kinetics of Ribosome-Catalyzed Polymerization Using Artificial Aminoacyl-tRNA Substrates Clarifies Inefficiencies and Improvements (ACS Chemical Biology)
Authors: Jinfan Wang, Marek Kwiatkowski, Anthony C. Forste,,

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19. +1
One Carbon Matters: The Origin and Reversal of Odd (The Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
Authors: Li Yuan, Damien Thompson, Liang Cao, Nisachol Nerngchangnong, Christian A. Nijhui,,

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20. +1
Neuroprotective Effect of VEGF-Mimetic Peptide QK in Experimental Brain Ischemia Induced in Rat by Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion (ACS Chemical Neuroscience)
Authors: Giuseppe Pignataro, Barbara Ziaco, Anna Tortiglione, Rosaria Gala, Ornella Cuomo, Antonio Vinciguerra, Dominga Lapi, Teresa Mastantuono, Serenella Anzilotti, Luca Domenico ,,

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21. +1
Understanding Caffeine (ACS Chemical Neuroscience)
Authors: Jay Kardani, Ipsita Ro,,

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22. +1
Complementary Protein and Peptide OFFGEL Fractionation for High-Throughput Proteomic Analysis (Analytical Chemistry)
Authors: Sameh Magdeldin, Amr Elguoshy, Yutaka Yoshida, Yoshitoshi Hirao, Bo Xu, Ying Zhang, Keiko Yamamoto, Hiroki Takimoto, Hidehiko Fujinaka, Naohiko Kinoshita, Tadashi Yamamot,,

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23. +1
In-Situ Generation of Oxide Nanowire Arrays from AgCuZn Alloy Sulfide with Enhanced Electrochemical Oxygen-Evolving Performance (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Minghao Xie, Shiqi Ai, Jian Yang, Yudi Yang, Yihan Chen, Yong Ji,,

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24. +1
Optical Properties of Nanoporous Germanium Thin Films (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Daniela Cavalcoli, Giuliana Impellizzeri, Lucia Romano, Maria Pia Miritello, Maria Grazia Grimaldi, Beatrice Frabon,,

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25. +1
Bioactive Hybrid Particles from Poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) Nanoparticle Stabilized Lipid Droplets (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Paul Joyce, Catherine P. Whitby, Clive A. Prestidg,,

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26. +1
Selective Tuning of Gilbert Damping in Spin-Valve Trilayer by Insertion of Rare-Earth Nanolayers (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Wen Zhang, Dong Zhang, Ping Kwan Johnny Wong, Honglei Yuan, Sheng Jiang, Gerrit van der Laan, Ya Zhai, Zuhong L,,

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27. +1
Surface-Limited Synthesis of Pt Nanocluster Decorated Pd Hierarchical Structures with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity toward Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Tao Yang, Guojian Cao, Qingli Huang, Yanxia Ma, Sheng Wan, Hong Zhao, Na Li, Xia Sun, Fujun Yi,,

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28. +1
Fabrication and Performance of All-Solid-State Li (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Yijie Liu, Bojie Li, Hirokazu Kitaura, Xueping Zhang, Min Han, Ping He, Haoshen Zho,,

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29. +1
Development of Robust and Recoverable Ultralow-Fouling Coatings Based on Poly(carboxybetaine) Ester Analogue (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Guangzhi Wang, Longgang Wang, Weifeng Lin, Zhen Wang, Juan Zhang, Fangqin Ji, Guanglong Ma, Zhefan Yuan, Shengfu Che,,

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30. +1
Reversible Holographic Patterns on Azopolymers for Guiding Cell Adhesion and Orientation (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Carmela Rianna, Alejandro Calabuig, Maurizio Ventre, Silvia Cavalli, Vito Pagliarulo, Simonetta Grilli, Pietro Ferraro, Paolo A. Nett,,

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31. +1
Enhancing Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells to Moisture by the Facile Hydrophobic Passivation (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Insung Hwang, Inyoung Jeong, Jinwoo Lee, Min Jae Ko, Kijung Yon,,

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32. +1
Hybrid Energy Harvester Consisting of Piezoelectric Fibers with Largely Enhanced 20 V for Wearable and Muscle-Driven Applications (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)
Authors: Yiin-Kuen Fuh, Jia-Cheng Ye, Po-Chou Chen, Hsi-Chun Ho, Zih-Ming Huan,,

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33. +1
Dielectric Relaxation of Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes: Movement of Counterions and Electrical Properties of the Brush Layer (Langmuir)
Authors: Haiyan Wu, Kongshuang Zha,,

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34. +1
Photocatalytic Activity and Fluorescence of Gold/Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Formed by Dithiol Linking (Langmuir)
Authors: Ilyas Unlu, Jason W. Soares, Diane M. Steeves, James E. Whitte,,

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35. +1
Visible-Light-Induced Living Radical Polymerization (LRP) Mediated by (salen)Co(II)/TPO at Ambient Temperature (Macromolecules)
Authors: Yaguang Zhao, Shuailin Zhang, Zhenqiang Wu, Xu Liu, Xianyuan Zhao, Chi-How Peng, Xuefeng F,,

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36. +1
Experimental and Modeling Study of Acrylamide Copolymerization with Quaternary Ammonium Salt in Aqueous Solution (Macromolecules)
Authors: Danilo Cuccato, Giuseppe Storti, Massimo Morbidell,,

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37. +1
Structural Investigation of Methylalumoxane Using Transmission Electron Microscopy (Macromolecules)
Authors: Harmen S. Zijlstra, Marc C. A. Stuart, Sjoerd Harde,,

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38. +1
Spectroscopic Studies of Cryptophyte Light Harvesting Proteins: Vibrations and Coherent Oscillations (The Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
Authors: Paul C. Arpin, Daniel B. Turner, Scott D. McClure, Chanelle C. Jumper, Tihana Mirkovic, J. Reddy Challa, Joohyun Lee, Chang Ying Teng, Beverley R. Green, Krystyna E. Wilk, Paul M. G. Curmi, Kerstin Hoef-Emden, David W. McCamant, Gregory D. Schole,,

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39. +1
CO2 controlled flocculation of microalgae using pH responsive cellulose nanocrystals (Nanoscale)
Authors: Samuel Eyley, Dries Vandamme, Sanjaya Lama, Guy Van den Mooter, Koenraad Muylaert, Wim Thielemans,,

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40. +1
Supramolecular nanoreactors for intracellular singlet-oxygen sensitization (Nanoscale)
Authors: Subramani Swaminathan, Colin Paul Fowley, Ek Raj Thapaliya, Bridgeen McCoughan, Sicheng Tang, Aurore Fraix, Burjor Captain, Salvatore Sortino, John F Callan, Francisco M. Raymo,,

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41. +1
High Sensitive and Fast Phototransistor Based on Large Size CVD-grown SnS2 Nanosheets (Nanoscale)
Authors: Yun Huang, Huixiong Deng, Kai Xu, Zhenxing Wang, Qisheng Wang, Fengmei Wang, Feng Wang, Xueying Zhan, Shu-Shen Li, Junwei Luo, Jun He,,

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42. +1
Tunneling Holes in Microparticles to Facilitate the Transport of Lithium Ions for High Volumetric Density Batteries (Nanoscale)
Authors: Jian Zhu, K Y Simon Ng, Da Deng,,

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43. +1
Transfer Printing of CVD Graphene FETs on Patterned Substrates (Nanoscale)
Authors: Abhilash Thanniyil Sebastian, Roberto De Alba, Nikolay Zhelev, Harold Craighead, Jeevak Parpia,,

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44. +1
Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of Inverted Pyramid-based Nanostructured Black-silicon Solar Cells Passivated by an Atomic-Layer-Deposited Al2O3 (Nanoscale)
Authors: Hong-Yan Chen, Hong-Liang Lu, Qing-Hua Ren, Yuan Zhang, Xiao-Feng Yang, Shi-Jin Ding, David Wei Zhang,,

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45. +1
Role of the Heterojunctions in In2O3-composited SnO2 Nanorods Sensor and Their Remarkable Gas-Sensing Performance for NOx at Room temperature (Nanoscale)
Authors: Shuang Xu, Jun Gao, Linlin Wang, Kan Kan, Yu Xie, Pei Kang Shen, Li Li, Keying Shi,,

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46. +1
Thermodynamic stability of high phosphorus concentration in silicon nanostructures (Nanoscale)
Authors: Michele Perego, Gabriele Seguini, Elisa Arduca, Jacopo Frascaroli, Davide De Salvador, Massimo Mastromatteo, Alberto Carnera, Giuseppe Nicotra, Mario Scuderi, corrado spinella, Giuliana Impellizzeri, Cristina Lenardi, Prof. Enrico Napolitani,,

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47. +1
In-situ Degradation Studies of Two-dimensional WSe2-Graphene Heterostructures (Nanoscale)
Authors: Baoming Wang, Sarah Eichfield, Dixiong Wang, J Robinson, Aman Haque,,

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48. +1
One-phase controlled synthesis of Au25 nanospheres and nanorods from 1.3 nm Au : PPh3 nanoparticles: the ligand effects (Nanoscale)
Authors: Jizhi Lin, Weili Li, Chao Liu, Pan Huang, Manzhou Zhu, Qingjie Ge, Gao Li,,

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49. +1
Stable and efficient colour enrichment powders of nonpolar nanocrystals in LiCl (Nanoscale)
Authors: Talha Erdem, Zeliha Soran Erdem, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Yusuf Kelestemur, Marcus Adam, Nikolai Gaponik, Hilmi Volkan Demir,,

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50. +1
Coaxial CoMoO4 Nanowire Arrays with Chemically Integrated Conductive Coating for High-Performance Flexible All-Solid-State Asymmetric Supercapacitors (Nanoscale)
Authors: Yaping Chen, Borui Liu, qi liu, Jun Wang, Zhanshuang Li, xiaoyan jing, Lianhe Liu,,

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