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Polylysine-Mediated Translocation of the Diphtheria Toxin Catalytic Domain through the Anthrax Protective Antigen Pore (Biochemistry)
Authors: Onkar Sharma, R. John Collie,,

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Online Photochemical Vapour Generation of Inorganic Tin for Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometric Detection (Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry)
Authors: Hualing Duan, Zhenbin Gong, Shifeng Yang,,

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img alt="Thumbnail image of graphical abstract" title="T" \>
Design and Synthesis of 3 (European Journal of Organic Chemistry)
Authors: Qiang Sha, Haixuan Liu, Yunyang Wei,,

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ATP-Induced Conformational Changes of Nucleotide-Binding Domains in an ABC Transporter. Importance of the Water-Mediated Entropic Force (The Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
Authors: Tomohiko Hayashi, Shuntaro Chiba, Yusuke Kaneta, Tadaomi Furuta, Minoru Sakura,,

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5. +1
Design, synthesis and anticancer mechanistic studies of linked azoles (ChemMedComm)
Authors: Amirul Islam, Yuqi Zhang, Yao Wang, Shelli Renee McAlpine,,

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6. +1
A novel Bruch's membrane-mimetic electrospun substrate scaffold for human retinal pigment epithelium cells (Biomaterials)
Authors: ,,

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7. +1
BCOR (Modern Pathology)
Authors: Tricia L Peters, Vijetha Kumar, Sumanth Polikepahad, Frank Y Lin, Stephen F Sarabia, Yu Liang, Wei-Lien Wang, Alexander J Lazar, HarshaVardhan Doddapaneni, Hsu Chao, Donna M Muzny, David A Wheeler, M Fatih Okcu, Sharon E Plon, M John Hicks, Dolores L, D Williams Parsons, Angshumoy Roy,,

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8. +1
Accurate calculation of the band gap of liquid water by means of GW corrections applied to plane-wave density functional theory molecular dynamics simulations (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: changming Fang, Murphy Li, Rik Koster, Jiri Klimes, Alfons van Blaaderen, Marijn A. van Huis,,

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9. +1
Large-scale Superhydrophobic Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Platform Fabricated via Capillary Force Lithography and Assembly of Ag Nanocubes for Ultratrace Molecular Sensing (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Joel Ming Rui Tan, Justina Jiexin Ruan, Hiang Kwee Lee, In Yee Phang, Xing Yi Ling,,

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10. +1
Fronts and patterns in a spatially forced CDIMA reaction (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Lev Haim, Aric Hagberg, Raphael Nagao, Asher Preska Steinberg, Milos Dolnik, Irving R. Epstein, Ehud Meron,,

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11. +1
Island shape anisotropy in organic thin film growth induced by ion-beam irradiated rippled surfaces (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Markus Kratzer, Dominik Wrana, Konrad Szajna, Franciszek Krok, Christian Teichert,,

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12. +1
Controlling the growth mode of para-sexiphenyl (6P) on ZnO by partial fluorination (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: M. Sparenberg, A. Zykov, P. Beyer, L. Pithan, C. Weber, Y. Garmshausen, F. Carla, S. Hecht, S. Blumstengel, F. Henneberger, S. Kowarik,,

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13. +1
How Morphology and Surface Crystal Texture Affect Thermal Stability of A Metallic Nanoparticle: The Case of Silver Nanobelt and Pentagonal Silver Nanowire (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Ehasan Marzbanrad, Geoffrey Rivers, Peng Peng, Boxin Zhao, Y. Norman Zhou,,

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14. +1
Nanostructure of [Li(G4)] TFSI and [Li(G4)] NO3 Solvate Ionic Liquids at HOPG and Au(111) Electrode Interfaces as a Function of Potential (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Ben McLean, Hua LI, ryan stefanovic, Ross James Wood, Grant Bruce Webber, Kazuhide Ueno, M Watanabe, Gregory Warr, Alister Page, Rob Atkin,,

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15. +1
Spectroscopic and Ab-Initio Investigation of 2,6-Difluorophenylacetylene-Amine Complexes: Coexistence of C-H (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Sohidul Islam Mondal, Arghya Dey, Saumik Sen, Debashree Ghosh, G Naresh Patwari,,

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16. +1
Plasmonic Properties of Regiospecific Core-Satellite Assemblies of Gold Nanostars and Nanospheres (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Laura Fabris, A. Swarnapali D.S. Indrasekara, Roney Thomas,,

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17. +1
Influence of Gold Additive on the Stability and Phase Transformation of Titanate Nanostructures (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Peter Pusztai, Robert Puskas, Erika Varga, Andras Erdohely, Akos Kukovecz, Zoltan Konya, Janos Kiss,,

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18. +1
Effect of grain size and microstructure on radiation stability of CeO2: An extensive study (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)
Authors: Vinita Grover, Rakesh R Shukla, Renu Kumari, Balaji P Mandal, P. K. Kulriya, Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava, S Ghosh, A. K. Tyagi, D K Avasthi,,

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19. +1
Anionic Deep Cavitands Enable the Adhesion of Unmodified Proteins at a Membrane Bilayer (Soft Matter)
Authors: Yoo-Jin Ghang, Lizeth Perez, Melissa A. Morgan, Fang Si, Omar M. Hamdy, Consuelo N. Beecher, Cynthia K. Larive, Ryan Julian, Wenwan Zhong, Quan Cheng, Richard James Hooley,,

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20. +1
Fully alternating, triaxial electric or magnetic fields offer new routes to fluid vorticity (Soft Matter)
Authors: James E. Martin, Kyle J. Solis,,

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21. +1
Performance of Protein (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
Authors: Tim ten Brink, Cl,,

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22. +1
DMG- (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
Authors: Robert Szczelina, Krzysztof Murzy,,

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23. +1
NMR Spectroscopy-Based Metabolic Profiling of Drug-Induced Changes In Vitro Can Discriminate between Pharmacological Classes (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
Authors: Obaid Aftab, Mikael K. R. Engskog, Jakob Hagl,,

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24. +1
Serendipitous Discovery of Short Peptides from Natural Products as Tyrosinase Inhibitors (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
Authors: Nai-Wan Hsiao, Tien-Sheng Tseng, Yu-Ching Lee, Wang-Chuan Chen, Hui-Hsiung Lin, Yun-Ru Chen, Yeng-Tseng Wang, Hung-Ju Hsu, Keng-Chang Tsa,,

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25. +1
Peroxo- and oxovanadium (IV) complexes with tridentate N-heterocycle ligands: synthesis, structure, and catalytic performance (New Journal of Chemistry)
Authors: Xi Tong Ma, Na Xing, zhidan Yan, Xiaoxi Zhang, Qiong Wu, Yong Heng Xing,,

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26. +1
Theoretical investigation on a series of novel S,S-dioxide diarylethenes with abnormal photochromic properties and design of new dyads (New Journal of Chemistry)
Authors: Zhi-Xiang Zhang, Fu-Quan Bai, Li Li, Hong-Xing Zhang,,

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27. +1
Authors: Natalia Arroyo-Manzanares, Jose Fernando Huertas-Perez, Manuel Lombardo-Agui, Laura Gamiz-Gracia, Ana M. Garcia Campana,,

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28. +1
Determination of cadmium in Zircaloys by electrolyte cathode discharge atomic emission spectrometry (ELCAD-AES) (Analytical Methods)
Authors: Shekhar Raparthi, Manjusha R., AdisheshaReddy M, Sunil Jai Kumar,,

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29. +1
Facile and controllable synthesis of Prussian blue nanocubes on TiO2-graphene composite nanosheets for nonenzymatic detection of hydrogen peroxide (Analytical Methods)
Authors: Yanli Zhang, Jinling Xie, Shixiu Xiao, Zhongming Yang, Pengfei Pang, Wei Bai, gao yuntao,,

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30. +1
A sensitive heterogeneous biotin-streptavidin enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the determination of di-(2-ethyl hexyl) phthalate (DEHP) in beverages using a specific polyclonal antibody (Analytical Methods)
Authors: Ruiyan Sun, Huisheng Zhuang,,

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31. +1
Determination of polyphenols in pear pulp matrix by solvent extraction and liquid chromatography with UV-Vis detection (Analytical Methods)
Authors: Santiago Hernandez, Javier Saurina, Joel Hernandez-Revelles, Maria Raja,,

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32. +1
Classification of vinegar with different marked ages using combining olfactory sensors and gustatory sensors (Analytical Methods)
Authors: Quansheng Chen, Cuicui Sun, Qin Ouyang, Aiping Liu, Huanhuan Li, Jiewen Zhao,,

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33. +1
Trace Copper Ion Detection by the Suppressed Decolorization of Chromotrope 2R Complex (Analytical Methods)
Authors: Lili Fu, Yuan Xiong, Shu Chen, Yun Fei Long,,

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34. +1
Screening and Analyzing the Potential Bioactive Components from Rhubarb, Using Multivariate Data Processing Approach and Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry (Analytical Methods)
Authors: De-zhu Yang, Ge Sun, Aihua Zhang, Shuang Fu, Jian-hua Liu,,

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35. +1
Influence of combined dust reducing carpet and compact air filtration unit on the indoor air quality of a classroom (Journal of Environmental Monitoring)
Authors: Paul TJ Scheepers, Jeroen de Hartog, Judith Reijnaerts, Gwendolyn Beckmann, Rob B.M. Anzion, Katrien Poels, Lode Godderis,,

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36. +1
Spatial uncertainty of joint health risk of multiple trace metals in rice grain in Jiaxing city, China (Journal of Environmental Monitoring)
Authors: Mingkai Qu, Biao Huang, Weidong Li, Chuanrong Zhang, Yongcun Zhao,,

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37. +1
Does powder and granular activated carbon perform equally in immobilizing chlorobenzenes in soil? (Journal of Environmental Monitoring)
Authors: Y. Song, Fang Wang, Fredrick Kengara, Yongrong Bian, Xinglun Yang, Chenggang Gu, Mao Ye, Xin Jiang,,

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38. +1
Polarity-tunable and wavelength-tunable bacteriochlorins bearing a single carboxylic acid or NHS ester. Use in a protein bioconjugation model system (New Journal of Chemistry)
Authors: Jianbing Jiang, Chih-Yuan Chen, Nuonuo Zhang, Pothiappan Vairaprakash, Jonathan S. Lindsey,,

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39. +1
Bridging homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis with CAN[middle dot]SiO2 as a solid catalyst for four-component reactions for the synthesis of tetrasubstituted pyrroles (New Journal of Chemistry)
Authors: Amol B. Atar, Jong Su Kim, Kwon Taek Lim, Yeon Tae Jeong,,

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40. +1
A medium throughput device to study the effects of combinations of surface strains and fluid-flow shear stresses on cells (Lab on a Chip)
Authors: Ravi Sinha, Severine Le Gac, Nico Verdonschot, Albert van den Berg, Bart Koopman, Jeroen Rouwkema,,

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41. +1
Tetraiodoethynyl resorcinarene cavitands as multivalent halogen bond donors (Chemical Communications)
Authors: Lotta Turunen, N. Kodiah Beyeh, Fangfang Pan, Arto Valkonen, Kari Rissanen,,

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42. +1
Supramolecular Assembly-Induced Yellow Emission of 9,10-Distyrylanthracene Bridged Bis(pillar[5]arene)s (Chemical Communications)
Authors: Nan Song, Dai-Xiong Chen, Meng-Chan Xia, Xi-Long Qiu, ke ma, Bin Xu, Wenjing Tian, Ying-Wei Yang,,

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43. +1
Dendrimeric Calcium-responsive MRI Contrast Agents with Slow in vivo Diffusion (Chemical Communications)
Authors: Serhat Gunduz, Nobuhiro Nitta, Sandip Madhukar Vibhute, Shibata Sayaka, M E Maier, Nikos K. Logothetis, Ichio Aoki, Goran Angelovski,,

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44. +1
Blue-Emitting Eu2+-Activated LaOX (X = Cl, Br, and I) Materials: Crystal Field Effect (Inorganic Chemistry)
Authors: Donghyeon Kim, Sangha Park, Sungyun Kim, Seong-Gu Kang, Jung-Chul Par,,

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45. +1
Cover Picture: Palladium (Chemistry A European Journal)
Authors: Dmitry Katayev, Evgeny Larionov, Masafumi Nakanishi, C,,

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46. +1
Inside Cover: Photoresponsive DNA Nanocapsule Having an Open/Close System for Capture and Release of Nanomaterials (Chem. Eur. J. 46/2014) (Chemistry A European Journal)
Authors: Tomohiro Takenaka, Masayuki Endo, Yuki Suzuki, Yangyang Yang, Tomoko Emura, Kumi Hidaka, Takayuki Kato, Tomoko Miyata, Keiichi Namba, Hiroshi Sugiyama,,

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47. +1
Back Cover: 2 (Chemistry A European Journal)
Authors: Marta Parad,,

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48. +1
Frontispiece: Iridium (Chemistry A European Journal)
Authors: Hong Wang, Zden,,

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49. +1
Frontispiece: Colorimetric Solvent Indicators Based on Nafion Membranes Incorporating Nickel(II) (Chemistry A European Journal)
Authors: Hitoshi Hosokawa, Yusuke Funasako, Tomoyuki Mochida,,

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50. +1
Spotlights on our sister journals: Chem. Eur. J. 46/2014 (Chemistry A European Journal)
Authors: 2014-10-31T06:09:22.752085-05:00,,

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