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1) Photoswitchable CuII4MoIV and CuII2MoIV cyanido-bridged molecules (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 24th 2016
Tomasz Korzeniak, Dawid Pinkowicz, Wojciech Nitek, Tomasz Danko, Robert Pelka, Barbara Sieklucka

2) Calorimetric Studies of the Interactions of Metalloenzyme Active Site Mimetics with Zinc-Binding Inhibitors (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 24th 2016
Sophia G Robinson, Phillip T Burns, Amanda M Miceli, Kyle A Grice, Caitlin E Karver, Lihua Jin

3) Emission Properties and Cu(I)-Cu(I) Interaction in 2-Coordinate Dicopper(I)-bis(N-heterocyclic)carbene Complexes (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 24th 2016
Michihiro Nishikawa, Taichi Sano, Masaya Washimi, Koichiro Takao, Taro Tsubomura

4) A Long-Tethered (P-B-P)-Pincer Ligand: Synthesis, Complexation, and Application to Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Alkanes (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 24th 2016
Enrique Huang Kwan, Yasushi Jack Kawai, Sei Kamakura, Makoto Yamashita

5) Synthetic analogues of Fe(II)-Fe(III) minerals containing a pentagonal 'Cairo' magnetic lattice. (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 24th 2016
James Cumby, Ryan D Bayliss, Frank Berry, Colin Greaves

6) Synthesis and catalytic applications of 1,2,3-triazolylidene gold(I) complexes in silver-free oxazoline syntheses and C-H bond activation (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 24th 2016
Rene Pretorius, Manuel R. Fructos, Helge Muller-Bunz, Robert Arthur Gossage, Pedro J. Perez, Martin Albrecht

7) Thermal and Near-Infrared Light Induced Spin Crossover in a Mononuclear Iron(II) Complex with a Tetrathiafulvalene-Fused Dipyridophenazine Ligand (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 24th 2016
Fabrice Pointillart, Xunshan Liu, Mikael Kepenekian, Boris Le Guennic, Stephane Golhen, Vincent DORCET, Thierry Roisnel, Olivier Cador, Zhonglu You, Jurg Hauser, Silvio Decurtins, Lahcene Ouahab, Shi-Xia Liu

8) Push-pull flexibly-bridged bis(haloBODIPYs): Solvent and spacer switchable red emission (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 23rd 2016
Cesar Ray, Jorge Banuelos, Teresa Arbeloa, Beatriz Lora Maroto, Florencio Moreno Jimenez, Antonia R Agarrabeitia, Maria Jose Ortiz, INIGO LOPEZ ARBELOA, Santiago De la Moya

9) Synthesis, structure, magnetic and biological activity studies of bis-hydrazone derived Cu(II) and Co(II) coordination compounds (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 23rd 2016
Sanjit Konar, Upendarrao Golla, Amit Adhikary, Amit Kumar Mondal, Raghuvir Singh Tomar

10) Magnetically recoverable catalysts based on mono- or bis-(N-heterocyclic carbene) complexes of palladium for the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction in aqueous media: two NHC-Pd linkages are better than one (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 23rd 2016
Francisco Martinez-Olid, Roman Andres, Ernesto de Jesus, Juan C. Flores, M[a] Pilar Gomez-Sal, Karine Heuze, Luc Vellutini

11) Chiral Carbene-Borane Adducts: Precursors for Borenium Catalysts for Asymmetric FLP Hydrogenations (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 23rd 2016
Jolie Lam, Benjamin Guenther, Jeff Farrell, Patrick Eisenberger, Brian Bestvater, Paul David Newman, Rebecca Melen, Cathleen Crudden, Douglas W Stephan

12) Transition Metal Mediated Formation of Dicationic Diselenides Stabilised by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: Designed Synthesis (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 23rd 2016
Sangeeta Yadav, Sudesh T Manjare, Harkesh B Singh, Ray Butcher

13) Activation of heteroallenes by coordinatively unsaturated nickel(II) alkyl complexes supported by the hydrotris(3-phenyl-5-methyl)pyrazolyl borate (TpPh,Me) ligand (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 23rd 2016
Mark Abubekerov, Leonard Y. M. Eymann, Thomas L. Gianetti, John Arnold

14) Cationic 5-phosphonio-substituted N-heterocyclic carbenes (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 23rd 2016
Kai Schwedtmann, Robin Schoemaker, Felix Hennersdorf, Antonio Bauza, Antonio Frontera, Robert Weiss, Jan J. Weigand

15) Correction: Ligand K-edge XAS, DFT, and TDDFT analysis of pincer linker variations in Rh(I) PNP complexes: reactivity insights from electronic structure (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Kyounghoon Lee, Haochuan Wei, Anastasia V. Blake, Courtney M. Donahue, Hyuk Yong Kwon, Jason M. Keith, Scott R. Daly

16) Inorganic clusters with a [Fe2MoOS3] core-a functional model for acetylene reduction by nitrogenases (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Koji Yoshimoto, Takeshi Yatabe, Takahiro Matsumoto, Viet-Ha Tran, Andrew Robertson, Hidetaka Nakai, Koichiro Asazawa, Hirohisa Tanaka, Seiji Ogo

17) Synthesis and reactions of a zirconium naphthalene complex bearing a tetraanionic C-capped triaryloxide ligand (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Yusuke Nakanishi, Yutaka Ishida, Hiroyuki Kawaguchi

18) Cunning metal core: Efficiency/stability dilemma in metallated porphyrin based light-emitting electrochemical cells (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
katharina weber, Kostas Karikis, Michael D wEBER, Asterios Charisiadis, Pedro Brana Coto, despoina xarit, Georgios Charalampidis, Panagiots Angaridis, Athanassios G Coutsolelos, Ruben Costa

19) Ni (III) Complex Stabilized by Silica Nanoparticles as an Efficient Nanoheterogeneous Catalyst for Oxidative C-H Fluoroalkylation (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Mikhail Khrizanforov, Svetlana Viktorovna Fedorenko, Sofia O Strekalova, Kirill V. Kholin, Asiya Mustafina, Mikhail Ye. Zhilkin, Vera Khrizanforova, Yuri N. Osin, Vadim V. Salnikov, Tatyana Gryaznova, Yulia H Budnikova

20) An insight into the optical property of sub nano size glutathione stabilized gold cluster (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Lakshmi V Nair, Resmi V Nair, Ramapurath S Jayasree

21) Cooperative binding and extraction of sodium nitrite by a ditopic receptor incorporated into a polymeric resin (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Krzysztof Ziach, Marcin Karbarz, Jan Romanski

22) A novel oxime-derived 3d-4f single-molecule magnet exhibiting two single-ion magnetic relaxations (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Hui-Ming Dong, Yan Li, Zhong-Yi Liu, En-Cui Yang, Xiao-Jun Zhao

23) Boosting Catalyst Activity in Cis-Selective Semi-Reduction of Internal Alkynes by Tailoring the Assembly of All-Metal Aromatic Tri-Palladium Complexes (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Anna Monfredini, Veronica Santacroce, Pierre-Alexandre Deyris, Raimondo MAGGI, Franca Bigi, Giovanni Maestri, Max Malacria

24) Synthesis and characterization of mixed ligand chiral nanoclusters (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 22nd 2016
Zekiye Pelin Guven, Burcin Ustbas, Kellen Harkness, Hikmet Coskun, Chakra P. Joshi, Tabot Besong, Francesco Stellacci, Osman M. Bakr, Ozge Akbulut

25) Different magnetic responses observed in CoII4, CoII3 and CoII1-based MOFs (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Chao Zhang, Zhong-Yi Liu, Ning Liu, Hong Zhao, En-Cui Yang, Xiao-Jun Zhao

26) Solvent-dependent fluorescent-colorimetric probe for dual monitoring of Al3+ and Cu2+ in aqueous solution: An application to bio-imaging (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Anupam Ghorai, Jahangir Mondal, Shubhamoy Chowdhury, Goutam Kumar Patra

27) Reversible Methanol Addition to Copper Schiff Base Complexes: A Kinetic, Structural, and Spectroscopic Study of Reactions at Azomethine C=N Bonds (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Wuyu Zhang, Nina Saraei, John W Vaughn, Hanlin Nie, Alexis S Jones, Mark S. Mashuta, Robert M. Buchanan, Craig A Grapperhaus

28) The Influence of Gold(I) on the Mechanism of Thiolate, Disulfide Exchange (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Gamage S.P. Garusinghe, Stanley Max Bessey, Alice E. Bruce, Mitchell RM Bruce

29) Mechanistic Examination of Aerobic Pt Oxidation: Insertion of Molecular Oxygen into Pt-H Bonds Through a Radical Chain Mechanism (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Jason M Keith, Yixin Ye, Haochuan Wei, Matthew R. Buck

30) Tetracarbalane Structures: Nido Polyhedra and Non-spherical Deltahedra (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Amr A Attia, Alexandru Lupan, R Bruce King

31) Ba-filled Ni-Sb-Sn based skutterudites with anomalously high lattice thermal conductivity (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
W. Paschinger, G. Rogl, A. Grytsiv, H. Michor, P. R. Heinrich, H. Muller, S. Puchegger, B. Klobes, R. P. Hermann, M. Reinecker, Ch. Eisenmenger-Sitter, P. Broz, E. Bauer, G. Giester, M. Zehetbauer, P. F. Rogl

32) Core-shell-shell heterostructures of α-NaLuF4:Yb/Er@NaLuF4:Yb@MF2 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba) with remarkably enhanced upconversion luminescence (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Yue Su, Xiuling Liu, Pengpeng Lei, Xia Xu, Lile Dong, Xianmin Guo, Xingxu Yan, Peng Wang, Shuyan Song, Jing Feng, Hongjie Zhang

33) Group 5 chemistry supported by β-diketiminate ligands (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Stephan Hohloch, Benjamin M. Kriegel, Robert G. Bergman, John Arnold

34) Direct synthesis of dicarbonyl PCP-iron hydride complexes and catalytic dehydrogenative borylation of styrene (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Shi Jiang, Samuel Quintero-Duque, Thierry Roisnel, Vincent Dorcet, Mary Grellier, Sylviane Sabo-Etienne, Christophe Darcel, Jean-Baptiste Sortais

35) Sterically (un)encumbered mer-tridentate N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of titanium(IV) for the copolymerization of cyclohexene oxide with CO2 (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Julie Hessevik, Ralte Lalrempuia, Hajar Nsiri, Karl W. Tornroos, Vidar R. Jensen, Erwan Le Roux

36) The glycosylated platinum(IV) prodrugs demonstrated significant therapeutic efficacy in cancer cells and minimized side-effects (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Jing Ma, Qing-peng Wang, Xiande Yang, Wenpei Hao, Zhong-Lv Huang, Jiabao Zhang, Xin Wang, Peng George Wang

37) Structural studies of Schiff-base [2+2] macrocycles derived from 2,2/-oxydianiline and the ROP capability of their organoaluminium complexes (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Wenxue Yang, Keqing Zhao, Timothy J. Prior, David L. Hughes, Abdessamad Arbaoui, Mark Robert James Elsegood, Carl Redshaw

38) Spatially aromatic fences of metal-organic frameworks for manipulating the electron spin of fulleropyrrolidine nitroxide radical (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 21st 2016
Hongguang Li, Jiamei Cao, Yongqiang Feng, Shengju Zhou, Xiaofeng Sun, Taishan Wang, Chun-Ru Wang

39) Pyrithione-based ruthenium complexes as inhibitors of aldo-keto reductase 1C enzymes and anticancer agents (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 20th 2016
Jakob Kljun, Maja Anko, Katja Traven, Masa Sinreih, Renata Pavlic, Spela Persic, Ziga Ude, Elisa Esteve Codina, Jure Stojan, Tea Lanisnik Rizner, Iztok Turel

40) In situ growth of ZIF-8 nanocrystals on layered double hydroxide nanosheets for enhanced CO2 capture (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 20th 2016
Peng-Fei Liu, Kai Tao, Guo-Chang Li, Meng-Ke Wu, Shuai-Ru Zhu, Feiyan Yi, Wen-Na Zhao, Lei Han

41) Rare-earth Free White-emitting Ba2TiP2O9 Phosphor; Revelation of the Crystal Structure and Photoluminescence Properties (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 20th 2016
Takuya Hasegawa, Sun Woog Kim, Shinnosuke Kamei, Tadashi Ishigaki, kazuyoshi Uematsu, Koutoku Ohmi, Kenji Toda, Mineo Sato

42) Enhanced Piezoelectricity in (1-x)Bi1.05Fe1-yAyO3-xBaTiO3 Lead-free Ceramics: Site Engineering and Wide Phase Boundary Region (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 20th 2016
Ting Zheng, Zhenggen Jiang, Jiagang Wu

43) Designed Synthesis of Multi-functional PEGylated Yb2O3:Gd@SiO2@CeO2 Islands Core@Shell Nanostructure (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 20th 2016
Junqi Li, Shuang Yao, Shuyan Song, Xiao Wang, Yinghui Wang, Xing Ding, Fan Wang, Hongjie Zhang

44) Influence of Ta substitution for Nb in Zn3Nb2O8 and the impact on the crystal structure and microwave dielectric properties (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 20th 2016
Yonggui Zhao, Ping Zhang

45) Trapping Five-Coordinate Platinum(IV) Intermediates (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
Paul Anthony Shaw, Jessica Margaret Phillips, Guy J Clarkson, J P Rourke

46) Palladium 1D nanoscale aggregates on a graphite surface using CTAB hemicylindrical micelle templates (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
I. R. Nizameev, M. K. Kadirov, V. A. Semyonov, L. Ya. Zakharova, T. I. Ismaev, R. A. Safiullin, I. Kh. Rizvanov, V. M. Babaev

47) Pentiptycene-based concave NHC-metal complexes (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
Roman Savka, Sabine Foro, Herbert Plenio

48) Ga[OSi(OtBu)3]3·THF, a thermolytic molecular precursor for high surface area gallium-containing silica materials of controlled dispersion and stoichiometry (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
James P. Dombrowski, Gregory R. Johnson, Alexis T. Bell, T. Don Tilley

49) The Ligand Influence in Stereoselective Carbene Transfer Reactions Promoted by Chiral Metal Porphyrin Catalysts (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
Daniela Intrieri, Daniela Carminati, Emma Gallo

50) Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Anion Complexes with Azacalix[2]dipyrrolylmethane: Effect of Anion Charge on the Conformation of the Macrocycle (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
Ganesan Mani, Tapas Guchhait, Carola Schulzke

51) Excited State Decay of Cyclometalated Polypyridine Ruthenium Complexes: Insight from Theory and Experiment (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
Christoph Kreitner, Katja Heinze

52) [BEDT-TTF][Fe(C2O4)Cl2]: An Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Semiconductive Antiferromagnet (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 17th 2016
Bin Zhang, Yan Zhang, Zheming Wang, Deliang Yang, Zengqiang Gao, Dongwei Wang, Yanjun Guo, Daoben Zhu, Takehiko Mori

53) Azoimidazole functionalized Ni-porphyrins for molecular spin switching and light responsive MRI contrast agents. (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 16th 2016
Rainer Herges, Gernot Heitmann, Christian Schutt, Jens Grobner, Lukas Maximilian Huber

54) The influence of the ligand chelate effect on iron-amine-catalysed Kumada cross-coupling (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 16th 2016
Robin Bedford, Peter Brenner, David Elorriaga, Jeremy Harvey, Joshua Nunn

55) Deposition of Tetraferrocenylporphyrins on ITO surface for photo-catalytic O2 activation (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 16th 2016
Federica Sabuzi, Martina Tiravia, Andrea Vecchi, Emanuela Gatto, M Venanzi, B Floris, Valeria Conte, Pierluca Galloni

56) Synthesis and characterisation of an N-heterocyclic carbene with spatially-defined steric impact (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 16th 2016
Paul Shaw, A R Kennedy, David James Nelson

57) Ligand effects on the properties of Ni(III) complexes: aerobically-induced aromatic cyanation at room temperature (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 16th 2016
Wen Zhou, Michael B. Watson, Shuai Zheng, Nigam P Rath, Liviu M. Mirica

58) Multi-electron Redox Processes at a Zr(IV) Center Facilitated by an Appended Redox-Active Cobalt-Containing Metalloligand (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 16th 2016
Jeremy P. Krogman, Bruce M Foxman, Christine M. Thomas, Mark W. Bezpalko

59) Temperature Dependent Structures and Properties of Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-Based Lead Free Piezoelectric Composite (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 15th 2016
Ji Zhang, Lei Sun, Xiao-Yu Geng, Bin-Bin Zhang, Guoliang Yuan, Shan-Tao Zhang

60) A first-principles study of the tuning effect of a Fe2O3 cluster on the dehydrogenation properties of a LiBH4 (001) surface (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 15th 2016
Chuan Liu, Shiping Huang

61) Unexpected reactivity of an alkylaluminum complex of a non-innocent 1,2-bis[(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)imino]acenaphthene ligand (dpp-bian) (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 15th 2016
M. V. Moskalev, A. N. Lukoyanov, E. V. Baranov, I. L. Fedushkin

62) Simplifying metal-'ate' chemistry: formation and comprehensive characterisation of a homo-metallic amido lithiate complex (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 15th 2016
Philip Craig Andrews, Victoria L Blair, Chris D Thompson, Jamie A Greer

63) Antimony(V) Cations for the Selective Catalytic Transformation of Aldehydes Into Symmetric Ethers, α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes, and 1,3,5-Trioxanes (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 14th 2016
Renzo Arias-Ugarte, Deepa Devarajan, Ryan M Mushinski, Todd W Hudnall

64) Effective Bromo and Chloro Peroxidation Catalysed by Tungsten(VI) Amino Triphenolate Complexes (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 14th 2016
Elena Badetti, Francesco Romano, Luciano Marchio, Sara Taskesenlioglu, ARIF DASTAN, Cristiano Zonta, Giulia Licini

65) Lewis Acid-Base Adducts of Group 13 Elements: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity toward Benzaldehyde (Dalton Transactions) Tuesday June 14th 2016
Chelladurai Ganesamoorthy, Marcel Matthias, Dieter Blaser, Christoph Wolper, Stephan Schulz

66) Metallo-Wittig Chemistry of an Alkylidene to Form a Terminal Titanium Oxo Complex (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Douglas P Solowey, Takashi Kurogi, Brian Manor, Patrick Carroll, Daniel J Mindiola

67) "Click" generated 1,2,3-triazole based organosulfur/selenium ligands and their Pd(II) and Ru(II) complexes: their synthesis, structure and catalytic applications (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Ajai kumar Singh, Satyendra Kumar, Fariha Saleem

68) Optimum Bifunctionality in 2-(2-pyridyl-2-ol)-1,10-phenanthroline Based Ruthenium Complex for Transfer Hydrogenation of Ketones and Nitriles: Impact of the Number of 2-Hydroxypyridine Fragments (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Bhaskar Paul, Kaushik Chakrabarti, Sabuj Kundu

69) Derivatisation of buforin IIb, a cationic henicosapeptide, to afford its complexation to platinum(II) resulting in a novel platinum(II)-buforin IIb conjugate with anti-cancer activity (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
J. P. Parker, M. Devocelle, M. P. Morgan, C. J. Marmion

70) Supramolecular Control of Monooxygenase Reactivity in a Copper(II) Cryptate (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Laura Chaloner, Alyona Khomutovskaya, Fabrice Thomas, Xavier Ottenwaelder

71) Reactions of metal cluster anions with inorganic and organic molecules in gas phase (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Yan-Xia Zhao, Qing-Yu Liu, Mei-Qi Zhang, Sheng-Gui He

72) Highly Selective and Sensitive Detection of Metal ions and Nitroaromatic Compounds by An Anionic Europium (III) Coordination Polymer (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Raji Feyisa Bogale, Junwei Ye, Yuan Sun, Tongxin Sun, Siqi Zhang, Abdul Rauf, Hang Cheng, Peng Tian, Guiling Ning

73) Diamine-Appended Metal-Organic Framework: Enhanced Formaldehyde-Vapor Adsorption Capacity, Superior Recyclability and Water Resistibility (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Zhong Wang, Wenzhong Wang, Dong Jiang, Ling Zhang, Yali Zheng

74) Two novel pillared-layer lanthanide borates built by Ln@B12O28/29 ring clusters and dicarboxylate linkers (Ln = Pr, Nd) (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Guo-Yu Yang, Lei-Lei Li, Rui Pan, Junwei Zhao, Bai-Feng Yang

75) Selective separation of trivalent f-ions using 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxamide ligands in ionic liquids (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Jeremy Dehaudt, Neil J Williams, Ilya Shkrob, Huimin Luo, Sheng Dai

76) Heterometallic one-dimensional chain with tetradeca metal repetition constructed by amidate bridged dirhodium and pivalate bridged diplatinum complexes influenced by hydrogen bonding (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Tomofumi Yamada, Masahiro Ebihara, Kazuhiro Uemura

77) Platinum(IV) N-heterocyclic carbene complexes: synthesis, characterisation and cytotoxic activity. (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Mathilde Bouche, Georges Dahm, May Wantz, Sylvie Fournel, Thierry Achards, Stephane Bellemin-Laponnaz

78) Synthesis of Na doped ZnO Hollow Spheres with Improving Photocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Production (Dalton Transactions) Monday June 13th 2016
Zhiwei Wu, Yaguang Li, Linjie Gao, Shufang Wang, Guangsheng Fu

79) Small, beautiful and magnetically exotic: {V4W2}- and {V4W4}-type polyoxometalates (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Maren Rasmussen, Christian Nather, Jan van Leusen, Ulrike Warzok, Christoph A. Schalley, Paul Kogerler, Wolfgang Bensch

80) A Ruthenium Racemisation Catalyst for Synthesis of Primary Amines from Secondary Amines (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Dennis L. L. Pingen, CIGDEM ALTINTAS, Max R. Schaller, Dieter Vogt

81) Novel class of Bi(III) hydroxamato complexes: synthesis, urease inhibitory activity and activity against H. pylori (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Donal M Keogan, Brendan Twamley, Deirdre Fitzgerald -Hughes, Darren Martin Griffith

82) 1,2,4-Diazaphospholide Complexes of Lanthanum(III), Cerium(III), Neodymium(III), Praseodymium(III), and Samarium(III): Synthesis, X-Ray Structural Characterization, and Magnetic Susceptibility Studies (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Wenjun Zheng, Minggang Zhao, Lixia Wang, Pangpang Li, Jian-Ping Ma

83) Small-molecule activation at Au(III): metallacycle construction from ethylene, water, and acetonitrile (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Marte Sofie Martinsen Holmsen, Ainara Nova, David Balcells, Eirin Langseth, Sigurd Oien-Odegaard, Eline Aasen Traseth, Richard H. Heyn, Mats Tilset

84) Coordination reactions of 2-pyridinecarboxaldehyde-phenylhydrazonatolithium with selected transition metal (Zn, Sn, Fe, Co, Ni and Zr) chlorides and its coupling reaction with dichloromethane (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Xin-E Duan, Hongbo Tong, Xuehong Wei, Heping Shi, Shengdi Bai, Tao Bai, Jing Zhang, Yongbin Zhang, Diansheng Liu

85) Reduction of ormaplatin and cis-diamminetetrachloroplatinum(IV) by ascorbic acid and dominant thiols in human plasma: kinetic and mechanistic analyses (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Jingran Dong, Yanli Ren, Shuying Huo, Shigang Shen, Jianzhong Xu, Hongwu Tian, Tiesheng Shi

86) Gallium(III) and Iron(III) Complexes of Quinolone Antimicrobials (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Katja Dralle Mjos, Jacqueline F Cawthray, Elena Polishchuk, Michael J Abrams, Chris Orvig

87) 1D ZnO/BiVO4 Heterojunction Photoanode for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Lu Yan, Wei Zhao, Zhifeng Liu

88) Facile Synthesis and Properties of Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]arsoles (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Takuji Kato, Hiroaki Imoto, Susumu Tanaka, Makoto Ishidoshiro, Kensuke Naka

89) Higher-Order Cyclization Reactions of Alkenyl Fischer Carbene Complexes: A New Selective All-Carbon [8 + 2] Cyclization with 8-Methoxyheptafulvene and Computational Mechanistic Analysis (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Jaime Garcia-Rodriguez, Jairo Gonzalez, Javier Santamaria, Angel Luis Suarez, Miguel A. Rodriguez

90) Can Highly Flexible Copper(I) Cluster-containing 1D and 2D Coordination Polymers Exhibit MOF-like Properties? (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Antoine Bonnot, Frank Juvenal, Antony Lapprand, Daniel Fortin, Michael Knorr, Pierre D Harvey

91) [small mu ]-Oxo- and Bis([small mu ]-carboxylato)-bridged Diiron(III) Complexes of a 3N Ligand as Catalysts for Alkane Hydroxylation: Steroelectronic Factors of Carboxylate Bridge Determine the Catalytic Efficiency (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Mani Balamurugan, Suresh Eringathodi, Mallayan Palaniandavar

92) Synthesis, antifungal evaluation and optical properties of silver molybdate microcrystals in different solvents: a combined experimental and theoretical study (Dalton Transactions) Friday June 10th 2016
Maria T. Fabbro, Camila C. Foggi, Luis P. S. Santos, Lourdes Gracia, Andre Perrin, Christiane Perrin, Carlos E. Vergani, Ana L. Machado, Juan Andres, Eloisa Cordoncillo, Elson Longo

93) Dual-drug loaded nanoformulation with galactosamine homing moiety for liver-targeted anticancer therapy (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 9th 2016
Nafees Muhammad, Xiaoyong Wang, Kun Wang, ChengCheng Zhu, Yang Jiao, Zijian Guo

94) Cobalt-bis(imino)pyridine complexes as catalysts for hydroalumination-isomerisation of internal olefins (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 9th 2016
Nandita Malathi Weliange, David S McGuinness, Michael Guy Gardiner, Jim Patel

95) Versatile Coordination of a Reactive P,N-Ligand toward Boron, Aluminum and Gallium and Interconversion Reactivity (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 9th 2016
Marc Devillard, Carlos Alvarez Lamsfus, Vincent Vreeken, Laurent Maron, Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt

96) Nonlinear optical properties of intriguing Ru [sigma]-acetylides complexes and the use of a photocrosslinked polymer as a springboard to obtain SHG active thin films. (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 9th 2016
Alessia Colombo, Claudia Dragonetti, Daniele Marinotto, Stefania Righetto, Gianmarco Griffini, Stefano Turri, Huriye Akdas-Kilig, Jean-Luc Fillaut, Anissa Amar, Abdou Boucekkine, Claudine KATAN

97) A novel dichromic self-referencing optical probe SrO: Bi3+, Eu3+ for temperature spatially and temporally imaging (Dalton Transactions) Thursday June 9th 2016
Jipeng Fu, Ran Pang, Lihong Jiang, Yonglei Jia, Wenzhi Sun, Su Zhang, Chengyu Li

98) Stable Hydrogen Generation from Ni and Co based co-catalysts supported CdS PEC Cell (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday June 8th 2016
Alka Pareek, Pradip Paik, Pramod H. Borse

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