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1) Enhancement of aqueous stability and fluorescence brightness of indocyanine green using small calix[4]arene micelles for near-infrared fluorescence imaging (ChemMedComm) Thursday February 11th 2016
Takashi Jin, Akihito Komatsuzaki, Setsuko Tsuboi, Yukio Imamura, Yoshinori Muraoka, Takao Sakata, Hidehiro Yasuda

2) Bacterial lipid membranes as promising targets to fight antimicrobial resistance, molecular foundations and illustration through the renewal of aminoglycoside antibiotics and emergence of amphiphilic amino glycosides (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 10th 2016
Marie-Paule Mingeot-Leclercq, Jean-Luc Decout

3) Aryl and heteroaryl N-[4-[4-(2,3-substituted-phenyl)piperazine-1-yl]alkyl]carbamates with improved physico-chemical properties as dual modulators of dopamine D3 receptor and fatty acid amide hydrolase (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 10th 2016
Alessandra Micoli, Alessio De Simone, Debora Russo, Giuliana Ottonello, Giampiero Colombano, Gian Filippo Ruda, Tiziano Bandiera, Andrea Cavalli, Giovanni Bottegoni

4) Biological evaluation of quinoline derivatives as inhibitors of human dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (ChemMedComm) Friday February 5th 2016
JiaWei Wang, YanYan Diao, JunSheng Zhu, ShiLiang Li, Zhenjiang Zhao, Honglin Li, Lili Zhu

5) Discovery of a novel binding pocket for CYP 2C9 inhibitors: Crystallography, pharmacophore modelling and inhibitor SAR (ChemMedComm) Thursday February 4th 2016
Sarah Skerratt, Marcel de Groot, Chris Phillips

6) Progress in the development of small molecules as new human A3 adenosine ligands based on the 3-thiophenylcoumarin core: synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and molecular modeling studies (ChemMedComm) Thursday February 4th 2016
Maria Joao Matos, Santiago Vilar, Sonja Kachler, Saleta Vazquez-Rodriguez, Carla Varela, GIOVANNA LUCIA DELOGU, George Hripcsak, Lourdes Santana, Eugenio Uriarte, Karl-Norbert Klotz, Fernanda Borges

7) Continuous Flow Photochemistry as an Enabling Synthetic Technology: Synthesis of Substituted-6(5H)-Phenanthridinones for use as Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Monday February 1st 2016
Yuhua Fang, Geoffrey K Tranmer

8) Covalent Tethering of Fragments For Covalent Probe Discovery (ChemMedComm) Thursday January 28th 2016
Stefan Kathman, Alexander V Statsyuk

9) Curcumin inspired synthesis of unsymmetrical diarylpentanoids with highly potent anti-parasitic activities. In silico studies and DFT based stereochemical calculation (ChemMedComm) Thursday January 28th 2016
Zia ud Din, Alef dos Santos, Marilia Almeida Trapp, Danielle Lazarin-Bidoia, Francielle Garcia, Francieli Peron, Celso Vataru Nakamura, Edson Rodrigues Filho

10) Design and synthesis of pyridine-pyrazole-sulfonate derivatives as potential anti-HBV agents (ChemMedComm) Thursday January 28th 2016
Hong Chuang, Lin-Chiang Sherlock Huang, Mohit Kapoor, Yi-Jen Liao, Cheng-Lin Yang, Chia-Ching Chang, Chun-Yi Wu, Jih Ru Hwu, Tsurng-Juhn Huang, Ming-Hua Hsu

11) Profiling the estimated plasma concentrations of 215 marketed oral drugs (ChemMedComm) Friday January 22nd 2016
Mark Wenlock

12) De Novo Design of Helical Peptides to Inhibit Tumor Necrosis Factor-α by Disrupting Its Trimer Formation (ChemMedComm) Friday January 22nd 2016
Qi Shen, Changsheng Zhang, Hongbo Liu, Yuting Liu, Junyue Cao, Xiaoling Zhang, Yuan Liang, M. Zhao, Luhua Lai

13) Glabridin-Chalcone hybrid molecules: Drug resistance reversal agent against clinical isolates of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 20th 2016
Deepak Singh Kapkoti, Vivek Kumar Gupta, Mahendra P Darokar, Rajendra Singh Bhakuni

14) Design and synthesis of triazole-based peptidomimetics of a PSD-95 PDZ domain inhibitor (ChemMedComm) Monday January 18th 2016
Anders Bach, Thomas Breum Pedersen, Kristian Stromgaard

15) Synthesis and biological evaluation of bivalent β-carbolines as potential anticancer agents (ChemMedComm) Friday January 15th 2016
Hongtao Du, Hongling Gu, Na Li, Junru Wang

16) Classification of matching molecular series on the basis of SAR phenotypes and structural relationships (ChemMedComm) Friday January 15th 2016
Adhideb Ghosh, Dilyana Dimova, Jurgen Bajorath

17) Development of a competitive binding assay for the Burkholderia cenocepacia lectin BC2L-A and structure activity relationship of natural and synthetic inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 13th 2016
Ghamdan Beshr, Roman Sommer, Dirk Hauck, David Siebert, Anna Hofmann, Anne Imberty, Alexander Titz

18) Design, synthesis and anti-inflammatory effects of novel 9-O- substituted-berberine derivatives (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 13th 2016
Mei-Yan Huang, Jing Lin, Zhi-Jian Huang, Hong-Gui Xu, Juan Hong, Ping-Hua Sun, Jialiang Guo, Wei-Min Chen

19) A 18F-labeled Dibenzocyclooctyne(DBCO)-Derivative for Copper-free Click Labeling of Biomolecules (ChemMedComm) Tuesday January 12th 2016
Kathrin Kettenbach, Tobias Ludwig Ross

20) Insight into the selective inhibition of JNK family members through structure-based drug design (ChemMedComm) Friday January 8th 2016
Abdellah Messoussi, Gwenael Cheve, Khalid Bougrin, Aziz Yasri

21) Development of novel bis-naphthalimide derivatives and their anticancer properties (ChemMedComm) Friday January 8th 2016
Rui-Xue Rong, Qian Sun, Cui-Lan Ma, Bin Chen, Wenying Wang, Zhong-Ao Wang, Ke-Rang Wang, Zhi-Ran Cao, Xiaoliu Li

22) A multicomponent pharmacophore fragment-decoration approach to identify selective LRRK2-targeting probes (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 6th 2016
Sabrina Tassini, Daniele Castagnolo, Nicolo Scalacci, Miroslava Kissova, Jorge I. Armijos-Rivera, Federica Giagnorio, Giovanni Maga, Gabriele Costantino, Emmanuele Crespan, Marco Radi

23) Stitching of Tyrosine and 10H-Acridin-9-one: Turn-ON Fluorescence in the Narrow pH range 7.4 - 8.5 and Intracellular Labelling of Cancer Cells (ChemMedComm) Tuesday January 5th 2016
Palwinder Singh, Arun Kumar, Sukhmeet Kaur, Amrinder Singh, Muskan Gupta, Gurcharan kaur

24) N,N'-disubstituted thiourea and urea derivatives: Design, synthesis, docking studies and biological evaluation against nitric oxide synthase (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Mariem Chayah, Maria Encarnacion Camacho, Maria Dora Carrion, Miguel Angel Gallo, Miguel Romero, Juan Duarte

25) Targeting the Protein Backbone with Aryl Halides: Systematic Comparison of Halogen Bonding and π···π Interactions using N-methylacetamide (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Markus Zimmermann, Frank M. Boeckler

26) Investigation of triazole linked indole and oxindole glycoconjugates as potential anticancer agents: Novel Akt/PKB signaling pathway inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Atulya Nagarsenkar, Santosh kumar prajapti, Sravanthi Devi Guggilapu, Swetha Birineni, Sudha Sravanti, Ummanni Ramesh, Nagendra Babu Bathini

27) Probing substrate binding to the metal binding sites in metallo-β-lactamase L1 during catalysis (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Mahesh Aitha, David Tierney, Michael Crowder, M. Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid

28) Focus on PAINS: False friends in the quest for selective anti-protozoal lead structures from nature? (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Jan Glaser, Ulrike Holzgrabe

29) Fragment pharmacophore-based in silico screening: A powerful approach for efficient lead discovery (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
LAURENCE JUNG, Christophe Morice, florence chery, julie gay, thierry langer, marie-celine frantz, roger rozot, Maria DALKO-CSIBA

30) Novel heterocyclic ring fused oleanolic acid derivatives as osteoclast inhibitors for osteoporosis (ChemMedComm) Wednesday December 23rd 2015
Jing Wu, Beihua Bao, Qi Shen, Yuchao Zhang, Qing Jiang, Jian-Xin Li

31) Drug trapping in hERG K+ channels: (not) a matter of drug size? (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 22nd 2015
Tobias Linder, Harald Bernsteiner, Priyanka Saxena, Florian Bauer, T Erker, Eugen Timin, Steffen Hering, Anna Stary-Weinzinger

32) Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel π-π stacking nano-intercalator as anti-tumor agent (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 22nd 2015
Haimei Zhu, Yuanbo Song, Yuji Wang, Ming Zhao, Yi Ren, Yaonan Wang, Shurui Zhao, Jianhui Wu, Shiqi Peng

33) eCF309: a potent, selective and cell-permeable mTOR inhibitor (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 22nd 2015
Craig Fraser, Neil O. Carragher, Asier Unciti-Broceta

34) Rigid amphipathic nucleosides suppressing reproduction of tick-borne encephalitis virus (ChemMedComm) Monday December 21st 2015
Alexey A. Orlov, Alexey A. Chistov, Liubov I Kozlovskaya, Alexey V. Ustinov, Vladimir A. Korshun, Galina G Karganova, Dmitry I. Osolodkin

35) Microwave-assisted regioselective direct C-H arylation of thiazole derivatives leading to increased [sigma]1 receptor affinity (ChemMedComm) Friday December 18th 2015
Artur Kokornaczyk, Dirk Schepmann, Junichiro Yamaguchi, Kenichiro Itami, Bernhard Wunsch

36) Antibiotic Resistance themed issue (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 15th 2015
Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, Gerard D. Wright

37) Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of D-gluconhydroximo-1, 5-lactam and Its Oxime-substituted Derivatives as Pharmacological Chaperons for the Treatment of Gaucher Disease (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 15th 2015
Jia jia Wang, Xiaomin Wang, Yunyan Zhao, Xiaoyao Ma, Yue Wan, Zhongwei Chen, Hao Chen, Hao Gan, Jing Li, Lei Li, Peng George Wang, Wei Zhao

38) A potent trifluoromethyl ketone histone deacetylase inhibitor exhibits class-dependent mechanism of action (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 15th 2015
Andreas S. Madsen, Christian A. Olsen

39) Homology modelling-driven study leading to the discovery of the first mouse Trace Amine-Associated Receptor 5 (TAAR5) antagonists (ChemMedComm) Monday December 14th 2015
Elena Cichero, Stefano Espinoza, Michele Tonelli, Silvia Franchini, Andrey S. Gerasimov, Claudia Sorbi, Raul R. Gainetdinov, Livio Brasili, Paola Fossa

40) Ionic liquid promoted one-pot synthesis of thiazole-imidazo[2,1-b] [1,3,4]thiadiazole hybrids and their antitubercular activity (ChemMedComm) Monday December 14th 2015
Ramprasad Jurupula, Nagabhushana Nayak, Udayakumar Dalimba, Perumal Yogeeswari, Sriram Dharmarajan

41) Rubrolide analogues and their derived lactams as potential anticancer agents (ChemMedComm) Friday December 11th 2015
Ulisses Pereira, Thais Altoe, Luiz Claudio Almeida Barbosa, Celia Maltha, Igor Bonfim, Sarah MAranhao, MAnoel Moraes, Claudia Pessoa, Washington Barros

42) Correction: Synthesis and evaluation of thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-ones as potential antitubercular agents (ChemMedComm) Thursday December 10th 2015
Hanumant B. Borate, Ritesh A. Annadate, Sandip S. Vagh, Mahesh M. Pisal, Sagar B. Deokate, Manisha A. Arkile, Nandadeep J. Jadhav, Laxman U. Nawale, Dhiman Sarkar

43) Correction: Inclusion of new 5-fluorouracil amphiphilic derivatives in liposome formulation for cancer treatment (ChemMedComm) Thursday December 10th 2015
M. Petaccia, M. Condello, L. Giansanti, A. La Bella, F. Leonelli, S. Meschini, D. Gradella Villalva, E. Pellegrini, F. Ceccacci, L. Galantini, G. Mancini

44) On the enthalpic preference of fragment binding (ChemMedComm) Thursday December 10th 2015
Gyorgy Ferenczy, George M Keseru

45) Tetrahydro-pyrimido-indoles as selective LIMK inhibitors: synthesis, selectivity profiling and structure-activity studies (ChemMedComm) Thursday December 10th 2015
Jo Alen, Arnaud Bourin, Sandro Boland, Jacques Geraets, Pieter Schroeders, Olivier Defert

46) Drug-Target Networks in Aminoglycoside Resistance: Hierarchy of Priority in Structural Drug Design (ChemMedComm) Thursday December 10th 2015
Valjean Raiden Bacot-Davis, Angelia Bassenden, Albert Berghuis

47) Effects of polar [small kappa] receptor agonists designed for the periphery on ATP-induced Ca2+ release from keratinocytes (ChemMedComm) Wednesday December 2nd 2015
Bernhard Wuensch, Fabian Galla, Christian Bourgeois, Kirstin Lehmkuhl, Dirk Schempmann, Michael Soeberdt, Tobias Lotts, Christoph Abels, Sonja Stander

48) Amyloid β Derived Switch-Peptides as a Tool for Investigation of Early Events of Aggregation: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 1st 2015
Ashim Paul, Bhanita Sharma, Tanmay Mondal, Kishore Thalluri, Sandip Paul, Bhubaneswar Mandal

49) Novel quinoline-derived mTOR inhibitors with remarkable enzymatic and cellular activities: the design, synthesis and biological evaluation (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 1st 2015
Xiaodong Ma, Ni Qiu, Bo Yang, Qiaojun He, Yongzhou Hu

50) Discovery of AZD8165 - a Clinical Candidate from a Novel Series of Neutral Thrombin Inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Friday November 27th 2015
Magnus Polla, Jonas Branalt, Joakim Bergman, Maria Olwegard-Halvarsson, Ylva Ortengren, Camilla Wern, Ann-Charlotte Egnell, Patrik Andersson, Ulf Eriksson, David Gustafsson, Kurt.Jurgen Hoffman, Ulf Bredberg, Marie Strimfors, Sofi Nielsen, Kenneth Abrahamsson, Ingemar Nilsson, Tore Skjaeret

51) Targeting microsomal prostaglandin E2 synthase-1 (mPGES-1): the development of inhibitors as an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (ChemMedComm) Friday November 27th 2015
Yuqing Chen, Huaqing Liu, Shuang Xu, Tianlin Wang, Wei Li

52) Antiprotozoal activity of dehydroabietic acid derivatives against Leishmania donovani and Trypanosoma cruzi (ChemMedComm) Wednesday November 25th 2015
Mikko Vahermo, Sara Krogerus, Abedelmajeed Nasereddin, Marcel Kaiser, Reto Brun, Charles L. Jaffe, Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma, Vania M. Moreira

53) Silver(I) complexes with quinazoline and phthalazine: synthesis, structural characterization and evaluation of biological activities (ChemMedComm) Wednesday November 25th 2015
Nada D Savic, Biljana D Glisic, Hubert Wadepohl, Aleksandar Pavic, Senerovic Lidija, Jasmina Nikodinovic-Runic, Milos I Djuran

54) Isoindole-1,3-dione Derivatives as RSK2 Inhibitors: Synthesis, Molecular Docking Simulation and SAR Analysis (ChemMedComm) Wednesday November 25th 2015
wei zhou, Shiliang Li, Weiqiang Lu, jun yuan, yufang xu, Honglin Li, Jin Huang, Zhenjiang Zhao

55) Correction: Discovery of a potent and highly fluorescent sirtuin inhibitor (ChemMedComm) Friday November 20th 2015
Y. K. Yoon, M. A. Ali, A. C. Wei, T. S. Choon, C. E. Oon, A. N. Shirazi, K. Parang

56) Systematic Assessment of Analog Relationships between Bioactive Compounds and Promiscuity of Analog Sets (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Dilyana Dimova, Dagmar Stumpfe, J Bajorath

57) Expression of concern: Identifying the inhibitory mechanism of apigenin on the insulin ligand-receptor binding (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Richard Kelly

58) A review of patents (2011-2015) towards combating resistance to and otoxicity of aminoglycosides (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Nishad Thamban Chandrika, Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova

59) Bioorthogonal metabolic labelling with acyl-CoA reporters: targeting protein acylation (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Maria Eleni Ourailidou, Martijn Zwinderman, Frank Dekker

60) Mechanisms of Resistance to Membrane-Disrupting Antibiotics in Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Micha Fridman, Kfir B. Steinbuch

61) Probing for improved selectivity with dipeptide-derived inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidases 8 and 9: the impact of P1-variation. (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Leen Heirbaut, Sebastiaan Van Goethem, Koen Jansen, Hans De Winter, Nicole Lamoen, Jurgen Joossens, Jonathan Cheng, X Chen, Anne-Marie Lambeir, Ingrid De Meester, Koen Augustyns, Pieter Van der Veken

62) Demonstration of the dynamic mass redistribution label-free technology as a useful cell-based pharmacological assay for endogenously expressed GABAA receptors (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Anders Bue Klein, Mia Nittegaard-Nielsen, Julie Thaulow Christensen, Anas Al-Khawaja, Petrine Wellendorph

63) Novel indole-flutimide heterocycles with activity against influenza PA endonuclease and hepatitis C virus (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Grigoris Zoidis, Erofili Giannakopoulou, Annelies Stevaert, Efseveia Frakolaki, Vassilios Myrianthopoulos, George Fytas, Penelope Mavromara, E. Mikros, Ralf Bartenshlager, Niki Vassilakic, Lieve Naesens

64) Efficient synthesis of novel disubstituted pyrido[3,4-b]pyrazines for the design of protein kinase inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Maud Antoine, Tilmann Schuster, Irene Seipelt, Babette Aicher, Michael Teifel, Eckhard Gunther, Matthias Gerlach, Pascal Marchand

65) Antimicrobial activity of Levofloxacin - M33 peptide conjugation or combination (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Federica Ceccherini, Chiara Falciani, Martina Onori, Silvia Scali, Simona Pollini, Gianmaria Rossolini, Luisa Bracci, Alessandro Pini

66) 1,3,4-Oxadiazole derivatives as potential antitumor agents: discovery, optimization and biological activity valuation (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 19th 2015
Yin Luo, Zhi-Jun Liu, Guo Chen, Jing-Ran Li, Jing Shi, Hai-Liang Zhu

67) 6-O-Nucleotidyltransferase: an aminoglycoside-modifying enzyme specific for streptomycin/streptidine (ChemMedComm) Monday November 16th 2015
Montserrat Latorre, Julia Revuelta, Eduardo Garcia-Junceda, Agatha Bastida

68) Integrating Multicomponent Flow Synthesis and Computational Approaches for the Generation of a Tetrahydroquinoline Compound Based Library (ChemMedComm) Monday November 16th 2015
Bruno Cerra, Serena Mostarda, Chiara Custodi, Antonio Macchiarulo, Antimo Gioiello

69) Spirooxadiazoline oxindoles with promising in vitro antitumor activities (ChemMedComm) Monday November 16th 2015
Carlos Ribeiro, Joana Amaral, Cecilia Rodrigues, Rui Moreira, Maria M. M. Santos

70) In-vitro and in-vivo Activity of ML302F: A Thioenolate Inhibitor of VIM-subfamily Metallo β-lactamses (ChemMedComm) Monday November 16th 2015
Jonathan Betts, Lynette Phee, Muhd Abdul Momin, Klaus Umland, Jurgen Brem, Christopher J Schofield, David Wareham

71) Identification of an Inhibitor of the Aminoglycoside 6'-N-Acetyltransferase type Ib [AAC(6′)-Ib] by Glide Molecular Docking (ChemMedComm) Monday November 16th 2015
Kevin Chiem, Saumya Jani, Brooke Fuentes, David Lin, Madeline Rasche, Marcelo Tolmasky

72) Targeting the trehalose utilization pathways of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (ChemMedComm) Monday November 16th 2015
Sandeep Thanna, Steven Joseph Sucheck

73) Structural hybridization of three aminoglycoside antibiotics yields a potent broad-spectrum bactericide that eludes bacterial resistance enzymes (ChemMedComm) Friday November 13th 2015
Juan Pablo Maianti, Stephen Hanessian

74) Insight into the cytotoxicity, DNA binding and cell apoptosis induction of a zinc(II) complex of 5-bromo-8-hydroxylquinoline (HBrQ) (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 12th 2015
Hai-Rong Zhang, Yan-Cheng Liu, Ting Meng, Qi-Pin Qin, Shang-Feng Tang, Zhengfeng Chen, Bi-Qun Zou, You-Nian Liu, Hong Liang

75) Synthesis and evaluation of thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-ones as potential antitubercular agents (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 12th 2015
Hanumant Bapurao Borate, Ritesh Annadate, Sandip Vagh, Mahesh Pisal, Sagar Deokate, Manisha Arkile, Nandadeep Jadhav, Laxman Nawale, Dhiman Sarkar

76) Selective inhibitors of phosphodiesterases: therapeutic promise for neurodegenerative disorders (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 12th 2015
Tarana Umar, Nasim ul Hoda

77) Discovery of Trace Amine-Associated Receptor 1 Ligands by Molecular Docking Screening against a Homology Model (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 12th 2015
Vincent Lam, David Rodriguez, Thomas Zhang, Eun Koh, Jens Carlsson, Ali Salahpour

78) Correction: Acetophenone derivatives: novel and potent small molecule inhibitors of monoamine oxidase B (ChemMedComm) Monday November 9th 2015
Zhi-Min Wang, Xue-Mei Li, Wei Xu, Fan Li, Jin Wang, Ling-Yi Kong, Xiao-Bing Wang

79) Correction: Syntheses and biological evaluations of highly functionalized hydroxamate containing and N-methylthio monobactams as anti-tuberculosis and β-lactamase inhibitory agents (ChemMedComm) Friday November 6th 2015
Mark W. Majewski, Kyle D. Watson, Sanghyun Cho, Patricia A. Miller, Scott G. Franzblau, Marvin J. Miller

80) Correction: Discovery of fluoroquinolone derivatives as potent, selective inhibitors of PI3Kγ (ChemMedComm) Friday November 6th 2015
Shao Sha, Hong-Wei Han, Fei Gao, Tian-Bao Liu, Zhen Li, Chi Xu, Wei-Qing Zhong, Hai-Liang Zhu

81) Synthesis of sliver nanoparticles loaded sulfadiazine/polyvinyl alcohol nanorods and their antibacterial activities (ChemMedComm) Friday November 6th 2015
Binjie Li, Ping Li, Xiangmin Xu, Longlong Wu, Yanbao Zhao

82) Development of Subnanomolar Radiofluorinated (2-Pyrrolidin-1-yl)imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine pan-Trk Inhibitors as Candidate PET Imaging Probes (ChemMedComm) Thursday November 5th 2015
Vadim Bernard-Gauthier, Justin James Bailey, Arturo Aliaga, Alexey Kostikov, Pedro Rosa-Neto, Melinda Wuest, Garrett M. Brodeur, Frank Wuest, Ralf Schirrmacher

83) Endless Resistance. Endless Antibiotics? (ChemMedComm) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Jed Fisher, Shahriar Mobashery

84) Synthesis of N-cyano-substituted sulfilimine and sulfoximine derivatives of S0859 and their biological evaluation as sodium bicarbonate co-transport inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Anne-Dorothee Steinkamp, Nico Seling, Soojung Lee, Ebbe Boedtkjer, Carsten Bolm

85) Antimycobacterial activity of rhodamine 3,4-HPO iron chelators against Mycobacterium avium: analysis of the contribution of functional groups and of chelator (ChemMedComm) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Tania Moniz, Daniel da Silva, Tania Silva, Maria Salome Gomes, Maria Rangel

86) Arginine-linked neomycin B dimers: synthesis, rRNA binding, and resistance enzyme activity (ChemMedComm) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Yi Jin, Derrick Watkins, Natalya N Degtyareva, Keith D Green, Meredith N Spano, Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, Dev P Arya

87) Synthesis and biological evaluation of piperzaine group linked bivalent β-carbolines as potential antitumor agents (ChemMedComm) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Rihui Cao, Rongqin Sun, Rui Liu, Chi Zhou, Zhenghua Ren, Liang Guo, Qin Ma, Wenxi Fan, Liqin Qiu, Huijuan Yu, guang shao

88) Synthesis and Preclinical Evaluation of a Novel, Selective 111In-labelled Aminoproline-RGD-peptide For Non-invasive Melanoma Tumor Imaging (ChemMedComm) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Andrea Sartori, Francesca Bianchini, Silvia Migliari, Paola Burreddu, Claudio Curti, Federica Vacondio, Daniela Arosio, Livia Ruffini, Gloria Rassu, Lido Calorini, Alberto Pupi, Franca Zanardi, Lucia Battistini

89) Spice up your compounds (ChemMedComm) Thursday October 22nd 2015
Derek Lowe

90) Acetophenone derivatives: novel and potent small molecule inhibitors of monoamine oxidase B (ChemMedComm) Wednesday October 21st 2015
Zhi-Min Wang, Xue-Mei Li, Wei Xu, Fan Li, Jin Wang, Ling-Yi Kong, Xiao-Bing Wang

91) Novel N-thiazolyl piperazine-1-carboxamide CCR2 antagonists - investigation of an unexpected reaction with glutathione (ChemMedComm) Monday October 19th 2015
J. G. Cumming, P. A. MacFaul, A. G. Leach

92) Synthesis of fusidic acid bioisosteres as antiplasmodial agents and molecular docking studies in the binding site of elongation factor-G (ChemMedComm) Tuesday October 13th 2015
Gurminder Kaur, Kawaljit Singh, Elumalai Pavadai, Mathew Njoroge, Marlene Espinoza-Moraga, Carmen De Kock, Peter J. Smith, Sergio Wittlin, Kelly Chibale

93) Patterns of Biofilm Structure and Formation Kinetics among Acinetobacter baumannii Clinical Isolates with Different Antibiotic Resistance Profiles (ChemMedComm) Tuesday October 13th 2015
Elias Dahdouh, Belen Orgaz, Rosa Gomez-Gil, Jesus Mingorance, Ziad Daoud, Monica Suarez, Carmen SanJose

94) Molecular Basis for Resistance Against Phosphonate Antibiotics and Herbicides (ChemMedComm) Monday October 12th 2015
Jonathan Chekan, Dillon P Cogan, Satish Nair

95) Thermoresponsive fluorinated small-molecule drugs: a new concept for efficient localized chemotherapy. (ChemMedComm) Thursday October 8th 2015
Paul Dyson, Catherine Clavel, Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska, Emilia Paunescu

96) In silico-driven multicomponent synthesis of 4,5- and 1,5-disustituted imidazoles as indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Thursday October 8th 2015
Silvia Fallarini, Alberto Massarotti, Alessandro Gesu, Sara Giovarruscio, Giulia Coda Zabetta, Roberta Bergo, Barbara Giannelli, Angelo Brunco, Grazia Lombardi, Giovanni Sorba, Tracey Pirali

97) Bisimidazoline arylamides binding to the DNA minor groove. N1-hydroxylation enhances binding affinity and selectivity to AATT sites (ChemMedComm) Thursday October 8th 2015
Carlos H. Rios Martinez, Laura Lagartera, Cristina Trujillo, C Dardonville

98) Synergistic Activity of a Short Lipidated Antimicrobial Peptide (LipoAMP) and Colistin or Tobramycin against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa from Cystic Fibrosis Patients (ChemMedComm) Monday October 5th 2015
Martin de Gier, H. Bauke Albada, Michaele Josten, Rob Willems, Helen Leavis, Rosa Van Mansveld, Fernanda Paganelli, Bertie Dekker, Jan-Willem Lammers, Hans-Georg Sahl, Nils Metzler-Nolte

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