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1) Synthesis, structural characterization and biological evaluation of dinuclear gold(III) complexes with aromatic nitrogen-containing ligands: antimicrobial activity in relation to the complex nuclearity (ChemMedComm) Tuesday May 3rd 2016
Biljana D Glisic, Nada D Savic, Beata Warzajtis, Lidija Djokic, Tatjana Ilic-Tomic, Marija Antic, Slavko Radenkovic, Jasmina Nikodinovic-Runic, Urszula Rychlewska, Milos I Djuran

2) In Vivo Phenotypic Drug Discovery: Applying a Behavioral Assay to the Discovery and Optimization of Novel Antipsychotic Agents (ChemMedComm) Tuesday May 3rd 2016
Liming Shao, Una Campbell, Qun Kevin Fang, Noel A. Powell, John E. Campbell, Philip G. Jones, Taleen Hanania, Vadim Alexandrov, Irene Morganstern, Emily Sabath, Hua M. Zhong, Thomas H. Large, Kerry L. Spear

3) Identification and optimisation of a series of N-(4-anilino-2-pyridyl)acetamide activin receptor-like kinase 1 (ALK1) inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Friday April 29th 2016
Frederick W Goldberg, Paula Daunt, Stuart Pearson, Ryan Greenwood, Matthew Grist, Judit Debreczeni

4) A new class of radiopeptides for PET imaging of neuromedin B receptor: 68Ga-ranatensin analogs (ChemMedComm) Thursday April 28th 2016
Clement Morgat, Raunak Varshney, Delphine Vimont, Catherine Savona-Baron, Colette Ries, Christel Chanseau, Sandrine Bertrand, Anil K Mishra, Elif Hindie, Philippe Fernandez, Jurgen Schulz

5) The Antidepressant Drug Paroxetine as a New Lead Candidate in Schistosome Drug Discovery (ChemMedComm) Monday April 25th 2016
Bruno Junior Neves, Rafael Ferreira Dantas, Mario Roberto Senger, Walter Cesar Goes Valente, Joao de Mello Rezende-Neto, Willian Tavora Chaves, Lee Kamentsky, Anne Carpenter, Floriano Paes Silva-Jr, Carolina Horta Andrade

6) Design and synthesis of fused soluble epoxide hydrolase/ peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor modulators (ChemMedComm) Friday April 22nd 2016
Rene Blocher, Christina Lamers, Sandra K. Wittmann, Olaf Diehl, Thomas Hanke, Daniel Merk, Dieter Steinhilber, Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz, Astrid S. Kahnt, Ewgenij Proschak

7) Expanding the chemical space of hydrophobic pharmacophores: Role of hydrophobic substructures in the development of novel transcription modulators (ChemMedComm) Wednesday April 20th 2016
Shinya Fujii

8) Fluorinated thiazolidinols cause cell death in A549 lung cancer cells via PI3K/AKT/mTOR and the MAPK /ERK signalling pathways (ChemMedComm) Friday April 15th 2016
Ravindra M. Kumbhare, Tulshiram L. Dadmal, Dinesh Kumar, janki ramana, Anudeep Kota, Debabrata chowdhury chowdhury, killari appalanaidu, Y. Khageswara Rao, Sayyad Hyder, T. Anjana Devi, Manika Pal Bhadra

9) Design and synthesis of 5-aminolaevulinic Acid / 3-hydroxypyridinone conjugates for photodynamic therapy: enhancement of protoporphyrin IX production and photo-toxicity in tumor cells (ChemMedComm) Friday April 15th 2016
Tao Zhou, Le-Le Shao, Sinan Battah, Chun-Feng Zhu, Robert Hider, Brandon Reeder, Asma Jabeen, Sandy MacRobert, Gerui Ren, Xinle Liang

10) The role of transporter ectodomains in drug recognition and binding: phlorizin and the sodium-glucose cotransporter (ChemMedComm) Friday April 15th 2016
M. Raja, T. Puntheeranurak, H. J. Gruber, P. Hinterdorfer, R. K. H. Kinne

11) Non-substrate based, small molecule inhibitors of the human isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase (ChemMedComm) Thursday April 14th 2016
Kyle V. Butler, Kelsey Bohn, Christine A. Hrycyna, Jian Jin

12) Identification of novel peptoid agonists of fibroblast growth factor receptor using microarray-based screening (ChemMedComm) Thursday April 14th 2016
Junjie Fu, Amy Xia, Xin Qi

13) Correction: Probing substrate binding to the metal binding sites in metallo-β-lactamase L1 during catalysis (ChemMedComm) Wednesday April 13th 2016
Mahesh Aitha, Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid, David L. Tierney, Michael W. Crowder

14) One Small Molecule as Theranostic Agent: Naphthalimide Dye for Subcellular Fluorescent Localization and Photodynamic Therapy in vivo (ChemMedComm) Tuesday April 12th 2016
Lei Zhang, Kecheng Lei, Jingwen Zhang, Yuanhong Zheng, Wenlin Song, Yuwei Gao, Shaoying Tan, yufang xu, Jianwen Liu, Xu Hong Qian

15) Recent developments in SAR visualization (ChemMedComm) Friday April 8th 2016
Dagmar Stumpfe, Jurgen Bajorath

16) On the utility of coupling polarised light microscopy to a solubility assay in drug discovery. (ChemMedComm) Friday April 8th 2016
Philip Alexander MacFaul, Andrew Ratcliffe, Maria Tamara, Sarah Vernon

17) Development and Design of the tertiary amino effect reaction for DNA-encoded library synthesis (ChemMedComm) Friday April 8th 2016
Xia Tian, Greg Basarab, Nidhal Selmi, Thierry Kogej, Ying Zhang, Matthew Clark, Robert Alan Goodnow

18) Synthesis of radioiodinated probes to evaluate the biodistribution of a potent TRPC3 inhibitor (ChemMedComm) Thursday April 7th 2016
Masayori Hagimori, Takahiro Murakami, Kinue Shimizu, Motohiro Nishida, Takashi Ohshima, Takahiro Mukai

19) Synthesis and steroid sulfatase inhibitory activities of Nphosphorylated 3-(4-aminophenyl)-coumarin-7-O-sulfamates (ChemMedComm) Thursday April 7th 2016
Sebastian Demkowicz, Mateusz Dasko, Maciej Maslyk, Konrad Kubinski, Justyna Aszyk, Janusz Rachon

20) Synthesis, crystal structure, cytotoxicity and action mechanism of Zn(II) and Mn(II) complexes with 4-([2,2':6',2"-terpyridin]-4'-yl)-N,N-diethylaniline as a ligand (ChemMedComm) Monday April 4th 2016
Hua-Hong Zou, Jun-Guang Wei, Xiao-Huan Qin, Shun-Gui Mo, Qi-Pin Qin, Yan-Cheng Liu, Fu-Pei Liang, Yun-Liang Zhang, Zhen-Feng Chen

21) Cobalt(II) 8-hydroxyquinoline complexes: structure, cytotoxicity, and action mechanism (ChemMedComm) Friday April 1st 2016
Hai-Rong Zhang, ke-bin huang, Zhen-Feng Chen, Yan-Cheng Liu, You-Nian Liu, Ting Meng, Qin Qi-Ping, Bi-Qun Zou, Hong Liang

22) Cholecystokinin-1 receptor antagonists: 5-hydroxy-5-aryl-pyrrol-2-ones as anticancer agents (ChemMedComm) Friday April 1st 2016
Eric Lattmann, Steven Russel, Carl Schwalbe, Andrew Shortt, P N Balaram, Eva Theochari, Muhanad Alharbi, Ramesh Narayanan, Pornthip Lattmann

23) Design, Synthesis and Antimetastatic Evaluation of 1-benzothiazolylphenylbenzotriazoles for Photodynamic Therapy in Oral Cancer Cells (ChemMedComm) Thursday March 31st 2016
Gopal Chandru Senadi, Jie-Ming Liao, Kung-Kai Kuo, Jian-Cheng Lin, Long-Sen Chang, JJ Wang, Wan-Ping Hu

24) Predictive proteochemometric models for kinases derived from 3D protein field-based descriptors (ChemMedComm) Thursday March 31st 2016
Vigneshwari Subramanian, Peteris Prusis, Henri Xhaard, Gerd Wohlfahrt

25) Host-Guest Strategy to Potently Camouflage And Restore the Activity And Toxicity of Drugs Affecting Bacterial Growth and Viability (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 30th 2016
Julien Gravel, Claude-Rosny Elie, Michele Khayat, Andreea R. Schmitzer

26) The evolution of drug discovery: From phenotypes to targets, and back (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 30th 2016
Hassan Al-Ali

27) Effects of the multiple O-glycosylation states on antibody recognition of the immunodominant motif in MUC1 extracellular tandem repeats (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 30th 2016
Shobith Rangappa, Gerald Artigas Sol, Risho Miyoshi, Yasuhiro Tokoi, Shun Hayakawa, Fayna G Martin, Hiroshi Hinou, Shin-Ichiro Nishimura

28) Design, Synthesis and Anti-proliferative Activities of novel-7'-O-substituted Schisantherin A derivatives (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 30th 2016
Katragadda Suresh Babu, Venkanna A, Pavan CH, Poornima Borra, shiva bandi, Nishant Jain

29) Synthesis and evaluation of donepezil-ferulic acid hybrids as multi-target-directed ligands against Alzheimer's disease (ChemMedComm) Tuesday March 29th 2016
Wei Xu, Xiao-Bing Wang, Zhi-Min Wang, Jia-Jia Wu, Fan Li, Jin Wang, Ling-Yi Kong

30) SLC Transporters: Structure, Function, and Drug Discovery (ChemMedComm) Monday March 28th 2016
Claire Colas, Peter Man-Un Ung, Avner Schlessinger

31) Label-free technologies for target identification and validation (ChemMedComm) Tuesday March 22nd 2016
Jing Li, Hua Xu, Graham West, Lyn H Jones

32) Small molecules targeting Mcl-1: The search for a silver bullet in cancer therapy (ChemMedComm) Friday March 18th 2016
Duong Nhu, Guillaume Lessene, David C.S. Huang, Christopher J Burns

33) A cyclosporine derivative is a substrate of the oligopeptide transporter PepT1 (ChemMedComm) Tuesday March 15th 2016
David William Foley, Isabel Bermudez, Patrick D Bailey, David Meredith

34) Enlarging the chemical space of anti-leishmanials: a structure-activity relationship study of peptoids against Leishmania mexicana, a causative agent of cutaneous leishmaniasis (ChemMedComm) Tuesday March 15th 2016
Hannah L. Bolt, Gabriela Eggimann, Paul W Denny, Steven L Cobb

35) Pyrimidine based antimalarials: Design strategies and antiplasmodial effects (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 9th 2016
Kamaljit Singh, Tavleen Kaur

36) Contributors to 'New Talent: Europe' (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 9th 2016

37) Squaramides with cytotoxic activity against human gastric carcinoma cells HGC-27: synthesis and mechanism of action (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 9th 2016
Mireia Quintana, Juan V. Alegre-Requena, Eugenia Marques-Lopez, Raquel P. Herrera, Gemma Triola

38) Scaffold Morphing Led to Evolution of 2,4-Diaminoquinolines and Aminopyrazolopyrimidines As Inhibitors of ATP Synthesis Pathway (ChemMedComm) Tuesday March 8th 2016
Sudha Ravishankar, Subramanyam Tantry, Vikas Shinde, Gayathri Balakrishnan, Shankar Markad, Amit K. Gupta, Jyothi Bhat, Ashwini Narayan, Anandkumar Raichurkar, Lalit Jena, Sreevalli Sharma, Naveen Kumar, Robert Nanduri, Sowmya Bharath, Jitendar Reddy, Vijender Panduga, Prabhakar KR, Karthikeyan Kandaswamy, Parvinder Kaur, Neela Dinesh, Supreeth Guptha, Ramanatha Saralaya, Manoranjan Panda, Suresh Rudrapatna, Meenakshi Mallya, Harvey Rubin, Takahiro Yano, Khisi Mdluli, Chris Cooper, V Balasubramanian, Vasan Sambandamurthy, Vasanthi Ramachandran, Radha Shandil, Stefan Kavanagh, Shridhar Narayanan, Pravin Iyer, Kakoli Mukherjee, Vinayak Hosagrahara, Suresh Solapure, Shahul Hameed P

39) Design and synthesis of thiamine analogues to study their binding to the ECF transporter for thiamine in bacteria (ChemMedComm) Tuesday March 8th 2016
Leticia Monjas, Lotteke Swier, Alrik R de Voogd, Ruben Oudshoorn, Anna Katharina Herta Hirsch, Dirk Jan Slotboom

40) Synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of several oleanolic acid-uracil/thymine conjugates (ChemMedComm) Friday March 4th 2016
Ke-Guang Cheng, Chun-Hua Su, Jia-Yan Huang, Hengshan Wang, Jun Liu, Yuan-Ting Zheng, Zhen-Feng Chen

41) Correction: Effect of dibucaine hydrochloride on raft-like lipid domains in model membrane systems (ChemMedComm) Friday March 4th 2016
Kazunari Yoshida, Akito Takashima, Izumi Nishio

42) New transition metal complexes containing imidazole ring endowed with potential antiamoebic activity (ChemMedComm) Friday March 4th 2016
mohammadyounus wani, abdulroouf bhat, Amir Azam, fareeda athar, Abilio, JFN Sobral

43) Correction: Rigid amphipathic nucleosides suppress reproduction of the tick-borne encephalitis virus (ChemMedComm) Thursday March 3rd 2016
Alexey A. Orlov, Alexey A. Chistov, Liubov I. Kozlovskaya, Alexey V. Ustinov, Vladimir A. Korshun, Galina G. Karganova, Dmitry I. Osolodkin

44) Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel tetrahydrothieno[3,2-c]pyridine derivatives as potent smoothened antagonists (ChemMedComm) Wednesday March 2nd 2016
Xiaofeng Chen, Chiyu Sun, Jingzhou Zhang, Huaiwei Ding, Hongrui Song

45) Correction: Design, synthesis and anti-inflammatory effects of novel 9-O-substituted-berberine derivatives electronic supplementary information (ChemMedComm) Tuesday March 1st 2016
Mei-Yan Huang, Jing Lin, Zhi-Jian Huang, Hong-Gui Xu, Juan Hong, Ping-Hua Sun, Jia-Liang Guo, Wei-Min Chen

46) Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of indazole-pyrimidine based derivatives as anticancer agents with anti-angiogenic and antiproliferative activities (ChemMedComm) Monday February 29th 2016
Nevine M. Y. Elsayed, Dalal A. Abou El Ella, Rabah A. T. Serya, Mai F. Tolba, Raed Shalaby, Khaled A. M. Abouzid

47) Correction: eCF309: a potent, selective and cell-permeable mTOR inhibitor (ChemMedComm) Monday February 29th 2016
Craig Fraser, Neil O. Carragher, Asier Unciti-Broceta

48) Significantly improving the solubility of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in deep eutectic solvents for potential nonaqueous liquid administration (ChemMedComm) Monday February 29th 2016
Chao Lu, Jun Cao, Ning Wang, Erzheng Su

49) Correction: Continuous flow photochemistry as an enabling synthetic technology: synthesis of substituted-6(5H)-phenanthridinones for use as poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Monday February 29th 2016
Y. Fang, G. K. Tranmer

50) Synthesis and biological evaluation of Schiff base-linked imidazolyl naphthalimides as novel potential anti-MRSA agents (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 24th 2016
Huo-Hui Gong, Kishore Baathula, Jing-Song Lv, Guixin Cai, Cheng-He Zhou

51) Efficacy of a novel ferrocenyl diaryl butane citrate compound as a biocide for preventing healthcare-associated infections (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 24th 2016
Mehdi El Arbi, Karim Jellali, Fatma Trigui, Pascal Pigeon, Meral Gormen, Siden Top, Sami Aifa, Ismail Fliss, Gerard Jaouen, Riadh Hammami

52) Systematic design of analogs of active compounds covering more than 1000 targets (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 24th 2016
Dilyana Dimova, Jurgen Bajorath

53) Synthesis, antibacterial evaluation and QSAR analysis of Schiff base complexes derived from [2,2′-(ethylenedioxy)bis(ethylamine)] and aromatic aldehydes (ChemMedComm) Tuesday February 23rd 2016
Jai Devi, Suman Devi, Ashwani Kumar

54) Exploiting the co-reliance of tumours upon transport of amino acids and lactate: Gln and Tyr conjugates of MCT1 inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Tuesday February 23rd 2016
Reji Nair, Jitendra Mishra, Fangzheng Li, Mariola Tortosa, Chunying Yang, Joanne Doherty, Michael Cameron, John L. Cleveland, William R Roush, Thomas Bannister

55) Improvement of the pharmacological properties of amidated kyotorphin by means of iodination (ChemMedComm) Tuesday February 23rd 2016
Maria Cristina Oliveira, Lurdes Gano, Isabel Santos, Joao D. G. Correia, Isa Serrano, Sonia Sa Santos, Marta Ribeiro, Juliana Perazzo, Isaura Tavares, Montserrat Heras, Eduard Bardaji, Miguel A. R. B. Castanho

56) Fatty Acid Transport Proteins: Targeting FATP2 as a Gatekeeper Involved in the Transport of Exogenous Fatty Acids (ChemMedComm) Friday February 19th 2016
Paul N Black, Constance Ahowesso, David Montefusco, Nipun Saini, Concetta DiRusso

57) Synthesis, cytotoxic and urease inhibitory activities of some novel isatin-derived bis-Schiff bases and their copper (II) complexes (ChemMedComm) Friday February 19th 2016
Jamshed Iqbal, Humayun Pervez, Maqbool Ahmad, Sumera Zaib, Muhammad Yaqub, Muhammad Moazzam Naseer

58) Chenopodium album metabolites act as dual topoisomerase inhibitors and induce apoptosis in the MCF7 cell line (ChemMedComm) Thursday February 18th 2016
Debanjana Chakraborty, Chetan Kumar Jain, Arindam Maity, Shekhar Ghosh, Susanta Roy Choudhury, Tarun Jha, Hemanta K. Majumder, Nirup B. Mondal

59) Injectable peptide hydrogels for controlled-release of opioids (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 17th 2016
Charlotte Martin, Edith Oyen, Jeroen Mangelschots, Mathieu Bibian, Tanila Ben Haddou, Jessica Andrade, James Gardiner, Bruno Van Mele, Annemieke Madder, Richard Hoogenboom, Mariana Spetea, Steven Ballet

60) Development and application of ligand-based NMR screening assays for γ-butyrobetaine hydroxylase (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 17th 2016
Amjad Khan, Robert Lesniak, Jurgen Brem, Anna M Rydzik, Hwanho Choi, Ivanhoe K. H. Leung, Michael A McDonough, Christopher J Schofield, Tim D. W. Claridge

61) Intrinsic reactivity profile of electrophilic moieties to guide covalent drug design: N-α-acetyl-L-lysine as an amine nucleophile (ChemMedComm) Tuesday February 16th 2016
Upendra Dahal, Adam Gilbert, Ronald Obach, Jinshan Chen, Carmen Garcia-Irizarry, Brandon Schuff, Jeremy Starr, Daniel Uccello, Jennifer Young

62) Enhancement of aqueous stability and fluorescence brightness of indocyanine green using small calix[4]arene micelles for near-infrared fluorescence imaging (ChemMedComm) Thursday February 11th 2016
Takashi Jin, Akihito Komatsuzaki, Setsuko Tsuboi, Yukio Imamura, Yoshinori Muraoka, Takao Sakata, Hidehiro Yasuda

63) Bacterial lipid membranes as promising targets to fight antimicrobial resistance, molecular foundations and illustration through the renewal of aminoglycoside antibiotics and emergence of amphiphilic amino glycosides (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 10th 2016
Marie-Paule Mingeot-Leclercq, Jean-Luc Decout

64) Aryl and heteroaryl N-[4-[4-(2,3-substituted-phenyl)piperazine-1-yl]alkyl]carbamates with improved physico-chemical properties as dual modulators of dopamine D3 receptor and fatty acid amide hydrolase (ChemMedComm) Wednesday February 10th 2016
Alessandra Micoli, Alessio De Simone, Debora Russo, Giuliana Ottonello, Giampiero Colombano, Gian Filippo Ruda, Tiziano Bandiera, Andrea Cavalli, Giovanni Bottegoni

65) Biological evaluation of quinoline derivatives as inhibitors of human dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (ChemMedComm) Friday February 5th 2016
JiaWei Wang, YanYan Diao, JunSheng Zhu, ShiLiang Li, Zhenjiang Zhao, Honglin Li, Lili Zhu

66) Discovery of a novel binding pocket for CYP 2C9 inhibitors: Crystallography, pharmacophore modelling and inhibitor SAR (ChemMedComm) Thursday February 4th 2016
Sarah Skerratt, Marcel de Groot, Chris Phillips

67) Progress in the development of small molecules as new human A3 adenosine ligands based on the 3-thiophenylcoumarin core: synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and molecular modeling studies (ChemMedComm) Thursday February 4th 2016
Maria Joao Matos, Santiago Vilar, Sonja Kachler, Saleta Vazquez-Rodriguez, Carla Varela, GIOVANNA LUCIA DELOGU, George Hripcsak, Lourdes Santana, Eugenio Uriarte, Karl-Norbert Klotz, Fernanda Borges

68) Continuous Flow Photochemistry as an Enabling Synthetic Technology: Synthesis of Substituted-6(5H)-Phenanthridinones for use as Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Monday February 1st 2016
Yuhua Fang, Geoffrey K Tranmer

69) Covalent Tethering of Fragments For Covalent Probe Discovery (ChemMedComm) Thursday January 28th 2016
Stefan Kathman, Alexander V Statsyuk

70) Curcumin inspired synthesis of unsymmetrical diarylpentanoids with highly potent anti-parasitic activities. In silico studies and DFT based stereochemical calculation (ChemMedComm) Thursday January 28th 2016
Zia ud Din, Alef dos Santos, Marilia Almeida Trapp, Danielle Lazarin-Bidoia, Francielle Garcia, Francieli Peron, Celso Vataru Nakamura, Edson Rodrigues Filho

71) Design and synthesis of pyridine-pyrazole-sulfonate derivatives as potential anti-HBV agents (ChemMedComm) Thursday January 28th 2016
Hong Chuang, Lin-Chiang Sherlock Huang, Mohit Kapoor, Yi-Jen Liao, Cheng-Lin Yang, Chia-Ching Chang, Chun-Yi Wu, Jih Ru Hwu, Tsurng-Juhn Huang, Ming-Hua Hsu

72) Profiling the estimated plasma concentrations of 215 marketed oral drugs (ChemMedComm) Friday January 22nd 2016
Mark Wenlock

73) De Novo Design of Helical Peptides to Inhibit Tumor Necrosis Factor-α by Disrupting Its Trimer Formation (ChemMedComm) Friday January 22nd 2016
Qi Shen, Changsheng Zhang, Hongbo Liu, Yuting Liu, Junyue Cao, Xiaoling Zhang, Yuan Liang, M. Zhao, Luhua Lai

74) Glabridin-Chalcone hybrid molecules: Drug resistance reversal agent against clinical isolates of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 20th 2016
Deepak Singh Kapkoti, Vivek Kumar Gupta, Mahendra P Darokar, Rajendra Singh Bhakuni

75) Design and synthesis of triazole-based peptidomimetics of a PSD-95 PDZ domain inhibitor (ChemMedComm) Monday January 18th 2016
Anders Bach, Thomas Breum Pedersen, Kristian Stromgaard

76) Synthesis and biological evaluation of bivalent β-carbolines as potential anticancer agents (ChemMedComm) Friday January 15th 2016
Hongtao Du, Hongling Gu, Na Li, Junru Wang

77) Classification of matching molecular series on the basis of SAR phenotypes and structural relationships (ChemMedComm) Friday January 15th 2016
Adhideb Ghosh, Dilyana Dimova, Jurgen Bajorath

78) Development of a competitive binding assay for the Burkholderia cenocepacia lectin BC2L-A and structure activity relationship of natural and synthetic inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 13th 2016
Ghamdan Beshr, Roman Sommer, Dirk Hauck, David Siebert, Anna Hofmann, Anne Imberty, Alexander Titz

79) Design, synthesis and anti-inflammatory effects of novel 9-O- substituted-berberine derivatives (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 13th 2016
Mei-Yan Huang, Jing Lin, Zhi-Jian Huang, Hong-Gui Xu, Juan Hong, Ping-Hua Sun, Jialiang Guo, Wei-Min Chen

80) A 18F-labeled Dibenzocyclooctyne(DBCO)-Derivative for Copper-free Click Labeling of Biomolecules (ChemMedComm) Tuesday January 12th 2016
Kathrin Kettenbach, Tobias Ludwig Ross

81) Insight into the selective inhibition of JNK family members through structure-based drug design (ChemMedComm) Friday January 8th 2016
Abdellah Messoussi, Gwenael Cheve, Khalid Bougrin, Aziz Yasri

82) Development of novel bis-naphthalimide derivatives and their anticancer properties (ChemMedComm) Friday January 8th 2016
Rui-Xue Rong, Qian Sun, Cui-Lan Ma, Bin Chen, Wenying Wang, Zhong-Ao Wang, Ke-Rang Wang, Zhi-Ran Cao, Xiaoliu Li

83) A multicomponent pharmacophore fragment-decoration approach to identify selective LRRK2-targeting probes (ChemMedComm) Wednesday January 6th 2016
Sabrina Tassini, Daniele Castagnolo, Nicolo Scalacci, Miroslava Kissova, Jorge I. Armijos-Rivera, Federica Giagnorio, Giovanni Maga, Gabriele Costantino, Emmanuele Crespan, Marco Radi

84) Stitching of Tyrosine and 10H-Acridin-9-one: Turn-ON Fluorescence in the Narrow pH range 7.4 - 8.5 and Intracellular Labelling of Cancer Cells (ChemMedComm) Tuesday January 5th 2016
Palwinder Singh, Arun Kumar, Sukhmeet Kaur, Amrinder Singh, Muskan Gupta, Gurcharan kaur

85) N,N'-disubstituted thiourea and urea derivatives: Design, synthesis, docking studies and biological evaluation against nitric oxide synthase (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Mariem Chayah, Maria Encarnacion Camacho, Maria Dora Carrion, Miguel Angel Gallo, Miguel Romero, Juan Duarte

86) Targeting the Protein Backbone with Aryl Halides: Systematic Comparison of Halogen Bonding and π···π Interactions using N-methylacetamide (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Markus Zimmermann, Frank M. Boeckler

87) Investigation of triazole linked indole and oxindole glycoconjugates as potential anticancer agents: Novel Akt/PKB signaling pathway inhibitors (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Atulya Nagarsenkar, Santosh kumar prajapti, Sravanthi Devi Guggilapu, Swetha Birineni, Sudha Sravanti, Ummanni Ramesh, Nagendra Babu Bathini

88) Probing substrate binding to the metal binding sites in metallo-β-lactamase L1 during catalysis (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Mahesh Aitha, David Tierney, Michael Crowder, M. Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid

89) Focus on PAINS: False friends in the quest for selective anti-protozoal lead structures from nature? (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
Jan Glaser, Ulrike Holzgrabe

90) Fragment pharmacophore-based in silico screening: A powerful approach for efficient lead discovery (ChemMedComm) Monday January 4th 2016
LAURENCE JUNG, Christophe Morice, florence chery, julie gay, thierry langer, marie-celine frantz, roger rozot, Maria DALKO-CSIBA

91) Novel heterocyclic ring fused oleanolic acid derivatives as osteoclast inhibitors for osteoporosis (ChemMedComm) Wednesday December 23rd 2015
Jing Wu, Beihua Bao, Qi Shen, Yuchao Zhang, Qing Jiang, Jian-Xin Li

92) Drug trapping in hERG K+ channels: (not) a matter of drug size? (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 22nd 2015
Tobias Linder, Harald Bernsteiner, Priyanka Saxena, Florian Bauer, T Erker, Eugen Timin, Steffen Hering, Anna Stary-Weinzinger

93) Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel π-π stacking nano-intercalator as anti-tumor agent (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 22nd 2015
Haimei Zhu, Yuanbo Song, Yuji Wang, Ming Zhao, Yi Ren, Yaonan Wang, Shurui Zhao, Jianhui Wu, Shiqi Peng

94) eCF309: a potent, selective and cell-permeable mTOR inhibitor (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 22nd 2015
Craig Fraser, Neil O. Carragher, Asier Unciti-Broceta

95) Rigid amphipathic nucleosides suppressing reproduction of tick-borne encephalitis virus (ChemMedComm) Monday December 21st 2015
Alexey A. Orlov, Alexey A. Chistov, Liubov I Kozlovskaya, Alexey V. Ustinov, Vladimir A. Korshun, Galina G Karganova, Dmitry I. Osolodkin

96) Microwave-assisted regioselective direct C-H arylation of thiazole derivatives leading to increased [sigma]1 receptor affinity (ChemMedComm) Friday December 18th 2015
Artur Kokornaczyk, Dirk Schepmann, Junichiro Yamaguchi, Kenichiro Itami, Bernhard Wunsch

97) Antibiotic Resistance themed issue (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 15th 2015
Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, Gerard D. Wright

98) Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of D-gluconhydroximo-1, 5-lactam and Its Oxime-substituted Derivatives as Pharmacological Chaperons for the Treatment of Gaucher Disease (ChemMedComm) Tuesday December 15th 2015
Jia jia Wang, Xiaomin Wang, Yunyan Zhao, Xiaoyao Ma, Yue Wan, Zhongwei Chen, Hao Chen, Hao Gan, Jing Li, Lei Li, Peng George Wang, Wei Zhao

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