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99) Back Picture: Determination of Potential Scaffolds for Human Choline Kinase (ChemBioChem) Wednesday July 17th 2013

100) DNA Binding and Bending by Sac7d is Stepwise (ChemBioChem) Friday July 12th 2013
Justin Spiriti, Arjan van der Vaart

101) Detection of Single (ChemBioChem) Thursday July 11th 2013
Kiyohiko Kawai, Tetsuro Majima, Atsushi Maruyama

102) Unusual Tubulin (ChemBioChem) Thursday July 11th 2013
Olga N. Zefirova, Heiko Lemcke, Margareta Lantow, Evgeniya V. Nurieva, Birgit Wobith, Galina E. Onishchenko, Antje Hoenen, Gareth Griffiths, Nikolay S. Zefirov, Sergei A. Kuznetsov

103) Semisynthetic Lipidated LC3 Protein Mediates Membrane Fusion (ChemBioChem) Tuesday July 9th 2013
Aimin Yang, Yanping Li, Supansa Pantoom, Gemma Triola, Yao

104) Small (ChemBioChem) Tuesday July 9th 2013
Chris J. Vickers, Gonzalo E. Gonz

105) Diversification of Animal Venom Peptides (ChemBioChem) Tuesday July 2nd 2013
Antonio Starcevic, Paul F. Long

106) Biosynthesis of the Natural Fluorophore Legioliulin from Legionella (ChemBioChem) Tuesday July 2nd 2013
Tilman Ahrendt, Melissa Miltenberger, Ina Haneburger, Ferdinand Kirchner, Max Kronenwerth, Alexander O. Brachmann, Hubert Hilbi, Helge B. Bode

107) Cover Picture: The TEAD4 (ChemBioChem) Monday July 1st 2013
Jean Christophe Hau, Dirk Erdmann, Yannick Mesrouze, Pascal Furet, Patrizia Fontana, Catherine Zimmermann, Tobias Schmelzle, Francesco Hofmann, Patrick Ch

108) Inside Cover: 1 (ChemBioChem) Monday July 1st 2013

109) Determination of Potential Scaffolds for Human Choline Kinase (ChemBioChem) Friday June 28th 2013

110) A Computational Study of the Effects of 13C (ChemBioChem) Wednesday June 19th 2013
Pramodh Vallurupalli, Guillaume Bouvignies, Lewis E. Kay

111) Nonenzymatic Labeling of 5 (ChemBioChem) Tuesday June 18th 2013
Xingyu Lu, Chuan He

112) PR Toxin Biosynthesis in Penicillium roqueforti (ChemBioChem) Tuesday June 18th 2013
Nelson L. Brock, Jeroen S. Dickschat

113) Chemical Protein Synthesis (CPS) Meeting 2013 (ChemBioChem) Friday June 14th 2013
Norman Metanis

114) Optimization of a Small Laccase by Active (ChemBioChem) Friday June 14th 2013
Miguel D. Toscano, Leonardo De Maria, Sune Lobedanz, Lars H.

115) Cover Picture: Development of a Novel FRET Probe for the Real (ChemBioChem) Wednesday June 12th 2013
Krishna P. Bhabak, Anett Hauser, Susanne Redmer, Sebastian Banhart, Dagmar Heuer, Christoph Arenz

116) Inside Cover: (4R) (ChemBioChem) Wednesday June 12th 2013
Marina Rubini, Martin A. Sch

117) Production of Propane and Other Short (ChemBioChem) Tuesday June 11th 2013
Basile Khara, Navya Menon, Colin Levy, David Mansell, Debasis Das, E. Neil G. Marsh, David Leys, Nigel S. Scrutton

118) A Single PLP (ChemBioChem) Thursday June 6th 2013
Akane Hirayama, Tadashi Eguchi, Fumitaka Kudo

119) Probing the Dimerization Interface of Leishmania infantum Trypanothione Reductase with Site (ChemBioChem) Thursday June 6th 2013
Miguel A. Toro, Pedro A. S

120) In Vivo Evidence for a Prodrug Activation Mechanism during Colibactin Maturation (ChemBioChem) Thursday June 6th 2013
Xiaoying Bian, Jun Fu, Alberto Plaza, Jennifer Herrmann, Dominik Pistorius, A. Francis Stewart, Youming Zhang, Rolf M

121) A Rotaxane Turing Machine for Peptides (ChemBioChem) Monday June 3rd 2013
Claire Margaret Wilson, Andrea Gualandi, Pier Giorgio Cozzi

122) Photobleaching Lifetimes of Cyanine Fluorophores Used for Single (ChemBioChem) Monday June 3rd 2013
David Cooper, Heui Uhm, Lawrence J. Tauzin, Nitesh Poddar, Christy F. Landes

123) Structures of KOD and 9 (ChemBioChem) Monday June 3rd 2013
Konrad Bergen, Karin Betz, Wolfram Welte, Kay Diederichs, Andreas Marx

124) Development of a Novel FRET Probe for the Real (ChemBioChem) Friday May 31st 2013
Krishna P. Bhabak, Anett Hauser, Susanne Redmer, Sebastian Banhart, Dagmar Heuer, Christoph Arenz

125) (4R) (ChemBioChem) Monday May 27th 2013
Marina Rubini, Martin A. Sch

126) The Extension of a DNA Double Helix by an Additional Watson (ChemBioChem) Friday May 24th 2013
Pawan Kumar, Pawan K. Sharma, Charlotte S. Madsen, Michael Petersen, Poul Nielsen

127) Fluorescent Probes for Live Cell Imaging of Endogenous Guanine Nitration (ChemBioChem) Wednesday May 22nd 2013
Yohei Saito, Chiaki Ito, Shigemoto Fujii, Tomohiro Sawa, Takaaki Akaike, Hirokazu Arimoto

128) Cover Picture: A Prototypical Small (ChemBioChem) Friday May 17th 2013
Stephen J. McQuaker, Casey L. Quinlan, Stuart T. Caldwell, Martin D. Brand, Richard C. Hartley

129) Inside Cover: Facile Fluorescence (ChemBioChem) Friday May 17th 2013
Erin Wildeman, Marcos M. Pires

130) Metabolic Glycan Imaging by Isonitrile (ChemBioChem) Tuesday May 14th 2013
Shaun Stairs, Andr

131) Pulse Radiolysis Studies on the Reaction of the Reduced Vitamin B12 Complex Cob(II)alamin with Superoxide (ChemBioChem) Tuesday May 14th 2013
Rohan S. Dassanayake, Diane E. Cabelli, Nicola E. Brasch

132) A Tandem Chemoenzymatic Methylation by S (ChemBioChem) Monday May 6th 2013
Joseph M. Lipson, Marie Thomsen, Bradley S. Moore, Rasmus P. Clausen, James J. La Clair, Michael D. Burkart

133) Bacterium Induces Cryptic Meroterpenoid Pathway in the Pathogenic Fungus Aspergillus fumigatus (ChemBioChem) Monday May 6th 2013
Claudia C. K

134) Recent Advances in the Study of Enzyme Promiscuity in the Tautomerase Superfamily (ChemBioChem) Friday May 3rd 2013

135) Identification of an Inhibitory Mechanism of Luteolin on the Insulin (ChemBioChem) Monday April 29th 2013
Yong Yang, Jianliang Shen, Xujiang Yu, Guoting Qin, Mingzhen Zhang, Haifa Shen, Zongwan Mao, Mauro Ferrari

136) Cover Picture: A TR (ChemBioChem) Monday April 29th 2013
Hao Zeng, Jiacai Wu, Mark T. Bedford, Gianluca Sbardella, F. Michael Hoffmann, Kun Bi, Wei Xu

137) Inside Cover: Configurational Assignment of Secondary Hydroxyl Groups and Methyl Branches in Polyketide Natural Products through Bioinformatic Analysis of the Ketoreductase Domain (ChemBioChem 7/2013) (ChemBioChem) Monday April 29th 2013
Andreas Kitsche, Markus Kalesse

138) Evidence for G (ChemBioChem) Thursday April 25th 2013
Yan Xu, Makoto Komiyama

139) NMR of Biomolecules: Towards Mechanistic Systems Biology Edited by Ivano Bertini, Kathleen S. McGreevy and Giacomo Parigi. (ChemBioChem) Monday April 22nd 2013
John Christodoulou, Christopher A. Waudby

140) Bicyclic Derivatives of L (ChemBioChem) Thursday April 18th 2013
Pilar Alfonso, Vanesa Andreu, Almudena Pino

141) A Label (ChemBioChem) Tuesday April 16th 2013
Dorothea Pinotsi, Alexander K. Buell, Christopher M. Dobson, Gabriele S. Kaminski Schierle, Clemens F. Kaminski

142) Widening the pH Activity Profile of a Fungal Laccase by Directed Evolution (ChemBioChem) Tuesday April 16th 2013
Pamela Torres

143) An in Vivo Tagging Method Reveals that Ras Undergoes Sustained Activation upon Transglutaminase (ChemBioChem) Tuesday April 16th 2013
Jason Ching

144) A Click (ChemBioChem) Monday April 15th 2013
Marianne M. Lee, Tomasz Fekner, Tsz

145) Profiling Glycosyltransferase Activities by Tritium Imaging of Glycan Microarrays (ChemBioChem) Monday April 8th 2013
Sonia Serna, Cornelis H. Hokke, Martin Weissenborn, Sabine Flitsch, Manuel Martin

146) Cover Picture: Photoconversion of Bodipy (ChemBioChem) Monday April 8th 2013
Erdinc Sezgin, Grzegorz Chwastek, Gokcan Aydogan, Ilya Levental, Kai Simons, Petra Schwille

147) Inside Cover: Highly Efficient F (ChemBioChem) Monday April 8th 2013
Thomas Kreisig, Ralf Hoffmann, Thole Zuchner

148) Selective Isotope Labelling of Leucine Residues by Using (ChemBioChem) Saturday April 6th 2013
Roman J. Lichtenecker, Nicolas Coudevylle, Robert Konrat, Walther Schmid

149) Making Ends Meet: Chemically Mediated Circularization of Recombinant Proteins (ChemBioChem) Friday April 5th 2013
Ben Cowper, David J. Craik, Derek Macmillan

150) Identification of Novel Sesterterpene/Triterpene Synthase from Bacillus clausii (ChemBioChem) Thursday April 4th 2013
Tsutomu Sato, Hiroaki Yamaga, Shoji Kashima, Yusuke Murata, Tetsuro Shinada, Chiaki Nakano, Tsutomu Hoshino

151) Highly Efficient F (ChemBioChem) Tuesday March 26th 2013
Thomas Kreisig, Ralf Hoffmann, Thole Zuchner

152) Nucleobase Protection Strategy for Gene Cloning and Expression (ChemBioChem) Tuesday March 26th 2013
Pavel Kielkowski, Nelson L. Brock, Jeroen S. Dickschat, Michal Hocek

153) A Biotin Micropatterned Surface Generated by Photodestruction Serves as a Novel Platform for Microtubule Organisation and DNA Hybridisation (ChemBioChem) Thursday March 21st 2013
Atanu Biswas, Abhijit Saha, Batakrishna Jana, Prashant Kurkute, Goutam Mondal, Surajit Ghosh

154) Photoconversion of Bodipy (ChemBioChem) Thursday March 21st 2013
Erdinc Sezgin, Grzegorz Chwastek, Gokcan Aydogan, Ilya Levental, Kai Simons, Petra Schwille

155) A Trans (ChemBioChem) Friday March 15th 2013
Yi Zou, Haixing Yin, Dekun Kong, Zixin Deng, Shuangjun Lin

156) Protein Conformational Space Populated in Solution Probed with Aromatic Residual Dipolar 13C (ChemBioChem) Tuesday March 12th 2013
Bharathwaj Sathyamoorthy, Kiran K. Singarapu, Angel E. Garcia, Thomas Szyperski

157) Cover Picture: The Protein Corona Mediates the Impact of Nanomaterials and Slows Amyloid Beta Fibrillation (ChemBioChem 5/2013) (ChemBioChem) Monday March 11th 2013
Morteza Mahmoudi, Marco P. Monopoli, Meisam Rezaei, Iseult Lynch, Filippo Bertoli, Jennifer J. McManus, Kenneth A. Dawson

158) Inside Cover: The C (ChemBioChem) Monday March 11th 2013
Weiying Liu, Min Ma, Yanjiu Xue, Nan Liu, Shuzhen Wang, Yijun Chen

159) Cover Picture: Structural Insights into the Recovery of Aldolase Activity in N (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 27th 2013
Nicole Timms, Claire L. Windle, Anna Polyakova, James R. Ault, Chi H. Trinh, Arwen R. Pearson, Adam Nelson, Alan Berry

160) Inside Cover: Glycan Sequence (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 27th 2013
Ning Wang, Cheng

161) The C (ChemBioChem) Monday February 25th 2013
Weiying Liu, Min Ma, Yanjiu Xue, Nan Liu, Shuzhen Wang, Yijun Chen

162) Dissecting the Roles of the N (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 20th 2013
Roman Meledin, Ashraf Brik, Amir Aharoni

163) Peptide Ligation (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 20th 2013
Lara R. Malins, Katie M. Cergol, Richard J. Payne

164) The Protein Corona Mediates the Impact of Nanomaterials and Slows Amyloid Beta Fibrillation (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 19th 2013
Morteza Mahmoudi, Marco P. Monopoli, Meisam Rezaei, Iseult Lynch, Filippo Bertoli, Jennifer J. McManus, Kenneth A. Dawson

165) An Enzymatic Route to Selenazolines (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 19th 2013
Jesko Koehnke, Falk Morawitz, Andrew F. Bent, Wael E. Houssen, Sally L. Shirran, Matthew A. Fuszard, Iain A. Smellie, Catherine H. Botting, Margaret C. M. Smith, Marcel Jaspars, James H. Naismith

166) Synthesis of Heterocyclic Terpenoids by Promiscuous Squalene (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 19th 2013
Miriam Seitz, Per

167) A Unified Model for Ferritin Iron Loading by the Catalytic Center: Implications for Controlling (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 12th 2013
Richard K. Watt

168) Computationally Designed Peptide Inhibitors of the Ubiquitin E3 Ligase SCFFbx4 (ChemBioChem) Monday February 11th 2013
Junglim Lee, Deanne W. Sammond, Zeno Fiorini, Jonel P. Saludes, Michael G. Resch, Bing Hao, Wei Wang, Hang Yin, Xuedong Liu

169) Nonribosomal Assembly of Natural Lipocyclocarbamate Lipoprotein (ChemBioChem) Monday February 11th 2013
Chad W. Johnston, Rostyslav Zvanych, Nadiya Khyzha, Nathan A. Magarvey

170) Hemifluorinated Maltose (ChemBioChem) Monday February 11th 2013
Kyung Ho Cho, Bernadette Byrne, Pil Seok Chae

171) Engineering New Protein (ChemBioChem) Monday February 11th 2013
Keya Zhang, Heng Li, Karan Bhuripanyo, Bo Zhao, Tiffany F. Chen, Ning Zheng, Jun Yin

172) Cover Picture: Catch (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 6th 2013
Jasper H. L. Claessen, Martin D. Witte, Nicholas C. Yoder, Angela Y. Zhu, Eric Spooner, Hidde L. Ploegh

173) Inside Cover: Beetles Do It Differently: Two Stereodivergent Cyclisation Modes in Iridoid (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 6th 2013
Maritta Kunert, Peter Rahfeld, Kamel H. Shaker, Bernd Schneider, Anja David, Konrad Dettner, Jacques M. Pasteels, Wilhelm Boland

174) Identification and Characterization of Bacterial Diterpene Cyclases that Synthesize the Cembrane Skeleton (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 6th 2013
Ayuko Meguro, Takeo Tomita, Makoto Nishiyama, Tomohisa Kuzuyama

175) Selective Fluorescence Detection of Small (ChemBioChem) Friday February 1st 2013
Kaori Sakurai, Rika Yamada, Ayumi Okada, Masaki Tawa, Shimpei Ozawa, Maia Inoue

176) Selective Fluorogenic Chemosensors for Distinct Classes of Nucleases (ChemBioChem) Friday February 1st 2013

177) Biology (ChemBioChem) Thursday January 31st 2013
Tobias J. Zimmermann, Sayantani Roy, Nancy E. Martinez, Slava Ziegler, Christian Hedberg, Herbert Waldmann

178) Small (ChemBioChem) Tuesday January 29th 2013
Katherine Zlotkowski, Jon Pierce

179) Characterization of the Bafilomycin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster from Streptomyces lohii (ChemBioChem) Tuesday January 29th 2013
Wei Zhang, Jeffrey L. Fortman, Jacob C. Carlson, Jinyong Yan, Yi Liu, Fali Bai, Wenna Guan, Junyong Jia, Teatulohi Matainaho, David H. Sherman, Shengying Li

180) Flexibility and Reactivity in Promiscuous Enzymes (ChemBioChem) Tuesday January 29th 2013
Pietro Gatti

181) Genetic Dissection of Sesquiterpene Biosynthesis by Fusarium fujikuroi (ChemBioChem) Thursday January 17th 2013
Nelson L. Brock, Kathleen Huss, Bettina Tudzynski, Jeroen S. Dickschat

182) Cover Picture: Insights into TIM (ChemBioChem) Thursday January 17th 2013
Feifei Ren, Xinxin Feng, Tzu

183) Inside Cover: Formation of RNA Phosphodiester Bond by Histidine (ChemBioChem) Thursday January 17th 2013

184) Insights into TIM (ChemBioChem) Tuesday January 15th 2013
Feifei Ren, Xinxin Feng, Tzu

185) Innovation and Originality in the Strategies Developed by Bacteria To Get Access to Iron (ChemBioChem) Friday January 11th 2013
Isabelle J. Schalk

186) Promiscuous Catalysis of Asymmetric Michael (ChemBioChem) Wednesday January 9th 2013
Yufeng Miao, Edzard M. Geertsema, Pieter G. Tepper, Ellen Zandvoort, Gerrit J. Poelarends

187) Tetramolecular Fluorescence Complementation for Detection of Specific RNAs in Vitro (ChemBioChem) Wednesday January 9th 2013
Stefanie Julia Kellermann, Anna Katharina Rath, Andrea Rentmeister

188) Lighting up GPCRs with a Fluorescent Multiprobe Dubbed (ChemBioChem) Wednesday January 9th 2013
Zhao Ma, Lupei Du, Minyong Li

189) Fluorescent Live (ChemBioChem) Friday January 4th 2013
Christian M. Cole, Jun Yang, Jolita

190) The Impact of Structure on Oxidatively Generated DNA Damage Products Resulting from the C3 (ChemBioChem) Friday December 28th 2012
Nicholas J. Amato, Amanda C. Bryant

191) Photoactivable Amino Acid Bioisosteres and Mass Spectrometry: Snapshots of in Vivo 3D Protein Structures (ChemBioChem) Friday December 28th 2012
Claudio Iacobucci, Samantha Reale, Francesco De Angelis

192) Cover Picture: Effect of Ganglioside GM3 Synthase Gene Knockout on the Glycoprotein N (ChemBioChem) Sunday December 23rd 2012
Noriko Nagahori, Tadashi Yamashita, Maho Amano, Shin

193) Inside Cover: A Pan Photoaffinity Probe for Detecting Active Forms of Matrix Metalloproteinases (ChemBioChem 1/2013) (ChemBioChem) Sunday December 23rd 2012
Catherine Nury, Bertrand Czarny, Evelyne Cassar

194) Cover Picture: The Discovery of New Cyanobactins from Cyanothece PCC 7425 Defines a New Signature for Processing of Patellamides (ChemBioChem 18/2012) (ChemBioChem) Saturday December 15th 2012
Wael E. Houssen, Jesko Koehnke, David Zollman, Jeremie Vendome, Andrea Raab, Margaret C. M. Smith, James H. Naismith, Marcel Jaspars

195) Inside Cover: Identification of the Biosynthetic Gene Cluster and Regulatory Cascade for the Synergistic Antibacterial Antibiotics Griseoviridin and Viridogrisein in Streptomyces griseoviridis (ChemBioChem 18/2012) (ChemBioChem) Saturday December 15th 2012
Yunchang Xie, Bo Wang, Jing Liu, Junchao Zhou, Junying Ma, Hongbo Huang, Jianhua Ju

196) FRET (ChemBioChem) Thursday December 13th 2012
Elke Socher, Barbara Imperiali

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