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1) A Structuring Repeat for Peptide Design: Long Beta Ribbons (ChemBioChem) Tuesday December 22nd 2015
Brandon L. Kier, Gregory M. Newbloom, Lilo D. Pozzo, Niels H. Andersen

2) The Witch Weed Is Able To Detect a Wide Range of Chemicals from Plants through Its Sensitive and Specific Receptors: The Strigolactone Story Updated (ChemBioChem) Thursday December 10th 2015
Antonio Molinaro

3) Development of Fluorescent Protein Probes Specific for Parallel DNA and RNA G (ChemBioChem) Wednesday December 9th 2015
Dung Thanh Dang, Anh Tu

4) Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Corvol Ether Biosynthesis (ChemBioChem) Friday December 4th 2015
Patrick Rabe, Aron Janusko, Bernd Goldfuss, Jeroen S. Dickschat

5) KAHA Ligation at Serine (ChemBioChem) Tuesday November 24th 2015

6) Evaluation of Pseudoenantiomeric Mixed Carbonates as Efficient Fluorogenic Probes for Enantioselectivity Screening (ChemBioChem) Monday November 23rd 2015
Anna Zadlo, Dominik Koszelewski, Filip Borys, Ryszard Ostaszewski

7) A Novel Nickel Pincer Complex in the Active Site of Lactate Racemase (ChemBioChem) Wednesday November 4th 2015
Tao Xu, Gerald Bauer, Xile Hu

8) All about that Amide Bond: The Sixth Chemical Protein Synthesis (CPS) Meeting (ChemBioChem) Monday October 12th 2015
Caroline E. Weller, Champak Chatterjee

9) Pre (ChemBioChem) Wednesday September 9th 2015
Yukiko Kamiya, Hiroyuki Asanuma

10) How Many Biochemistries Are Available To Build a Cell? (ChemBioChem) Thursday September 3rd 2015
Carlos G. Acevedo

11) Cover Picture: One (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 27th 2015
Gil Nifker, Michal Levy

12) Inside Cover: Mutagenesis of an Asn156 Residue in a Surface Region of S (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 27th 2015
Nobuhiro Kawahara, Yasuhisa Asano

13) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 13/2015 (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 27th 2015

14) The Hybrid Pyrroloisoindolone (ChemBioChem) Wednesday August 12th 2015

15) Cover Picture: Optimizing the Photocontrol of bZIP Coiled Coils with Azobenzene Crosslinkers: Role of the Crosslinking Site (ChemBioChem 12/2015) (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 6th 2015
Ahmed M. Ali, Matthew W. Forbes, G. Andrew Woolley

16) Inside Cover: Critical Intermediates Reveal New Biosynthetic Events in the Enigmatic Colibactin Pathway (ChemBioChem 12/2015) (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 6th 2015

17) Inside Back Cover: Expanding the Imine Reductase Toolbox by Exploring the Bacterial Protein (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 6th 2015
Dennis Wetzl, Marco Berrera, Nicolas Sandon, Dan Fishlock, Martin Ebeling, Michael M

18) Back Cover: Diversified Structural Basis of a Conserved Molecular Mechanism for pH (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 6th 2015
Martins Otikovs, Gefei Chen, Kerstin Nordling, Michael Landreh, Qing Meng, Hans J

19) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 12/2015 (ChemBioChem) Thursday August 6th 2015

20) Turning Peptide Ligands into Small (ChemBioChem) Thursday July 23rd 2015
Chie Hashimoto, Jutta Eichler

21) Cover Picture: Detection of Human (ChemBioChem) Monday July 20th 2015
Manjula Nandakumar, Yu

22) Inside Cover: One Crystal, Two Temperatures: Cryocooling Penalties Alter Ligand Binding to Transient Protein Sites (ChemBioChem 11/2015) (ChemBioChem) Monday July 20th 2015
Marcus Fischer, Brian K. Shoichet, James S. Fraser

23) Back Cover: Cellular Antisense Activity of PNA (ChemBioChem) Monday July 20th 2015

24) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 11/2015 (ChemBioChem) Monday July 20th 2015

25) Chemical Talking with Living Systems: Molecular Switches Steer Quorum Sensing in Bacteria (ChemBioChem) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Luca Schweighauser, Hermann A. Wegner

26) Cover Picture: A Recombinant Collagen (ChemBioChem) Thursday July 2nd 2015
Liping Sun, Yunjing Xiong, Anat Bashan, Ella Zimmerman, Shirley Shulman Daube, Yoav Peleg, Shira Albeck, Tamar Unger, Hagith Yonath, Miri Krupkin, Donna Matzov, Ada Yonath

27) Inside Cover: Genetic Incorporation of N (ChemBioChem) Thursday July 2nd 2015
Tianyuan Wang, Qing Zhou, Fahui Li, Yang Yu, Xuebin Yin, Jiangyun Wang

28) Back Cover: Structural Integrity of the A147T Polymorph of Mammalian TSPO (ChemBioChem 10/2015) (ChemBioChem) Thursday July 2nd 2015
Mariusz Jaremko

29) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 10/2015 (ChemBioChem) Thursday July 2nd 2015

30) Nickel (ChemBioChem) Wednesday June 17th 2015
David Schilter

31) Cover Picture: Micelle (ChemBioChem) Friday June 5th 2015
He Tian, Thomas P. Sakmar, Thomas Huber

32) Inside Cover: Strategy for Internal Labeling of Large RNAs with Minimal Perturbation by Using Fluorescent PNA (ChemBioChem 9/2015) (ChemBioChem) Friday June 5th 2015
Anita G. Schmitz, Susann Zelger

33) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 9/2015 (ChemBioChem) Friday June 5th 2015

34) Reaching Back to Jump Forward: Recent Efforts towards a Systems (ChemBioChem) Monday June 1st 2015
Greg Springsteen

35) A Synthetic Transcriptional Activator of Genes Associated with the Retina in Human Dermal Fibroblasts (ChemBioChem) Thursday May 28th 2015
Junetha Syed, Anandhakumar Chandran, Ganesh N. Pandian, Junichi Taniguchi, Shinsuke Sato, Kaori Hashiya, Gengo Kashiwazaki, Toshikazu Bando, Hiroshi Sugiyama

36) Cover Picture: Fluorogenic Sequencing Using Halogen (ChemBioChem) Friday May 15th 2015
Zitian Chen, Haifeng Duan, Shuo Qiao, Wenxiong Zhou, Haiwei Qiu, Li Kang, X. Sunney Xie, Yanyi Huang

37) Inside Cover: A Fluorescence (ChemBioChem) Friday May 15th 2015
Miroslav Male

38) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 8/2015 (ChemBioChem) Friday May 15th 2015

39) Biocontainment through Reengineered Genetic Codes (ChemBioChem) Monday April 27th 2015
Arjun Ravikumar, Chang C. Liu

40) Cover Picture: A Cactus (ChemBioChem) Friday April 24th 2015
Teshome L. Aboye, Adam A. Str

41) Inside Cover: Differential Scanning Fluorimetry for Monitoring RNA Stability (ChemBioChem 7/2015) (ChemBioChem) Friday April 24th 2015
Robert Silvers, Heiko Keller, Harald Schwalbe, Martin Hengesbach

42) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 7/2015 (ChemBioChem) Friday April 24th 2015

43) Inside Cover: Antibody Induction Directed against the Tumor (ChemBioChem) Wednesday April 1st 2015
Hui Cai, Bj

44) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 6/2015 (ChemBioChem) Wednesday April 1st 2015

45) Simple (ChemBioChem) Tuesday March 31st 2015
Edna Bode, Alexander O. Brachmann, Carsten Kegler, Rukayye Simsek, Christina Dauth, Qiuqin Zhou, Marcel Kaiser, Petra Klemmt, Helge B. Bode

46) Structural Biology Turned on Its Head (ChemBioChem) Friday March 20th 2015
Guillaume Bouvignies, Martin Blackledge

47) Cover Picture: A Unified Sensor Architecture for Isothermal Detection of Double (ChemBioChem) Monday March 16th 2015
Carl W. Brown, Matthew R. Lakin, Aurora Fabry

48) Inside Cover: Improving Cell (ChemBioChem) Monday March 16th 2015
Seok Hoon Hong, Yong

49) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 5/2015 (ChemBioChem) Monday March 16th 2015

50) New Paradigms for the Chiral Synthesis of Inositol Phosphates (ChemBioChem) Thursday March 12th 2015
Estelle Durantie, Jean

51) Catalysing Mirror Life (ChemBioChem) Wednesday March 4th 2015
Marleen Renders, Vitor B. Pinheiro

52) A Photorhabdus Natural Product Inhibits Insect Juvenile Hormone Epoxide Hydrolase (ChemBioChem) Wednesday February 25th 2015
Friederike I. Nollmann, Antje K. Heinrich, Alexander O. Brachmann, Christophe Morisseau, Krishnendu Mukherjee

53) Cover Picture: Striking Antitumor Activity of a Methinium System with Incorporated Quinoxaline Unit Obtained by Spontaneous Cyclization (ChemBioChem 4/2015) (ChemBioChem) Friday February 20th 2015
T. B

54) Inside Cover: A Peptide (ChemBioChem) Friday February 20th 2015
J. Joris Witsenburg, Michael D. Sinzinger, Oda Stoevesandt, Ivo R. Ruttekolk, G

55) Back Cover: Directed Divergent Evolution of a Thermostable D (ChemBioChem) Friday February 20th 2015
Andreas Bosshart, Chee Seng Hee, Matthias Bechtold, Tilman Schirmer, Sven Panke

56) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 4/2015 (ChemBioChem) Friday February 20th 2015

57) Mixed Carbonates as Useful Substrates for a Fluorogenic Assay for Lipases and Esterases (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Anna Zadlo, Dominik Koszelewski, Filip Borys, Ryszard Ostaszewski

58) Cover Picture: Establishing the Stability and Reversibility of Protein Pyrophosphorylation with Synthetic Peptides (ChemBioChem 3/2015) (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Lisa M. Yates, Dorothea Fiedler

59) Inside Cover: Synthesis of 3 (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Laura Iannazzo, Guillaume Laisn

60) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 3/2015 (ChemBioChem) Tuesday February 3rd 2015

61) Striking Antitumor Activity of a Methinium System with Incorporated Quinoxaline Unit Obtained by Spontaneous Cyclization (ChemBioChem) Wednesday January 28th 2015
T. B

62) Cover Picture: Conformation of Inhibitor (ChemBioChem) Monday January 12th 2015
Julien Roche, John M. Louis, Ad Bax

63) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 2/2015 (ChemBioChem) Monday January 12th 2015

64) New, Non (ChemBioChem) Thursday January 8th 2015
Jekaterina Hermane, Ilona Bu

65) Cover Picture: Reconstructing the Discontinuous and Conformational (ChemBioChem) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Linde E. J. Smeenk, Drohpatie Timmers

66) Inside Cover: Identification and Characterization of a Methionine (ChemBioChem) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Haigang Song, Ri Xu, Zhihong Guo

67) Back Cover: Conversion of Low (ChemBioChem) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Sunghyun Kim, Daejin Kim, Yonghyun Lee, Hyungsu Jeon, Byung

68) Chemical Biology, Synthetic Biology, Bio (ChemBioChem) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Peter G

69) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 1/2015 (ChemBioChem) Tuesday December 23rd 2014

70) Achieving Single (ChemBioChem) Wednesday December 17th 2014
Grzegorz Kubik, Daniel Summerer

71) Applying (ChemBioChem) Tuesday December 16th 2014
Dennis Dietz, Vladimir Kubyshkin, Nediljko Budisa

72) Cover Picture: Generic Structures of Cytotoxic Liprotides: Nano (ChemBioChem) Friday December 5th 2014

73) Inside Cover: A Dual Reporter System for Detecting RNA Interactions in Bacterial Cells (ChemBioChem 18/2014) (ChemBioChem) Friday December 5th 2014
Kacper Kuryllo, Shahrzad Jahanshahi, Weijia Zhu, Eric D. Brown, Yingfu Li

74) Inside Back Cover: An Evolutionary Model Encompassing Substrate Specificity and Reactivity of Type I Polyketide Synthase Thioesterases (ChemBioChem 18/2014) (ChemBioChem) Friday December 5th 2014
Taylor P. A. Hari, Puneet Labana, Meaghan Boileau, Christopher N. Boddy

75) Back Cover: SUMO (ChemBioChem) Friday December 5th 2014
Bo Zhao, Eric B. Villhauer, Karan Bhuripanyo, Hiroaki Kiyokawa, Hermann Schindelin, Jun Yin

76) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 18/2014 (ChemBioChem) Friday December 5th 2014

77) A Bacterial Mutant Library as a Tool to Study the Attack of a Defensin Peptide (ChemBioChem) Thursday November 27th 2014
Simone Moser, Haritha R. Chileveru, Jill Tomaras, Elizabeth M. Nolan

78) Insect (ChemBioChem) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Friederike I. Nollmann, Christina Dauth, Geraldine Mulley, Carsten Kegler, Marcel Kaiser, Nick R. Waterfield, Helge B. Bode

79) Cover Picture: Alpha (ChemBioChem) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Marta Robotta, Hanne R. Gerding, Antonia Vogel, Karin Hauser, Stefan Schildknecht, Christiaan Karreman, Marcel Leist, Vinod Subramaniam, Malte Drescher

80) Inside Cover: Covalent Inhibition of New Delhi Metallo (ChemBioChem) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Pei W. Thomas, Michael Cammarata, Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Walter Fast

81) Back Cover: Enhancement of Stability and Activity of siRNA by Terminal Substitution with Serinol Nucleic Acid (SNA) (ChemBioChem 17/2014) (ChemBioChem) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Yukiko Kamiya, Junya Takai, Hiroshi Ito, Keiji Murayama, Hiromu Kashida, Hiroyuki Asanuma

82) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 17/2014 (ChemBioChem) Tuesday November 25th 2014

83) Detailed Structure (ChemBioChem) Thursday November 13th 2014
Bettina Sommer, Holger von Moeller, Martina Haack, Farah Qoura, Clemens Langner, Gleb Bourenkov, Daniel Garbe, Bernhard Loll, Thomas Br

84) A Novel Tyrosine (ChemBioChem) Wednesday November 12th 2014

85) Identification and Characterization of a Small (ChemBioChem) Friday November 7th 2014
Theis S. Wilbek, Tine Skovgaard, Fiona J. Sorrell, Stefan Knapp, Jens Berthelsen, Kristian Str

86) Cover Picture: Conformational Flexibility in the Binding Surface of the Potassium Channel Blocker ShK (ChemBioChem 16/2014) (ChemBioChem) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Inbal Sher, Shih Chieh Chang, Ying Li, Sandeep Chhabra, Arthur G. Palmer, Raymond S. Norton, Jordan H. Chill

87) Inside Cover: Multiplexed Programmable Release of Captured DNA (ChemBioChem 16/2014) (ChemBioChem) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Julia Kennedy

88) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 16/2014 (ChemBioChem) Thursday October 23rd 2014

89) EMBO Conference Series: Chemical Biology 2014 (ChemBioChem) Friday October 17th 2014
Eileen J. Kennedy

90) Modular Polyketide Synthases (PKSs): A New Model Fits All? (ChemBioChem) Friday October 17th 2014
Alexander Rittner, Martin Grininger

91) Cover Picture: Peptidyl Succinimidyl Peptides as Taspase 1 Inhibitors (ChemBioChem 15/2014) (ChemBioChem) Thursday October 2nd 2014
Johannes van den Boom, Marija Mami

92) Inside Cover: The Evolutionary Enhancement of Genotype (ChemBioChem) Thursday October 2nd 2014
Keisuke Uno, Takeshi Sunami, Norikazu Ichihashi, Yasuaki Kazuta, Tomoaki Matsuura, Tetsuya Yomo

93) Back Cover: Hydrophobic Triaryl (ChemBioChem) Thursday October 2nd 2014
Neda Nasheri, Craig S. McKay, Kelly Fulton, Susan Twine, Megan H. Powdrill, Allison R. Sherratt, John Paul Pezacki

94) Spotlights on our sister journals: ChemBioChem 15/2014 (ChemBioChem) Thursday October 2nd 2014

95) XVIth Symposium on Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Components (ChemBioChem) Monday September 22nd 2014
Vicky Gheerardijn, Annemieke Madder

96) Cover Picture: Proteasome Inhibitors with Photocontrolled Activity (ChemBioChem 14/2014) (ChemBioChem) Friday September 12th 2014
Mickel J. Hansen, Willem A. Velema, Gerjan de Bruin, Herman S. Overkleeft, Wiktor Szymanski, Ben L. Feringa

97) Inside Cover: Site (ChemBioChem) Friday September 12th 2014
Hanna Luhavaya, Simon R. Williams, Hui Hong, Luciana Gonzaga de Oliveira, Peter F. Leadlay

98) Reversible Amyloid Fiber Formation in the N Terminus of Androgen Receptor (ChemBioChem) Thursday September 11th 2014
Julia Asencio

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