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99) The Human Iron (Biochemistry) Friday June 12th 2015
Nicholas G. Fox, Mrinmoy Chakrabarti, Sean P. McCormick, Paul A. Lindahl, David P. Barondeau

100) Fluphenazine (Biochemistry) Friday June 12th 2015
Courtney O. Zlatic, Yu Mao, Timothy M. Ryan, Yee-Foong Mok, Blaine R. Roberts, Geoffrey J. Howlett, Michael D. W. Griffin

101) Crystallographic and Computational Analyses of AUUCU Repeating RNA That Causes Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 10 (SCA10) (Biochemistry) Friday June 12th 2015
HaJeung Park, A

102) The Lys-Specific Molecular Tweezer, CLR01, Modulates Aggregation of the Mutant p53 DNA Binding Domain and Inhibits Its Toxicity (Biochemistry) Thursday June 11th 2015
Gal Herzog, Merav D. Shmueli, Limor Levy, Liat Engel, Ehud Gazit, Frank-Gerrit Kla

103) Biological Insights from a Simulation Model of the Critical FtsZ Accumulation Required for Prokaryotic Cell Division (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 10th 2015
Claire E. Dow, Hugo A. van den Berg, David I. Roper, Alison Rodger

104) N-Terminal Hypervariable Region of Muscle Type Isoforms of Troponin T Differentially Modulates the Affinity of Tropomyosin-Binding Site 1 (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 10th 2015
Chinthaka Amarasinghe, J.-P. Jin

105) The Fifth Transmembrane Segment of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Contributes to Its Anion Permeation Pathway (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 10th 2015
Jingyao Zhang, Tzyh-Chang Hwang

106) Expression and Characterization of Gly-317 Variants of Factor IX Causing Variable Bleeding in Hemophilia B Patients (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 10th 2015
Qiuya Lu, Likui Yang, Chandrashekhara Manithody, Xuefeng Wang, Alireza R. Rezaie

107) Structural Analysis of Substrate, Reaction Intermediate, and Product Binding in Haemophilus influenzae Biotin Carboxylase (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 9th 2015
Tyler C. Broussard, Svetlana Pakhomova, David B. Neau, Ross Bonnot, Grover L. Waldrop

108) HYSCORE Analysis of the Effects of Substrates on Coordination of Water to the Active Site Iron in Tyrosine Hydroxylase (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 9th 2015
John McCracken, Bekir E. Eser, Donald Mannikko, Matthew D. Krzyaniak, Paul F. Fitzpatrick

109) Molecular Determinants of N-Acetylglucosamine Recognition and Turnover by N-Acetyl-1-d-myo-inosityl-2-amino-2-deoxy- (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 9th 2015
Xinyi Huang, Marcy Hernick

110) Bacterial Renalase: Structure and Kinetics of an Enzyme with 2- and 6-Dihydro- (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 9th 2015
Matthew R. Hoag, Joseph Roman, Brett A. Beaupre, Nicholas R. Silvaggi, Graham R. Moran

111) Mechanistic Studies of the Radical S-Adenosyl-l-methionine Enzyme 4-Demethylwyosine Synthase Reveal the Site of Hydrogen Atom Abstraction (Biochemistry) Monday June 8th 2015
Anthony P. Young, Vahe Bandarian

112) Metal Ion Dependence of the Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Mechanism (Biochemistry) Monday June 8th 2015
Hao Yang, Katherine Makaroff, Nicholas Paz, Mahesh Aitha, Michael W. Crowder, David L. Tierney

113) Helicobacter pylori TlyA Forms Amyloid-like Aggregates with Potent Cytotoxic Activity (Biochemistry) Monday June 8th 2015
Kusum Lata, Kausik Chattopadhyay

114) Identification of the Binding Position of Amilorides in the Quinone Binding Pocket of Mitochondrial Complex I (Biochemistry) Friday June 5th 2015
Takeshi Ito, Masatoshi Murai, Hironobu Morisaka, Hideto Miyoshi

115) Characterization of Red/Green Cyanobacteriochrome NpR6012g4 by Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: A Hydrophobic Pocket for the C15-E,anti Chromophore in the Photoproduct (Biochemistry) Friday June 5th 2015
Nathan C. Rockwell, Shelley S. Martin, Sunghyuk Lim, J. Clark Lagarias, James B. Ames

116) Targets for Combating the Evolution of Acquired Antibiotic Resistance (Biochemistry) Friday June 5th 2015
Matthew J. Culyba, Charlie Y. Mo, Rahul M. Kohli

117) Investigating the Structural Variability and Binding Modes of the Glioma Targeting NFL-TBS.40 (Biochemistry) Thursday June 4th 2015
Yoann Laurin, Philippe Savarin, Charles H. Robert, Masayuki Takahashi, Joel Eyer, Chantal Prevost, Sophie Sacquin-Mora

118) The Phosphatase-Resistant Isoform of CaMKI, Ca2+/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase I (Biochemistry) Thursday June 4th 2015
Yukako Senga, Atsuhiko Ishida, Yasushi Shigeri, Isamu Kameshita, Noriyuki Sueyoshi

119) A Cyclic Mimic of HIV Tat Differentiates Similar TAR RNAs on the Basis of Distinct Dynamic Behaviors (Biochemistry) Thursday June 4th 2015
Jia Lu, Larry Nguyen, Liang Zhao, Tianbing Xia, Xin Qi

120) Notch Transmembrane Domain: Secondary Structure and Topology (Biochemistry) Thursday June 4th 2015
Catherine L. Deatherage, Zhenwei Lu, Ji-Hun Kim, Charles R. Sanders

121) Crystal Structures of Polymorphic Prion Protein (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 3rd 2015
Lu Yu, Seung-Joo Lee, Vivien C. Yee

122) Thermal Stabilization of Proteins by Mono- and Oligosaccharides: Measurement and Analysis in the Context of an Excluded Volume Model (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 3rd 2015
Ilyas Beg, Allen P. Minton, Md. Imtaiyaz Hassan, Asimul Islam, Faizan Ahmad

123) Relationship of the Topological Distances and Activities between mPGES-1 and COX-2 versus COX-1: Implications of the Different Post-Translational Endoplasmic Reticulum Organizations of COX-1 and COX-2 (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 3rd 2015
Hironari Akasaka, Shui-Ping So, Ke-He Ruan

124) Nitric Oxide Regulation of Bacterial Biofilms (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 3rd 2015
Dhruv P. Arora, Sajjad Hossain, Yueming Xu, Elizabeth M. Boon

125) Initial O2 Insertion Step of the Tryptophan Dioxygenase Reaction Proposed by a Heme-Modification Study (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 3rd 2015
Ryu Makino, Eiji Obayashi, Hiroshi Hori, Tetsutaro Iizuka, Keisuke Mashima, Yoshitsugu Shiro, Yuzuru Ishimura

126) Structure and Dynamics of the Acidosis-Resistant A162H Mutant of the Switch Region of Troponin I Bound to the Regulatory Domain of Troponin C (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 2nd 2015
Sandra E. Pineda-Sanabria, Ian M. Robertson, Brian D. Sykes

127) Protein Synthesis with Ribosomes Selected for the Incorporation of (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 2nd 2015
Rumit Maini, Sandipan Roy Chowdhury, Larisa M. Dedkova, Basab Roy, Sasha M. Daskalova, Rakesh Paul, Shengxi Chen, Sidney M. Hecht

128) The Escherichia coli Envelope Stress Sensor CpxA Responds to Changes in Lipid Bilayer Properties (Biochemistry) Monday June 1st 2015
Rebecca Keller, Candan Ario

129) Crystal Structure and Product Analysis of an Archaeal myo-Inositol Kinase Reveal Substrate Recognition Mode and 3-OH Phosphorylation (Biochemistry) Friday May 29th 2015
Ryuhei Nagata, Masahiro Fujihashi, Takaaki Sato, Haruyuki Atomi, Kunio Miki

130) Probing Mechanistic Similarities between Response Regulator Signaling Proteins and Haloacid Dehalogenase Phosphatases (Biochemistry) Thursday May 28th 2015
Robert M. Immormino, Chrystal A. Starbird, Ruth E. Silversmith, Robert B. Bourret

131) Preformed Soluble Chemoreceptor Trimers That Mimic Cellular Assembly States and Activate CheA Autophosphorylation (Biochemistry) Thursday May 28th 2015
Anna R. Greenswag, Xiaoxiao Li, Peter P. Borbat, Dipanjan Samanta, Kylie J. Watts, Jack H. Freed, Brian R. Crane

132) Tuning Cooperativity on the Free Energy Landscape of Protein Folding (Biochemistry) Thursday May 28th 2015
Pooja Malhotra, Jayant B. Udgaonkar

133) Impact of Mutating the Key Residues of a Bifunctional 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase-Cyclohydrolase from Escherichia coli on Its Activities (Biochemistry) Thursday May 28th 2015
Shivjee Sah, Umesh Varshney

134) The Influenza A PB1-F2 and N40 Start Codons Are Contained within an RNA Pseudoknot (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 27th 2015
Salvatore F. Priore, Andrew D. Kauffmann, Jayson R. Baman, Douglas H. Turner

135) Detection of Labile Low-Molecular-Mass Transition Metal Complexes in Mitochondria (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 27th 2015
Sean P. McCormick, Michael J. Moore, Paul A. Lindahl

136) p21 Exploits Residue Tyr151 as a Tether for High-Affinity PCNA Binding (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 27th 2015
Alice J. Kroker, John B. Bruning

137) Aldolases Utilize Different Oligomeric States To Preserve Their Functional Dynamics (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 27th 2015
Ataur R. Katebi, Robert L. Jernigan

138) Competition between Fibrillation and Induction of Vesicle Fusion for the Membrane-Associated 40-Residue (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 27th 2015
Rumonat D. Akinlolu, Mimi Nam, Wei Qiang

139) Effects of Salt on the Stability of a G-Quadruplex from the Human c-MYC Promoter (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 27th 2015
Byul G. Kim, Heather M. Evans, David N. Dubins, Tigran V. Chalikian

140) Conformation-Dependent Human p52Shc Phosphorylation by Human c-Src (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 26th 2015
Yuko Tsutsui, Jennifer M. Johnson, Borries Demeler, Michael T. Kinter, Franklin A. Hays

141) Chemical Interactions of Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) and Glycerol with Protein Functional Groups: Applications to Effects of PEG and Glycerol on Protein Processes (Biochemistry) Friday May 22nd 2015
D. B. Knowles, Irina A. Shkel, Noel M. Phan, Matt Sternke, Emily Lingeman, Xian Cheng, Lixue Cheng, Kevin O

142) Structure-Based Small Molecule Modulation of a Pre-Amyloid State: Pharmacological Enhancement of IAPP Membrane-Binding and Toxicity (Biochemistry) Friday May 22nd 2015
Abhinav Nath, Diana E. Schlamadinger, Elizabeth Rhoades, Andrew D. Miranker

143) Resonance Raman Spectra of Five-Coordinate Heme-Nitrosyl Cytochromes c (Biochemistry) Friday May 22nd 2015
Amy E. Servid, Alison L. McKay, Cherry A. Davis, Elizabeth M. Garton, Andreea Manole, Paul S. Dobbin, Michael A. Hough, Colin R. Andrew

144) The Effect of Natural LCAT Mutations on the Biogenesis of HDL (Biochemistry) Friday May 22nd 2015
Panagiotis Fotakis, Jan Albert Kuivenhoven, Eugene Dafnis, Dimitris Kardassis, Vassilis I. Zannis

145) Evidence of Kinetic Cooperativity in Dimeric Ketopantoate Reductase from Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Thursday May 21st 2015
Joseph E. Sanchez, Phillip G. Gross, Russell W. Goetze, Richard M. Walsh, William B. Peeples, Zachary A. Wood

146) Characterization of Novel Ribosome-Associated Endoribonuclease SLFN14 from Rabbit Reticulocytes (Biochemistry) Thursday May 21st 2015
Vera P. Pisareva, Ilham A. Muslimov, Andrew Tcherepanov, Andrey V. Pisarev

147) Structural Features of a 3 (Biochemistry) Thursday May 21st 2015
Jonathan L. Chen, Scott D. Kennedy, Douglas H. Turner

148) First Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Studies of the Inhibition Mechanism of Cruzain by Peptidyl Halomethyl Ketones (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 20th 2015
Kemel Arafet, Silvia Ferrer, Vicent Moliner

149) Cysteine Sulfur Chemistry in Transcriptional Regulators at the Host (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 20th 2015
Justin L. Luebke, David P. Giedroc

150) An Intrinsically Disordered Region in the Proapoptotic ASPP2 Protein Binds to the Helicobacter pylori Oncoprotein CagA (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 20th 2015
Tali H. Reingewertz, Anat Iosub-Amir, Daniel A. Bonsor, Guy Mayer, Hadar Amartely, Assaf Friedler, Eric J. Sundberg

151) The Voltage-Gated Proton Channel: A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, inside an Enigma (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 20th 2015
Thomas E. DeCoursey

152) Subunit Interactions within the Carbon (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 19th 2015
Zhongjie Ren, Soumya Ranganathan, Nathanael F. Zinnel, William K. Russell, David H. Russell, Frank M. Raushel

153) The Transcription Factor CarH Safeguards Use of Adenosylcobalamin as a Light Sensor by Altering the Photolysis Products (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 19th 2015
Marco Jost, Jeffrey H. Simpson, Catherine L. Drennan

154) Enzymatic Mechanism of Leishmania major Peroxidase and the Critical Role of Specific Ionic Interactions (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 19th 2015
Georges Chreifi, Scott A. Hollingsworth, Huiying Li, Sarvind Tripathi, Anton P. Arce, Hugo I. Magan

155) Magnetic Fields Facilitate DNA-Mediated Charge Transport (Biochemistry) Monday May 18th 2015
Jiun Ru Wong, Kee Jin Lee, Jian-Jun Shu, Fangwei Shao

156) Docking and Migration of Carbon Monoxide in Nitrogenase: The Case for Gated Pockets from Infrared Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics (Biochemistry) Saturday May 16th 2015
Leland B. Gee, Igor Leontyev, Alexei Stuchebrukhov, Aubrey D. Scott, Vladimir Pelmenschikov, Stephen P. Cramer

157) Cryo-Electron Microscopy and the Amazing Race to Atomic Resolution (Biochemistry) Thursday May 14th 2015
Elad Binshtein, Melanie D. Ohi

158) Oligomers of Parkinson (Biochemistry) Thursday May 14th 2015
Anja N. D. Stefanovic, Saskia Lindhoud, Slav A. Semerdzhiev, Mireille M. A. E. Claessens, Vinod Subramaniam

159) Molecular Mechanism of Photozipper, a Light-Regulated Dimerizing Module Consisting of the bZIP and LOV Domains of Aureochrome-1 (Biochemistry) Thursday May 14th 2015
Yoichi Nakatani, Osamu Hisatomi

160) Structure and Dynamics of GeoCyp: A Thermophilic Cyclophilin with a Novel Substrate Binding Mechanism That Functions Efficiently at Low Temperatures (Biochemistry) Thursday May 14th 2015
Michael J. Holliday, Carlo Camilloni, Geoffrey S. Armstrong, Nancy G. Isern, Fengli Zhang, Michele Vendruscolo, Elan Z. Eisenmesser

161) Structural Basis for Different Substrate Profiles of Two Closely Related Class D (Biochemistry) Thursday May 14th 2015
Vlatko Stojanoski, Dar-Chone Chow, Bartlomiej Fryszczyn, Liya Hu, Patrice Nordmann, Laurent Poirel, Banumathi Sankaran, B. V. Venkataram Prasad, Timothy Palzkill

162) Cancer-Associated Mutations in Breast Tumor Kinase/PTK6 Differentially Affect Enzyme Activity and Substrate Recognition (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 13th 2015
Tiffany Tsui, W. Todd Miller

163) Exploring the Role of Residue 228 in Substrate and Inhibitor Recognition by VIM Metallo- (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 12th 2015
Maria F. Mojica, S. Graciela Mahler, Christopher R. Bethel, Magdalena A. Taracila, Magda Kosmopoulou, Krisztina M. Papp-Wallace, Leticia I. Llarrull, Brigid M. Wilson, Steven H. Marshall, Christopher J. Wallace, Maria V. Villegas, Michael E. Harris, Alejandro J. Vila, James Spencer, Robert A. Bonomo

164) Role of Domain Swapping in the Hetero-Oligomeric Cytochrome b6f Lipoprotein Complex (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 12th 2015
Rachna Agarwal, S. Saif Hasan, LaDonna M. Jones, Jason T. Stofleth, Christopher M. Ryan, Julian P. Whitelegge, David M. Kehoe, William A. Cramer

165) Biochemical and Structural Analysis of an Eis Family Aminoglycoside Acetyltransferase from Bacillus anthracis (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 12th 2015
Keith D. Green, Tapan Biswas, Changsoo Chang, Ruiying Wu, Wenjing Chen, Brian K. Janes, Dominika Chalupska, Piotr Gornicki, Philip C. Hanna, Oleg V. Tsodikov, Andrzej Joachimiak, Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova

166) Cation Binding to Halorhodopsin (Biochemistry) Monday May 11th 2015
Sansa Dutta, Lev Weiner, Mordechai Sheves

167) Evidence for the Kinetic Partitioning of Polymerase Activity on G-Quadruplex DNA (Biochemistry) Monday May 11th 2015
Sarah Eddy, Leena Maddukuri, Amit Ketkar, Maroof K. Zafar, Erin E. Henninger, Zachary F. Pursell, Robert L. Eoff

168) Homocysteine Is Biosynthesized from Aspartate Semialdehyde and Hydrogen Sulfide in Methanogenic Archaea (Biochemistry) Monday May 11th 2015
Kylie D. Allen, Danielle V. Miller, Benjamin J. Rauch, John J. Perona, Robert H. White

169) The Pediocin PA-1 Accessory Protein Ensures Correct Disulfide Bond Formation in the Antimicrobial Peptide Pediocin PA-1 (Biochemistry) Monday May 11th 2015
Camilla Oppega

170) ATP Acyl Phosphate Reactivity Reveals Native Conformations of Hsp90 Paralogs and Inhibitor Target Engagement (Biochemistry) Friday May 8th 2015
Brian E. Nordin, Yongsheng Liu, Arwin Aban, Heidi E. Brown, Jiangyue Wu, Anna K. Hainley, Jonathan S. Rosenblum, Tyzoon K. Nomanbhoy, John W. Kozarich

171) A Perspective on the Structure and Receptor Binding Properties of Immunoglobulin G Fc (Biochemistry) Thursday May 7th 2015
Quinlin M. Hanson, Adam W. Barb

172) A Transporter Motor Taken Apart: Flexibility in the Nucleotide Binding Domains of a Heterodimeric ABC Exporter (Biochemistry) Thursday May 7th 2015
Magdalena A. Bukowska, Michael Hohl, Eric R. Geertsma, Lea M. Hu

173) Fibril Core of Transforming Growth Factor Beta-Induced Protein (TGFBIp) Facilitates Aggregation of Corneal TGFBIp (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 6th 2015
Charlotte S. S

174) Structural Features Facilitating Tumor Cell Targeting and Internalization by Bleomycin and Its Disaccharide (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 6th 2015
Zhiqiang Yu, Rakesh Paul, Chandrabali Bhattacharya, Trevor C. Bozeman, Michael J. Rishel, Sidney M. Hecht

175) Structural and Biochemical Characterization of a Ferredoxin:Thioredoxin Reductase-like Enzyme from Methanosarcina acetivorans (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 6th 2015
Adepu K. Kumar, R. Siva Sai Kumar, Neela H. Yennawar, Hemant P. Yennawar, James G. Ferry

176) Effects of Polymer Hydrophobicity on Protein Structure and Aggregation Kinetics in Crowded Milieu (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 6th 2015
Leonid Breydo, Amanda E. Sales, Telma Frege, Mark C. Howell, Boris Y. Zaslavsky, Vladimir N. Uversky

177) Glycation Alters Ligand Binding, Enzymatic, and Pharmacological Properties of Human Albumin (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 6th 2015
Jennifer Baraka-Vidot, Cynthia Planesse, Olivier Meilhac, Valeria Militello, Jean Van den Elsen, Emmanuel Bourdon, Philippe Rondeau

178) Collagenolytic Matrix Metalloproteinase Activities toward Peptomeric Triple-Helical Substrates (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 5th 2015
Maciej J. Stawikowski, Roma Stawikowska, Gregg B. Fields

179) Thermal Unfolding of Apolipoprotein A-1. Evaluation of Methods and Models (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 5th 2015
Therese Schulthess, Hans-Joachim Scho

180) Understanding and Engineering Thermostability in DNA Ligase from Thermococcus sp. 1519 (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 5th 2015
Hassan Pezeshgi Modarres, Boris D. Dorokhov, Vladimir O. Popov, Nikolai V. Ravin, Konstantin G. Skryabin, Matteo Dal Peraro

181) Critical Determinants of Substrate Recognition by Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-like 5 (CDKL5) (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 5th 2015
Syouichi Katayama, Noriyuki Sueyoshi, Isamu Kameshita

182) Mechanism of the Enzymatic Synthesis of 4-(Hydroxymethyl)-2-furancarboxaldehyde-phosphate (4-HFC-P) from Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Catalyzed by 4-HFC-P Synthase (Biochemistry) Monday May 4th 2015
Yu Wang, Michael K. Jones, Huimin Xu, W. Keith Ray, Robert H. White

183) Kinetic and Structural Basis for Acyl-Group Selectivity and NAD+ Dependence in Sirtuin-Catalyzed Deacylation (Biochemistry) Monday May 4th 2015
Jessica L. Feldman, Kristin E. Dittenhafer-Reed, Norio Kudo, Julie N. Thelen, Akihiro Ito, Minoru Yoshida, John M. Denu

184) The Functional Property Changes of Muscular Nav1.4 and Cardiac Nav1.5 Induced by Scorpion Toxin BmK AGP-SYPU1 Mutants Y42F and Y5F (Biochemistry) Monday May 4th 2015
Xiangxue Meng, Yijia Xu, Mingyi Zhao, Fangyang Wang, Yuanyuan Ma, Yao Jin, Yanfeng Liu, Yongbo Song, Jinghai Zhang

185) Spectroscopic and Computational Investigation of the H155A Variant of Cysteine Dioxygenase: Geometric and Electronic Consequences of a Third-Sphere Amino Acid Substitution (Biochemistry) Friday May 1st 2015
Elizabeth J. Blaesi, Brian G. Fox, Thomas C. Brunold

186) Reactions of Cg10062, a cis-3-Chloroacrylic Acid Dehalogenase Homologue, with Acetylene and Allene Substrates: Evidence for a Hydration-Dependent Decarboxylation (Biochemistry) Friday May 1st 2015
Jamison P. Huddleston, William H. Johnson, Gottfried K. Schroeder, Christian P. Whitman

187) Chemical and Biological Reduction of the Radical SAM Enzyme CPH4 Synthase (Biochemistry) Friday May 1st 2015
Nathan A. Bruender, Anthony P. Young, Vahe Bandarian

188) Binding of Substrate Locks the Electrochemistry of CRY-DASH into DNA Repair (Biochemistry) Thursday April 30th 2015
Yvonne M. Gindt, Adriana Messyasz, Pamela I. Jumbo

189) Apoprotein Structure and Metal Binding Characterization of a de Novo Designed Peptide, (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 29th 2015
Jefferson S. Plegaria, Stephen P. Dzul, Erik R. P. Zuiderweg, Timothy L. Stemmler, Vincent L. Pecoraro

190) Tuning the Production of Variable Length, Fluorescent Polyisoprenoids Using Surfactant-Controlled Enzymatic Synthesis (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 29th 2015
Jerry M. Troutman, Katelyn M. Erickson, Phillip M. Scott, Joseph M. Hazel, Christina D. Martinez, Samantha Dodbele

191) Molecular Basis for Fe(III)-Independent Curcumin Potentiation of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Activity (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 29th 2015
Guangyu Wang

192) Increased Turnover at Limiting O2 Concentrations by the Thr387 (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 28th 2015
Serap Pektas, Cornelius Y. Taabazuing, Michael J. Knapp

193) Reactive Oxygen Species Production by Escherichia coli Respiratory Complex I (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 28th 2015
Klaudia Frick, Marius Schulte, Thorsten Friedrich

194) Cathepsin L Mediates the Degradation of Novel APP C-Terminal Fragments (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 28th 2015
Haizhi Wang, Nianli Sang, Can Zhang, Ramesh Raghupathi, Rudolph E. Tanzi, Aleister Saunders

195) Discovery of a Previously Unrecognized Ribonuclease from Escherichia coli That Hydrolyzes 5 (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 28th 2015
Swapnil V. Ghodge, Frank M. Raushel

196) Function Discovery and Structural Characterization of a Methylphosphonate Esterase (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 28th 2015
Dao Feng Xiang, Yury Patskovsky, Venkatesh V. Nemmara, Rafael Toro, Steven C. Almo, Frank M. Raushel

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