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99) Structure-Based Engineering of a Minimal Porin Reveals Loop-Independent Channel Closure (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 16th 2014
Wolfgang Grosse, Georgios Psakis, Barbara Mertins, Philipp Reiss, Dirk Windisch, Felix Brademann, Jochen Bu

100) Differential Incorporation of Glucose into Biomass during Warburg Metabolism (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 16th 2014
Ying-Jr Chen, Xiaojing Huang, Nathaniel G. Mahieu, Kevin Cho, Jacob Schaefer, Gary J. Patti

101) The Estrogen-Related Receptor (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 16th 2014
Banu Eskiocak, Aktar Ali, Michael A. White

102) Combining Experimental Evidence and Molecular Dynamic Simulations To Understand the Mechanism of Action of the Antimicrobial Octapeptide Jelleine-I (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 16th 2014
Marcia Perez dos Santos Cabrera, Gisele Baldissera, Laiz da Costa Silva-Gonc

103) Structure and Backbone Dynamics of Vanadate-Bound PRL-3: Comparison of 15N Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Profiles of Free and Vanadate-Bound PRL-3 (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 16th 2014
Ki-Woong Jeong, Dong-Il Kang, Eunjung Lee, Areum Shin, Bonghwan Jin, Young-Guen Park, Chung-Kyoung Lee, Eun-Hee Kim, Young Ho Jeon, Eunice Eunkyeong Kim, Yangmee Kim

104) Investigation of Ion Binding in Chlorite Dismutases by Means of Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 16th 2014
Axel Su

105) Mechanism of Autophosphorylation of Mycobacterial PknB Explored by Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Biochemistry) Monday July 14th 2014
Nikhil P. Damle, Debasisa Mohanty

106) Triphosphate Induced Dimerization of Human Guanylate Binding Protein 1 Involves Association of the C-Terminal Helices: A Joint Double Electron (Biochemistry) Monday July 14th 2014
Tobias Vo

107) Broad-Spectrum Allosteric Inhibition of Herpesvirus Proteases (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Jonathan E. Gable, Gregory M. Lee, Priyadarshini Jaishankar, Brian R. Hearn, Christopher A. Waddling, Adam R. Renslo, Charles S. Craik

108) Interaction of Alzheimer (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Coralie Di Scala, Henri Chahinian, Nouara Yahi, Nicolas Garmy, Jacques Fantini

109) Allele-Selective Inhibition of Mutant Atrophin-1 Expression by Duplex and Single-Stranded RNAs (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Jiaxin Hu, Jing Liu, K. Jayaprakash Narayanannair, Jeremy G. Lackey, Satya Kuchimanchi, Kallanthottathil G. Rajeev, Muthiah Manoharan, Eric E. Swayze, Walt F. Lima, Thazha P. Prakash, Qin Xiang, Carlos Martinez, David R. Corey

110) Ring Flips Revisited: 13C Relaxation Dispersion Measurements of Aromatic Side Chain Dynamics and Activation Barriers in Basic Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Ulrich Weininger, Kristofer Modig, Mikael Akke

111) Biosynthesis of the 5-(Aminomethyl)-3-furanmethanol Moiety of Methanofuran (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Danielle Miller, Yu Wang, Huimin Xu, Kim Harich, Robert H. White

112) Evidence for a Catalytically and Kinetically Competent Enzyme (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Nicholas D. Lanz, Maria-Eirini Pandelia, Elizabeth S. Kakar, Kyung-Hoon Lee, Carsten Krebs, Squire J. Booker

113) Biosynthesis of a Central Intermediate in Hydrogen Sulfide Metabolism by a Novel Human Sulfurtransferase and Its Yeast Ortholog (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Scott L. Melideo, Michael R. Jackson, Marilyn Schuman Jorns

114) Why Are the Truncated Cyclin Es More Effective CDK2 Activators than the Full-Length Isoforms? (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Soumya Lipsa Rath, Sanjib Senapati

115) A New Paradigm for Electron Transfer through Escherichia coli Nitrate Reductase A (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Justin G. Fedor, Richard A. Rothery, Joel H. Weiner

116) Competition between Tryptophan Fluorescence and Electron Transfer during Unfolding of the Villin Headpiece (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
William W. Parson

117) Mapping Key Regions of the RXFP2 Low-Density Lipoprotein Class-A Module That Are Involved in Signal Activation (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Roy C. K. Kong, Ross A. D. Bathgate, Shoni Bruell, John D. Wade, Paul R. Gooley, Emma J. Petrie

118) Recruiting a Silent Partner for Activation of the Protein Kinase SRPK1 (Biochemistry) Friday July 11th 2014
Brandon E. Aubol, Joseph A. Adams

119) Functional Annotation and Structural Characterization of a Novel Lactonase Hydrolyzing d-Xylono-1,4-lactone-5-phosphate and l-Arabino-1,4-lactone-5-phosphate (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Magdalena Korczynska, Dao Feng Xiang, Zhening Zhang, Chengfu Xu, Tamari Narindoshvili, Siddhesh S. Kamat, Howard J. Williams, Shawn S. Chang, Peter Kolb, Brandan Hillerich, J. Michael Sauder, Stephen K. Burley, Steven C. Almo, Subramanyam Swaminathan, Brian K. Shoichet, Frank M. Raushel

120) Mass Spectrometric Determination of Disulfide Bonds in the Biologically Active Recombinant HBx Protein of Hepatitis B Virus (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Kaveri Sidhu, Saravanan Kumar, Vanga Siva Reddy, Vijay Kumar

121) Characterization of THB1, a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Truncated Hemoglobin: Linkage to Nitrogen Metabolism and Identification of Lysine as the Distal Heme Ligand (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Eric A. Johnson, Selena L. Rice, Matthew R. Preimesberger, Dillon B. Nye, Lukas Gilevicius, Belinda B. Wenke, Jason M. Brown, George B. Witman, Juliette T. J. Lecomte

122) Formation of Domain-Swapped Oligomer of Cytochrome c from Its Molten Globule State Oligomer (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Megha Subhash Deshpande, Partha Pratim Parui, Hironari Kamikubo, Masaru Yamanaka, Satoshi Nagao, Hirofumi Komori, Mikio Kataoka, Yoshiki Higuchi, Shun Hirota

123) Role of the Fast Kinetics of Pyroglutamate-Modified Amyloid- (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Joon Lee, Alan L. Gillman, Hyunbum Jang, Srinivasan Ramachandran, Bruce L. Kagan, Ruth Nussinov, Fernando Teran Arce

124) Crystal Structure of Schistosoma mansoni Arginase, a Potential Drug Target for the Treatment of Schistosomiasis (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Yang Hai, Jennifer E. Edwards, Michael C. Van Zandt, Karl F. Hoffmann, David W. Christianson

125) Cofactor-Dependent Structural and Binding Properties of Yeast Cytochrome c Peroxidase (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Yann G. J. Sterckx, Alexander N. Volkov

126) Heterogeneous Photodynamics of the Pfr State in the Cyanobacterial Phytochrome Cph1 (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 8th 2014
Peter W. Kim, Nathan C. Rockwell, Shelley S. Martin, J. Clark Lagarias, Delmar S. Larsen

127) l-Galactose Metabolism in Bacteroides vulgatus from the Human Gut Microbiota (Biochemistry) Monday July 7th 2014
Merlin Eric Hobbs, Howard J. Williams, Brandan Hillerich, Steven C. Almo, Frank M. Raushel

128) Conserved Glycine 232 in the Ligand Channel of ba3 Cytochrome Oxidase from Thermus thermophilus (Biochemistry) Monday July 7th 2014
William McDonald, Chie Funatogawa, Yang Li, Ying Chen, Istvan Szundi, James A. Fee, C. David Stout, O

129) Role of an Active Site Loop in the Promiscuous Activities of Amycolatopsis sp. T-1-60 NSAR/OSBS (Biochemistry) Saturday July 5th 2014
Andrew W. McMillan, Mariana S. Lopez, Mingzhao Zhu, Benjamin C. Morse, In-Cheol Yeo, Jaleesia Amos, Ken Hull, Daniel Romo, Margaret E. Glasner

130) Perturbation of the Monomer (Biochemistry) Saturday July 5th 2014
Forest H. Andrews, Megan P. Rogers, Lake N. Paul, Michael J. McLeish

131) QM/MM Study of the Reaction Mechanism of the Carboxyl Transferase Domain of Pyruvate Carboxylase from Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Thursday July 3rd 2014
Xiang Sheng, Yongjun Liu

132) Significant Other Half of a Glycoconjugate: Contributions of Scaffolds to Lectin (Biochemistry) Thursday July 3rd 2014
Melanie L. Talaga, Ni Fan, Ashli L. Fueri, Robert K. Brown, Yoann M. Chabre, Purnima Bandyopadhyay, Rene

133) Mechanistic Studies of Protein Arginine Deiminase 2: Evidence for a Substrate-Assisted Mechanism (Biochemistry) Thursday July 3rd 2014
Christina J. Dreyton, Bryan Knuckley, Justin E. Jones, Daniel M. Lewallen, Paul R. Thompson

134) ATP Allosterically Activates the Human 5-Lipoxygenase Molecular Mechanism of Arachidonic Acid and 5(S)-Hydroperoxy-6(E),8(Z),11(Z),14(Z)-eicosatetraenoic Acid (Biochemistry) Thursday July 3rd 2014
Christopher J. Smyrniotis, Shannon R. Barbour, Zexin Xia, Mark S. Hixon, Theodore R. Holman

135) The Intrinsically Disordered C-RING Biomineralization Protein, AP7, Creates Protein Phases That Introduce Nanopatterning and Nanoporosities into Mineral Crystals (Biochemistry) Thursday July 3rd 2014
Eric P. Chang, Jennie A. Russ, Andreas Verch, Roland Kro

136) Molecular Architecture of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor in Cells (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Xiaowei Zhao, Steven J. Norris, Jun Liu

137) Ligand-Binding Pocket Bridges DNA-Binding and Dimerization Domains of the Urate-Responsive MarR Homologue MftR from Burkholderia thailandensis (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Ashish Gupta, Anne Grove

138) A Complex Equilibrium among Partially Unfolded Conformations in Monomeric Transthyretin (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Simona Conti, Xinyi Li, Stefano Gianni, Seyyed Abolghasem Ghadami, Joel Buxbaum, Cristina Cecchi, Fabrizio Chiti, Francesco Bemporad

139) Contribution of Glutamic Acid in the Conserved E/DRY Triad to the Functional Properties of Rhodopsin (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Keita Sato, Takahiro Yamashita, Yoshinori Shichida

140) Novel Human Butyrylcholinesterase Variants: Toward Organophosphonate Detoxication (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Mary Dwyer, Sacha Javor, Daniel A. Ryan, Emily M. Smith, Beilin Wang, Jun Zhang, John R. Cashman

141) ISWI Remodels Nucleosomes through a Random Walk (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Gada Al-Ani, Shuja Shafi Malik, Allen Eastlund, Koan Briggs, Christopher J. Fischer

142) Quantitative Determination of Binding of ISWI to Nucleosomes and DNA Shows Allosteric Regulation of DNA Binding by Nucleotides (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Gada Al-Ani, Koan Briggs, Shuja Shafi Malik, Michael Conner, Yoshiaki Azuma, Christopher J. Fischer

143) Regulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis d-3-Phosphoglycerate Dehydrogenase by Phosphate-Modulated Quaternary Structure Dynamics and a Potential Role for Polyphosphate in Enzyme Regulation (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Xiao Lan Xu, Gregory A. Grant

144) Pen-2 Is Essential for (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 1st 2014
Oliver Holmes, Swetha Paturi, Dennis J. Selkoe, Michael S. Wolfe

145) The Photochemistry in Photosystem II at 5 K Is Different in Visible and Far-Red Light (Biochemistry) Friday June 27th 2014
Fredrik Mokvist, Johannes Sjo

146) Structure and Dynamics of the HIV-1 Frameshift Element RNA (Biochemistry) Friday June 27th 2014
Justin T. Low, Pablo Garcia-Miranda, Kathryn D. Mouzakis, Robert J. Gorelick, Samuel E. Butcher, Kevin M. Weeks

147) Structural Studies of the Spinosyn Forosaminyltransferase, SpnP (Biochemistry) Friday June 27th 2014
Eta A. Isiorho, Byung-Sun Jeon, Nam Ho Kim, Hung-wen Liu, Adrian T. Keatinge-Clay

148) Exploring the Role of Conformational Heterogeneity in cis-Autoproteolytic Activation of ThnT (Biochemistry) Friday June 27th 2014
Andrew R. Buller, Michael F. Freeman, Joel F. Schildbach, Craig A. Townsend

149) Modest Effects of Lipid Modifications on the Structure of Caveolin-3 (Biochemistry) Friday June 27th 2014
Ji-Hun Kim, Dungeng Peng, Jonathan P. Schlebach, Arina Hadziselimovic, Charles R. Sanders

150) Variola Type IB DNA Topoisomerase: DNA Binding and Supercoil Unwinding Using Engineered DNA Minicircles (Biochemistry) Friday June 27th 2014
Breeana G. Anderson, James T. Stivers

151) Structure of a Sedoheptulose 7-Phosphate Cyclase: ValA from Streptomyces hygroscopicus (Biochemistry) Thursday June 26th 2014
Kelsey M. Kean, Sara J. Codding, Shumpei Asamizu, Taifo Mahmud, P. Andrew Karplus

152) Analysis of the Structural and Functional Roles of Coupling Helices in the ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter MsbA through Enzyme Assays and Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Biochemistry) Thursday June 26th 2014
Tadaomi Furuta, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Kato, Minoru Sakurai

153) Neurofibrillar Tangle Surrogates: Histone H1 Binding to Patterned Phosphotyrosine Peptide Nanotubes (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 24th 2014
Sha Li, Anton N. Sidorov, Anil K. Mehta, Anthony J. Bisignano, Dibyendu Das, W. Seth Childers, Erin Schuler, Zhigang Jiang, Thomas M. Orlando, Keith Berland, David G. Lynn

154) β-Cyclodextrin and Curcumin, a Potent Cocktail for Disaggregating and/or Inhibiting Amyloids: A Case Study with α-Synuclein (Biochemistry) Friday June 20th 2014
Saurabh Gautam, Sandip Karmakar, Abhik Bose, Pramit K. Chowdhury

155) Identification of the in Vivo Function of the High-Efficiency d-Mannonate Dehydratase in Caulobacter crescentus NA1000 from the Enolase Superfamily (Biochemistry) Friday June 20th 2014
Daniel J. Wichelecki, Dylan C. Graff, Nawar Al-Obaidi, Steven C. Almo, John A. Gerlt

156) Structural Insights into the Coenzyme Mediated Monomer (Biochemistry) Friday June 20th 2014
Patricia Ferreira, Raquel Villanueva, Marta Marti

157) Insights into the Human Glycan Receptor Conformation of 1918 Pandemic Hemagglutinin (Biochemistry) Friday June 20th 2014
Stefano Elli, Eleonora Macchi, Timothy R. Rudd, Rahul Raman, Guillherme Sassaki, Karthik Viswanathan, Edwin A. Yates, Zachary Shriver, Annamaria Naggi, Giangiacomo Torri, Ram Sasisekharan, Marco Guerrini

158) Stabilizing Rescued Surface-Localized (Biochemistry) Friday June 20th 2014
Kavisha Arora, Changsuk Moon, Weiqiang Zhang, Sunitha Yarlagadda, Himabindu Penmatsa, Aixia Ren, Chandrima Sinha, Anjaparavanda P. Naren

159) Evolution of Enzymatic Activities in the Enolase Superfamily: Galactarate Dehydratase III from Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58 (Biochemistry) Friday June 20th 2014
Fiona P. Groninger-Poe, Jason T. Bouvier, Matthew W. Vetting, Chakrapani Kalyanaraman, Ritesh Kumar, Steven C. Almo, Matthew P. Jacobson, John A. Gerlt

160) The P1/P2 Protein Heterodimers Assemble to the Ribosomal Stalk at the Moment When the Ribosome Is Committed to Translation but Not to the Native 60S Ribosomal Subunit in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Biochemistry) Thursday June 19th 2014
A. Bautista-Santos, S. Zinker

161) Evidence of a Novel Mevalonate Pathway in Archaea (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 18th 2014
Jeffrey M. Vinokur, Tyler P. Korman, Zheng Cao, James U. Bowie

162) Following Drug Uptake and Reactions inside Escherichia coli Cells by Raman Microspectroscopy (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 18th 2014
Hossein Heidari Torkabadi, Christopher R. Bethel, Krisztina M. Papp-Wallace, Piet A. J. de Boer, Robert A. Bonomo, Paul R. Carey

163) Nanomechanical Property Maps of Breast Cancer Cells As Determined by Multiharmonic Atomic Force Microscopy Reveal Syk-Dependent Changes in Microtubule Stability Mediated by MAP1B (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 18th 2014
Mariya O. Krisenko, Alexander Cartagena, Arvind Raman, Robert L. Geahlen

164) Quantum Mechanical Analysis of Nonenzymatic Nucleotidyl Transfer Reactions: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Effects of (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 17th 2014
Zheng Zhang, Josh Eloge, Jan Floria

165) Communication between the Zinc and Tetrahydrobiopterin Binding Sites in Nitric Oxide Synthase (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 17th 2014
Georges Chreifi, Huiying Li, Craig R. McInnes, Colin L. Gibson, Colin J. Suckling, Thomas L. Poulos

166) Control of C4a-Hydroperoxyflavin Protonation in the Oxygenase Component of p-Hydroxyphenylacetate-3-hydroxylase (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 17th 2014
Pirom Chenprakhon, Duangthip Trisrivirat, Kittisak Thotsaporn, Jeerus Sucharitakul, Pimchai Chaiyen

167) Molecular Basis of Gain-of-Function LEOPARD Syndrome-Associated SHP2 Mutations (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 17th 2014
Zhi-Hong Yu, Ruo-Yu Zhang, Chad D. Walls, Lan Chen, Sheng Zhang, Li Wu, Sijiu Liu, Zhong-Yin Zhang

168) [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Maturation (Biochemistry) Monday June 16th 2014
Eric M. Shepard, Florence Mus, Jeremiah N. Betz, Amanda S. Byer, Benjamin R. Duffus, John W. Peters, Joan B. Broderick

169) Retinal Chromophore Structure and Schiff Base Interactions in Red-Shifted Channelrhodopsin-1 from Chlamydomonas augustae (Biochemistry) Monday June 16th 2014
John I. Ogren, Sergey Mamaev, Daniel Russano, Hai Li, John L. Spudich, Kenneth J. Rothschild

170) Altering the Activation Mechanism in Thermomyces lanuginosus Lipase (Biochemistry) Monday June 16th 2014
Jakob Skjold-J

171) Nonaggregated (Biochemistry) Friday June 13th 2014
Ying Lai, Sunae Kim, Jobin Varkey, Xiaochu Lou, Jae-Kyun Song, Jiajie Diao, Ralf Langen, Yeon-Kyun Shin

172) The Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme, UbcM2, Is Restricted to Monoubiquitylation by a Two-Fold Mechanism That Involves Backside Residues of E2 and Lys48 of Ubiquitin (Biochemistry) Friday June 13th 2014
Linda Nguyen, Kendra S. Plafker, Andrew Starnes, Matt Cook, Rachel E. Klevit, Scott M. Plafker

173) Bordetella pertussis FbpA Binds Both Unchelated Iron and Iron Siderophore Complexes (Biochemistry) Friday June 13th 2014
Sambuddha Banerjee, Aruna J. Weerasinghe, Claire J. Parker Siburt, R. Timothy Kreulen, Sandra K. Armstrong, Timothy J. Brickman, Lisa A. Lambert, Alvin L. Crumbliss

174) Elucidating the Mode of Action of a Typical Ras State 1(T) Inhibitor (Biochemistry) Friday June 13th 2014
Ina C. Rosnizeck, Daniel Filchtinski, Rui Pedro Lopes, Ba

175) Intersubunit Salt Bridges with a Sulfate Anion Control Subunit Dissociation and Thermal Stabilization of Bacillus sp. TB-90 Urate Oxidase (Biochemistry) Friday June 13th 2014
Takao Hibi, Yuta Hayashi, Harumi Fukada, Takafumi Itoh, Tomohiro Nago, Yoshiaki Nishiya

176) Biochemical Characterization of the Phosphatase Domain of the Tumor Suppressor PH Domain Leucine-Rich Repeat Protein Phosphatase (Biochemistry) Friday June 13th 2014
Emma Sierecki, Alexandra C. Newton

177) Aggregation Behavior of Chemically Synthesized, Full-Length Huntingtin Exon1 (Biochemistry) Friday June 13th 2014
Bankanidhi Sahoo, David Singer, Ravindra Kodali, Thole Zuchner, Ronald Wetzel

178) Regulation of Nonmuscle Myosin II by Tropomyosin (Biochemistry) Thursday June 12th 2014
Bipasha Barua, Attila Nagy, James R. Sellers, Sarah E. Hitchcock-DeGregori

179) Influence of Domain Stability on the Properties of Human Apolipoprotein E3 and E4 and Mouse Apolipoprotein E (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
David Nguyen, Padmaja Dhanasekaran, Margaret Nickel, Chiharu Mizuguchi, Mayu Watanabe, Hiroyuki Saito, Michael C. Phillips, Sissel Lund-Katz

180) Solution Structure and Molecular Determinants of Hemoglobin Binding of the First NEAT Domain of IsdB in Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Brittany A. Fonner, Brian P. Tripet, Brian J. Eilers, Jessica Stanisich, Rose K. Sullivan-Springhetti, Rebecca Moore, Mengyao Liu, Benfang Lei, Vale

181) Early Endosomal Escape of a Cyclic Cell-Penetrating Peptide Allows Effective Cytosolic Cargo Delivery (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Ziqing Qian, Jonathan R. LaRochelle, Bisheng Jiang, Wenlong Lian, Ryan L. Hard, Nicholas G. Selner, Rinrada Luechapanichkul, Amy M. Barrios, Dehua Pei

182) Copper(II) Sequentially Loads onto the N-Terminal Amino Group of the Cellular Prion Protein before the Individual Octarepeats (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Helen F. Stanyon, Khushbu Patel, Nadia Begum, John H. Viles

183) High-Spin Ferric Ions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Vacuoles Are Reduced to the Ferrous State during Adenine-Precursor Detoxification (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Jinkyu Park, Sean P. McCormick, Allison L. Cockrell, Mrinmoy Chakrabarti, Paul A. Lindahl

184) Secreted Amyloid (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Alfred T. Welzel, John E. Maggio, Ganesh M. Shankar, Donald E. Walker, Beth L. Ostaszewski, Shaomin Li, Igor Klyubin, Michael J. Rowan, Peter Seubert, Dominic M. Walsh, Dennis J. Selkoe

185) ATP-Induced Dimerization of the F0F1 (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Antony D. Rodriguez, Stanley D. Dunn, Lars Konermann

186) Identification of the Binding Site of the Quinone-Head Group in Mitochondrial Coq10 by Photoaffinity Labeling (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Masatoshi Murai, Kohei Matsunobu, Sawako Kudo, Kentaro Ifuku, Makoto Kawamukai, Hideto Miyoshi

187) Roles of Small Laccases from Streptomyces in Lignin Degradation (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 11th 2014
Sudipta Majumdar, Tiit Lukk, Jose O. Solbiati, Stefan Bauer, Satish K. Nair, John E. Cronan, John A. Gerlt

188) The Alpha Subunit of Nitrile Hydratase Is Sufficient for Catalytic Activity and Post-Translational Modification (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 10th 2014
Micah T. Nelp, Andrei V. Astashkin, Linda A. Breci, Reid M. McCarty, Vahe Bandarian

189) Conformational Insights into the Lesion and Sequence Effects for Arylamine-Induced Translesion DNA Synthesis: 19F NMR, Surface Plasmon Resonance, and Primer Kinetic Studies (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 10th 2014
Vipin Jain, Vaidyanathan G. Vaidyanathan, Satyakam Patnaik, Sathyaraj Gopal, Bongsup P. Cho

190) Neuraminidase Substrate Promiscuity Permits a Mutant Micromonospora viridifaciens Enzyme To Synthesize Artificial Carbohydrates (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 10th 2014
Lydia L. Cheng, Fahimeh S. Shidmoossavee, Andrew J. Bennet

191) Comparative Analysis of the Substrate Specificity of trans- versus cis-Acyltransferases of Assembly Line Polyketide Synthases (Biochemistry) Monday June 9th 2014
Briana J. Dunn, Katharine R. Watts, Thomas Robbins, David E. Cane, Chaitan Khosla

192) Cytosine Unstacking and Strand Slippage at an Insertion (Biochemistry) Monday June 9th 2014
Swati R. Manjari, Janice D. Pata, Nilesh K. Banavali

193) Terminal Residue Hydrophobicity Modulates Transmembrane Helix (Biochemistry) Monday June 9th 2014
Derek P. Ng, Charles M. Deber

194) Adenine Nucleotide Translocase Is Acetylated in Vivo in Human Muscle: Modeling Predicts a Decreased ADP Affinity and Altered Control of Oxidative Phosphorylation (Biochemistry) Monday June 9th 2014
Clinton Mielke, Natalie Lefort, Carrie G. McLean, Jeanine M. Cordova, Paul R. Langlais, Andrew J. Bordner, Jerez A. Te, S. Banu Ozkan, Wayne T. Willis, Lawrence J. Mandarino

195) A Mechanochemical Switch to Control Radical Intermediates (Biochemistry) Friday June 6th 2014
Elizabeth Brunk, Whitney F. Kellett, Nigel G. J. Richards, Ursula Rothlisberger

196) The Autolysis of Human HtrA1 Is Governed by the Redox State of Its N-Terminal Domain (Biochemistry) Friday June 6th 2014
Michael W. Ris

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