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99) Probing of miniPEG (Biochemistry) Thursday March 3rd 2016
Samrat Dutta, Bruce A. Armitage, Yuri L. Lyubchenko

100) Binding of Crumbs to the Par-6 CRIB-PDZ Module Is Regulated by Cdc42 (Biochemistry) Thursday March 3rd 2016
Dustin S. Whitney, Francis C. Peterson, Aaron W. Kittell, John M. Egner, Kenneth E. Prehoda, Brian F. Volkman

101) Ligand-Dependent Conformational Dynamics of Dihydrofolate Reductase (Biochemistry) Thursday March 3rd 2016
Michael J. Reddish, Morgan B. Vaughn, Rong Fu, R. Brian Dyer

102) Role of F357 as an Oxygen Gate in the Oxidative Half-Reaction of Choline Oxidase (Biochemistry) Thursday March 3rd 2016
Francesca Salvi, Isela Rodriguez, Donald Hamelberg, Giovanni Gadda

103) Altering the Enantioselectivity of Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase by Insertion of a Stereospecific Editing Domain (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 2nd 2016
Charles J. Richardson, Eric A. First

104) Dynamical Network of HIV-1 Protease Mutants Reveals the Mechanism of Drug Resistance and Unhindered Activity (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 2nd 2016
Rajeswari Appadurai, Sanjib Senapati

105) Enhancing Mn(II)-Binding and Manganese Peroxidase Activity in a Designed Cytochrome c Peroxidase through Fine-Tuning Secondary-Sphere Interactions (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 2nd 2016
Parisa Hosseinzadeh, Evan N. Mirts, Thomas D. Pfister, Yi-Gui Gao, Christopher Mayne, Howard Robinson, Emad Tajkhorshid, Yi Lu

106) Role of Calcium in Secondary Structure Stabilization during Maturation of Nitrous Oxide Reductase (Biochemistry) Monday February 29th 2016
Lisa K. Schneider, Oliver Einsle

107) Crystal Structures of Type-II Inositol Polyphosphate 5-Phosphatase INPP5B with Synthetic Inositol Polyphosphate Surrogates Reveal New Mechanistic Insights for the Inositol 5-Phosphatase Family (Biochemistry) Monday February 29th 2016
Stephen J. Mills, Camilla Silvander, Gyles Cozier, Lionel Tre

108) Characterization of Lipoyl Synthase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Biochemistry) Saturday February 27th 2016
Nicholas D. Lanz, Kyung-Hoon Lee, Abigail K. Horstmann, Maria-Eirini Pandelia, Robert M. Cicchillo, Carsten Krebs, Squire J. Booker

109) Salt-Dependent Conditional Protein Splicing of an Intein from Halobacterium salinarum (Biochemistry) Saturday February 27th 2016
Julie N. Reitter, Christopher E. Cousin, Michael C. Nicastri, Mario V. Jaramillo, Kenneth V. Mills

110) Conformational Disorganization within the Active Site of a Recently Evolved Organophosphate Hydrolase Limits Its Catalytic Efficiency (Biochemistry) Friday February 26th 2016
Peter D. Mabbitt, Galen J. Correy, Tamara Meirelles, Nicholas J. Fraser, Michelle L. Coote, Colin J. Jackson

111) Biochemical Comparison of Tpm1.1 ( (Biochemistry) Friday February 26th 2016
Elke M. Lohmeier-Vogel, David H. Heeley

112) Contributions of Coulombic and Hofmeister Effects to the Osmotic Activation of Escherichia coli Transporter ProP (Biochemistry) Thursday February 25th 2016
Doreen E. Culham, Irina A. Shkel, M. Thomas Record, Janet M. Wood

113) Tumor-Penetrating Peptide-Modified DNA Tetrahedron for Targeting Drug Delivery (Biochemistry) Thursday February 25th 2016
Zhiwei Xia, Ping Wang, Xunwei Liu, Ting Liu, Yinan Yan, Juan Yan, Jian Zhong, Gang Sun, Dannong He

114) The Dynamic Landscape of the Full-Length HIV-1 Transactivator of Transcription (Biochemistry) Thursday February 25th 2016
Vu To, Edis Dzananovic, Sean A. McKenna, Joe O

115) Substrate and pH-Dependent Kinetic Profile of 3-Mercaptopropionate Dioxygenase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Biochemistry) Thursday February 25th 2016
Matthias Fellner, Sekotilani Aloi, Egor P. Tchesnokov, Sigurd M. Wilbanks, Guy N. L. Jameson

116) Biochemical Methods To Investigate lncRNA and the Influence of lncRNA:Protein Complexes on Chromatin (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 24th 2016
Emily J. McFadden, Amanda E. Hargrove

117) Metal-Dependent Function of a Mammalian Acireductone Dioxygenase (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 24th 2016
Aditi R. Deshpande, Karina Wagenpfeil, Thomas C. Pochapsky, Gregory A. Petsko, Dagmar Ringe

118) Structural Basis for the Interaction between Pyk2-FAT Domain and Leupaxin LD Repeats (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 24th 2016
Murugendra S. Vanarotti, David B. Finkelstein, Cristina D. Guibao, Amanda Nourse, Darcie J. Miller, Jie J. Zheng

119) Concurrent Increases and Decreases in Local Stability and Conformational Heterogeneity in Cu, Zn Superoxide Dismutase Variants Revealed by Temperature-Dependence of Amide Chemical Shifts (Biochemistry) Monday February 22nd 2016
Colleen M. Doyle, Jessica A. Rumfeldt, Helen R. Broom, Ashok Sekhar, Lewis E. Kay, Elizabeth M. Meiering

120) Entrapment of Water at the Transmembrane Helix (Biochemistry) Monday February 22nd 2016
Christian L. Ried, Christina Scharnagl, Dieter Langosch

121) Pathogenic C9ORF72 Antisense Repeat RNA Forms a Double Helix with Tandem C:C Mismatches (Biochemistry) Monday February 22nd 2016
David W. Dodd, Diana R. Tomchick, David R. Corey, Keith T. Gagnon

122) Crystal Structure of Aspirin-Acetylated Human Cyclooxygenase-2: Insight into the Formation of Products with Reversed Stereochemistry (Biochemistry) Friday February 19th 2016
Michael J. Lucido, Benjamin J. Orlando, Alex J. Vecchio, Michael G. Malkowski

123) Conserved SecA Signal Peptide-Binding Site Revealed by Engineered Protein Chimeras and Fo (Biochemistry) Friday February 19th 2016
Qi Zhang, Yan Li, Rich Olson, Ishita Mukerji, Donald Oliver

124) Quantitative Measurement of Histone Tail Acetylation Reveals Stage-Specific Regulation and Response to Environmental Changes during Drosophila Development (Biochemistry) Thursday February 18th 2016
Ryan A. Henry, Tanu Singh, Yin-Ming Kuo, Alison Biester, Abigail O

125) All the O2 Consumed by Thermus thermophilus Cytochrome ba3 Is Delivered to the Active Site through a Long, Open Hydrophobic Tunnel with Entrances within the Lipid Bilayer (Biochemistry) Thursday February 18th 2016
Paween Mahinthichaichan, Robert B. Gennis, Emad Tajkhorshid

126) Examination of Glycosaminoglycan Binding Sites on the XCL1 Dimer (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 17th 2016
Jamie C. Fox, Robert C. Tyler, Francis C. Peterson, Douglas P. Dyer, Fuming Zhang, Robert J. Linhardt, Tracy M. Handel, Brian F. Volkman

127) PRC2 and SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complexes in Health and Disease (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 17th 2016
Cigall Kadoch, Robert A. Copeland, Heike Keilhack

128) Regulation of Itch and Nedd4 E3 Ligase Activity and Degradation by LRAD3 (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 17th 2016
Nathaniel C. Noyes, Brian Hampton, Mary Migliorini, Dudley K. Strickland

129) Structural Insight into Substrate Selectivity of Erwinia chrysanthemi l-Asparaginase (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 17th 2016
Hien Anh Nguyen, Ying Su, Arnon Lavie

130) A-Disintegrin-And-Metalloproteinase (ADAM) 10 Activity on Resting and Activated Platelets (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 16th 2016
Adam Facey, Isaac Pinar, Jane F. Arthur, Jianlin Qiao, Jing Jing, Belden Mado, Josie Carberry, Robert K. Andrews, Elizabeth E. Gardiner

131) Anomer-Specific Recognition and Dynamics in a Fucose-Binding Lectin (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 16th 2016

132) Molecular Modeling of the Structural and Dynamical Changes in Calcium Channel TRPV5 Induced by the African-Specific A563T Variation (Biochemistry) Monday February 15th 2016
Lingyun Wang, Ross P. Holmes, Ji-Bin Peng

133) An Unusual Cation-Binding Site and Distinct Domain (Biochemistry) Saturday February 13th 2016
Samuel H. Light, Sankar N. Krishna, George Minasov, Wayne F. Anderson

134) Epimerase and Reductase Activities of Polyketide Synthase Ketoreductase Domains Utilize the Same Conserved Tyrosine and Serine Residues (Biochemistry) Saturday February 13th 2016
Xinqiang Xie, Ashish Garg, Adrian T. Keatinge-Clay, Chaitan Khosla, David E. Cane

135) HosA, a MarR Family Transcriptional Regulator, Represses Nonoxidative Hydroxyarylic Acid Decarboxylase Operon and Is Modulated by 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Ajit Roy, Akash Ranjan

136) Characterization of the Enzymatic Activity of SETDB1 and Its 1:1 Complex with ATF7IP (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Aravind Basavapathruni, Jodi Gureasko, Margaret Porter Scott, William Hermans, Adarsh Godbole, Peter A. Leland, P. Ann Boriack-Sjodin, Tim J. Wigle, Robert A. Copeland, Thomas V. Riera

137) Evidence of Negative Cooperativity and Half-Site Reactivity within an F420-Dependent Enzyme: Kinetic Analysis of F420H2:NADP+ Oxidoreductase (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Ebenezer Joseph, Cuong Quang Le, Toan Nguyen, Mercy Oyugi, Mohammad Shawkat Hossain, Frank W. Foss, Kayunta Johnson-Winters

138) Effects of Acyclovir, Foscarnet, and Ribonucleotides on Herpes Simplex Virus-1 DNA Polymerase: Mechanistic Insights and a Novel Mechanism for Preventing Stable Incorporation of Ribonucleotides into DNA (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Ashwani Kumar Vashishtha, Robert D. Kuchta

139) Folding of Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 Is Critical for Its Nonclassical Release (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Igor Prudovsky, Doreen Kacer, Julie Davis, Varun Shah, Srinivas Jayanthi, Isabelle Huber, Rajalingam Dakshinamurthy, Owen Ganter, Raffaella Soldi, David Neivandt, Olgun Guvench, Thallapuranam Krishnaswamy Suresh Kumar

140) The Transmembrane Domain of HIV-1 gp41 Inhibits T-Cell Activation by Targeting Multiple T-Cell Receptor Complex Components through Its GxxxG Motif (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Etai Rotem, Eliran Moshe Reuven, Yoel A. Klug, Yechiel Shai

141) Topologically Diverse Human Membrane Proteins Partition to Liquid-Disordered Domains in Phase-Separated Lipid Vesicles (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Jonathan P. Schlebach, Paul J. Barrett, Charles A. Day, Ji Hun Kim, Anne K. Kenworthy, Charles R. Sanders

142) Structural and Biochemical Characterization of a Copper-Binding Mutant of the Organomercurial Lyase MerB: Insight into the Key Role of the Active Site Aspartic Acid in Hg (Biochemistry) Thursday February 11th 2016
Haytham M. Wahba, Lauriane Lecoq, Michael Stevenson, Ahmed Mansour, Laurent Cappadocia, Julien Lafrance-Vanasse, Kevin J. Wilkinson, Jurgen Sygusch, Dean E. Wilcox, James G. Omichinski

143) Human (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 10th 2016
Kristen M. Pluchino, Matthew D. Hall, Janna K. Moen, Eduardo E. Chufan, Patricia A. Fetsch, Suneet Shukla, Deborah R. Gill, Stephen C. Hyde, Di Xia, Suresh V. Ambudkar, Michael M. Gottesman

144) Bacterial GCN5-Related N-Acetyltransferases: From Resistance to Regulation (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 9th 2016
Lorenza Favrot, John S. Blanchard, Olivia Vergnolle

145) β-Hydroxyacyl-acyl Carrier Protein Dehydratase (FabZ) from Francisella tularensis and Yersinia pestis: Structure Determination, Enzymatic Characterization, and Cross-Inhibition Studies (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 9th 2016
Brian E. McGillick, Desigan Kumaran, Casey Vieni, Subramanyam Swaminathan

146) Distributive O-GlcNAcylation on the Highly Repetitive C-Terminal Domain of RNA Polymerase II (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 9th 2016
Lei Lu, Dacheng Fan, Chia-Wei Hu, Matthew Worth, Zhi-Xiong Ma, Jiaoyang Jiang

147) The Effect of Protein Mass Modulation on Human Dihydrofolate Reductase (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 9th 2016
Kevin Francis, Paul J. Sapienza, Andrew L. Lee, Amnon Kohen

148) Lysine-Specific Demethylase 1A (KDM1A/LSD1): Product Recognition and Kinetic Analysis of Full-Length Histones (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 9th 2016
Jonathan M. Burg, Julie J. Gonzalez, Kenneth R. Maksimchuk, Dewey G. McCafferty

149) Dramatic Domain Rearrangements of the Cyanobacterial Orange Carotenoid Protein upon Photoactivation (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 9th 2016
Haijun Liu, Hao Zhang, Gregory S. Orf, Yue Lu, Jing Jiang, Jeremy D. King, Nathan R. Wolf, Michael L. Gross, Robert E. Blankenship

150) S3 State of the O2-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II: Insights from QM/MM, EXAFS, and Femtosecond X-ray Diffraction (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 9th 2016
Mikhail Askerka, Jimin Wang, David J. Vinyard, Gary W. Brudvig, Victor S. Batista

151) Insect Cell Glycosylation and Its Impact on the Functionality of a Recombinant Intracrystalline Nacre Protein, AP24 (Biochemistry) Monday February 8th 2016
Eric P. Chang, Iva Perovic, Ashit Rao, Helmut Co

152) Formation of M-Like Intermediates in Proteorhodopsin in Alkali Solutions (pH (Biochemistry) Monday February 8th 2016
Jun Tamogami, Keitaro Sato, Sukuna Kurokawa, Takumi Yamada, Toshifumi Nara, Makoto Demura, Seiji Miyauchi, Takashi Kikukawa, Eiro Muneyuki, Naoki Kamo

153) Competence of Thiamin Diphosphate-Dependent Enzymes with 2 (Biochemistry) Monday February 8th 2016
Natalia S. Nemeria, Brateen Shome, Alicia A. DeColli, Kathryn Heflin, Tadhg P. Begley, Caren Freel Meyers, Frank Jordan

154) Membrane Interactions, Ligand-Dependent Dynamics, and Stability of Cytochrome P4503A4 in Lipid Nanodiscs (Biochemistry) Monday February 8th 2016
Nicholas A. Treuheit, Michelle Redhair, Hyewon Kwon, Wynton D. McClary, Miklos Guttman, John P. Sumida, William M. Atkins

155) Structural Insights into Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv2671 Protein as a Dihydrofolate Reductase Functional Analogue Contributing to para-Aminosalicylic Acid Resistance (Biochemistry) Friday February 5th 2016
Yu-Shan Cheng, James C. Sacchettini

156) CARM1 Preferentially Methylates H3R17 over H3R26 through a Random Kinetic Mechanism (Biochemistry) Friday February 5th 2016
Suzanne L. Jacques, Katrina P. Aquino, Jodi Gureasko, P. Ann Boriack-Sjodin, Margaret Porter Scott, Robert A. Copeland, Thomas V. Riera

157) Role of Annular Lipids in the Functional Properties of Leucine Transporter LeuT Proteomicelles (Biochemistry) Friday February 5th 2016
Michael V. LeVine, George Khelashvili, Lei Shi, Matthias Quick, Jonathan A. Javitch, Harel Weinstein

158) In Crystallo Capture of a Covalent Intermediate in the UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase Reaction (Biochemistry) Thursday February 4th 2016
Ritcha Mehra-Chaudhary, Yumin Dai, Pablo Sobrado, John J. Tanner

159) The Disulfide Bonds within BST-2 Enhance Tensile Strength during Viral Tethering (Biochemistry) Thursday February 4th 2016
Kelly E. Du Pont, Aidan M. McKenzie, Oleksandr Kokhan, Isaiah Sumner, Christopher E. Berndsen

160) Coordinated Action of Two Double-Stranded RNA Binding Motifs and an RGG Motif Enables Nuclear Factor 90 To Flexibly Target Different RNA Substrates (Biochemistry) Thursday February 4th 2016
Tobias Schmidt, Paul Knick, Hauke Lilie, Susann Friedrich, Ralph Peter Golbik, Sven-Erik Behrens

161) Effect of Fc-Glycan Structure on the Conformational Stability of IgG Revealed by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange and Limited Proteolysis (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Jing Fang, Jason Richardson, Zhimei Du, Zhongqi Zhang

162) Cytoplasmic Heme-Binding Protein (HutX) from Vibrio cholerae Is an Intracellular Heme Transport Protein for the Heme-Degrading Enzyme, HutZ (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Yukari Sekine, Takehito Tanzawa, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Koichiro Ishimori, Takeshi Uchida

163) Cross-Species Analysis of Protein Dynamics Associated with Hydride and Proton Transfer in the Catalytic Cycle of the Light-Driven Enzyme Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Robin Hoeven, Samantha J. O. Hardman, Derren J. Heyes, Nigel S. Scrutton

164) Deciphering the Substrate Specificity of SbnA, the Enzyme Catalyzing the First Step in Staphyloferrin B Biosynthesis (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Marek J. Kobylarz, Jason C. Grigg, Yunan Liu, Mathew S. F. Lee, David E. Heinrichs, Michael E. P. Murphy

165) Nuclease-Resistant c-di-AMP Derivatives That Differentially Recognize RNA and Protein Receptors (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Robert E. Meehan, Chad D. Torgerson, Barbara L. Gaffney, Roger A. Jones, Scott A. Strobel

166) Crystal Structure of an Engineered LRRTM2 Synaptic Adhesion Molecule and a Model for Neurexin Binding (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Anja Paatero, Katja Rosti, Alexander V. Shkumatov, Celeste Sele, Cecilia Brunello, Kai Kysenius, Prosanta Singha, Ville Jokinen, Henri Huttunen, Tommi Kajander

167) Role of the Proximal Cysteine Hydrogen Bonding Interaction in Cytochrome P450 2B4 Studied by Cryoreduction, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, and Electron (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Roman Davydov, Sangchoul Im, Muralidharan Shanmugam, William A. Gunderson, Naw May Pearl, Brian M. Hoffman, Lucy Waskell

168) Covalent Surface Modification of Prions: A Mass Spectrometry-Based Means of Detecting Distinctive Structural Features of Prion Strains (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Christopher J. Silva, Melissa L. Erickson-Beltran, Irina C. Dynin

169) Intramolecular Cleavage of the hASRGL1 Homodimer Occurs in Two Stages (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 3rd 2016
Wenzong Li, Seema Irani, Amanda Crutchfield, Kristal Hodge, Wendy Matthews, Pooja Patel, Yan Jessie Zhang, Everett Stone

170) Active Site Metal Occupancy and Cyclic Di-GMP Phosphodiesterase Activity of Thermotoga maritima HD-GYP (Biochemistry) Monday February 1st 2016
Kyle D. Miner, Donald M. Kurtz

171) Characterization of the C-Terminal Nuclease Domain of Herpes Simplex Virus pUL15 as a Target of Nucleotidyltransferase Inhibitors (Biochemistry) Monday February 1st 2016
Takashi Masaoka, Haiyan Zhao, Danielle R. Hirsch, Michael P. D

172) Persistent Activation of cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase by a Nitrated Cyclic Nucleotide via Site Specific Protein S-Guanylation (Biochemistry) Friday January 29th 2016
Soichiro Akashi, Khandaker Ahtesham Ahmed, Tomohiro Sawa, Katsuhiko Ono, Hiroyasu Tsutsuki, Joseph R. Burgoyne, Tomoaki Ida, Eiji Horio, Oleksandra Prysyazhna, Yuichi Oike, Mizanur Md. Rahaman, Philip Eaton, Shigemoto Fujii, Takaaki Akaike

173) Synthetic Human NOTCH1 EGF Modules Unraveled Molecular Mechanisms for the Structural and Functional Roles of Calcium Ions and O-Glycans in the Ligand-Binding Region (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 27th 2016
Shun Hayakawa, Ryosuke Koide, Hiroshi Hinou, Shin-Ichiro Nishimura

174) Monomeric A (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 27th 2016
Julien Roche, Yang Shen, Jung Ho Lee, Jinfa Ying, Ad Bax

175) Evaluating the Substrate Selectivity of Alkyladenine DNA Glycosylase: The Synergistic Interplay of Active Site Flexibility and Water Reorganization (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 27th 2016
Stefan A. P. Lenz, Stacey D. Wetmore

176) Role of Histone-Modifying Enzymes and Their Complexes in Regulation of Chromatin Biology (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 26th 2016
Renee DesJarlais, Peter J. Tummino

177) General Base (Biochemistry) Monday January 25th 2016
Sister M. Lucy Gantt, Christophe Decroos, Matthew S. Lee, Laura E. Gullett, Christine M. Bowman, David W. Christianson, Carol A. Fierke

178) Interaction between the Spliceosomal Pre-mRNA Branch Site and U2 snRNP Protein p14 (Biochemistry) Monday January 25th 2016
William Perea, Kersten T. Schroeder, Amy N. Bryant, Nancy L. Greenbaum

179) Stabilization of (Biochemistry) Saturday January 23rd 2016
Huy T. Lam, Michael C. Graber, Katherine A. Gentry, Jan Bieschke

180) Relaxed Chromatin Formation and Weak Suppression of Homologous Pairing by the Testis-Specific Linker Histone H1T (Biochemistry) Friday January 22nd 2016
Shinichi Machida, Ryota Hayashida, Motoki Takaku, Atsuhiko Fukuto, Jiying Sun, Aiko Kinomura, Satoshi Tashiro, Hitoshi Kurumizaka

181) Direct Monitoring of the Reaction between Photochemically Generated Nitric Oxide and Mycobacterium tuberculosis Truncated Hemoglobin N Wild Type and Variant Forms: An Assessment of Computational Mechanistic Predictions (Biochemistry) Friday January 22nd 2016
Karl J. Koebke, Michael T. Waletzko, A. Andrew Pacheco

182) Visualizing the Mechanism of Epoxide Hydrolysis by the Bacterial Virulence Enzyme Cif (Biochemistry) Friday January 22nd 2016
Christopher D. Bahl, Kelli L. Hvorecny, Christophe Morisseau, Scott A. Gerber, Dean R. Madden

183) α,β-Dehydro-Dopa: A Hidden Participant in Mussel Adhesion (Biochemistry) Friday January 22nd 2016
Razieh Mirshafian, Wei Wei, Jacob N. Israelachvili, J. Herbert Waite

184) Real-Time Observation of Backtracking by Bacterial RNA Polymerase (Biochemistry) Friday January 22nd 2016
Agnieszka Lass-Napiorkowska, Tomasz Heyduk

185) Structural Changes of the Active Center during the Photoactivation of Xenopus (6 (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 19th 2016
Daichi Yamada, Junpei Yamamoto, Yu Zhang, Tatsuya Iwata, Kenichi Hitomi, Elizabeth D. Getzoff, Shigenori Iwai, Hideki Kandori

186) Polyketide Ring Expansion Mediated by a Thioesterase, Chain Elongation and Cyclization Domain, in Azinomycin Biosynthesis: Characterization of AziB and AziG (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 19th 2016
Shogo Mori, Dinesh Simkhada, Huitu Zhang, Megan S. Erb, Yang Zhang, Howard Williams, Dmytro Fedoseyenko, William K. Russell, Doyong Kim, Nathan Fleer, Steven E. Ealick, Coran M. H. Watanabe

187) Two Active Site Divalent Ions in the Crystal Structure of the Hammerhead Ribozyme Bound to a Transition State Analogue (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 19th 2016
Aamir Mir, Barbara L. Golden

188) Mechanism of the Flavoprotein l-Hydroxynicotine Oxidase: Kinetic Mechanism, Substrate Specificity, Reaction Product, and Roles of Active-Site Residues (Biochemistry) Friday January 15th 2016
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, Fatemeh Chadegani, Shengnan Zhang, Kenneth M. Roberts, Cynthia S. Hinck

189) The Nedd4 (Biochemistry) Friday January 15th 2016
Vineet Panwalkar, Philipp Neudecker, Michael Schmitz, Justin Lecher, Marianne Schulte, Karima Medini, Matthias Stoldt, Margaret A. Brimble, Dieter Willbold, Andrew J. Dingley

190) Hyperstabilization of Tetrameric Bacillus sp. TB-90 Urate Oxidase by Introducing Disulfide Bonds through Structural Plasticity (Biochemistry) Friday January 15th 2016
Takao Hibi, Asami Kume, Akie Kawamura, Takafumi Itoh, Harumi Fukada, Yoshiaki Nishiya

191) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Solution Structures of Lacticin Q and Aureocin A53 Reveal a Structural Motif Conserved among Leaderless Bacteriocins with Broad-Spectrum Activity (Biochemistry) Friday January 15th 2016
Jeella Z. Acedo, Marco J. van Belkum, Christopher T. Lohans, Kaitlyn M. Towle, Mark Miskolzie, John C. Vederas

192) Alternative Conformations of Cytochrome c: Structure, Function, and Detection (Biochemistry) Friday January 15th 2016
Luciana Hannibal, Florencia Tomasina, Daiana A. Capdevila, Vero

193) Molecular Dissection of the Homotrimeric Sliding Clamp of T4 Phage: Two Domains of a Subunit Display Asymmetric Characteristics (Biochemistry) Thursday January 14th 2016
Manika Indrajit Singh, Vikas Jain

194) Impact of HIV-1 Membrane Cholesterol on Cell-Independent Lytic Inactivation and Cellular Infectivity (Biochemistry) Thursday January 14th 2016
Ramalingam Venkat Kalyana Sundaram, Huiyuan Li, Lauren Bailey, Adel A. Rashad, Rachna Aneja, Karl Weiss, James Huynh, Arangaserry Rosemary Bastian, Elisabeth Papazoglou, Cameron Abrams, Steven Wrenn, Irwin Chaiken

195) Kinetic Mechanism of Formation of Hyperactive Embryonic Ras in Cells (Biochemistry) Thursday January 14th 2016
Michael Wey, Jungwoon Lee, Hyo Sun Kim, Soon Seog Jeong, Jungho Kim, Jongyun Heo

196) Dual Role of the Active Site Residues of Thermus thermophilus 3-Isopropylmalate Dehydrogenase: Chemical Catalysis and Domain Closure (Biochemistry) Thursday January 14th 2016

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