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99) Comparative Study of Two Chitin-Active and Two Cellulose-Active AA10-Type Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases (Biochemistry) Thursday March 6th 2014
Zarah Forsberg

100) Identification of Minimal HDV-Like Ribozymes with Unique Divalent Metal Ion Dependence in the Human Microbiome (Biochemistry) Thursday March 6th 2014
Nathan J. Riccitelli, Eric Delwart, Andrej Lupta

101) Structure-Based Energetics of mRNA Decoding on the Ribosome (Biochemistry) Thursday March 6th 2014
Priyadarshi Satpati, Johan Sund, Johan

102) Cancer/Testis Antigen PAGE4, a Regulator of c-Jun Transactivation, Is Phosphorylated by Homeodomain-Interacting Protein Kinase 1, a Component of the Stress-Response Pathway (Biochemistry) Thursday March 6th 2014
Steven M. Mooney, Ruoyi Qiu, John J. Kim, Elizabeth J. Sacho, Krithika Rajagopalan, Dorhyun Johng, Takumi Shiraishi, Prakash Kulkarni, Keith R. Weninger

103) The Acidic Ribosomal Stalk Proteins Are Not Required for the Highly Specific Inactivation Exerted by (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 4th 2014
Miriam Olombrada, Mari

104) The Basic Biology of Redoxosomes in Cytokine-Mediated Signal Transduction and Implications for Disease-Specific Therapies (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 4th 2014
Netanya Y. Spencer, John F. Engelhardt

105) Regulation of the Expression of the (Biochemistry) Monday March 3rd 2014
Blas Bla

106) Protein Crowder Charge and Protein Stability (Biochemistry) Monday March 3rd 2014
Mohona Sarkar, Joe Lu, Gary J. Pielak

107) Electron-Transfer Pathways in the Heme and Quinone-Binding Domain of Complex II (Succinate Dehydrogenase) (Biochemistry) Monday March 3rd 2014
Robert F. Anderson, Sujata S. Shinde, Russ Hille, Richard A. Rothery, Joel H. Weiner, Sany Rajagukguk, Elena Maklashina, Gary Cecchini

108) Glycosylation of Skp1 Affects Its Conformation and Promotes Binding to a Model F-Box Protein (Biochemistry) Monday March 3rd 2014
M. Osman Sheikh, Christopher M. Schafer, John T. Powell, Karla K. Rodgers, Blaine H. M. Mooers, Christopher M. West

109) The SNARE Motif of Synaptobrevin Exhibits an Aqueous (Biochemistry) Friday February 28th 2014
Binyong Liang, Damian Dawidowski, Jeffrey F. Ellena, Lukas K. Tamm, David S. Cafiso

110) Strength of Axial Water Ligation in Substrate-Free Cytochrome P450s Is Isoform Dependent (Biochemistry) Friday February 28th 2014
Kip P. Conner, Alina M. Schimpf, Alex A. Cruce, Kirsty J. McLean, Andrew W. Munro, Daniel J. Frank, Matthew D. Krzyaniak, Paul Ortiz de Montellano, Michael K. Bowman, William M. Atkins

111) Structural Characterization of Interactions between the Double-Stranded RNA-Binding Zinc Finger Protein JAZ and Nucleic Acids (Biochemistry) Friday February 28th 2014
Russell G. Burge, Maria A. Martinez-Yamout, H. Jane Dyson, Peter E. Wright

112) Unraveling the Substrate Recognition Mechanism and Specificity of the Unusual Glycosyl Hydrolase Family 29 BT2192 from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron (Biochemistry) Thursday February 27th 2014
Laure Guillotin, Pierre Lafite, Richard Daniellou

113) Studies of Early Events of Folding of a Predominately (Biochemistry) Thursday February 27th 2014
Suparna Sarkar, Krishnananda Chattopadhyay

114) A Minimal Hydrophobicity Is Needed To Employ Amphiphilic p(HPMA)-co-p(LMA) Random Copolymers in Membrane Research (Biochemistry) Thursday February 27th 2014
Michael Stangl, Mirjam Hemmelmann, Mareli Allmeroth, Rudolf Zentel, Dirk Schneider

115) Cross-Link Formation and Peptidoglycan Lattice Assembly in the FemA Mutant of Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 26th 2014
Sung Joon Kim, Manmilan Singh, Shasad Sharif, Jacob Schaefer

116) Subtle Dynamics of holo Glutamine Binding Protein Revealed with a Rigid Paramagnetic Probe (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 26th 2014
Zhu Liu, Zhou Gong, Da-Chuan Guo, Wei-Ping Zhang, Chun Tang

117) Structural Dynamics of a Mitochondrial tRNA Possessing Weak Thermodynamic Stability (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 26th 2014
Hari Bhaskaran, Takaaki Taniguchi, Takeo Suzuki, Tsutomu Suzuki, John J. Perona

118) A Conformational Investigation of Propeptide Binding to the Integral Membrane Protein (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 26th 2014
Christine H. Parker, Christopher R. Morgan, Kasper D. Rand, John R. Engen, James W. Jorgenson, Darrel W. Stafford

119) Galactoside-Binding Site in LacY (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 26th 2014
Xiaoxu Jiang, Maria Katerina R. Villafuerte, Magnus Andersson, Stephen H. White, H. Ronald Kaback

120) Crystal Structure of Cindoxin, the P450cin Redox Partner (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 25th 2014
Yarrow Madrona, Scott A. Hollingsworth, Sarvind Tripathi, James B. Fields, Jean-Christophe N. Rwigema, Douglas J. Tobias, Thomas L. Poulos

121) The Role of Glu41 in the Binding of Dimannose to P51G-m4-CVN (Biochemistry) Monday February 24th 2014
Sai Kumar Ramadugu, Zhen Li, Hemant K. Kashyap, Claudio J. Margulis

122) Recognition of the HIV Capsid by the TRIM5 (Biochemistry) Monday February 24th 2014
Dmytro B. Kovalskyy, Dmitri N. Ivanov

123) An in Vitro Peptide Complementation Assay for CYT-18-Dependent Group I Intron Splicing Reveals a New Role for the N-Terminus (Biochemistry) Monday February 24th 2014
Chun Geng, Paul J. Paukstelis

124) In Vitro Assembly of the Outer Core of the Lipopolysaccharide from Escherichia coli K-12 and Salmonella typhimurium (Biochemistry) Friday February 21st 2014
Jinghua Qian, Teresa A. Garrett, Christian R. H. Raetz

125) Catalytic Site Cooperativity in Dimeric Methylthioadenosine Nucleosidase (Biochemistry) Friday February 21st 2014
Shanzhi Wang, Keisha Thomas, Vern L. Schramm

126) Investigation of Osmolyte Effects on FolM: Comparison with Other Dihydrofolate Reductases (Biochemistry) Friday February 21st 2014
Purva P. Bhojane, Michael R. Duff, Harini C. Patel, Melissa E. Vogt, Elizabeth E. Howell

127) Two Regions of the Ryanodine Receptor Calcium Channel Are Involved in Ca2+-Dependent Inactivation (Biochemistry) Friday February 21st 2014
Angela C. Gomez, Naohiro Yamaguchi

128) Producing Proficient Methyl Donors from Alternative Substrates of S-Adenosylmethionine Synthetase (Biochemistry) Friday February 21st 2014
Yasanandana S. Wijayasinghe, Robert M. Blumenthal, Ronald E. Viola

129) Unique Effect of Cu(II) in the Metal-Induced Amyloid Formation of (Biochemistry) Friday February 21st 2014
Jia Dong, Crisjoe A. Joseph, Nicholas B. Borotto, Vanessa L. Gill, Michael J. Maroney, Richard W. Vachet

130) Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Gln103 Reveals the Influence of This Residue on the Redox Properties and Stability of MauG (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Sooim Shin, Erik T. Yukl, Esha Sehanobish, Carrie M. Wilmot, Victor L. Davidson

131) Structure and Function of Human DnaJ Homologue Subfamily A Member 1 (DNAJA1) and Its Relationship to Pancreatic Cancer (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Jaime L. Stark, Kamiya Mehla, Nina Chaika, Thomas B. Acton, Rong Xiao, Pankaj K. Singh, Gaetano T. Montelione, Robert Powers

132) Regulation of Src and Csk Nonreceptor Tyrosine Kinases in the Filasterean Ministeria vibrans (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Kira P. Schultheiss, Barbara P. Craddock, Hiroshi Suga, W. Todd Miller

133) Saccharomyces cerevisiae Thg1 Uses 5 (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Brian A. Smith, Jane E. Jackman

134) Antibody Epitopes on G Protein-Coupled Receptors Mapped with Genetically Encoded Photoactivatable Cross-Linkers (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 18th 2014
Sarmistha Ray-Saha, Thomas Huber, Thomas P. Sakmar

135) Thermodynamics of Formation of the Insulin Hexamer: Metal-Stabilized Proton-Coupled Assembly of Quaternary Structure (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 18th 2014
Margaret C. Carpenter, Dean E. Wilcox

136) Solution Structure of Calmodulin Bound to the Target Peptide of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Phosphorylated at Thr495 (Biochemistry) Monday February 17th 2014
Michael Piazza, Valentina Taiakina, Simon R. Guillemette, J. Guy Guillemette, Thorsten Dieckmann

137) Interaction between Neuronal Nitric-Oxide Synthase and Tetrahydrobiopterin Revisited: Studies on the Nature and Mechanism of Tight Pterin Binding (Biochemistry) Monday February 17th 2014
Christian L. Heine, Bernd Kolesnik, Renate Schmidt, Ernst R. Werner, Bernd Mayer, Antonius C. F. Gorren

138) Structural Studies of Yeast (Biochemistry) Monday February 17th 2014
Travis A. Pemberton, Dhiraj Srivastava, Nikhilesh Sanyal, Michael T. Henzl, Donald F. Becker, John J. Tanner

139) Interactions of Indocyanine Green and Lipid in Enhancing Near-Infrared Fluorescence Properties: The Basis for Near-Infrared Imaging in Vivo (Biochemistry) Monday February 17th 2014
John C. Kraft, Rodney J. Y. Ho

140) Amino Acid Signature Enables Proteins to Recognize Modified tRNA (Biochemistry) Friday February 14th 2014
Jessica L. Spears, Xingqing Xiao, Carol K. Hall, Paul F. Agris

141) Side Chain Conformational Averaging in Human Dihydrofolate Reductase (Biochemistry) Thursday February 13th 2014
Lisa M. Tuttle, H. Jane Dyson, Peter E. Wright

142) Amyloid Fibril Formation by the Chain B Subunit of Monellin Occurs by a Nucleation-Dependent Polymerization Mechanism (Biochemistry) Thursday February 13th 2014
A. T. Sabareesan, Jayant B. Udgaonkar

143) The Unusual Monomer Recognition of Guanine-Containing Mixed Sequence DNA by a Dithiophene Heterocyclic Diamidine (Biochemistry) Thursday February 13th 2014
Manoj Munde, Arvind Kumar, Paul Peixoto, Sabine Depauw, Mohamed A. Ismail, Abdelbasset A. Farahat, Ananya Paul, Martial V. Say, Marie-He

144) Nonenzymatic Synthesis of the P-Cluster in the Nitrogenase MoFe Protein: Evidence of the Involvement of All-Ferrous [Fe4S4]0 Intermediates (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 12th 2014
Kresimir Rupnik, Chi Chung Lee, Jared A. Wiig, Yilin Hu, Markus W. Ribbe, Brian J. Hales

145) Aggregation Gatekeeper and Controlled Assembly of Trpzip (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 12th 2014
Beatrice N. Markiewicz, Rolando Oyola, Deguo Du, Feng Gai

146) Production of a Novel N-Monomethylated Dideoxysugar (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 11th 2014
James B. Thoden, Hazel M. Holden

147) Reprogramming the Chemodiversity of Terpenoid Cyclization by Remolding the Active Site Contour of epi-Isozizaene Synthase (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 11th 2014
Ruiqiong Li, Wayne K. W. Chou, Julie A. Himmelberger, Kevin M. Litwin, Golda G. Harris, David E. Cane, David W. Christianson

148) Morphological Effects of G-Quadruplex Stabilization Using a Small Molecule in Zebrafish (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 11th 2014
Tani Agarwal, Mukesh Kumar Lalwani, Santosh Kumar, Saumya Roy, Tushar Kanti Chakraborty, Sridhar Sivasubbu, Souvik Maiti

149) The Structure and Competitive Substrate Inhibition of Dihydrofolate Reductase from Enterococcus faecalis Reveal Restrictions to Cofactor Docking (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 11th 2014
Christina R. Bourne, Nancy Wakeham, Nicole Webb, Baskar Nammalwar, Richard A. Bunce, K. Darrell Berlin, William W. Barrow

150) Mycobacterium tuberculosis Type II NADH-Menaquinone Oxidoreductase Catalyzes Electron Transfer through a Two-Site Ping-Pong Mechanism and Has Two Quinone-Binding Sites (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 11th 2014
Takahiro Yano, Maryam Rahimian, Kawalpreet K. Aneja, Norman M. Schechter, Harvey Rubin, Charles P. Scott

151) Potent Inhibition of Mandelate Racemase by a Fluorinated Substrate-Product Analogue with a Novel Binding Mode (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 11th 2014
Mitesh Nagar, Adam D. Lietzan, Martin St. Maurice, Stephen L. Bearne

152) Insights into the GTP/GDP Cycle of RabX3, a Novel GTPase from Entamoeba histolytica with Tandem G-Domains (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 11th 2014
Mintu Chandra, Madhumita Mukherjee, Vijay Kumar Srivastava, Yumiko Saito-Nakano, Tomoyoshi Nozaki, Sunando Datta

153) Binding of Copper and Silver to Single-Site Variants of Peptidylglycine Monooxygenase Reveals the Structure and Chemistry of the Individual Metal Centers (Biochemistry) Saturday February 8th 2014
Shefali Chauhan, Chelsey D. Kline, Mary Mayfield, Ninian J. Blackburn

154) Ligand-Dependent Dynamics of the Active-Site Lid in Bacterial Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase (Biochemistry) Saturday February 8th 2014
Masooma Rasheed, Christine Richter, Liisa T. Chisty, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Blackledge, Martin R. Webb, Paul C. Driscoll

155) Designing Hydrolytic Zinc Metalloenzymes (Biochemistry) Saturday February 8th 2014
Melissa L. Zastrow, Vincent L. Pecoraro

156) Reaction Dynamics of ATP Hydrolysis Catalyzed by P-Glycoprotein (Biochemistry) Saturday February 8th 2014
Michele Scian, Mauro Acchione, Mavis Li, William M. Atkins

157) Allosteric Modulation of Substrate Motion in Cytochrome P450 3A4-Mediated Xylene Oxidation (Biochemistry) Friday February 7th 2014
W. Kurtis Childers, John P. Harrelson

158) Response of the Sensory Animal-like Cryptochrome aCRY to Blue and Red Light As Revealed by Infrared Difference Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Meike Spexard, Christian Tho

159) Network of Hydrogen Bonds near the Oxygen-Evolving Mn4CaO5 Cluster of Photosystem II Probed with FTIR Difference Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Rachel J. Service, Warwick Hillier, Richard J. Debus

160) Coordinating Role of His216 in MgATP Binding and Cleavage in Pyruvate Carboxylase (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Abdussalam Adina-Zada, Sarawut Jitrapakdee, John C. Wallace, Paul V. Attwood

161) Tyrosine/Cysteine Cluster Sensitizing Human (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Nathaniel Schafheimer, Zhen Wang, Kevin Schey, Jonathan King

162) Effect of Basic Cell-Penetrating Peptides on the Structural, Thermodynamic, and Hydrodynamic Properties of a Novel Drug Delivery Vector, ELP[V5G3A2-150] (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Daniel F. Lyons, Vu Le, Wolfgang H. Kramer, Gene L. Bidwell, Edwin A. Lewis, Drazen Raucher, John J. Correia

163) Primary and Secondary Photodynamics of the Violet/Orange Dual-Cysteine NpF2164g3 Cyanobacteriochrome Domain from Nostoc punctiforme (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Sean M. Gottlieb, Peter W. Kim, Scott C. Corley, Dorte Madsen, Samuel J. Hanke, Che-Wei Chang, Nathan C. Rockwell, Shelley S. Martin, J. Clark Lagarias, Delmar S. Larsen

164) Strictly Conserved Lysine of Prolyl-tRNA Synthetase Editing Domain Facilitates Binding and Positioning of Misacylated tRNAPro (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Thomas G. Bartholow, Brianne L. Sanford, Bach Cao, Heidi L. Schmit, James M. Johnson, Jet Meitzner, Sudeep Bhattacharyya, Karin Musier-Forsyth, Sanchita Hati

165) Glycine Decarboxylase Is an Unusual Amino Acid Decarboxylase Involved in Tumorigenesis (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Maybelle Kho Go, Wen Cai Zhang, Bing Lim, Wen Shan Yew

166) Crystal Structures of Type I Dehydroquinate Dehydratase in Complex with Quinate and Shikimate Suggest a Novel Mechanism of Schiff Base Formation (Biochemistry) Saturday February 1st 2014
Samuel H. Light, Aleksandar Antanasijevic, Sankar N. Krishna, Michael Caffrey, Wayne F. Anderson, Arnon Lavie

167) Structure of Human PIR1, an Atypical Dual-Specificity Phosphatase (Biochemistry) Saturday February 1st 2014
Rajeshwer Singh Sankhala, Ravi Kumar Lokareddy, Gino Cingolani

168) Thiamin Function, Metabolism, Uptake, and Transport (Biochemistry) Saturday February 1st 2014
Sergio Manzetti, Jin Zhang, David van der Spoel

169) Enzyme Recruitment and Its Role in Metabolic Expansion (Biochemistry) Saturday February 1st 2014
Cindy Schulenburg, Brian G. Miller

170) Molecular Interactions between Mecamylamine Enantiomers and the Transmembrane Domain of the Human (Biochemistry) Friday January 31st 2014
Vasyl Bondarenko, Katarzyna M. Targowska-Duda, Krzysztof Jozwiak, Pei Tang, Hugo R. Arias

171) Lobe-Specific Calmodulin Binding to Different Ryanodine Receptor Isoforms (Biochemistry) Friday January 31st 2014
Kelvin Lau, Mandy M. Y. Chan, Filip Van Petegem

172) The Protonation State of Catalytic Residues in the Resting State of KasA Revisited: Detailed Mechanism for the Activation of KasA by Its Own Substrate (Biochemistry) Friday January 31st 2014
Wook Lee, Bernd Engels

173) Effects of Cavities at the Nicotinamide Binding Site of Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase on Structure, Dynamics and Catalysis (Biochemistry) Friday January 31st 2014
Atsushi Yahashiri, Jon K. Rubach, Bryce V. Plapp

174) The Linker between the Dimerization and Catalytic Domains of the CheA Histidine Kinase Propagates Changes in Structure and Dynamics That Are Important for Enzymatic Activity (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Xiqing Wang, Pramodh Vallurupalli, Anh Vu, Kwangwoon Lee, Sheng Sun, Wen-Ju Bai, Chun Wu, Hongjun Zhou, Joan-Emma Shea, Lewis E. Kay, Frederick W. Dahlquist

175) Identification of Genes Essential for the Biogenesis of Quinohemoprotein Amine Dehydrogenase (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Tadashi Nakai, Takafumi Deguchi, Ivo Fre

176) Structural Insights into the Membrane Fusion Mechanism Mediated by Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Fengyun Ni, Xiaorui Chen, Jun Shen, Qinghua Wang

177) Site-Specific Fluorescence Dynamics of (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Shruti Sahay, A. Anoop, G. Krishnamoorthy, Samir K. Maji

178) Integrin Cytoplasmic Tail Interactions (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Elizabeth M. Morse, Nina N. Brahme, David A. Calderwood

179) Crystal Structure of Pedobacter heparinus Heparin Lyase Hep III with the Active Site in a Deep Cleft (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Wataru Hashimoto, Yukie Maruyama, Yusuke Nakamichi, Bunzo Mikami, Kousaku Murata

180) Galactaro (Biochemistry) Friday January 24th 2014
Jason T. Bouvier, Fiona P. Groninger-Poe, Matthew Vetting, Steven C. Almo, John A. Gerlt

181) Molecular Mechanism of Na+,K+-ATPase Malfunction in Mutations Characteristic of Adrenal Hypertension (Biochemistry) Friday January 24th 2014
Wojciech Kopec, Bastien Loubet, Hanne Poulsen, Himanshu Khandelia

182) Biomolecular Mode of Action of Metformin in Relation to Its Copper Binding Properties (Biochemistry) Friday January 24th 2014
Peter Repis

183) Structural Basis for Substrate Specificity in ArnB. A Key Enzyme in the Polymyxin Resistance Pathway of Gram-Negative Bacteria (Biochemistry) Friday January 24th 2014
Myeongseon Lee, Marcelo C. Sousa

184) A GMC Oxidoreductase Homologue Is Required for Acetylation of Glycopeptidolipid in Mycobacterium smegmatis (Biochemistry) Friday January 24th 2014
Jin Gao, Nicole S. Sampson

185) Microscopic Methods to Observe the Distribution of Lipids in the Cellular Membrane (Biochemistry) Friday January 24th 2014
Sho Takatori, Rob Mesman, Toyoshi Fujimoto

186) Accessibility and External versus Intercalative Binding to DNA As Assessed by Oxygen-Induced Quenching of the Palladium(II)-Containing Cationic Porphyrins Pd(T4) and Pd(tD4) (Biochemistry) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Matthew A. Bork, Christopher G. Gianopoulos, Hanyu Zhang, Phillip E. Fanwick, Jong Hyun Choi, David R. McMillin

187) Selenium as an Electron Acceptor during the Catalytic Mechanism of Thioredoxin Reductase (Biochemistry) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Adam P. Lothrop, Gregg W. Snider, Erik L. Ruggles, Amar S. Patel, Watson J. Lees, Robert J. Hondal

188) Gene Context Analysis Reveals Functional Divergence between Hypothetically Equivalent Enzymes of the Purine (Biochemistry) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Vincenzo Puggioni, Ambra Dondi, Claudia Folli, Inchul Shin, Sangkee Rhee, Riccardo Percudani

189) Compensating for the Absence of Selenocysteine in High-Molecular Weight Thioredoxin Reductases: The Electrophilic Activation Hypothesis (Biochemistry) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Adam P. Lothrop, Gregg W. Snider, Stevenson Flemer, Erik L. Ruggles, Ronald S. Davidson, Audrey L. Lamb, Robert J. Hondal

190) Capping Parallel (Biochemistry) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Gabor Pohl, Amparo Asensio, J. J. Dannenberg

191) Distinct Conformational Transition Patterns of Noncoding 7SK snRNA and HIV TAR RNAs upon Tat Binding (Biochemistry) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Jia Lu, Vivian Wong, Yi Zhang, Trung Tran, Liang Zhao, Amy Xia, Tianbing Xia, Xin Qi

192) Divergent Kinetics Differentiate the Mechanism of Action of Two HDAC Inhibitors (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 22nd 2014
Astrid M. Kral, Nicole Ozerova, Joshua Close, Joon Jung, Melissa Chenard, Judith Fleming, Brian B. Haines, Paul Harrington, John Maclean, Thomas A. Miller, Paul Secrist, Hongmei Wang, Richard W. Heidebrecht

193) Soluble (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 22nd 2014
Steven L. Wagner, Can Zhang, Soan Cheng, Phuong Nguyen, Xulun Zhang, Kevin D. Rynearson, Rong Wang, Yueming Li, Sangram S. Sisodia, William C. Mobley, Rudolph E. Tanzi

194) The Renaissance of Bacillosamine and Its Derivatives: Pathway Characterization and Implications in Pathogenicity (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 21st 2014
Michael J. Morrison, Barbara Imperiali

195) Biochemical Characterization and Comparison of Two Closely Related Active mariner Transposases (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 21st 2014
Maryia Trubitsyna, Elizabeth R. Morris, David J. Finnegan, Julia M. Richardson

196) Structure and Function of the Genomically Encoded Fosfomycin Resistance Enzyme, FosB, from Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 21st 2014
Matthew K. Thompson, Mary E. Keithly, Michael C. Goodman, Neal D. Hammer, Paul D. Cook, Kevin L. Jagessar, Joel Harp, Eric P. Skaar, Richard N. Armstrong

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