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1) Domain-Swapping Switch Point in Ste20 Protein Kinase SPAK (Biochemistry) Monday August 3rd 2015
Clinton A. Taylor, Yu-Chi Juang, Svetlana Earnest, Samarpita Sengupta, Elizabeth J. Goldsmith, Melanie H. Cobb

2) Inhibition of the dapE-Encoded N-Succinyl-l,l-diaminopimelic Acid Desuccinylase from Neisseria meningitidis by l-Captopril (Biochemistry) Monday August 3rd 2015
Anna Starus, Boguslaw Nocek, Brian Bennett, James A. Larrabee, Daniel L. Shaw, Wisath Sae-Lee, Marie T. Russo, Danuta M. Gillner, Magdalena Makowska-Grzyska, Andrzej Joachimiak, Richard C. Holz

3) Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange and Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Amyloid Fibrils Formed by a D69K Charge-Pair Mutant of Human Apolipoprotein C-II (Biochemistry) Monday August 3rd 2015
Yu Mao, Courtney O. Zlatic, Michael D. W. Griffin, Geoffrey J. Howlett, Nevena Todorova, Irene Yarovsky, Paul R. Gooley

4) Binding of Yeast Cytochrome c to Forty-Four Charge-Reversal Mutants of Yeast Cytochrome c Peroxidase: Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
James E. Erman, Lidia B. Vitello, Naw May Pearl, Timothy Jacobson, Meka Francis, Erik Alberts, Allen Kou, Kathy Bujarska

5) Asparagine Repeat Peptides: Aggregation Kinetics and Comparison with Glutamine Repeats (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Xiaomeng Lu, Regina M. Murphy

6) Biochemical and Spectroscopic Studies of Epoxyqueuosine Reductase: A Novel Iron (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Zachary D. Miles, William K. Myers, William M. Kincannon, R. David Britt, Vahe Bandarian

7) Profiling Aglycon-Recognizing Sites of UDP-glucose:glycoprotein Glucosyltransferase by Means of Squarate-Mediated Labeling (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Keiichiro Ohara, Yoichi Takeda, Shusaku Daikoku, Masakazu Hachisu, Akira Seko, Yukishige Ito

8) Identification, Characterization, and Three-Dimensional Structure of the Novel Circular Bacteriocin, Enterocin NKR-5-3B, from Enterococcus faecium (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Kohei Himeno, K. Johan Rosengren, Tomoko Inoue, Rodney H. Perez, Michelle L. Colgrave, Han Siean Lee, Lai Y. Chan, So

9) SufE D74R Substitution Alters Active Site Loop Dynamics To Further Enhance SufE Interaction with the SufS Cysteine Desulfurase (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Yuyuan Dai, Dokyong Kim, Guangchao Dong, Laura S. Busenlehner, Patrick A. Frantom, F. Wayne Outten

10) Structure-Based Identification of Inhibitors for the SLC13 Family of Na+/Dicarboxylate Cotransporters (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Claire Colas, Ana M. Pajor, Avner Schlessinger

11) Competition between Different S-Components for the Shared Energy Coupling Factor Module in Energy Coupling Factor Transporters (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Maria Majsnerowska, Josy ter Beek, Weronika K. Stanek, Ria H. Duurkens, Dirk J. Slotboom

12) Importance of (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Geoffrey M. Gray, Arjan van der Vaart

13) α-Helical Domains Affecting the Oligomerization of Vipp1 and Its Interaction with Hsp70/DnaK in Chlamydomonas (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Fei Gao, Wenyan Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Cuimin Liu

14) Phospholipid Bicelles Improve the Conformational Stability of Rhodopsin Mutants Associated with Retinitis Pigmentosa (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Xiaoyun Dong, Eva Ramon, Mari

15) Deamidation of Human (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 29th 2015
Ajay Pande, Natalya Mokhor, Jayanti Pande

16) Tryptophan Lyase (NosL): Mechanistic Insights from Substrate Analogues and Mutagenesis (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 29th 2015
Dhananjay M. Bhandari, Hui Xu, Yvain Nicolet, Juan C. Fontecilla-Camps, Tadhg P. Begley

17) Insights into Protein Structure and Dynamics by Ultraviolet and Visible Resonance Raman Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 29th 2015
Ignacio Lo

18) The Use of Liprotides To Stabilize and Transport Hydrophobic Molecules (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 28th 2015
Jannik N. Pedersen, Jan S. Pedersen, Daniel E. Otzen

19) Novel Staphylococcus aureus Secreted Protein Alters Keratinocyte Proliferation and Elicits a Proinflammatory Response In Vitro and In Vivo (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 28th 2015
Joseph A. Merriman, Aloysius J. Klingelhutz, Daniel J. Diekema, Donald Y. M. Leung, Patrick M. Schlievert

20) RNA Binds to Tau Fibrils and Sustains Template-Assisted Growth (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Paul D. Dinkel, Michael R. Holden, Nadira Matin, Martin Margittai

21) Structure and Functional Characterization of the Conserved JAK Interaction Region in the Intrinsically Disordered N-Terminus of SOCS5 (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Indu R. Chandrashekaran, Biswaranjan Mohanty, Edmond M. Linossi, Laura F. Dagley, Eleanor W. W. Leung, James M. Murphy, Jeffrey J. Babon, Sandra E. Nicholson, Raymond S. Norton

22) ATP Hydrolysis in the RecA (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Anna Reymer, Sa

23) Tissue Factor Residues That Modulate Magnesium-Dependent Rate Enhancements of the Tissue Factor/Factor VIIa Complex (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Joshua M. Gajsiewicz, Kristin M. Nuzzio, Chad M. Rienstra, James H. Morrissey

24) Structural Insights into the Distinct Binding Mode of Cyclic Di-AMP with SaCpaA_RCK (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Ko-Hsin Chin, Juin-Ming Liang, Jauo-Guey Yang, Min-Shao Shih, Zhi-Le Tu, Yu-Chuang Wang, Xing-Han Sun, Nien-Jen Hu, Zhao-Xun Liang, J. Maxwell Dow, Robert P. Ryan, Shan-Ho Chou

25) Rational Modulation of the Induced-Fit Conformational Change for Slow-Onset Inhibition in Mycobacterium tuberculosis InhA (Biochemistry) Saturday July 25th 2015
Cheng-Tsung Lai, Huei-Jiun Li, Weixuan Yu, Sonam Shah, Gopal R. Bommineni, Victoria Perrone, Miguel Garcia-Diaz, Peter J. Tonge, Carlos Simmerling

26) Systematic Perturbations of Binuclear Non-heme Iron Sites: Structure and Dioxygen Reactivity of de Novo Due Ferri Proteins (Biochemistry) Saturday July 25th 2015
Rae Ana Snyder, Justine Betzu, Susan E. Butch, Amanda J. Reig, William F. DeGrado, Edward I. Solomon

27) Heme Stabilization of (Biochemistry) Friday July 24th 2015
Eric Y. Hayden, Prerna Kaur, Thomas L. Williams, Hiroshi Matsui, Syun-Ru Yeh, Denis L. Rousseau

28) Protein (Biochemistry) Friday July 24th 2015
Rekha Pattanayek, Martin Egli

29) Galectin CvGal2 from the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Displays Unique Specificity for ABH Blood Group Oligosaccharides and Differentially Recognizes Sympatric Perkinsus Species (Biochemistry) Friday July 24th 2015
Chiguang Feng, Anita Ghosh, Mohammed N. Amin, Tsvetan R. Bachvaroff, Satoshi Tasumi, Marta Pasek, Aditi Banerjee, Surekha Shridhar, Lai-Xi Wang, Mario A. Bianchet, Gerardo R. Vasta

30) Tetrameric Assembly of Monoubiquitin Accurately Mimics the Lys11 Polyubiquitin Chain Structure (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 22nd 2015
Olga Levin-Kravets, Noa Shohat, Gali Prag

31) Decoding the Matrix: Instructive Roles of Proteoglycan Receptors (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 22nd 2015
Thomas Neill, Liliana Schaefer, Renato V. Iozzo

32) STARD4 Membrane Interactions and Sterol Binding (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 22nd 2015
David B. Iaea, Igor Dikiy, Irene Kiburu, David Eliezer, Frederick R. Maxfield

33) Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Polyamine Deacetylase Inhibitors, and High-Resolution Crystal Structures of Their Complexes with Acetylpolyamine Amidohydrolase (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 22nd 2015
Christophe Decroos, David W. Christianson

34) Rate-Determining Attack on Substrate Precedes Rieske Cluster Oxidation during Cis-Dihydroxylation by Benzoate Dioxygenase (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 21st 2015
Brent S. Rivard, Melanie S. Rogers, Daniel J. Marell, Matthew B. Neibergall, Sarmistha Chakrabarty, Christopher J. Cramer, John D. Lipscomb

35) Probing the Residual Structure of the Low Populated Denatured State of ADA2h under Folding Conditions by Relaxation Dispersion Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 21st 2015
Yulia Pustovalova, Predrag Kukic, Michele Vendruscolo, Dmitry M. Korzhnev

36) Interaction of Fibrin with the Very Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor: Further Characterization and Localization of the Fibrin-Binding Site (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 21st 2015
Sergiy Yakovlev, Leonid Medved

37) Binding Rate Constants Reveal Distinct Features of Disordered Protein Domains (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 21st 2015
Jakob Dogan, Josefin Jonasson, Eva Andersson, Per Jemth

38) Thermodynamic Switch in Binding of Adhesion/Growth Regulatory Human Galectin-3 to Tumor-Associated TF Antigen (CD176) and MUC1 Glycopeptides (Biochemistry) Monday July 20th 2015
Maria C. Rodriguez, Svetlana Yegorova, Jean-Philippe Pitteloud, Anais E. Chavaroche, Sabine Andre

39) Properties of the Mechanosensitive Channel MscS Pore Revealed by Tryptophan Scanning Mutagenesis (Biochemistry) Monday July 20th 2015
Tim Rasmussen, Akiko Rasmussen, Shivani Singh, Heloisa Galbiati, Michelle D. Edwards, Samantha Miller, Ian R. Booth

40) Converting Transaldolase into Aldolase through Swapping of the Multifunctional Acid (Biochemistry) Monday July 20th 2015
Viktor Sautner, Mascha Miriam Friedrich, Anja Lehwess-Litzmann, Kai Tittmann

41) Catalytically Important Residues of E6AP Ubiquitin Ligase Identified Using Acid-Cleavable Photo-Cross-Linkers (Biochemistry) Monday July 20th 2015
David T. Krist, Alexander V. Statsyuk

42) Rapid Kinetics of Dehalogenation Promoted by Iodotyrosine Deiodinase from Human Thyroid (Biochemistry) Monday July 20th 2015
Kostyantyn D. Bobyk, David P. Ballou, Steven E. Rokita

43) Prb1 Protease Activity Is Required for Its Recognition by the F-Box Protein Saf1 (Biochemistry) Friday July 17th 2015
Kevin G. Mark, Fernando Meza-Gutierrez, Jeffrey R. Johnson, Billy W. Newton, Nevan J. Krogan, David P. Toczyski

44) Molecular Mechanism of the Misfolding and Oligomerization of the Prion Protein: Current Understanding and Its Implications (Biochemistry) Friday July 17th 2015
Jogender Singh, Jayant B. Udgaonkar

45) Neural Zinc Finger Factor/Myelin Transcription Factor Proteins: Metal Binding, Fold, and Function (Biochemistry) Thursday July 16th 2015
Angelique N. Besold, Sarah L. J. Michel

46) Chemically Induced Changes to Membrane Permeability in Living Cells Probed with Nonlinear Light Scattering (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 15th 2015
Michael J. Wilhelm, Mohammad Sharifian Gh., Hai-Lung Dai

47) Staphylococcus aureus CstB Is a Novel Multidomain Persulfide Dioxygenase-Sulfurtransferase Involved in Hydrogen Sulfide Detoxification (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 15th 2015
Jiangchuan Shen, Mary E. Keithly, Richard N. Armstrong, Khadine A. Higgins, Katherine A. Edmonds, David P. Giedroc

48) Structures of cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase (PKG) I (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 15th 2015
Liying Qin, Albert S. Reger, Elaine Guo, Matthew P. Yang, Peter Zwart, Darren E. Casteel, Choel Kim

49) Probing the Role of N-Acetyl-glutamyl 5-Phosphate, an Acyl Phosphate, in the Construction of the Azabicycle Moiety of the Azinomycins (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 15th 2015
Keshav K. Nepal, Rachel P. Lee, Yohannes H. Rezenom, Coran M. H. Watanabe

50) Viscosity Dependence of Some Protein and Enzyme Reaction Rates: Seventy-Five Years after Kramers (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Pulikallu Sashi, Abani K. Bhuyan

51) Soapwort Saporin L3 Expression in Yeast, Mutagenesis, and RNA Substrate Specificity (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Hongling Yuan, Quan Du, Matthew B. Sturm, Vern L. Schramm

52) Rate and Equilibrium Constants for an Enzyme Conformational Change during Catalysis by Orotidine 5 (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Bogdana Goryanova, Lawrence M. Goldman, Shonoi Ming, Tina L. Amyes, John A. Gerlt, John P. Richard

53) Bacterial Sugar 3,4-Ketoisomerases: Structural Insight into Product Stereochemistry (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
James B. Thoden, Evgeny Vinogradov, Michel Gilbert, Ari J. Salinger, Hazel M. Holden

54) Effects of Olive Metabolites on DNA Cleavage Mediated by Human Type II Topoisomerases (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Kendra R. Vann, Carl A. Sedgeman, Jacob Gopas, Avi Golan-Goldhirsh, Neil Osheroff

55) Comparative Mutagenesis Studies of Retinal Release in Light-Activated Zebrafish Rhodopsin Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
J. M. Morrow, B. S. W. Chang

56) Structure-Based Assignment of Ile, Leu, and Val Methyl Groups in the Active and Inactive Forms of the Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 2 (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Yao Xiao, Lisa R. Warner, Michael P. Latham, Natalie G. Ahn, Arthur Pardi

57) Identification and Co-complex Structure of a New S. pyogenes SpeB Small Molecule Inhibitor (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Ana Y. Wang, Gonzalo E. Gonza

58) A Comparison of Three Fluorophores for the Detection of Amyloid Fibers and Prefibrillar Oligomeric Assemblies. ThT (Thioflavin T) ANS (1-Anilinonaphthalene-8-sulfonic Acid) and bisANS (4,4 (Biochemistry) Friday July 10th 2015
Nadine D. Younan, John H. Viles

59) Multiple Drug Transport Pathways through Human P-Glycoprotein (Biochemistry) Friday July 10th 2015
James W. McCormick, Pia D. Vogel, John G. Wise

60) Computational Evidence for the Catalytic Mechanism of Tyrosylprotein Sulfotransferases: A Density Functional Theory Investigation (Biochemistry) Thursday July 9th 2015
Tainah Dorina Marforio, Pietro Giacinto, Andrea Bottoni, Matteo Calvaresi

61) Stabilization of an (Biochemistry) Thursday July 9th 2015
Jun Huang, Bryan J. Jones, Romas J. Kazlauskas

62) Structural and Biochemical Characterization of AidC, a Quorum-Quenching Lactonase with Atypical Selectivity (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 8th 2015
Romila Mascarenhas, Pei W. Thomas, Chun-Xiang Wu, Boguslaw P. Nocek, Quyen Q. Hoang, Dali Liu, Walter Fast

63) Flavin (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 8th 2015
Djemel Hamdane, Charles Bou-Nader, David Cornu, Gaston Hui-Bon-Hoa, Marc Fontecave

64) G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 (GRK2) and 5 (GRK5) Exhibit Selective Phosphorylation of the Neurotensin Receptor in Vitro (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 8th 2015
Sayaka Inagaki, Rodolfo Ghirlando, Sergey A. Vishnivetskiy, Kristoff T. Homan, Jim F. White, John J. G. Tesmer, Vsevolod V. Gurevich, Reinhard Grisshammer

65) Amphiphilic Residues 29 (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 7th 2015
Walter G. Gonzalez, Andres S. Arango, Jaroslava Miksovska

66) A Mechanism of Subunit Recruitment in Human Small Heat Shock Protein Oligomers (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 7th 2015
Scott P. Delbecq, Joel C. Rosenbaum, Rachel E. Klevit

67) Huntingtin N-Terminal Monomeric and Multimeric Structures Destabilized by Covalent Modification of Heteroatomic Residues (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 7th 2015
James R. Arndt, Samaneh Ghassabi Kondalaji, Megan M. Maurer, Arlo Parker, Justin Legleiter, Stephen J. Valentine

68) Sequence-Dependent Promoter Escape Efficiency Is Strongly Influenced by Bias for the Pretranslocated State during Initial Transcription (Biochemistry) Monday July 6th 2015

69) Solution Structure of CCL19 and Identification of Overlapping CCR7 and PSGL-1 Binding Sites (Biochemistry) Monday July 6th 2015
Christopher T. Veldkamp, Eva Kiermaier, Skylar J. Gabel-Eissens, Miranda L. Gillitzer, David R. Lippner, Frank A. DiSilvio, Casey J. Mueller, Paeton L. Wantuch, Gary R. Chaffee, Michael W. Famiglietti, Danielle M. Zgoba, Asha A. Bailey, Yaya Bah, Samantha J. Engebretson, David R. Graupner, Emily R. Lackner, Vincent D. LaRosa, Tysha Medeiros, Michael L. Olson, Andrew J. Phillips, Harley Pyles, Amanda M. Richard, Scott J. Schoeller, Boris Touzeau, Larry G. Williams, Michael Sixt, Francis C. Peterson

70) Mechanistic Insights into R776H Mediated Activation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Kinase (Biochemistry) Monday July 6th 2015
Zheng Ruan, Natarajan Kannan

71) Characterization of Interstrand DNA (Biochemistry) Thursday July 2nd 2015
Zhiyu Yang, Nathan E. Price, Kevin M. Johnson, Kent S. Gates

72) Models for the Metal Transfer Complex of the N-Terminal Region of CusB and CusF (Biochemistry) Thursday July 2nd 2015
Melek N. Ucisik, Dhruva K. Chakravorty, Kenneth M. Merz

73) Melting of Duplex DNA in the Absence of ATP by the NS3 Helicase Domain through Specific Interaction with a Single-Strand/Double-Strand Junction (Biochemistry) Thursday July 2nd 2015
Kimberly A. Reynolds, Craig E. Cameron, Kevin D. Raney

74) The Enzymatic Activity of Lipases Correlates with Polarity-Induced Conformational Changes: A Trp-Induced Quenching Fluorescence Study (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 1st 2015
Jakob Skjold-J

75) Differences in the Access of Lesions to the Nucleotide Excision Repair Machinery in Nucleosomes (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 30th 2015
Yuqin Cai, Konstantin Kropachev, Michael A. Terzidis, Annalisa Masi, Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu, Vladimir Shafirovich, Nicholas E. Geacintov, Suse Broyde

76) Ethylene Glycol Quenching of Nitrogenase Catalysis: An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Study of Nitrogenase Turnover States and CO Bonding (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 30th 2015
Brian J. Hales

77) Lessons from Nature: A Bio-Inspired Approach to Molecular Design (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 30th 2015
Sarah A. Cook, Ethan A. Hill, A. S. Borovik

78) A Theoretical Study of Phosphoryl Transfers of Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase I (Tdp1) and the Possibility of a (Biochemistry) Monday June 29th 2015
Nathan J. DeYonker, Charles Edwin Webster

79) Mechanism of Nucleated Conformational Conversion of A (Biochemistry) Friday June 26th 2015
Ziao Fu, Darryl Aucoin, Judianne Davis, William E. Van Nostrand, Steven O. Smith

80) Dual Allosteric Inhibitors Jointly Modulate Protein Structure and Dynamics in the Hepatitis C Virus Polymerase (Biochemistry) Friday June 26th 2015
Jodian A. Brown, Ian F. Thorpe

81) Mapping the Hydrogen Bond Networks in the Catalytic Subunit of Protein Kinase A Using H/D Fractionation Factors (Biochemistry) Friday June 26th 2015
Geoffrey C. Li, Atul K. Srivastava, Jonggul Kim, Susan S. Taylor, Gianluigi Veglia

82) Modeling Suggests TRPC3 Hydrogen Bonding and Not Phosphorylation Contributes to the Ataxia Phenotype of the Moonwalker Mouse (Biochemistry) Friday June 26th 2015
Sonya M. Hanson, Mark S. P. Sansom, Esther B. E. Becker

83) The Structure of an Oxalate Oxidoreductase Provides Insight into Microbial 2-Oxoacid Metabolism (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 24th 2015
Marcus I. Gibson, Edward J. Brignole, Elizabeth Pierce, Mehmet Can, Stephen W. Ragsdale, Catherine L. Drennan

84) Molecular Dissection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Integration Host Factor Reveals Novel Insights into the Mode of DNA Binding and Nucleoid Compaction (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 24th 2015
Narayanaswamy Sharadamma, Yadumurthy Harshavardhana, Apoorva Ravishankar, Praveen Anand, Nagasuma Chandra, K. Muniyappa

85) Measurement of DNA Polymerase Incorporation Kinetics of Dye-Labeled Nucleotides Using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 24th 2015
Matthew T. Walsh, Eric E. Roller, Kwang-Seuk Ko, Xiaohua Huang

86) The First Residue of the PWWP Motif Modulates HATH Domain Binding, Stability, and Protein (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 24th 2015
Yi-Lin Hung, Hsia-Ju Lee, Ingjye Jiang, Shang-Chi Lin, Wei-Cheng Lo, Yi-Jan Lin, Shih-Che Sue

87) Elucidation of the Aggregation Pathways of Helix (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 24th 2015
Thanh D. Do, Ali Chamas, Xueyun Zheng, Aaron Barnes, Dayna Chang, Tjitske Veldstra, Harmeet Takhar, Nicolette Dressler, Benjamin Trapp, Kylie Miller, Audrene McMahon, Stephen C. Meredith, Joan-Emma Shea, Kristi Lazar Cantrell, Michael T. Bowers

88) Crystal Structure and Functional Analyses of the Lectin Domain of Glucosidase II: Insights into Oligomannose Recognition (Biochemistry) Wednesday June 24th 2015
Linda J. Olson, Ramiro Orsi, Francis C. Peterson, Armando J. Parodi, Jung-Ja P. Kim, Cecilia D

89) Inhibitor Bound Crystal Structures of Bacterial Nitric Oxide Synthase (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 23rd 2015
Jeffrey K. Holden, Dillon Dejam, Matthew C. Lewis, He Huang, Soosung Kang, Qing Jing, Fengtian Xue, Richard B. Silverman, Thomas L. Poulos

90) Anion-Dependent Stimulation of CYP3A4 Monooxygenase (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 23rd 2015
Irina F. Sevrioukova, Thomas L. Poulos

91) Effect of 10.5 M Aqueous Urea on Helicobacter pylori Urease: A Molecular Dynamics Study (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 23rd 2015
Mona S. Minkara, Michael N. Weaver, Kenneth M. Merz

92) Unusual Peroxide-Dependent, Heme-Transforming Reaction Catalyzed by HemQ (Biochemistry) Tuesday June 23rd 2015
Arianna I. Celis, Bennett R. Streit, Garrett C. Moraski, Ravi Kant, Timothy D. Lash, Gudrun S. Lukat-Rodgers, Kenton R. Rodgers, Jennifer L. DuBois

93) Zinc Modulates Self-Assembly of Bacillus thermocatenulatus Lipase (Biochemistry) Monday June 22nd 2015
Emel Timucin, O. Ugur Sezerman

94) Mimicking and Understanding the Agglutination Effect of the Antimicrobial Peptide Thanatin Using Model Phospholipid Vesicles (Biochemistry) Friday June 19th 2015

95) Lysine Acetylation Activates Mitochondrial Aconitase in the Heart (Biochemistry) Friday June 19th 2015
Jolyn Fernandes, Alexis Weddle, Caroline S. Kinter, Kenneth M. Humphries, Timothy Mather, Luke I. Szweda, Michael Kinter

96) Analysis of Distinct Roles of CaMKK Isoforms Using STO-609-Resistant Mutants in Living Cells (Biochemistry) Thursday June 18th 2015
Yuya Fujiwara, Yuri Hiraoka, Tomohito Fujimoto, Naoki Kanayama, Masaki Magari, Hiroshi Tokumitsu

97) Structure and Mechanism of the Siderophore-Interacting Protein from the Fuscachelin Gene Cluster of Thermobifida fusca (Biochemistry) Thursday June 18th 2015
Kunhua Li, Wei-Hung Chen, Steven D. Bruner

98) Investigating the in Vitro Thermal Stability and Conformational Flexibility of Estrogen Receptors as Potential Key Factors of Their in Vivo Activity (Biochemistry) Thursday June 18th 2015

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