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1) Sequential and Coupled Proton and Electron Transfer Events in the S2 (Biochemistry) Monday December 5th 2016
Ivelina Zaharieva, Holger Dau, Michael Haumann

2) Mechanisms of Protein Translocation on DNA Are Differentially Responsive to Water Activity (Biochemistry) Monday December 5th 2016
Brigitte S. Naughton, Norbert O. Reich

3) Systematic Evaluation of Biophysical and Functional Characteristics of Selenomethylene-Locked Nucleic Acid-Mediated Inhibition of miR-21 (Biochemistry) Monday December 5th 2016
Smita Nahar, Amrita Singh, Kunihiko Morihiro, Yoshihiro Moai, Tetsuya Kodama, Satoshi Obika, Souvik Maiti

4) Asymmetric Binding and Metabolism of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) by CYP2J2 Epoxygenase (Biochemistry) Monday December 5th 2016
William R. Arnold, Javier L. Baylon, Emad Tajkhorshid, Aditi Das

5) Characterization of the Inward- and Outward-Facing Substrate Binding Sites of the Prokaryotic Aspartate Transporter, GltPh (Biochemistry) Friday December 2nd 2016
Benjamin C. McIlwain, Robert J. Vandenberg, Renae M. Ryan

6) Binding Properties of the Transforming Growth Factor- (Biochemistry) Friday December 2nd 2016
Maria M. Villarreal, Sun Kyung Kim, Lindsey Barron, Ravi Kodali, Jason Baardsnes, Cynthia S. Hinck, Troy C. Krzysiak, Morkos A. Henen, Olga Pakhomova, Valenti

7) Conformational Dynamics and Protein (Biochemistry) Thursday December 1st 2016
Chao Pan, Jingwei Weng, Wenning Wang

8) The Escherichia coli BolA Protein IbaG Forms a Histidine-Ligated [2Fe-2S]-Bridged Complex with Grx4 (Biochemistry) Thursday December 1st 2016
Adrienne C. Dlouhy, Haoran Li, Angela-Nadia Albetel, Bo Zhang, Daphne T. Mapolelo, Sajini Randeniya, Ashley A. Holland, Michael K. Johnson, Caryn E. Outten

9) Interaction with the DNA Repair Protein Thymine DNA Glycosylase Regulates Histone Acetylation by p300 (Biochemistry) Thursday December 1st 2016
Ryan A. Henry, Pietro Mancuso, Yin-Ming Kuo, Rossella Tricarico, Marc Tini, Philip A. Cole, Alfonso Bellacosa, Andrew J. Andrews

10) Analysis of Reaction Intermediates in Tryptophan 2,3-Dioxygenase: A Comparison with Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase (Biochemistry) Thursday December 1st 2016
Jaswir Basran, Elizabeth S. Booth, Michael Lee, Sandeep Handa, Emma L. Raven

11) Amphiphilicity Is a Key Determinant in the Membrane Interactions of Synthetic 14-mer Cationic Peptide Analogues (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Matthieu Fillion, Maxime Goudreault, Normand Voyer, Burkhard Bechinger, Miche

12) Mechanism of Selective Nickel Transfer from HypB to HypA, Escherichia coli [NiFe]-Hydrogenase Accessory Proteins (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Michael J. Lacasse, Colin D. Douglas, Deborah B. Zamble

13) A Network of Conformational Transitions Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Binary Complex of Escherichia coli 6-Hydroxymethyl-7,8-dihydropterin Pyrophosphokinase with MgATP (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Kaifu Gao, Ya Jia, Minghui Yang

14) Phe28B10 Induces Channel-Forming Cytotoxic Amyloid Fibrillation in Human Neuroglobin, the Brain-Specific Hemoglobin (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Sheetal Uppal, Amit Kumar Singh, Richa Arya, Debanjan Tewari, Neha Jaiswal, Abhijeet Kapoor, Amal Kanti Bera, Alo Nag, Suman Kundu

15) Kinetic Mechanism and Intrinsic Rate Constants for the Reaction of a Bacterial Phenylalanine Hydroxylase (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Bishnu P. Subedi, Paul F. Fitzpatrick

16) Hydrophobic Shielding Drives Catalysis of Hydride Transfer in a Family of F420H2-Dependent Enzymes (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 30th 2016
A. Elaaf Mohamed, Karmen Condic-Jurkic, F. Hafna Ahmed, Peng Yuan, Megan L. O

17) Nucleotide Binding in an Engineered Recombinant Ca2+-ATPase N-Domain (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Edgar D. Pa

18) Incorporation of an Unnatural Amino Acid as a Domain-Specific Fluorescence Probe in a Two-Domain Protein (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Lena K. Ries, Franz X. Schmid, Philipp A. M. Schmidpeter

19) Insights into the Membrane Interacting Properties of the C-Terminal Domain of the Monotopic Glycosyltransferase DGD2 in Arabidopsis thaliana (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Scarlett Szpryngiel, Lena Ma

20) 5-Methylcytosine (5mC) and 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) Enhance the DNA Binding of CREB1 to the C/EBP Half-Site Tetranucleotide GCAA (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Khund Sayeed Syed, Ximiao He, Desiree Tillo, Jun Wang, Stewart R. Durell, Charles Vinson

21) Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of the Structural Topology and Lipid Interactions of a Viral Fusion Protein Chimera Containing the Fusion Peptide and Transmembrane Domain (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Hongwei Yao, Myungwoon Lee, Shu-Yu Liao, Mei Hong

22) A G Protein-Coupled Receptor Dimerization Interface in Human Cone Opsins (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Beata Jastrzebska, William D. Comar, Megan J. Kaliszewski, Kevin C. Skinner, Morgan H. Torcasio, Anthony S. Esway, Hui Jin, Krzysztof Palczewski, Adam W. Smith

23) Multivalent Display of Antifreeze Proteins by Fusion to Self-Assembling Protein Cages Enhances Ice-Binding Activities (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Sean W. Phippen, Corey A. Stevens, Tyler D. R. Vance, Neil P. King, David Baker, Peter L. Davies

24) Crystal Structure of a Histone Deacetylase Homologue from Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Andreas Kra

25) Observation of a Dynamic G-Tetrad Flip in Intramolecular G-Quadruplexes (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Beatrice Karg, Linn Haase, Andrea Funke, Jonathan Dickerhoff, Klaus Weisz

26) Structural Dynamics of the Heterodimeric ABC Transporter TM287/288 Induced by ATP and Substrate Binding (Biochemistry) Monday November 28th 2016
Tadaomi Furuta, Yukiko Sato, Minoru Sakurai

27) Structural and Functional Influence of the Glycine-Rich Loop G302GGGY on the Catalytic Tyrosine of Histone Deacetylase 8 (Biochemistry) Monday November 28th 2016
Nicholas J. Porter, Nicolas H. Christianson, Christophe Decroos, David W. Christianson

28) Oxygen and Bis(3 (Biochemistry) Monday November 28th 2016
Justin L. Burns, Shannon Rivera, D. Douglas Deer, Shawnna C. Joynt, David Dvorak, Emily E. Weinert

29) Mechanistic Insights from the Crystal Structure of Bacillus subtilis o-Succinylbenzoyl-CoA Synthetase Complexed with the Adenylate Intermediate (Biochemistry) Monday November 28th 2016
Yaozong Chen, Yiping Jiang, Zhihong Guo

30) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Interaction between Recognition Protein H7 of the Novel Influenza Virus H7N9 and Glycan Cell Surface Receptors (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 23rd 2016
Eleonora Macchi, Timothy R. Rudd, Rahul Raman, Ram Sasisekharan, Edwin A. Yates, Annamaria Naggi, Marco Guerrini, Stefano Elli

31) Substitution of a Single Amino Acid Reverses the Regiospecificity of the Baeyer (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 23rd 2016
Ke Chen, Shiwen Wu, Lu Zhu, Chengde Zhang, Wensheng Xiang, Zixin Deng, Haruo Ikeda, David E. Cane, Dongqing Zhu

32) Differential Effect of Membrane Composition on the Pore-Forming Ability of Four Different Sea Anemone Actinoporins (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 22nd 2016
Sara Garci

33) Substrate-Induced Carbon Monoxide Reactivity Suggests Multiple Enzyme Conformations at the Catalytic Copper M-Center of Peptidylglycine Monooxygenase (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 22nd 2016
Chelsey D. Kline, Ninian J. Blackburn

34) An Atypical (Biochemistry) Monday November 21st 2016
Jie Shi, Xinyun Cao, Yaozong Chen, John E. Cronan, Zhihong Guo

35) Structural Analysis Provides Mechanistic Insight into Nicotine Oxidoreductase from Pseudomonas putida (Biochemistry) Friday November 18th 2016
Margarita A. Tararina, Kim D. Janda, Karen N. Allen

36) High-Affinity Binding of Monomeric but Not Oligomeric Amyloid- (Biochemistry) Friday November 18th 2016
Maren Thomaier, Lothar Gremer, Christina Dammers, Judith Fabig, Philipp Neudecker, Dieter Willbold

37) Potent Inhibition of 3-Deoxy-d-arabinoheptulosonate-7-phosphate (DAHP) Synthase by DAHP Oxime, a Phosphate Group Mimic (Biochemistry) Thursday November 17th 2016
Naresh Balachandran, Maren Heimhalt, Peter Liuni, Frederick To, Derek J. Wilson, Murray S. Junop, Paul J. Berti

38) Six-Transmembrane Epithelial Antigen of Prostate 1 (STEAP1) Has a Single b Heme and Is Capable of Reducing Metal Ion Complexes and Oxygen (Biochemistry) Thursday November 17th 2016
Kwangsoo Kim, Sharmistha Mitra, Gang Wu, Vladimir Berka, Jinmei Song, Ye Yu, Sebastien Poget, Da-Neng Wang, Ah-Lim Tsai, Ming Zhou

39) DNA Binding and Cleavage by the Human Parvovirus B19 NS1 Nuclease Domain (Biochemistry) Thursday November 17th 2016
Jonathan L. Sanchez, Zachary Romero, Angelica Quinones, Kristiane R. Torgeson, Nancy C. Horton

40) Redox Cycling, pH Dependence, and Ligand Effects of Mn(III) in Oxalate Decarboxylase from Bacillus subtilis (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 16th 2016
Umar T. Twahir, Andrew Ozarowski, Alexander Angerhofer

41) Staphylococcus aureus sqr Encodes a Type II Sulfide:Quinone Oxidoreductase and Impacts Reactive Sulfur Speciation in Cells (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 16th 2016
Jiangchuan Shen, Hui Peng, Yixiang Zhang, Jonathan C. Trinidad, David P. Giedroc

42) Structural Insights into the Drosophila melanogaster Retinol Dehydrogenase, a Member of the Short-Chain Dehydrogenase/Reductase Family (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 16th 2016
Lukas Hofmann, Yaroslav Tsybovsky, Nathan S. Alexander, Darwin Babino, Nicole Y. Leung, Craig Montell, Surajit Banerjee, Johannes von Lintig, Krzysztof Palczewski

43) Structural Basis for the Unusual Qy Red-Shift and Enhanced Thermostability of the LH1 Complex from Thermochromatium tepidum (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 16th 2016
Long-Jiang Yu, Tomoaki Kawakami, Yukihiro Kimura, Zheng-Yu Wang-Otomo

44) A Comparative Analysis of the Effector Role of Redox Partner Binding in Bacterial P450s (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 15th 2016
Dipanwita Batabyal, Ariel Lewis-Ballester, Syun-Ru Yeh, Thomas L. Poulos

45) Volumetrically Derived Thermodynamic Profile of Interactions of Urea with a Native Protein (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 15th 2016
Ikbae Son, Tigran V. Chalikian

46) Identification of a Novel Activator of Mammalian Glutamate Dehydrogenase (Biochemistry) Monday November 14th 2016
Hong Q. Smith, Thomas J. Smith

47) O2 Activation by Non-Heme Iron Enzymes (Biochemistry) Monday November 14th 2016
Edward I. Solomon, Serra Goudarzi, Kyle D. Sutherlin

48) Comparative Analysis of the Interaction of the Primary Quinone QA in Intact and Mn-Depleted Photosystem II Membranes Using Light-Induced ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Monday November 14th 2016
Yuki Kato, Rina Ishii, Takumi Noguchi

49) Allosteric Communication Disrupted by a Small Molecule Binding to the Imidazole Glycerol Phosphate Synthase Protein (Biochemistry) Friday November 11th 2016
Ivan Rivalta, George P. Lisi, Ning-Shiuan Snoeberger, Gregory Manley, J. Patrick Loria, Victor S. Batista

50) Evolution of Enzyme Superfamilies: Comprehensive Exploration of Sequence (Biochemistry) Friday November 11th 2016
F. Baier, J. N. Copp, N. Tokuriki

51) Thermodynamic Additivity for Impacts of Base-Pair Substitutions on Association of the Egr-1 Zinc-Finger Protein with DNA (Biochemistry) Friday November 11th 2016
Abhijnan Chattopadhyay, Levani Zandarashvili, Ross H. Luu, Junji Iwahara

52) Expanded Substrate Activity of OXA-24/40 in Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Involves Enhanced Binding Loop Flexibility (Biochemistry) Friday November 11th 2016
Michael W. Staude, David A. Leonard, Jeffrey W. Peng

53) Site-Specific Fluorescence Polarization for Studying the Disaggregation of (Biochemistry) Friday November 11th 2016
Conor M. Haney, Christina L. Cleveland, Rebecca F. Wissner, Lily Owei, Jaclyn Robustelli, Malcolm J. Daniels, Merve Canyurt, Priscilla Rodriguez, Harry Ischiropoulos, Tobias Baumgart, E. James Petersson

54) The T296V Mutant of Amorpha-4,11-diene Synthase Is Defective in Allylic Diphosphate Isomerization but Retains the Ability To Cyclize the Intermediate (3R)-Nerolidyl Diphosphate to Amorpha-4,11-diene (Biochemistry) Friday November 11th 2016
Zhenqiu Li, Ruiping Gao, Qinggang Hao, Huifang Zhao, Longbin Cheng, Fang He, Li Liu, Xiuhua Liu, Wayne K. W. Chou, Huajie Zhu, David E. Cane

55) Role of the Tryptophan Residues in the Specific Interaction of the Sea Anemone Stichodactyla helianthus (Biochemistry) Thursday November 10th 2016
Sara Garci

56) Characterization of the Cation Binding Sites in the NCKX2 Na+/Ca2+-K+ Exchanger (Biochemistry) Thursday November 10th 2016
Hristina Zhekova, Chunfeng Zhao, Paul P. M. Schnetkamp, Sergei Yu. Noskov

57) The IQGAP1 N-Terminus Forms Dimers, and the Dimer Interface Is Required for Binding F-Actin and Calcium-Bound Calmodulin (Biochemistry) Thursday November 10th 2016
Jing Liu, Vinodh B. Kurella, Louis LeCour, Tomas Vanagunas, David K. Worthylake

58) Regulation of a Coupled MARCKS (Biochemistry) Thursday November 10th 2016
Brian P. Ziemba, G. Hayden Swisher, Glenn Masson, John E. Burke, Roger L. Williams, Joseph J. Falke

59) Transformation of a Flavin-Free FMN Reductase to a Canonical Flavoprotein through Modification of the (Biochemistry) Thursday November 10th 2016
Jonathan M. Musila, Holly R. Ellis

60) Protonation of the Hydroperoxo Intermediate of Cytochrome P450 2B4 Is Slower in the Presence of Cytochrome P450 Reductase Than in the Presence of Cytochrome b5 (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Naw May Pearl, Jarett Wilcoxen, Sangchoul Im, Ryan Kunz, Joseph Darty, R. David Britt, Stephen W. Ragsdale, Lucy Waskell

61) Knockout of the Ribonuclease Inhibitor Gene Leaves Human Cells Vulnerable to Secretory Ribonucleases (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Sydney P. Thomas, Eunji Kim, Jin-Soo Kim, Ronald T. Raines

62) How Oliceridine (TRV-130) Binds and Stabilizes a (Biochemistry) Monday November 7th 2016
Sebastian Schneider, Davide Provasi, Marta Filizola

63) The Structure and Function of a Microbial Allantoin Racemase Reveal the Origin and Conservation of a Catalytic Mechanism (Biochemistry) Monday November 7th 2016
Laura Cendron, Ileana Ramazzina, Vincenzo Puggioni, Eleonora Maccacaro, Anastasia Liuzzi, Andrea Secchi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Riccardo Percudani

64) Influence of High pH and Cholesterol on Single Arginine-Containing Transmembrane Peptide Helices (Biochemistry) Saturday November 5th 2016
Jordana K. Thibado, Ashley N. Martfeld, Denise V. Greathouse, Roger E. Koeppe

65) Lipid-Loving ANTs: Molecular Simulations of Cardiolipin Interactions and the Organization of the Adenine Nucleotide Translocase in Model Mitochondrial Membranes (Biochemistry) Saturday November 5th 2016
George Hedger, Sarah L. Rouse, Jan Doman

66) Human COA3 Is an Oligomeric Highly Flexible Protein in Solution (Biochemistry) Friday November 4th 2016

67) Mechanism of Translation Termination: RF1 Dissociation Follows Dissociation of RF3 from the Ribosome (Biochemistry) Friday November 4th 2016
Xinying Shi, Simpson Joseph

68) Dnmt3b Methylates DNA by a Noncooperative Mechanism, and Its Activity Is Unaffected by Manipulations at the Predicted Dimer Interface (Biochemistry) Friday November 4th 2016
Allison B. Norvil, Christopher J. Petell, Lama Alabdi, Lanchen Wu, Sandra Rossie, Humaira Gowher

69) Volumetric Physics of Polypeptide Coil (Biochemistry) Friday November 4th 2016
Heinrich Krobath, Tao Chen, Hue Sun Chan

70) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure and Mutational Analysis of the Lactococcin A Immunity Protein (Biochemistry) Thursday November 3rd 2016
Per Eugen Kristiansen, Cecilia Persson, Virginia Fuochi, Anders Pedersen, Go

71) Curcumin Inhibits Protein Kinase C (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 2nd 2016
Satyabrata Pany, Youngki You, Joydip Das

72) Structural Basis for Excision of 5-Formylcytosine by Thymine DNA Glycosylase (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 2nd 2016
Lakshmi S. Pidugu, Joshua W. Flowers, Christopher T. Coey, Edwin Pozharski, Marc M. Greenberg, Alexander C. Drohat

73) Active Site Desolvation and Thermostability Trade-Offs in the Evolution of Catalytically Diverse Triazine Hydrolases (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 2nd 2016
Elena Sugrue, Paul D. Carr, Colin Scott, Colin J. Jackson

74) Dynamic Conformational States Dictate Selectivity toward the Native Substrate in a Substrate-Permissive Acyltransferase (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 2nd 2016
Olesya Levsh, Ying-Chih Chiang, Chun Fai Tung, Joseph P. Noel, Yi Wang, Jing-Ke Weng

75) Chemical Mechanism of the Branched-Chain Aminotransferase IlvE from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 2nd 2016
Tathyana M. Amorim Franco, Subray Hegde, John S. Blanchard

76) Membrane Fluidity Modulates Thermal Stability and Ligand Binding of Cytochrome P4503A4 in Lipid Nanodiscs (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 1st 2016
Wynton D. McClary, John P. Sumida, Michele Scian, Lorela Pac

77) Aspects of Weak Interactions between Folate and Glycine Betaine (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 1st 2016
Purva P. Bhojane, Michael R. Duff, Khushboo Bafna, Gabriella P. Rimmer, Pratul K. Agarwal, Elizabeth E. Howell

78) Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analyses of Interaction between a High-Affinity RNA Aptamer and Its Target Protein (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 1st 2016
Ryo Amano, Kenta Takada, Yoichiro Tanaka, Yoshikazu Nakamura, Gota Kawai, Tomoko Kozu, Taiichi Sakamoto

79) Sarcolipin Promotes Uncoupling of the SERCA Ca2+ Pump by Inducing a Structural Rearrangement in the Energy-Transduction Domain (Biochemistry) Friday October 28th 2016
Joseph M. Autry, David D. Thomas, L. Michel Espinoza-Fonseca

80) New Mechanistic Insight from Substrate- and Product-Bound Structures of the Metal-Dependent Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Lyase DddQ (Biochemistry) Friday October 28th 2016
Adam E. Brummett, Mishtu Dey

81) Lytic Inactivation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus by Dual Engagement of gp120 and gp41 Domains in the Virus Env Protein Trimer (Biochemistry) Thursday October 27th 2016
Bibek Parajuli, Kriti Acharya, Reina Yu, Brendon Ngo, Adel A. Rashad, Cameron F. Abrams, Irwin M. Chaiken

82) Single-Stranded Nucleic Acids Bind to the Tetramer Interface of SAMHD1 and Prevent Formation of the Catalytic Homotetramer (Biochemistry) Thursday October 27th 2016
Kyle J. Seamon, Namandje

83) Metal Ion Binding at the Catalytic Site Induces Widely Distributed Changes in a Sequence Specific Protein (Biochemistry) Thursday October 27th 2016
Kaustubh Sinha, Sahil S. Sangani, Andrew D. Kehr, Gordon S. Rule, Linda Jen-Jacobson

84) Insights into the Structure of Sulfolobus Nucleoid Using Engineered Sac7d Dimers with a Defined Orientation (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 26th 2016
Gokul Turaga, Stephen P. Edmondson, Kelley Smith, John W. Shriver

85) Critical Role of the Secondary Binding Pocket in Modulating the Enzymatic Activity of DUSP5 toward Phosphorylated ERKs (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 26th 2016
Marat R. Talipov, Jaladhi Nayak, Michael Lepley, Robert D. Bongard, Daniel S. Sem, Ramani Ramchandran, Rajendra Rathore

86) Crystal Structure of Os79 (Os04g0206600) from Oryza sativa: A UDP-glucosyltransferase Involved in the Detoxification of Deoxynivalenol (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 26th 2016
Karl M. Wetterhorn, Sean A. Newmister, Rachell K. Caniza, Mark Busman, Susan P. McCormick, Franz Berthiller, Gerhard Adam, Ivan Rayment

87) The Aggregation Paths and Products of A (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 26th 2016
Tiernan T. O

88) Bifurcation in the Ultrafast Dynamics of the Photoactive Yellow Proteins from Leptospira biflexa and Halorhodospira halophila (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 26th 2016
L. Tyler Mix, Julia Kirpich, Masato Kumauchi, Jie Ren, Mikas Vengris, Wouter D. Hoff, Delmar S. Larsen

89) Negative Charge Neutralization in the Loops and Turns of Outer Membrane Phospholipase A Impacts Folding Hysteresis at Neutral pH (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 26th 2016
Sarah K. McDonald, Karen G. Fleming

90) L30A Mutation of Phospholemman Mimics Effects of Cardiac Glycosides in Isolated Cardiomyocytes (Biochemistry) Tuesday October 25th 2016
Ryan D. Himes, Nikolai Smolin, Andreas Kukol, Julie Bossuyt, Donald M. Bers, Seth L. Robia

91) Highly Dynamic Anion (Biochemistry) Monday October 24th 2016
Karan Kapoor, Michael R. Duff, Amit Upadhyay, Joel C. Bucci, Arnold M. Saxton, Robert J. Hinde, Elizabeth E. Howell, Jerome Baudry

92) Evaluation of the Significance of Starch Surface Binding Sites on Human Pancreatic (Biochemistry) Monday October 24th 2016
Xiaohua Zhang, Sami Caner, Emily Kwan, Chunmin Li, Gary D. Brayer, Stephen G. Withers

93) Deletion of Calponin 2 in Mouse Fibroblasts Increases Myosin II-Dependent Cell Traction Force (Biochemistry) Friday October 21st 2016
M. Moazzem Hossain, Guangyi Zhao, Moon-Sook Woo, James H-C. Wang, Jian-Ping Jin

94) Base Excision Repair of N6-Deoxyadenosine Adducts of 1,3-Butadiene (Biochemistry) Friday October 21st 2016
Susith Wickramaratne, Douglas M. Banda, Shaofei Ji, Amelia H. Manlove, Bhaskar Malayappan, Nicole N. Nun

95) DNA Repair by DNA: The UV1C DNAzyme Catalyzes Photoreactivation of Cyclobutane Thymine Dimers in DNA More Effectively than Their de Novo Formation (Biochemistry) Friday October 21st 2016
Adam Barlev, Gurpreet S. Sekhon, Andrew J. Bennet, Dipankar Sen

96) Biochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of the Non-Heme Fe(II)- and 2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Ethylene-Forming Enzyme from Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola PK2 (Biochemistry) Friday October 21st 2016
Salette Martinez, Robert P. Hausinger

97) Conformational States of Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase Evaluated by Fo (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 19th 2016
Elizaveta A. Kovrigina, Brian Pattengale, Chuanwu Xia, Azamat R. Galiakhmetov, Jier Huang, Jung-Ja P. Kim, Evgenii L. Kovrigin

98) Homodimeric Escherichia coli Toxin CcdB (Controller of Cell Division or Death B Protein) Folds via Parallel Pathways (Biochemistry) Tuesday October 18th 2016
Chetana Baliga, Raghavan Varadarajan, Nilesh Aghera

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