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1) Fast Helix Formation in the B Domain of Protein A Revealed by Site-Specific Infrared Probes (Biochemistry) Friday February 27th 2015
Caitlin M. Davis, A. Kat Cooper, R. Brian Dyer

2) The Negative Charge of the Membrane Has Opposite Effects on the Membrane Entry and Exit of pH-Low Insertion Peptide (Biochemistry) Friday February 27th 2015
Haden L. Scott, Vanessa P. Nguyen, Daiane S. Alves, Forrest L. Davis, Kristen R. Booth, Jordan Bryner, Francisco N. Barrera

3) Analysis of the Radiation-Damage-Free X-ray Structure of Photosystem II in Light of EXAFS and QM/MM Data (Biochemistry) Friday February 27th 2015
Mikhail Askerka, David J. Vinyard, Jimin Wang, Gary W. Brudvig, Victor S. Batista

4) Base Excision Repair Enzymes Protect Abasic Sites in Duplex DNA from Interstrand Cross-Links (Biochemistry) Thursday February 26th 2015
Suzanne J. Admiraal, Patrick J. O

5) Mechanistic Insights into the Lipid Interaction of an Ancient Saposin-like Protein (Biochemistry) Thursday February 26th 2015
Matthias Michalek, Matthias Leippe

6) Tryptophan-Dependent Membrane Interaction and Heteromerization with the Internal Fusion Peptide by the Membrane Proximal External Region of SARS-CoV Spike Protein (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 25th 2015
Ying Liao, Si Min Zhang, Tuan Ling Neo, James P. Tam

7) Identification of Destabilizing and Stabilizing Mutations of Ste2p, a G Protein-Coupled Receptor in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 24th 2015
Jeffrey Zuber, Shairy Azmy Danial, Sara M. Connelly, Fred Naider, Mark E. Dumont

8) Effect of an Ala81His Mutation on the Met80 Loop Dynamics of Iso-1-cytochrome c (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 24th 2015
Swati Bandi, Bruce E. Bowler

9) The Maize (Zea mays L.) Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase1 (ZmNDPK1) Gene Encodes a Human NM23-H2 Homologue That Binds and Stabilizes G-Quadruplex DNA (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 24th 2015
Mykhailo Kopylov, Hank W. Bass, M. Elizabeth Stroupe

10) Probing the Effect of Mutations of Asparagine 181 in the D1 Subunit of Photosystem II (Biochemistry) Monday February 23rd 2015
Ravi Pokhrel, Richard J. Debus, Gary W. Brudvig

11) A Role for Catalase-Peroxidase Large Loop 2 Revealed by Deletion Mutagenesis: Control of Active Site Water and Ferric Enzyme Reactivity (Biochemistry) Monday February 23rd 2015
Shalley N. Kudalkar, Olive J. Njuma, Yongjiang Li, Michelle Muldowney, N. Rene Fuanta, Douglas C. Goodwin

12) Spectroscopic and Mutagenesis Studies of Human PGRMC1 (Biochemistry) Monday February 23rd 2015
Daniel Kaluka, Dipanwita Batabyal, Bing-Yu Chiang, Thomas L. Poulos, Syun-Ru Yeh

13) Lactococcus lactis Thioredoxin Reductase Is Sensitive to Light Inactivation (Biochemistry) Friday February 20th 2015
Olof Bjo

14) The Membrane Proximal External Regions of gp41 from HIV-1 Strains HXB2 and JRFL Have Different Sensitivities to Alanine Mutation (Biochemistry) Friday February 20th 2015
Hyun Ah Yi, Barbara Diaz-Rohrer, Priyanka Saminathan, Amy Jacobs

15) Stoichiometry of the (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 18th 2015
Pratyusha Mogalisetti, David R. Walt

16) Investigation of Signal Transduction Routes within the Sensor/Transducer Protein BlaR1 of Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 18th 2015
Michael W. Staude, Thomas E. Frederick, Sivanandam V. Natarajan, Brian D. Wilson, Carol E. Tanner, Steven T. Ruggiero, Shahriar Mobashery, Jeffrey W. Peng

17) How the Ankyrin and SOCS Box Protein, ASB9, Binds to Creatine Kinase (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 17th 2015
Deepa Balasubramaniam, Jamie Schiffer, Jonathan Parnell, Stephan P. Mir, Rommie E. Amaro, Elizabeth A. Komives

18) Concerted Motions Networking Pores and Distant Ferroxidase Centers Enable Bacterioferritin Function and Iron Traffic (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 17th 2015
Huili Yao, Huan Rui, Ritesh Kumar, Kate Eshelman, Scott Lovell, Kevin P. Battaile, Wonpil Im, Mario Rivera

19) Engineering the Glutamate Transporter Homologue GltPh Using Protein Semisynthesis (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 17th 2015
Paul J. Focke, Alvin W. Annen, Francis I. Valiyaveetil

20) Mechanistic Evaluation of a Nucleoside Tetraphosphate with a Thymidylyltransferase (Biochemistry) Monday February 16th 2015
Stephanie M. Forget, Deborah A. Smithen, Alison Jee, David L. Jakeman

21) Conditional Trimerization and Lytic Activity of HIV-1 gp41 Variants Containing the Membrane-Associated Segments (Biochemistry) Friday February 13th 2015
Zhou Dai, Yisong Tao, Nina Liu, Michael D. Brenowitz, Mark E. Girvin, Jonathan R. Lai

22) Conformational Stability and Catalytic Activity of PTEN Variants Linked to Cancers and Autism Spectrum Disorders (Biochemistry) Friday February 13th 2015
Sean B. Johnston, Ronald T. Raines

23) Hydrophobic Blocks Facilitate Lipid Compatibility and Translocon Recognition of Transmembrane Protein Sequences (Biochemistry) Thursday February 12th 2015
Tracy A. Stone, Nina Schiller, Gunnar von Heijne, Charles M. Deber

24) Design of Allosterically Regulated Protein Catalysts (Biochemistry) Thursday February 12th 2015
Olga V. Makhlynets, Elizabeth A. Raymond, Ivan V. Korendovych

25) Distinguishing the Interactions in the Fructose 1,6-Bisphosphate Binding Site of Human Liver Pyruvate Kinase That Contribute to Allostery (Biochemistry) Thursday February 12th 2015
Arjun Ishwar, Qingling Tang, Aron W. Fenton

26) Self-Assembly of Aqueous Bilirubin Ditaurate, a Natural Conjugated Bile Pigment, to Contraposing Enantiomeric Dimers and M( (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 11th 2015
Michael W. Neubrand, Martin C. Carey, Thomas M. Laue

27) Interplay between Inhibitory Ferric and Stimulatory Curcumin Regulates Phosphorylation-Dependent Human Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator and (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 11th 2015
Guangyu Wang

28) Mode of Binding of the Cyclic Agonist Peptide TC14012 to CXCR7: Identification of Receptor and Compound Determinants (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 11th 2015
Nicolas Montpas, Je

29) Hybrid [FeFe]-Hydrogenases with Modified Active Sites Show Remarkable Residual Enzymatic Activity (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 11th 2015
Judith F. Siebel, Agnieszka Adamska-Venkatesh, Katharina Weber, Sigrun Rumpel, Edward Reijerse, Wolfgang Lubitz

30) Why Ser and Not Thr Brokers Catalysis in the Trypsin Fold (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 11th 2015
Leslie A. Pelc, Zhiwei Chen, David W. Gohara, Austin D. Vogt, Nicola Pozzi, Enrico Di Cera

31) Phosphorylated and Unphosphorylated Serine 13 of CDC37 Stabilize Distinct Interactions between Its Client and HSP90 Binding Domains (Biochemistry) Wednesday February 11th 2015
Wenjun Liu, Ralf Landgraf

32) Dissecting Peroxiredoxin Catalysis: Separating Binding, Peroxidation, and Resolution for a Bacterial AhpC (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 10th 2015
Derek Parsonage, Kimberly J. Nelson, Gerardo Ferrer-Sueta, Samantha Alley, P. Andrew Karplus, Cristina M. Furdui, Leslie B. Poole

33) Identification of a Key Cholesterol Binding Enhancement Motif in Translocator Protein 18 kDa (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 10th 2015
Fei Li, Jian Liu, Lance Valls, Carrie Hiser, Shelagh Ferguson-Miller

34) Allosterically Regulated Unfolding of the A (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 10th 2015
Elena Herman, Tilman Kottke

35) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Characterization of Interaction of Tau with DNA and Its Regulation by Phosphorylation (Biochemistry) Monday February 9th 2015
Haoling Qi, Franc

36) Mapping Allostery through Computational Glycine Scanning and Correlation Analysis of Residue (Biochemistry) Friday February 6th 2015
Quentin R. Johnson, Richard J. Lindsay, Ricky B. Nellas, Elias J. Fernandez, Tongye Shen

37) Ligand-Induced Folding of a Two-Component Signaling Receiver Domain (Biochemistry) Friday February 6th 2015
Victor J. Ocasio, Fernando Corre

38) Co-expression of Two Polyhydroxyalkanoate Synthase Subunits from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 by Cell-Free Synthesis and Their Specific Activity for Polymerization of 3-Hydroxybutyryl-Coenzyme A (Biochemistry) Friday February 6th 2015
Keiji Numata, Yoko Motoda, Satoru Watanabe, Takashi Osanai, Takanori Kigawa

39) Quantitative Biophysical Characterization of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (Biochemistry) Friday February 6th 2015
Eric B. Gibbs, Scott A. Showalter

40) Cholesterol-Induced Lipophobic Interaction between Transmembrane Helices Using Ensemble and Single-Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (Biochemistry) Friday February 6th 2015
Yoshiaki Yano, Kotaro Kondo, Ryota Kitani, Arisa Yamamoto, Katsumi Matsuzaki

41) Interpretation of pH (Biochemistry) Friday February 6th 2015
Thakshila Dissanayake, Jason M. Swails, Michael E. Harris, Adrian E. Roitberg, Darrin M. York

42) Thermodynamic Mapping of Effector Protein Interfaces with RalA and RalB (Biochemistry) Thursday February 5th 2015
Louise J. Campbell, Maria Peppa, Michael D. Crabtree, Arooj Shafiq, Nicholas F. McGough, Helen R. Mott, Darerca Owen

43) A New General Model for Predicting Melting Thermodynamics of Complementary and Mismatched B-Form Duplexes Containing Locked Nucleic Acids: Application to Probe Design for Digital PCR Detection of Somatic Mutations (Biochemistry) Thursday February 5th 2015
Curtis Hughesman, Kareem Fakhfakh, Roza Bidshahri, H. Louise Lund, Charles Haynes

44) Ligand Recognition Specificity of Leukocyte Integrin (Biochemistry) Thursday February 5th 2015
Nataly P. Podolnikova, Andriy V. Podolnikov, Thomas A. Haas, Valeryi K. Lishko, Tatiana P. Ugarova

45) Disorder-To-Order Transition of MAGI-1 PDZ1 C-Terminal Extension upon Peptide Binding: Thermodynamic and Dynamic Insights (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Juan Rami

46) Effect of Interior Loop Length on the Thermal Stability and pKa of i-Motif DNA (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Samantha M. Reilly, Rhianna K. Morgan, Tracy A. Brooks, Randy M. Wadkins

47) Why Does Asn71 Deamidate Faster Than Asn15 in the Enzyme Triosephosphate Isomerase? Answers from Microsecond Molecular Dynamics Simulation and QM/MM Free Energy Calculations (Biochemistry) Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Ilke Ugur, Antoine Marion, Viktorya Aviyente, Gerald Monard

48) Charge and Charge-Pair Mutations Alter the Rate of Assembly and Structural Properties of Apolipoprotein C-II Amyloid Fibrils (Biochemistry) Monday February 2nd 2015
Yu Mao, Chai Lean Teoh, Shuo Yang, Courtney O. Zlatic, Zachary K. Rosenes, Paul R. Gooley, Geoffrey J. Howlett, Michael D. W. Griffin

49) Structural and Functional Characterization of the Acidic Region from the RIZ Tumor Suppressor (Biochemistry) Monday February 2nd 2015
Yizhi Sun, Jessica M. Stine, Daniel Z. Atwater, Ayesha Sharmin, J. B. Alexander Ross, Kla

50) The Phosphatidylinositol Synthase-Catalyzed Formation of Phosphatidylinositol Does Not Exhibit Acyl Chain Specificity (Biochemistry) Saturday January 31st 2015
Kenneth D

51) Human tNASP Promotes in Vitro Nucleosome Assembly with Histone H3.3 (Biochemistry) Friday January 30th 2015
Daiki Kato, Akihisa Osakabe, Hiroaki Tachiwana, Hiroki Tanaka, Hitoshi Kurumizaka

52) Structure-Based Design of Novel Chemical Modification of the 3 (Biochemistry) Friday January 30th 2015
Lexing Xu, Xin Wang, Hongwei He, Jinming Zhou, Xiaoyu Li, Hongtao Ma, Zelin Li, Yi Zeng, Rongguang Shao, Shan Cen, Yucheng Wang

53) A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Method for Probing Molecular Influences of Substrate Loading in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase Carrier Proteins (Biochemistry) Thursday January 29th 2015
Andrew C. Goodrich, Dominique P. Frueh

54) Drug Modulation of Water (Biochemistry) Thursday January 29th 2015
Kip P. Conner, Alex A. Cruce, Matthew D. Krzyaniak, Alina M. Schimpf, Daniel J. Frank, Paul Ortiz de Montellano, William M. Atkins, Michael K. Bowman

55) Differential Stabilities and Sequence-Dependent Base Pair Opening Dynamics of Watson (Biochemistry) Thursday January 29th 2015
Marta W. Szulik, Pradeep S. Pallan, Boguslaw Nocek, Markus Voehler, Surajit Banerjee, Sonja Brooks, Andrzej Joachimiak, Martin Egli, Brandt F. Eichman, Michael P. Stone

56) Control of Cyclic Photoinitiated Electron Transfer between Cytochrome c Peroxidase (W191F) and Cytochrome c by Formation of Dynamic Binary and Ternary Complexes (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Taylor R. Page, Brian M. Hoffman

57) Extensive Simulations of the Full-Length Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 Enzyme in a Prereactive Complex with a Collagen Triple-Helical Peptide (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Natalia Di

58) Insights into the Structure of Intrastrand Cross-Link DNA Lesion-Containing Oligonucleotides: G[8 (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Elise Dumont, Toma

59) Enzymatic Mechanism of Copper-Containing Nitrite Reductase (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Yan Li, Miroslav Hodak, J. Bernholc

60) Targeting the de Novo Biosynthesis of Thymidylate for the Development of a PET Probe for Pancreatic Cancer Imaging (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 27th 2015
Thushani D. Nilaweera, Muhammad Saeed, Amnon Kohen

61) Structure of Bacterial Regulatory RNAs Determines Their Performance in Competition for the Chaperone Protein Hfq (Biochemistry) Monday January 26th 2015
Ewelina M. Ma

62) Activity of Quinolone CP-115,955 Against Bacterial and Human Type II Topoisomerases Is Mediated by Different Interactions (Biochemistry) Friday January 23rd 2015
Katie J. Aldred, Heidi A. Schwanz, Gangqin Li, Benjamin H. Williamson, Sylvia A. McPherson, Charles L. Turnbough, Robert J. Kerns, Neil Osheroff

63) Functional and Structural Characterization of an Unusual Cofactor-Independent Oxygenase (Biochemistry) Friday January 23rd 2015
Bert-Jan Baas, Harshwardhan Poddar, Edzard M. Geertsema, Henriette J. Rozeboom, Marcel P. de Vries, Hjalmar P. Permentier, Andy-Mark W.H. Thunnissen, Gerrit J. Poelarends

64) Efficient Delivery of Long-Chain Fatty Aldehydes from the Nostoc punctiforme Acyl (Biochemistry) Friday January 23rd 2015
Douglas M. Warui, Maria-Eirini Pandelia, Lauren J. Rajakovich, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, Squire J. Booker

65) Biochemical Characterization of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa Phospholipase D (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Cierra Spencer, H. Alex Brown

66) Requirements for Mutant and Wild-Type Prion Protein Misfolding In Vitro (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Geoffrey P. Noble, Daniel J. Walsh, Michael B. Miller, Walker S. Jackson, Surachai Supattapone

67) MALDI-TOF MS Lipid Profiles of Cytochrome c Oxidases: Cardiolipin Is Not an Essential Component of the Paracoccus denitrificans Oxidase (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Rita Vitale, Roberto Angelini, Simona Lobasso, Giuseppe Capitanio, Bernd Ludwig, Angela Corcelli

68) DNA Charge Transport within the Cell (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Michael A. Grodick, Natalie B. Muren, Jacqueline K. Barton

69) Structure (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Joseph E. Darling, Feifei Zhao, Rosemary J. Loftus, Leslie M. Patton, Richard A. Gibbs, James L. Hougland

70) Nickel Superoxide Dismutase: Structural and Functional Roles of His1 and Its H-Bonding Network (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Kelly C. Ryan, Abigail I. Guce, Olivia E. Johnson, Thomas C. Brunold, Diane E. Cabelli, Scott C. Garman, Michael J. Maroney

71) Extent of Inhibition of (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Tharindumala Abeywardana, Matthew R. Pratt

72) Plant Alkaloid Chelerythrine Induced Aggregation of Human Telomere Sequence (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Saptaparni Ghosh, Jagannath Jana, Rajiv K. Kar, Subhrangsu Chatterjee, Dipak Dasgupta

73) Liaison between Myristoylation and Cryptic EF-Hand Motif Confers Ca2+ Sensitivity to Neuronal Calcium Sensor-1 (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Vangipurapu Rajanikanth, Anand Kumar Sharma, Meduri Rajyalakshmi, Kousik Chandra, Kandala V. R. Chary, Yogendra Sharma

74) Conservation and Diversity in the Primary Forward Photodynamics of Red/Green Cyanobacteriochromes (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 20th 2015
Sean M. Gottlieb, Peter W. Kim, Che-Wei Chang, Samuel J. Hanke, Randeep J. Hayer, Nathan C. Rockwell, Shelley S. Martin, J. Clark Lagarias, Delmar S. Larsen

75) Peptide Amyloid Surface Display (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 20th 2015
Marisa A. Rubio, Diana E. Schlamadinger, Ellen M. White, Andrew D. Miranker

76) Helix 8 and the i3 Loop of the Muscarinic M3 Receptor Are Crucial Sites for Its Regulation by the G (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 20th 2015
Darla Karpinsky-Semper, Junior Tayou, Konstantin Levay, Brett J. Schuchardt, Vikas Bhat, Claude-Henry Volmar, Amjad Farooq, Vladlen Z. Slepak

77) Actin (Biochemistry) Sunday January 18th 2015
Gopa Dhar, Devlina Chakravarty, Joyita Hazra, Jesmita Dhar, Asim Poddar, Mahadeb Pal, Pinak Chakrabarti, Avadhesha Surolia, Bhabatarak Bhattacharyya

78) Redox State of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Drives Substrate Binding and Product Release in Escherichia coli Succinate Dehydrogenase (Biochemistry) Sunday January 18th 2015
Victor W. T. Cheng, Ramanaguru Siva Piragasam, Richard A. Rothery, Elena Maklashina, Gary Cecchini, Joel H. Weiner

79) Role of Phospholipids of Subunit III in the Regulation of Structural Rearrangements in Cytochrome c Oxidase of Rhodobacter sphaeroides (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Khadijeh S. Alnajjar, Teresa Cvetkov, Lawrence Prochaska

80) Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Voltage-Dependent Anion Channel Gating in Two-Dimensional Lipid Crystalline Bilayers (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Matthew T. Eddy, Loren Andreas, Oscar Teijido, Yongchao Su, Lindsay Clark, Sergei Y. Noskov, Gerhard Wagner, Tatiana K. Rostovtseva, Robert G. Griffin

81) Expression and Characterization of a Novel Recombinant Version of the Secreted Human Mucin MUC5AC in Airway Cell Lines (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Aindrias Ryan, Angeline Smith, Patrick Moore, Susan McNally, Stephen D. Carrington, Colm J. Reid, Marguerite Clyne

82) Structure of N-Formimino-l-glutamate Iminohydrolase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Alexander A. Fedorov, Ricardo Marti

83) Experimental Strategies for Functional Annotation and Metabolism Discovery: Targeted Screening of Solute Binding Proteins and Unbiased Panning of Metabolomes (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Matthew W. Vetting, Nawar Al-Obaidi, Suwen Zhao, Brian San Francisco, Jungwook Kim, Daniel J. Wichelecki, Jason T. Bouvier, Jose O. Solbiati, Hoan Vu, Xinshuai Zhang, Dmitry A. Rodionov, James D. Love, Brandan S. Hillerich, Ronald D. Seidel, Ronald J. Quinn, Andrei L. Osterman, John E. Cronan, Matthew P. Jacobson, John A. Gerlt, Steven C. Almo

84) Exploring the Mechanisms of the Reductase Activity of Neuroglobin by Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the Heme Distal Pocket (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015

85) Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analyses of Spontaneous Exchange between High-Density Lipoprotein-Bound and Lipid-Free Apolipoprotein A-I (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Daisuke Handa, Hitoshi Kimura, Tatsuya Oka, Yuki Takechi, Keiichiro Okuhira, Michael C. Phillips, Hiroyuki Saito

86) Effects of Protein Structure on Iron (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Mary Grace I. Galinato, Sarah E. J. Bowman, Jesse G. Kleingardner, Sherri Martin, Jiyong Zhao, Wolfgang Sturhahn, Alp, Kara L. Bren, Nicolai Lehnert

87) Concurrent Cooperativity and Substrate Inhibition in the Epoxidation of Carbamazepine by Cytochrome P450 3A4 Active Site Mutants Inspired by Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Christian S. Mu

88) Dynamic Architecture of the Purinosome Involved in Human De Novo Purine Biosynthesis (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Minjoung Kyoung, Sarah J. Russell, Casey L. Kohnhorst, Nopondo N. Esemoto, Songon An

89) New Role for the Ankyrin Repeat Revealed by a Study of the N-Formyltransferase from Providencia alcalifaciens (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Colin R. Woodford, James B. Thoden, Hazel M. Holden

90) Mutational Analysis of the Ability of Resveratrol To Inhibit Amyloid Formation by Islet Amyloid Polypeptide: Critical Evaluation of the Importance of Aromatic (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Ling-Hsien Tu, Lydia M. Young, Amy G. Wong, Alison E. Ashcroft, Sheena E. Radford, Daniel P. Raleigh

91) Phenotypic Regulation of the Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptor Miles Apart by G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Martina Burczyk, Martin D. Burkhalter, Tamara Bla

92) Computational Insights on Crystal Structures of the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II with Either Ca2+ or Ca2+ Substituted by Sr2+ (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Leslie Vogt, Mehmed Z. Ertem, Rhitankar Pal, Gary W. Brudvig, Victor S. Batista

93) Enhancing Allosteric Inhibition in Thermus thermophilus Phosphofructokinase (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Maria S. McGresham, Gregory D. Reinhart

94) Kinetic Mechanism for the Flipping and Excision of 1,N6-Ethenoadenine by AlkA (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Erin L. Taylor, Patrick J. O

95) Vma9p Need Not Be Associated with the Yeast V-ATPase for Fully-Coupled Proton Pumping Activity in Vitro (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Stephanie A. Bueler, John L. Rubinstein

96) Fatty Acid Hydrolysis of Acyl Marinobactin Siderophores by Marinobacter Acylases (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Michelle P. Kem, Hiroaki Naka, Akira Iinishi, Margo G. Haygood, Alison Butler

97) Man o (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Richard M. Walsh, Samuel J. Polizzi, Renuka Kadirvelraj, Wesley W. Howard, Zachary A. Wood

98) Mutant Poisoning Demonstrates a Nonsequential Mechanism for Digestion of Double-Stranded DNA by (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Xinlei Pan, Jing Yan, Aalapi Patel, Vicki H. Wysocki, Charles E. Bell

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