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1) Mapping a Ketosynthase:Acyl Carrier Protein Binding Interface via Unnatural Amino Acid-Mediated Photo-Cross-Linking (Biochemistry) Thursday November 27th 2014
Zhixia Ye, Gavin J. Williams

2) Thermodynamics of Binding of Structurally Similar Ligands to Histone Deacetylase 8 Sheds Light on Challenges in the Rational Design of Potent and Isozyme-Selective Inhibitors of the Enzyme (Biochemistry) Thursday November 27th 2014
Raushan K. Singh, Takayoshi Suzuki, Tanmay Mandal, Narayanaganesh Balsubramanian, Manas Haldar, Dustin J. Mueller, Jerrod A. Strode, Gregory Cook, Sanku Mallik, D. K. Srivastava

3) Electrostatic Properties of Complexes along a DNA Glycosylase Damage Search Pathway (Biochemistry) Thursday November 27th 2014
Shannen L. Cravens, Matthew Hobson, James T. Stivers

4) Nanofluidity of Fatty Acid Hydrocarbon Chains As Monitored by Benchtop Time-Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Michelle D. Robinson, David P. Cistola

5) Comparison between the Aggregation of Human and Rodent Amyloid (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Hiroshi Ueno, Takahiro Yamaguchi, Saori Fukunaga, Yuki Okada, Yoshiaki Yano, Masaru Hoshino, Katsumi Matsuzaki

6) Yeast Pif1 Accelerates Annealing of Complementary DNA Strands (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Ramanagouda Ramanagoudr-Bhojappa, Alicia K. Byrd, Christopher Dahl, Kevin D. Raney

7) Structural Evolution and Membrane Interaction of the 40-Residue (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Wei Qiang, Rumonat D. Akinlolu, Mimi Nam, Nicolas Shu

8) Baohuoside I Suppresses Invasion of Cervical and Breast Cancer Cells through the Downregulation of CXCR4 Chemokine Receptor Expression (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Buyun Kim, Byoungduck Park

9) Single-Molecule Analysis of Thymine Dimer-Containing G-Quadruplexes Formed from the Human Telomere Sequence (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Anna H. Wolna, Aaron M. Fleming, Cynthia J. Burrows

10) Structure (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Stephen A. Bell, Thomas D. Niehaus, S. Eric Nybo, Joseph Chappell

11) Biochemical and Structural Analysis of Inhibitors Targeting the ADC-7 Cephalosporinase of Acinetobacter baumannii (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Rachel A. Powers, Hollister C. Swanson, Magdalena A. Taracila, Nicholas W. Florek, Chiara Romagnoli, Emilia Caselli, Fabio Prati, Robert A. Bonomo, Bradley J. Wallar

12) The Slowdown of the Endoglucanase Trichoderma reesei Cel5A-Catalyzed Cellulose Hydrolysis Is Related to Its Initial Activity (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Zhiyu Shu, Yefei Wang, Liaoyuan An, Lishan Yao

13) Oxidative Uncoupling in Cysteine Dioxygenase Is Gated by a Proton-Sensitive Intermediate (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Joshua K. Crowell, Wei Li, Brad S. Pierce

14) An Experimentally Robust Model of Monomeric Apolipoprotein A-I Created from a Chimera of Two X-ray Structures and Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Jere P. Segrest, Martin K. Jones, Baohai Shao, Jay W. Heinecke

15) Epoxidation Activities of Human Cytochromes P450c17 and P450c21 (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Francis K. Yoshimoto, Hwei-Ming Peng, Haoming Zhang, Sean M. Anderson, Richard J. Auchus

16) Light-Driven Na+ Pump from Gillisia limnaea: A High-Affinity Na+ Binding Site Is Formed Transiently in the Photocycle (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Sergei P. Balashov, Eleonora S. Imasheva, Andrei K. Dioumaev, Jennifer M. Wang, Kwang-Hwan Jung, Janos K. Lanyi

17) Integration Host Factor Assembly at the Cohesive End Site of the Bacteriophage Lambda Genome: Implications for Viral DNA Packaging and Bacterial Gene Regulation (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
Saurarshi J. Sanyal, Teng-Chieh Yang, Carlos Enrique Catalano

18) Structure of l-Serine Dehydratase from Legionella pneumophila: Novel Use of the C-Terminal Cysteine as an Intrinsic Competitive Inhibitor (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 25th 2014
James B. Thoden, Hazel M. Holden, Gregory A. Grant

19) Structural and Functional Characterization of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Saturday November 22nd 2014
Glenn C. Capodagli, Stephen A. Lee, Kyle J. Boehm, Kristin M. Brady, Scott D. Pegan

20) The DNA-Binding Domain of Yeast Rap1 Interacts with Double-Stranded DNA in Multiple Binding Modes (Biochemistry) Saturday November 22nd 2014
Erik A. Feldmann, Roberto Galletto

21) Modifying Caspase-3 Activity by Altering Allosteric Networks (Biochemistry) Saturday November 22nd 2014
Christine Cade, Paul Swartz, Sarah H. MacKenzie, A. Clay Clark

22) Crystal Structure of (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 19th 2014
Jinjin Zhang, Xinlei Pan, Charles E. Bell

23) Discovery of a Bacterial 5-Methylcytosine Deaminase (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 19th 2014
Daniel S. Hitchcock, Alexander A. Fedorov, Elena V. Fedorov, Steven C. Almo, Frank M. Raushel

24) Quinone Reductase 2 Is an Adventitious Target of Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitors TBBz (TBI) and DMAT (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 18th 2014
Kevin K. K. Leung, Brian H. Shilton

25) Tyrosine 110 Plays a Critical Role in Regulating the Allosteric Inhibition of Campylobacter jejuni Dihydrodipicolinate Synthase by Lysine (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 18th 2014
Cuylar J. T. Conly, Yulia V. Skovpen, Shuo Li, David R. J. Palmer, David A. R. Sanders

26) Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance as a Sensitive Detector of Metabolic Function (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 18th 2014
Arnaud Comment, Matthew E. Merritt

27) Impact of pH on the Structure and Function of Neural Cadherin (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 18th 2014
Jared M. Jungles, Matthew P. Dukes, Nagamani Vunnam, Susan Pedigo

28) Component Interactions and Electron Transfer in Toluene/o-Xylene Monooxygenase (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 18th 2014
Alexandria Deliz Liang, Stephen J. Lippard

29) Significance of (Biochemistry) Monday November 17th 2014
Zulfiqar Ahmad, Mumeenat Winjobi, M. Anaul Kabir

30) Atomic Force Microscopy Shows Connexin26 Hemichannel Clustering in Purified Membrane Fragments (Biochemistry) Monday November 17th 2014
Brian Meckes, Cinzia Ambrosi, Heather Barnard, Fernando Teran Arce, Gina E. Sosinsky, Ratnesh Lal

31) Distinct Substrate Selectivity of a Metabolic Hydrolase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Biochemistry) Monday November 17th 2014
Jessica K. Lukowski, Christopher P. Savas, Alexandra M. Gehring, Magy G. McKary, Chinessa T. Adkins, Luke D. Lavis, Geoffrey C. Hoops, R. Jeremy Johnson

32) Structure and Dynamics of Apical Membrane Antigen 1 from Plasmodium falciparum FVO (Biochemistry) Friday November 14th 2014
San Sui Lim, Wei Yang, Bankala Krishnarjuna, Komagal Kannan Sivaraman, Indu R. Chandrashekaran, Itamar Kass, Christopher A. MacRaild, Shane M. Devine, Cael O. Debono, Robin F. Anders, Martin J. Scanlon, Peter J. Scammells, Raymond S. Norton, Sheena McGowan

33) Insight into the Allosteric Mechanism of Scapharca Dimeric Hemoglobin (Biochemistry) Friday November 14th 2014
Jennifer M. Laine, Miguel Amat, Brittany R. Morgan, William E. Royer, Francesca Massi

34) BIN1 Membrane Curvature Sensing and Generation Show Autoinhibition Regulated by Downstream Ligands and PI(4,5)P2 (Biochemistry) Friday November 14th 2014
Tingting Wu, Tobias Baumgart

35) Folded Monomers and Hexamers of the Ectodomain of the HIV gp41 Membrane Fusion Protein: Potential Roles in Fusion and Synergy Between the Fusion Peptide, Hairpin, and Membrane-Proximal External Region (Biochemistry) Friday November 14th 2014
Koyeli Banerjee, David P. Weliky

36) Distinct Properties of the Two Isoforms of CDP-Diacylglycerol Synthase (Biochemistry) Friday November 14th 2014
Kenneth D

37) Biochemical, Mechanistic, and Spectroscopic Characterization of Metallo- (Biochemistry) Thursday November 13th 2014
Mahesh Aitha, Amy R. Marts, Alex Bergstrom, Abraham Jon M

38) X-ray Structure of a Hg2+ Complex of Mercuric Reductase (MerA) and Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Study of Hg2+ Transfer between the C-Terminal and Buried Catalytic Site Cysteine Pairs (Biochemistry) Thursday November 13th 2014
Peng Lian, Hao-Bo Guo, Demian Riccardi, Aiping Dong, Jerry M. Parks, Qin Xu, Emil F. Pai, Susan M. Miller, Dong-Qing Wei, Jeremy C. Smith, Hong Guo

39) Acetylation of Gly1 and Lys2 Promotes Aggregation of Human (Biochemistry) Thursday November 13th 2014
Michael A. DiMauro, Sandip K. Nandi, Cibin T. Raghavan, Rajiv Kumar Kar, Benlian Wang, Anirban Bhunia, Ram H. Nagaraj, Ashis Biswas

40) ATP and Magnesium Promote Cotton Short-Form Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase (Rubisco) Activase Hexamer Formation at Low Micromolar Concentrations (Biochemistry) Thursday November 13th 2014
Agnieszka M. Kuriata, Manas Chakraborty, J. Nathan Henderson, Suratna Hazra, Andrew J. Serban, Tuong V. T. Pham, Marcia Levitus, Rebekka M. Wachter

41) An Oligomeric C-RING Nacre Protein Influences Prenucleation Events and Organizes Mineral Nanoparticles (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 12th 2014
Iva Perovic, Andreas Verch, Eric P. Chang, Ashit Rao, Helmut Co

42) Insights into the Role of Asp792.50 in (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 12th 2014
Anirudh Ranganathan, Ron O. Dror, Jens Carlsson

43) A Relationship between the Transient Structure in the Monomeric State and the Aggregation Propensities of (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 12th 2014
Jane R. Allison, Robert C. Rivers, John C. Christodoulou, Michele Vendruscolo, Christopher M. Dobson

44) The Specialized Hsp70 (HscA) Interdomain Linker Binds to Its Nucleotide-Binding Domain and Stimulates ATP Hydrolysis in Both cis and trans Configurations (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 11th 2014
T. Reid Alderson, Jin Hae Kim, Kai Cai, Ronnie O. Frederick, Marco Tonelli, John L. Markley

45) Guanine to Inosine Substitution Leads to Large Increases in the Population of a Transient G (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 11th 2014
Evgenia N. Nikolova, Frederick Stull, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi

46) Differential Dynamics of Extracellular and Cytoplasmic Domains in Denatured States of Rhodopsin (Biochemistry) Monday November 10th 2014
Arpana Dutta, Christian Altenbach, Sheryll Mangahas, Naveena Yanamala, Eric Gardner, Wayne L. Hubbell, Judith Klein-Seetharaman

47) Preparation Protocols of A (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Elizabeth A. Yates, Justin Legleiter

48) Connection between Absorption Properties and Conformational Changes in Deinococcus radiodurans Phytochrome (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Heikki Takala, Heli Lehtivuori, Henrik Hammare

49) Formation of Highly Ordered Multimers in G-Quadruplexes (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Petra To

50) Characterization of Unfolding Mechanism of Human Lamin A Ig Fold by Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Manindra Bera, Hema Chandra Kotamarthi, Subarna Dutta, Angana Ray, Saptaparni Ghosh, Dhananjay Bhattacharyya, Sri Rama Koti Ainavarapu, Kaushik Sengupta

51) McbR/YncC: Implications for the Mechanism of Ligand and DNA Binding by a Bacterial GntR Transcriptional Regulator Involved in Biofilm Formation (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Dana M. Lord, Ayse Uzgoren Baran, Valerie W. C. Soo, Thomas K. Wood, Wolfgang Peti, Rebecca Page

52) Trm4 and Nsun2 RNA:m5C Methyltransferases Form Metabolite-Dependent, Covalent Adducts with Previously Methylated RNA (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Haley J. Moon, Kent L. Redman

53) Mechanisms of Inhibition of Rhizobium etli Pyruvate Carboxylase by l-Aspartate (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Chaiyos Sirithanakorn, Abdussalam Adina-Zada, John C. Wallace, Sarawut Jitrapakdee, Paul V. Attwood

54) Structural Insight into the MC4R Conformational Changes via Different Agonist-Mediated Receptor Signaling (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Yingkui Yang, Min Chen, Reed Dimmitt, Carroll M. Harmon

55) Distinct Facilitated Diffusion Mechanisms by E. coli Type II Restriction Endonucleases (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Adam J. Pollak, Aaron T. Chin, Norbert O. Reich

56) Dynamic Asymmetry and the Role of the Conserved Active-Site Thiol in Rabbit Muscle Creatine Kinase (Biochemistry) Friday November 7th 2014
Casey H. Londergan, Rachel Baskin, Connor G. Bischak, Kevin W. Hoffman, David M. Snead, Christopher Reynoso

57) DYNLL2 Dynein Light Chain Binds to an Extended Linear Motif of Myosin 5a Tail That Has Structural Plasticity (Biochemistry) Thursday November 6th 2014
Andrea Bodor, La

58) Stationary-Phase EPR for Exploring Protein Structure, Conformation, and Dynamics in Spin-Labeled Proteins (Biochemistry) Thursday November 6th 2014
Carlos J. Lo

59) Structural and Functional Assessment of Perilipin 2 Lipid Binding Domain(s) (Biochemistry) Wednesday November 5th 2014
Charles P. Najt, Joel S. Lwande, Avery L. McIntosh, Subramanian Senthivinayagam, Shipra Gupta, Leslie A. Kuhn, Barbara P. Atshaves

60) Modeling the Role of G12V and G13V Ras Mutations in the Ras-GAP-Catalyzed Hydrolysis Reaction of Guanosine Triphosphate (Biochemistry) Tuesday November 4th 2014
Maria G. Khrenova, Vladimir A. Mironov, Bella L. Grigorenko, Alexander V. Nemukhin

61) A Reaction Path Study of the Catalysis and Inhibition of the Bacillus anthracis CapD (Biochemistry) Friday October 31st 2014
Ilja V. Khavrutskii, Patricia M. Legler, Arthur M. Friedlander, Anders Wallqvist

62) The Importance of Being Capped: Terminal Capping of an Amyloidogenic Peptide Affects Fibrillation Propensity and Fibril Morphology (Biochemistry) Friday October 31st 2014
Maria Andreasen, Katrine Kirkeby Skeby, Shuai Zhang, Erik Holm Nielsen, Lasse Hyldgaard Klausen, Heidi Frahm, Gunna Christiansen, Troels Skrydstrup, Mingdong Dong, Birgit Schi

63) Mutations in the Proteolipid Subunits of the Vacuolar H+-ATPase Provide Resistance to Indolotryptoline Natural Products (Biochemistry) Friday October 31st 2014
Fang-Yuan Chang, Shigehiro A. Kawashima, Sean F. Brady

64) Mechanism of Amyloid- (Biochemistry) Friday October 31st 2014
Thomas Gurry, Collin M. Stultz

65) Initiation of RNA Synthesis by the Hepatitis C Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Is Affected by the Structure of the RNA Template (Biochemistry) Friday October 31st 2014
Stefan Reich, Michael Kovermann, Hauke Lilie, Paul Knick, Rene

66) Correlation of Heme Binding Affinity and Enzyme Kinetics of Dehaloperoxidase (Biochemistry) Thursday October 30th 2014
Peter Le, Jing Zhao, Stefan Franzen

67) Structural Changes in the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem (Biochemistry) Thursday October 30th 2014
Mikhail Askerka, Jimin Wang, Gary W. Brudvig, Victor S. Batista

68) Identification of Amino Acid Residues Underlying the Antiport Mechanism of the Mitochondrial Carnitine/Acylcarnitine Carrier by Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Chemical Labeling (Biochemistry) Thursday October 30th 2014
Nicola Giangregorio, Lara Console, Annamaria Tonazzi, Ferdinando Palmieri, Cesare Indiveri

69) Characterization of the Binding Interaction between the Oncoprotein Gankyrin and a Grafted S6 ATPase (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 29th 2014
Alex M. Chapman, Bryce E. Rogers, Brian R. McNaughton

70) Circadian Clock, Cancer, and Chemotherapy (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 29th 2014
Aziz Sancar, Laura A. Lindsey-Boltz, Shobhan Gaddameedhi, Christopher P. Selby, Rui Ye, Yi-Ying Chiou, Michael G. Kemp, Jinchuan Hu, Jin Hyup Lee, Nuri Ozturk

71) Polylysine-Mediated Translocation of the Diphtheria Toxin Catalytic Domain through the Anthrax Protective Antigen Pore (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 29th 2014
Onkar Sharma, R. John Collier

72) SH2-Catalytic Domain Linker Heterogeneity Influences Allosteric Coupling across the SFK Family (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 29th 2014
A. C. Register, Stephen E. Leonard, Dustin J. Maly

73) 3 (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 29th 2014
Ting Wang, Ian Cook, Thomas S. Leyh

74) Molecular Dynamics Characterization of Five Pathogenic Factor X Mutants Associated with Decreased Catalytic Activity (Biochemistry) Friday October 24th 2014
Safwat Abdel-Azeim, Romina Oliva, Edrisse Chermak, Raimondo De Cristofaro, Luigi Cavallo

75) Effect of Helical Flanking Sequences on the Morphology of Polyglutamine-Containing Fibrils (Biochemistry) Friday October 24th 2014
Bashkim Kokona, Karl A. Johnson, Robert Fairman

76) Role of the Coiled-Coil Structural Motif in Polyglutamine Aggregation (Biochemistry) Friday October 24th 2014
Bashkim Kokona, Zachary P. Rosenthal, Robert Fairman

77) Transcriptional Regulation of the Novel Monoamine Oxidase Renalase: Crucial Roles of Transcription Factors Sp1, STAT3, and ZBP89 (Biochemistry) Friday October 24th 2014
Parshuram J. Sonawane, Vinayak Gupta, Binu K. Sasi, Ananthamohan Kalyani, Bhargavi Natarajan, Abrar A. Khan, Bhavani S. Sahu, Nitish R. Mahapatra

78) Probing Viral Genomic Structure: Alternative Viewpoints and Alternative Structures for Satellite Tobacco Mosaic Virus RNA (Biochemistry) Friday October 24th 2014
Susan J. Schroeder

79) RNA Tertiary Structure Analysis by 2 (Biochemistry) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Philip J. Homan, Arpit Tandon, Greggory M. Rice, Feng Ding, Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Kevin M. Weeks

80) Hydrogen (Biochemistry) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Jing Li, Mykola V. Rodnin, Alexey S. Ladokhin, Michael L. Gross

81) A Conserved Acidic Residue in Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Contributes to Cofactor Affinity and Catalysis (Biochemistry) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Judith A. Ronau, Lake N. Paul, Julian E. Fuchs, Klaus R. Liedl, Mahdi M. Abu-Omar, Chittaranjan Das

82) Probing the Origins of Catalytic Discrimination between Phosphate and Sulfate Monoester Hydrolysis: Comparative Analysis of Alkaline Phosphatase and Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases (Biochemistry) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Logan D. Andrews, Jesse G. Zalatan, Daniel Herschlag

83) Molecular Mechanism of Viral Resistance to a Potent Non-nucleoside Inhibitor Unveiled by Molecular Simulations (Biochemistry) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Shailendra Asthana, Saumya Shukla, Paolo Ruggerone, Attilio V. Vargiu

84) BlmB and TlmB Provide Resistance to the Bleomycin Family of Antitumor Antibiotics by N-Acetylating Metal-Free Bleomycin, Tallysomycin, Phleomycin, and Zorbamycin (Biochemistry) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Jane M. Coughlin, Jeffrey D. Rudolf, Evelyn Wendt-Pienkowski, Liyan Wang, Claudia Unsin, Ute Galm, Dong Yang, Meifeng Tao, Ben Shen

85) Protein Engineering of the N-Terminus of NEMO: Structure Stabilization and Rescue of IKK (Biochemistry) Thursday October 23rd 2014
Bingqian Guo, Christopher O. Audu, Jared C. Cochran, Dale F. Mierke, Maria Pellegrini

86) Neutron Diffraction Reveals Hydrogen Bonds Critical for cGMP-Selective Activation: Insights for cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Agonist Design (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 22nd 2014
Gilbert Y. Huang, Oksana O. Gerlits, Matthew P. Blakeley, Banumathi Sankaran, Andrey Y. Kovalevsky, Choel Kim

87) Modified Bleomycin Disaccharides Exhibiting Improved Tumor Cell Targeting (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 22nd 2014
Manikandadas M. Madathil, Chandrabali Bhattacharya, Zhiqiang Yu, Rakesh Paul, Michael J. Rishel, Sidney M. Hecht

88) Skelemin Association with (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 22nd 2014
Vitaliy Gorbatyuk, Khiem Nguyen, Nataly P. Podolnikova, Lalit Deshmukh, Xiaochen Lin, Tatiana P. Ugarova, Olga Vinogradova

89) Probing BoNT/A Protease Exosites: Implications for Inhibitor Design and Light Chain Longevity (Biochemistry) Tuesday October 21st 2014
Song Xue, Sacha Javor, Mark S. Hixon, Kim D. Janda

90) Mechanisms and Energetics of Potassium Channel Block by Local Anesthetics and Antifungal Agents (Biochemistry) Tuesday October 21st 2014
Rong Chen, Ganna Gryn

91) Oxidation-Induced Conformational Changes in Calcineurin Determined by Covalent Labeling and Tandem Mass Spectrometry (Biochemistry) Tuesday October 21st 2014
Xiao Zhou, Caitlin Mester, Paul M. Stemmer, Gavin E. Reid

92) Modulation of Thin Filament Activation of Myosin ATP Hydrolysis by N-Terminal Domains of Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein-C (Biochemistry) Tuesday October 21st 2014
Betty Belknap, Samantha P. Harris, Howard D. White

93) n-Alkylboronic Acid Inhibitors Reveal Determinants of Ligand Specificity in the Quorum-Quenching and Siderophore Biosynthetic Enzyme PvdQ (Biochemistry) Friday October 17th 2014
Kenneth D. Clevenger, Rui Wu, Dali Liu, Walter Fast

94) Increasing Efficiency in Protein (Biochemistry) Friday October 17th 2014
Aizhou Wang, Ronald Kluger

95) Dimerization of the EphA1 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Transmembrane Domain: Insights into the Mechanism of Receptor Activation (Biochemistry) Friday October 17th 2014
Matthieu Chavent, Alan P. Chetwynd, Phillip J. Stansfeld, Mark S. P. Sansom

96) Activation of BNGR-A24 by Direct Interaction with Tachykinin-Related Peptides from the Silkworm Bombyx mori Leads to the Gq- and Gs-Coupled Signaling Cascades (Biochemistry) Friday October 17th 2014
Xiaobai He, Jiashu Zang, Xiangmei Li, Jiajie Shao, Huipeng Yang, Jingwen Yang, Haishan Huang, Linjie Chen, Liangen Shi, Chenggang Zhu, Guozheng Zhang, Naiming Zhou

97) Polyglutamine Amyloid Core Boundaries and Flanking Domain Dynamics in Huntingtin Fragment Fibrils Determined by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Biochemistry) Friday October 17th 2014
Cody L. Hoop, Hsiang-Kai Lin, Karunakar Kar, Zhipeng Hou, Michelle A. Poirier, Ronald Wetzel, Patrick C. A. van der Wel

98) Clotting of Mammalian Fibrinogens by Papain: A Re-examination (Biochemistry) Wednesday October 15th 2014
Russell F. Doolittle

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