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1) Control of Cyclic Photoinitiated Electron Transfer between Cytochrome c Peroxidase (W191F) and Cytochrome c by Formation of Dynamic Binary and Ternary Complexes (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Taylor R. Page, Brian M. Hoffman

2) Extensive Simulations of the Full-Length Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 Enzyme in a Prereactive Complex with a Collagen Triple-Helical Peptide (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Natalia Di

3) Insights into the Structure of Intrastrand Cross-Link DNA Lesion-Containing Oligonucleotides: G[8 (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Elise Dumont, Toma

4) Enzymatic Mechanism of Copper-Containing Nitrite Reductase (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Yan Li, Miroslav Hodak, J. Bernholc

5) Targeting the de Novo Biosynthesis of Thymidylate for the Development of a PET Probe for Pancreatic Cancer Imaging (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 27th 2015
Thushani D. Nilaweera, Muhammad Saeed, Amnon Kohen

6) Structure of Bacterial Regulatory RNAs Determines Their Performance in Competition for the Chaperone Protein Hfq (Biochemistry) Monday January 26th 2015
Ewelina M. Ma

7) Activity of Quinolone CP-115,955 Against Bacterial and Human Type II Topoisomerases Is Mediated by Different Interactions (Biochemistry) Friday January 23rd 2015
Katie J. Aldred, Heidi A. Schwanz, Gangqin Li, Benjamin H. Williamson, Sylvia A. McPherson, Charles L. Turnbough, Robert J. Kerns, Neil Osheroff

8) Functional and Structural Characterization of an Unusual Cofactor-Independent Oxygenase (Biochemistry) Friday January 23rd 2015
Bert-Jan Baas, Harshwardhan Poddar, Edzard M. Geertsema, Henriette J. Rozeboom, Marcel P. de Vries, Hjalmar P. Permentier, Andy-Mark W.H. Thunnissen, Gerrit J. Poelarends

9) Efficient Delivery of Long-Chain Fatty Aldehydes from the Nostoc punctiforme Acyl (Biochemistry) Friday January 23rd 2015
Douglas M. Warui, Maria-Eirini Pandelia, Lauren J. Rajakovich, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, Squire J. Booker

10) Biochemical Characterization of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa Phospholipase D (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Cierra Spencer, H. Alex Brown

11) Requirements for Mutant and Wild-Type Prion Protein Misfolding In Vitro (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Geoffrey P. Noble, Daniel J. Walsh, Michael B. Miller, Walker S. Jackson, Surachai Supattapone

12) MALDI-TOF MS Lipid Profiles of Cytochrome c Oxidases: Cardiolipin Is Not an Essential Component of the Paracoccus denitrificans Oxidase (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Rita Vitale, Roberto Angelini, Simona Lobasso, Giuseppe Capitanio, Bernd Ludwig, Angela Corcelli

13) DNA Charge Transport within the Cell (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Michael A. Grodick, Natalie B. Muren, Jacqueline K. Barton

14) Structure (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Joseph E. Darling, Feifei Zhao, Rosemary J. Loftus, Leslie M. Patton, Richard A. Gibbs, James L. Hougland

15) Nickel Superoxide Dismutase: Structural and Functional Roles of His1 and Its H-Bonding Network (Biochemistry) Thursday January 22nd 2015
Kelly C. Ryan, Abigail I. Guce, Olivia E. Johnson, Thomas C. Brunold, Diane E. Cabelli, Scott C. Garman, Michael J. Maroney

16) Extent of Inhibition of (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Tharindumala Abeywardana, Matthew R. Pratt

17) Plant Alkaloid Chelerythrine Induced Aggregation of Human Telomere Sequence (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Saptaparni Ghosh, Jagannath Jana, Rajiv K. Kar, Subhrangsu Chatterjee, Dipak Dasgupta

18) Liaison between Myristoylation and Cryptic EF-Hand Motif Confers Ca2+ Sensitivity to Neuronal Calcium Sensor-1 (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Vangipurapu Rajanikanth, Anand Kumar Sharma, Meduri Rajyalakshmi, Kousik Chandra, Kandala V. R. Chary, Yogendra Sharma

19) Conservation and Diversity in the Primary Forward Photodynamics of Red/Green Cyanobacteriochromes (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 20th 2015
Sean M. Gottlieb, Peter W. Kim, Che-Wei Chang, Samuel J. Hanke, Randeep J. Hayer, Nathan C. Rockwell, Shelley S. Martin, J. Clark Lagarias, Delmar S. Larsen

20) Peptide Amyloid Surface Display (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 20th 2015
Marisa A. Rubio, Diana E. Schlamadinger, Ellen M. White, Andrew D. Miranker

21) Helix 8 and the i3 Loop of the Muscarinic M3 Receptor Are Crucial Sites for Its Regulation by the G (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 20th 2015
Darla Karpinsky-Semper, Junior Tayou, Konstantin Levay, Brett J. Schuchardt, Vikas Bhat, Claude-Henry Volmar, Amjad Farooq, Vladlen Z. Slepak

22) Actin (Biochemistry) Sunday January 18th 2015
Gopa Dhar, Devlina Chakravarty, Joyita Hazra, Jesmita Dhar, Asim Poddar, Mahadeb Pal, Pinak Chakrabarti, Avadhesha Surolia, Bhabatarak Bhattacharyya

23) Redox State of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Drives Substrate Binding and Product Release in Escherichia coli Succinate Dehydrogenase (Biochemistry) Sunday January 18th 2015
Victor W. T. Cheng, Ramanaguru Siva Piragasam, Richard A. Rothery, Elena Maklashina, Gary Cecchini, Joel H. Weiner

24) Role of Phospholipids of Subunit III in the Regulation of Structural Rearrangements in Cytochrome c Oxidase of Rhodobacter sphaeroides (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Khadijeh S. Alnajjar, Teresa Cvetkov, Lawrence Prochaska

25) Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Voltage-Dependent Anion Channel Gating in Two-Dimensional Lipid Crystalline Bilayers (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Matthew T. Eddy, Loren Andreas, Oscar Teijido, Yongchao Su, Lindsay Clark, Sergei Y. Noskov, Gerhard Wagner, Tatiana K. Rostovtseva, Robert G. Griffin

26) Expression and Characterization of a Novel Recombinant Version of the Secreted Human Mucin MUC5AC in Airway Cell Lines (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Aindrias Ryan, Angeline Smith, Patrick Moore, Susan McNally, Stephen D. Carrington, Colm J. Reid, Marguerite Clyne

27) Structure of N-Formimino-l-glutamate Iminohydrolase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Alexander A. Fedorov, Ricardo Marti

28) Experimental Strategies for Functional Annotation and Metabolism Discovery: Targeted Screening of Solute Binding Proteins and Unbiased Panning of Metabolomes (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015
Matthew W. Vetting, Nawar Al-Obaidi, Suwen Zhao, Brian San Francisco, Jungwook Kim, Daniel J. Wichelecki, Jason T. Bouvier, Jose O. Solbiati, Hoan Vu, Xinshuai Zhang, Dmitry A. Rodionov, James D. Love, Brandan S. Hillerich, Ronald D. Seidel, Ronald J. Quinn, Andrei L. Osterman, John E. Cronan, Matthew P. Jacobson, John A. Gerlt, Steven C. Almo

29) Exploring the Mechanisms of the Reductase Activity of Neuroglobin by Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the Heme Distal Pocket (Biochemistry) Saturday January 17th 2015

30) Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analyses of Spontaneous Exchange between High-Density Lipoprotein-Bound and Lipid-Free Apolipoprotein A-I (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Daisuke Handa, Hitoshi Kimura, Tatsuya Oka, Yuki Takechi, Keiichiro Okuhira, Michael C. Phillips, Hiroyuki Saito

31) Effects of Protein Structure on Iron (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Mary Grace I. Galinato, Sarah E. J. Bowman, Jesse G. Kleingardner, Sherri Martin, Jiyong Zhao, Wolfgang Sturhahn, Alp, Kara L. Bren, Nicolai Lehnert

32) Concurrent Cooperativity and Substrate Inhibition in the Epoxidation of Carbamazepine by Cytochrome P450 3A4 Active Site Mutants Inspired by Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Christian S. Mu

33) Dynamic Architecture of the Purinosome Involved in Human De Novo Purine Biosynthesis (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Minjoung Kyoung, Sarah J. Russell, Casey L. Kohnhorst, Nopondo N. Esemoto, Songon An

34) New Role for the Ankyrin Repeat Revealed by a Study of the N-Formyltransferase from Providencia alcalifaciens (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Colin R. Woodford, James B. Thoden, Hazel M. Holden

35) Mutational Analysis of the Ability of Resveratrol To Inhibit Amyloid Formation by Islet Amyloid Polypeptide: Critical Evaluation of the Importance of Aromatic (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Ling-Hsien Tu, Lydia M. Young, Amy G. Wong, Alison E. Ashcroft, Sheena E. Radford, Daniel P. Raleigh

36) Phenotypic Regulation of the Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptor Miles Apart by G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Martina Burczyk, Martin D. Burkhalter, Tamara Bla

37) Computational Insights on Crystal Structures of the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II with Either Ca2+ or Ca2+ Substituted by Sr2+ (Biochemistry) Friday January 16th 2015
Leslie Vogt, Mehmed Z. Ertem, Rhitankar Pal, Gary W. Brudvig, Victor S. Batista

38) Enhancing Allosteric Inhibition in Thermus thermophilus Phosphofructokinase (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Maria S. McGresham, Gregory D. Reinhart

39) Kinetic Mechanism for the Flipping and Excision of 1,N6-Ethenoadenine by AlkA (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Erin L. Taylor, Patrick J. O

40) Vma9p Need Not Be Associated with the Yeast V-ATPase for Fully-Coupled Proton Pumping Activity in Vitro (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Stephanie A. Bueler, John L. Rubinstein

41) Fatty Acid Hydrolysis of Acyl Marinobactin Siderophores by Marinobacter Acylases (Biochemistry) Thursday January 15th 2015
Michelle P. Kem, Hiroaki Naka, Akira Iinishi, Margo G. Haygood, Alison Butler

42) Man o (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Richard M. Walsh, Samuel J. Polizzi, Renuka Kadirvelraj, Wesley W. Howard, Zachary A. Wood

43) Mutant Poisoning Demonstrates a Nonsequential Mechanism for Digestion of Double-Stranded DNA by (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Xinlei Pan, Jing Yan, Aalapi Patel, Vicki H. Wysocki, Charles E. Bell

44) Oxidation of p53 through DNA Charge Transport Involves a Network of Disulfides within the DNA-Binding Domain (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Kathryn N. Schaefer, Wendy M. Geil, Michael J. Sweredoski, Annie Moradian, Sonja Hess, Jacqueline K. Barton

45) Time-Resolved Raman and Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Observations of Nucleotide Incorporation and Misincorporation in RNA within a Bacterial RNA Polymerase Crystal (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Ioanna H. Antonopoulos, Yuko Murayama, Brittany A. Warner, Shun-ichi Sekine, Shigeyuki Yokoyama, Paul R. Carey

46) Kinetic and Structural Mechanisms of (5 (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Wenyan Xu, Adam M. Ouellette, Zdzislaw Wawrzak, Storm J. Shriver, Spencer M. Anderson, Linlin Zhao

47) Conserved Amino Acid Residues of the NuoD Segment Important for Structure and Function of Escherichia coli NDH-1 (Complex I) (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Prem Kumar Sinha, Norma Castro-Guerrero, Gaurav Patki, Motoaki Sato, Jesus Torres-Bacete, Subhash Sinha, Hideto Miyoshi, Akemi Matsuno-Yagi, Takao Yagi

48) Decrypting the Structural, Dynamic, and Energetic Basis of a Monomeric Kinesin Interacting with a Tubulin Dimer in Three ATPase States by All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulation (Biochemistry) Monday January 12th 2015
Srirupa Chakraborty, Wenjun Zheng

49) Amyloid-like Conformation and Interaction for the Self-Assembly in Barnacle Underwater Cement (Biochemistry) Friday January 9th 2015
Masahiro Nakano, Kei Kamino

50) A Conservative Isoleucine to Leucine Mutation Causes Major Rearrangements and Cold Sensitivity in KlenTaq1 DNA Polymerase (Biochemistry) Friday January 9th 2015
Eugene Y. Wu, Amanda R. Walsh, Emma C. Materne, Emily P. Hiltner, Bryan Zielinski, Bill R. Miller, Lily Mawby, Erica Modeste, Carol A. Parish, Wayne M. Barnes, Milko B. Kermekchiev

51) Multiple Locations of Peptides in the Hydrocarbon Core of Gel-Phase Membranes Revealed by Peptide 13C to Lipid 2H Rotational-Echo Double-Resonance Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Biochemistry) Friday January 9th 2015
Li Xie, Lihui Jia, Shuang Liang, David P. Weliky

52) Nitrite Reductase Activity of Rat and Human Xanthine Oxidase, Xanthine Dehydrogenase, and Aldehyde Oxidase: Evaluation of Their Contribution to NO Formation in Vivo (Biochemistry) Thursday January 8th 2015
Luisa B. Maia, Va

53) TtOmp85, a (Biochemistry) Thursday January 8th 2015
Luisa Estrada Mallarino, Enguo Fan, Meike Odermatt, Matthias Mu

54) Basic Residue at Position 14 Is Not Required for Fast Assembly and Disassembly Kinetics in Neural Cadherin (Biochemistry) Thursday January 8th 2015
Nagamani Vunnam, Nathan I. Hammer, Susan Pedigo

55) Metabolic Function for Human Renalase: Oxidation of Isomeric Forms of (Biochemistry) Thursday January 8th 2015
Brett A. Beaupre, Matt R. Hoag, Joseph Roman, F. Holger Fo

56) Heteromerization of Ligand Binding Domains of N-Methyl-d-Aspartate Receptor Requires Both Coagonists, l-Glutamate and Glycine (Biochemistry) Thursday January 8th 2015
John Cheriyan, Christina Mezes, Ning Zhou, Rashna D. Balsara, Francis J. Castellino

57) Multiplex Detection of Functional G Protein-Coupled Receptors Harboring Site-Specifically Modified Unnatural Amino Acids (Biochemistry) Thursday January 8th 2015
Saranga Naganathan, Sarmistha Ray-Saha, Minyoung Park, He Tian, Thomas P. Sakmar, Thomas Huber

58) Detecting a Quasi-stable Imine Species on the Reaction Pathway of SHV-1 (Biochemistry) Thursday January 8th 2015
Tao Che, Elizabeth A. Rodkey, Christopher R. Bethel, Sivaprakash Shanmugam, Zhe Ding, Marianne Pusztai-Carey, Michael Nottingham, Weirui Chai, John D. Buynak, Robert A. Bonomo, Focco van den Akker, Paul R. Carey

59) Defective Hydrophobic Sliding Mechanism and Active Site Expansion in HIV-1 Protease Drug Resistant Variant Gly48Thr/Leu89Met: Mechanisms for the Loss of Saquinavir Binding Potency (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 7th 2015
Nathan E. Goldfarb, Meray Ohanessian, Shyamasri Biswas, T. Dwight McGee, Brian P. Mahon, David A. Ostrov, Jose Garcia, Yan Tang, Robert McKenna, Adrian Roitberg, Ben M. Dunn

60) Impact of the Iron (Biochemistry) Wednesday January 7th 2015
Katja Karstens, Stefan Wahlefeld, Marius Horch, Miriam Grunzel, Lars Lauterbach, Friedhelm Lendzian, Ingo Zebger, Oliver Lenz

61) Polymerase and Exonuclease Activities in Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 DNA Polymerase Are Not Highly Coordinated (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Ashwani Kumar Vashishtha, Robert D. Kuchta

62) Local Destabilization of the Metal-Binding Region in Human Copper (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Janosch Hennig, Cecilia Andre

63) Effects of Tau Domain-Specific Antibodies and Intravenous Immunoglobulin on Tau Aggregation and Aggregate Degradation (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Jose O. Esteves-Villanueva, Hanna Trzeciakiewicz, David A. Loeffler, Sanela Martic

64) Insights into Substrate Binding to the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II from Ammonia Inhibition Studies (Biochemistry) Tuesday January 6th 2015
David J. Vinyard, Gary W. Brudvig

65) Axial Hydrogen at C7 Position and Bumpy Tetracyclic Core Markedly Reduce Sterol (Biochemistry) Monday January 5th 2015
Yasuo Nakagawa, Yuichi Umegawa, Kenichi Nonomura, Naohiro Matsushita, Tetsuro Takano, Hiroshi Tsuchikawa, Shinya Hanashima, Tohru Oishi, Nobuaki Matsumori, Michio Murata

66) Changes in pH and NADPH Regulate the DNA Binding Activity of Neuronal PAS Domain Protein 2, a Mammalian Circadian Transcription Factor (Biochemistry) Monday January 5th 2015
Katsuhiro Yoshii, Fumihisa Tajima, Sumio Ishijima, Ikuko Sagami

67) Covalent Docking Predicts Substrates for Haloalkanoate Dehalogenase Superfamily Phosphatases (Biochemistry) Monday January 5th 2015
Nir London, Jeremiah D. Farelli, Shoshana D. Brown, Chunliang Liu, Hua Huang, Magdalena Korczynska, Nawar F. Al-Obaidi, Patricia C. Babbitt, Steven C. Almo, Karen N. Allen, Brian K. Shoichet

68) Entamoeba histolytica RacC Selectively Engages p21-Activated Kinase Effectors (Biochemistry) Friday January 2nd 2015
Dustin E. Bosch, David P. Siderovski

69) Targeting a Cryptic Allosteric Site for Selective Inhibition of the Oncogenic Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Shp2 (Biochemistry) Friday January 2nd 2015
Cynthia M. Chio, Christopher S. Lim, Anthony C. Bishop

70) Steady-State Kinetics and Spectroscopic Characterization of Enzyme (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 31st 2014
Bishnu P. Subedi, Andra L. Corder, Siai Zhang, Frank W. Foss, Brad S. Pierce

71) Intramolecular N-Glycan/Polypeptide Interactions Observed at Multiple N-Glycan Remodeling Steps through [13C,15N]-N-Acetylglucosamine Labeling of Immunoglobulin G1 (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 31st 2014
Adam W. Barb

72) Understanding the Reaction Mechanism and Intermediate Stabilization in Mammalian Serine Racemase Using Multiscale Quantum-Classical Simulations (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Neta Nitoker, Dan Thomas Major

73) Oxidation (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Nathaniel P. Hoyle, John S. O

74) Mechanism of the Neurospora Circadian Clock, a FREQUENCY-centric View (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Joonseok Cha, Mian Zhou, Yi Liu

75) Clocks in Algae (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Zeenat B. Noordally, Andrew J. Millar

76) Circadian Clock and Photoperiodic Response in Arabidopsis: From Seasonal Flowering to Redox Homeostasis (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Jae Sung Shim, Takato Imaizumi

77) Emerging Models for the Molecular Basis of Mammalian Circadian Timing (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Chelsea L. Gustafson, Carrie L. Partch

78) Circadian Genomics Reveal a Role for Post-transcriptional Regulation in Mammals (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Shihoko Kojima, Carla B. Green

79) The Conformation of a Catalytic Loop Is Central to GTPase Activity on the Ribosome (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014

80) Key Chemical Factors of Arginine Finger Catalysis of F1-ATPase Clarified by an Unnatural Amino Acid Mutation (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Ayako Yukawa, Ryota Iino, Rikiya Watanabe, Shigehiko Hayashi, Hiroyuki Noji

81) Structural Analysis of Calmodulin Binding by nNOS Inhibitory Amphibian Peptides (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Antonio N. Calabrese, John H. Bowie, Tara L. Pukala

82) Multivalency in the Inhibition of Oxidative Protein Folding by Arsenic(III) Species (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 30th 2014
Aparna Sapra, Danny Ramadan, Colin Thorpe

83) Translocation Mechanism(s) of Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Biophysical Studies Using Artificial Membrane Bilayers (Biochemistry) Monday December 29th 2014
Margherita Di Pisa, Ge

84) Distal Regulation of Heme Binding of Heme Oxygenase-1 Mediated by Conformational Fluctuations (Biochemistry) Friday December 26th 2014
Erisa Harada, Masakazu Sugishima, Jiro Harada, Keiichi Fukuyama, Kenji Sugase

85) Molecular Mechanism of the Chaperone Function of Mini- (Biochemistry) Friday December 26th 2014
Priya R. Banerjee, Ajay Pande, Alexander Shekhtman, Jayanti Pande

86) Understanding Mixed Sequence DNA Recognition by Novel Designed Compounds: The Kinetic and Thermodynamic Behavior of Azabenzimidazole Diamidines (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Ananya Paul, Yun Chai, David W. Boykin, W. David Wilson

87) Allosteric Reversion of Haemophilus influenzae (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Katherine M. Hoffmann, H. Rachael Million-Perez, Richard Merkhofer, Hilary Nicholson, Roger S. Rowlett

88) NMR Studies of the Dynamics of High-Spin Nitrophorins: Comparative Studies of NP4 and NP2 at Close to Physiological pH (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Robert E. Berry, Dhanasekaran Muthu, Fei Yang, F. Ann Walker

89) Probing the DNA Structural Requirements for Facilitated Diffusion (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Mark Hedglin, Yaru Zhang, Patrick J. O

90) Molecular Basis for the Catalytic Specificity of the CTX-M Extended-Spectrum (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Carolyn J. Adamski, Ana Maria Cardenas, Nicholas G. Brown, Lori B. Horton, Banumathi Sankaran, B. V. Venkataram Prasad, Hiram F. Gilbert, Timothy Palzkill

91) Cooperative Stabilization of Transthyretin by Clusterin and Diflunisal (Biochemistry) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Michael J. Greene, Elena S. Klimtchuk, David C. Seldin, John L. Berk, Lawreen H. Connors

92) Cluster III of Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein 1 Binds Activated Blood Coagulation Factor VIII (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
James H. Kurasawa, Svetlana A. Shestopal, Samuel A. Woodle, Mikhail V. Ovanesov, Timothy K. Lee, Andrey G. Sarafanov

93) Dimerization of Nitrophorin 4 at Low pH and Comparison to the K1A Mutant of Nitrophorin 1 (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Robert E. Berry, Fei Yang, Tatiana K. Shokhireva, Angela M. Amoia, Sarah A. Garrett, Allena M. Goren, Stephanie R. Korte, Hongjun Zhang, Andrzej Weichsel, William R. Montfort, F. Ann Walker

94) Purification of (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Eric S. Luth, Tim Bartels, Ulf Dettmer, Nora C. Kim, Dennis J. Selkoe

95) Crystal Structure of an Arginase-like Protein from Trypanosoma brucei That Evolved without a Binuclear Manganese Cluster (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Yang Hai, Eduard J. Kerkhoven, Michael P. Barrett, David W. Christianson

96) Membrane Defects Accelerate Outer Membrane (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Emily J. Danoff, Karen G. Fleming

97) Kinetic and Structural Requirements for Carbapenemase Activity in GES-Type (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Nichole K. Stewart, Clyde A. Smith, Hilary Frase, D. J. Black, Sergei B. Vakulenko

98) A Mutation in Na+-NQR Uncouples Electron Flow from Na+ Translocation in the Presence of K+ (Biochemistry) Tuesday December 23rd 2014
Michael E. Shea, Katherine G. Mezic, Oscar Jua

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