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1) Identification and Characterization of K+-Dependent Na+-Ca2+ Exchange Transport in Pigmented MEB4 Cells Mediated by NCKX4 (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 4th 2016
Robert T. Szerencsei, Rebecca S. Ginger, Martin R. Green, Paul P. M. Schnetkamp

2) Carnosine and Homocarnosine Degradation Mechanisms by the Human Carnosinase Enzyme CN1: Insights from Multiscale Simulations (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 4th 2016
Matic Pavlin, Giulia Rossetti, Marco De Vivo, Paolo Carloni

3) Assay and Inhibition of the Purified Catalytic Domain of Diacylglycerol Lipase Beta (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 4th 2016
Praveen K. Singh, Rachel Markwick, Leanne Lu, Fiona V. Howell, Gareth Williams, Patrick Doherty

4) Lower Protein Stability Does Not Necessarily Increase Local Dynamics (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 4th 2016
Levi J. McClelland, Bruce E. Bowler

5) Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Interactions Mediate Single-Stranded DNA Recognition and Acta2 Repression by Purine-Rich Element-Binding Protein B (Biochemistry) Wednesday May 4th 2016
Amy E. Rumora, Lauren A. Ferris, Tamar R. Wheeler, Robert J. Kelm

6) Structural and Kinetic Studies of Formate Dehydrogenase from Candida boidinii (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 3rd 2016
Qi Guo, Lokesh Gakhar, Kyle Wickersham, Kevin Francis, Alexandra Vardi-Kilshtain, Dan T. Major, Christopher M. Cheatum, Amnon Kohen

7) Burkholderia glumae ToxA Is a Dual-Specificity Methyltransferase That Catalyzes the Last Two Steps of Toxoflavin Biosynthesis (Biochemistry) Tuesday May 3rd 2016
Michael K. Fenwick, Benjamin Philmus, Tadhg P. Begley, Steven E. Ealick

8) A Global Scale Scenario for Prebiotic Chemistry: Silica-Based Self-Assembled Mineral Structures and Formamide (Biochemistry) Monday May 2nd 2016
Raffaele Saladino, Giorgia Botta, Bruno Mattia Bizzarri, Ernesto Di Mauro, Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz

9) Sequence Effect on the Topology of 3 + 1 Interlocked Bimolecular DNA G-Quadruplexes (Biochemistry) Monday May 2nd 2016
Shang Gao, Yanwei Cao, Yuting Yan, Xinhua Guo

10) Transport of a Fluorescent Analogue of Glucose (2-NBDG) versus Radiolabeled Sugars by Rumen Bacteria and Escherichia coli (Biochemistry) Friday April 29th 2016
Junyi Tao, Rebecca K. Diaz, Ce

11) Mapping Calcium-Sensitive Regions in the Neuronal Calcium Sensor GCAP2 by Site-Specific Fluorescence Labeling (Biochemistry) Friday April 29th 2016
Stefan Sulmann, Melanie Wallisch, Alexander Scholten, Jens Christoffers, Karl-Wilhelm Koch

12) Effect of Different Divalent Cations on the Kinetics and Fidelity of RB69 DNA Polymerase (Biochemistry) Thursday April 28th 2016
Ashwani Kumar Vashishtha, William H. Konigsberg

13) Replacing Arginine 33 for Alanine in the Hemophore HasA from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Causes Closure of the H32 Loop in the Apo-Protein (Biochemistry) Thursday April 28th 2016
Ritesh Kumar, Yifei Qi, Hirotoshi Matsumura, Scott Lovell, Huili Yao, Kevin P. Battaile, Wonpil Im, Pierre Moe

14) Discovery and Mechanism of Highly Efficient Cyclic Cell-Penetrating Peptides (Biochemistry) Thursday April 28th 2016
Ziqing Qian, Agnieszka Martyna, Ryan L. Hard, Jiang Wang, George Appiah-Kubi, Christopher Coss, Mitch A. Phelps, Jeremy S. Rossman, Dehua Pei

15) ApoE: In Vitro Studies of a Small Molecule Effector (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 27th 2016
Tridib Mondal, Hanliu Wang, Gregory T. DeKoster, Berevan Baban, Michael L. Gross, Carl Frieden

16) Crystal Structures of Apo and Liganded 4-Oxalocrotonate Decarboxylase Uncover a Structural Basis for the Metal-Assisted Decarboxylation of a Vinylogous (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 27th 2016
Samuel L. Guimara

17) DNA Oligonucleotide 3 (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 26th 2016
Alison J. Camden, Shannon M. Walsh, Sarah H. Suk, Scott K. Silverman

18) HIV Capsid Assembly, Mechanism, and Structure (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 26th 2016
Bo Chen

19) Two Distinctive Binding Modes of Endonuclease Inhibitors to the N-Terminal Region of Influenza Virus Polymerase Acidic Subunit (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 26th 2016
Satoshi Fudo, Norio Yamamoto, Michiyoshi Nukaga, Takato Odagiri, Masato Tashiro, Tyuji Hoshino

20) Structure, Dynamics, and Interaction of p54nrb/NonO RRM1 with 5 (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 26th 2016
Jean-Baptiste Duvignaud, Mikae

21) Systematic Identification of Protein (Biochemistry) Monday April 25th 2016
Yaroslav V. Nikolaev, Karl Kochanowski, Hannes Link, Uwe Sauer, Frederic H.-T. Allain

22) Nonmicrobial Nitrophenol Degradation via Peroxygenase Activity of Dehaloperoxidase-Hemoglobin from Amphitrite ornata (Biochemistry) Friday April 22nd 2016
Nikolette L. McCombs, Jennifer D

23) Removal of the Side Chain at the Active-Site Serine by a Glycine Substitution Increases the Stability of a Wide Range of Serine (Biochemistry) Friday April 22nd 2016
Vlatko Stojanoski, Carolyn J. Adamski, Liya Hu, Shrenik C. Mehta, Banumathi Sankaran, Peter Zwart, B. V. Venkataram Prasad, Timothy Palzkill

24) Exquisite Modulation of the Active Site of Methanocaldococcus jannaschii Adenylosuccinate Synthetase in Forward Reaction Complexes (Biochemistry) Thursday April 21st 2016
Vishakha Karnawat, Sonali Mehrotra, Hemalatha Balaram, Mrinalini Puranik

25) Pyruvate Formate-Lyase Enables Efficient Growth of Escherichia coli on Acetate and Formate (Biochemistry) Thursday April 21st 2016
Lior Zelcbuch, Steffen N. Lindner, Yonatan Zegman, Ilya Vainberg Slutskin, Niv Antonovsky, Shmuel Gleizer, Ron Milo, Arren Bar-Even

26) Synthesis and Evaluation of a Library of Fluorescent Dipeptidomimetic Analogues as Substrates for Modified Bacterial Ribosomes (Biochemistry) Thursday April 21st 2016
Sandipan Roy Chowdhury, Pradeep S. Chauhan, Larisa M. Dedkova, Xiaoguang Bai, Shengxi Chen, Poulami Talukder, Sidney M. Hecht

27) S-Nitrosation of Conserved Cysteines Modulates Activity and Stability of S-Nitrosoglutathione Reductase (GSNOR) (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 20th 2016
Damian Guerra, Keith Ballard, Ian Truebridge, Elizabeth Vierling

28) Chemical Biology in the Embryo: In Situ Imaging of Sulfur Biochemistry in Normal and Proteoglycan-Deficient Cartilage Matrix (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 20th 2016
Mark J. Hackett, Graham N. George, Ingrid J. Pickering, B. Frank Eames

29) Hyperactive Editing Domain Variants Switch the Stereospecificity of Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 20th 2016
Charles J. Richardson, Eric A. First

30) In Vitro Selection of a DNAzyme Cooperatively Binding Two Lanthanide Ions for RNA Cleavage (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 19th 2016
Po-Jung Jimmy Huang, Mahsa Vazin, Juewen Liu

31) The ssrA-Tag Facilitated Degradation of an Integral Membrane Protein (Biochemistry) Monday April 18th 2016
Qian Chai, Zhaoshuai Wang, Stacy R. Webb, Rebecca E. Dutch, Yinan Wei

32) Impact of Ser17 Phosphorylation on the Conformational Dynamics of the Oncoprotein MDM2 (Biochemistry) Monday April 18th 2016
Juan A. Bueren-Calabuig, Julien Michel

33) The Molybdenum Active Site of Formate Dehydrogenase Is Capable of Catalyzing C (Biochemistry) Monday April 18th 2016
Tobias Hartmann, Peer Schrapers, Tillmann Utesch, Manfred Nimtz, Yvonne Rippers, Holger Dau, Maria Andrea Mroginski, Michael Haumann, Silke Leimku

34) Binding of Clinical Inhibitors to a Model Precursor of a Rationally Selected Multidrug Resistant HIV-1 Protease Is Significantly Weaker Than That to the Released Mature Enzyme (Biochemistry) Friday April 15th 2016
Joon H. Park, Jane M. Sayer, Annie Aniana, Xiaxia Yu, Irene T. Weber, Robert W. Harrison, John M. Louis

35) Staphylococcus aureus (Biochemistry) Friday April 15th 2016
Alfa Herrera, Bao G. Vu, Christopher S. Stach, Joseph A. Merriman, Alexander R. Horswill, Wilmara Salgado-Pabo

36) Interaction of GoxA with Its Modifying Enzyme and Its Subunit Assembly Are Dependent on the Extent of Cysteine Tryptophylquinone Biosynthesis (Biochemistry) Friday April 15th 2016
Esha Sehanobish, Jonatan C. Campillo-Brocal, Heather R. Williamson, Antonio Sanchez-Amat, Victor L. Davidson

37) Epigallocatechin Gallate Remodels Fibrils of Lattice Corneal Dystrophy Protein, Facilitating Proteolytic Degradation and Preventing Formation of Membrane-Permeabilizing Species (Biochemistry) Friday April 15th 2016
Marcel Stenvang, Gunna Christiansen, Daniel E. Otzen

38) Resonance Raman Study of an Anion Channelrhodopsin: Effects of Mutations near the Retinylidene Schiff Base (Biochemistry) Thursday April 14th 2016
Adrian Yi, Natalia Mamaeva, Hai Li, John L. Spudich, Kenneth J. Rothschild

39) Thermodynamics of the Electron Acceptors in Heliobacterium modesticaldum: An Exemplar of an Early Homodimeric Type I Photosynthetic Reaction Center (Biochemistry) Thursday April 14th 2016
Bryan Ferlez, John Cowgill, Weibing Dong, Christopher Gisriel, Su Lin, Marco Flores, Karim Walters, Daniel Cetnar, Kevin E. Redding, John H. Golbeck

40) Molecular Crowding Affects the Conformational Fluctuations, Peroxidase Activity, and Folding Landscape of Yeast Cytochrome c (Biochemistry) Thursday April 14th 2016
Simanta Sarani Paul, Pallabi Sil, Ritobrita Chakraborty, Shubhasis Haldar, Krishnananda Chattopadhyay

41) Effect of the Spiroiminodihydantoin Lesion on Nucleosome Stability and Positioning (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 13th 2016
Erika M. Norabuena, Sara Barnes Williams, Margaret A. Klureza, Liana J. Goehring, Brian Gruessner, Mala L. Radhakrishnan, Elizabeth R. Jamieson, Megan E. Nu

42) Structural Studies of Trypanosoma brucei RNA Editing Ligases and Their Binding Partner Proteins (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 13th 2016
Alireza Shaneh, Enrico O. Purisima, Reza Salavati, Traian Sulea

43) Synergistic Biomineralization Phenomena Created by a Combinatorial Nacre Protein Model System (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 13th 2016
Eric P. Chang, Teresa Roncal-Herrero, Tamara Morgan, Katherine E. Dunn, Ashit Rao, Jennie A. M. R. Kunitake, Susan Lui, Matthew Bilton, Lara A. Estroff, Roland Kro

44) Mutations for Worse or Better: Low-Fidelity DNA Synthesis by SOS DNA Polymerase V Is a Tightly Regulated Double-Edged Sword (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 12th 2016
Malgorzata Jaszczur, Jeffrey G. Bertram, Andrew Robinson, Antoine M. van Oijen, Roger Woodgate, Michael M. Cox, Myron F. Goodman

45) Structural and Functional Consequences of Three Cancer-Associated Mutations of the Oncogenic Phosphatase SHP2 (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 12th 2016
Jonathan R. LaRochelle, Michelle Fodor, Xiang Xu, Izabela Durzynska, Lixin Fan, Travis Stams, Ho Man Chan, Matthew J. LaMarche, Rajiv Chopra, Ping Wang, Pascal D. Fortin, Michael G. Acker, Stephen C. Blacklow

46) Positioning the Intracellular Salt Potassium Glutamate in the Hofmeister Series by Chemical Unfolding Studies of NTL9 (Biochemistry) Thursday April 7th 2016
Rituparna Sengupta, Adrian Pantel, Xian Cheng, Irina Shkel, Ivan Peran, Natalie Stenzoski, Daniel P. Raleigh, M. Thomas Record

47) Conformational Dynamics of Specific A (Biochemistry) Thursday April 7th 2016
Dexter N. Dean, Kayla M. Pate, Melissa A. Moss, Vijayaraghavan Rangachari

48) The CopC Family: Structural and Bioinformatic Insights into a Diverse Group of Periplasmic Copper Binding Proteins (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 6th 2016
Thomas J. Lawton, Grace E. Kenney, Joseph D. Hurley, Amy C. Rosenzweig

49) Human CD4 Metastability Is a Function of the Allosteric Disulfide Bond in Domain 2 (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 6th 2016
Gavin R. Owen, Jennifer A. Channell, V. Trevor Forsyth, Michael Haertlein, Edward P. Mitchell, Alexio Capovilla, Maria Papathanasopoulos, Nichole M. Cerutti

50) Mutations of Cytochrome b559 and PsbJ on and near the QC Site in Photosystem II Influence the Regulation of Short-Term Light Response and Photosynthetic Growth of the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 6th 2016
Jine-Yung Huang, Yi-Fang Chiu, Jose

51) Mutually Exclusive Formation of G-Quadruplex and i-Motif Is a General Phenomenon Governed by Steric Hindrance in Duplex DNA (Biochemistry) Wednesday April 6th 2016
Yunxi Cui, Deming Kong, Chiran Ghimire, Cuixia Xu, Hanbin Mao

52) Kinetic and Binding Studies of Streptococcus pneumoniae Type 2 Isopentenyl Diphosphate:Dimethylallyl Diphosphate Isomerase (Biochemistry) Tuesday April 5th 2016
Matthew Walter Janczak, C. Dale Poulter

53) Probing the Impact of Local Structural Dynamics of Conformational Epitopes on Antibody Recognition (Biochemistry) Monday April 4th 2016
Yu Liang, Miklos Guttman, Thaddeus M. Davenport, Shiu-Lok Hu, Kelly K. Lee

54) Substrate Binding Mode and Molecular Basis of a Specificity Switch in Oxalate Decarboxylase (Biochemistry) Monday April 4th 2016
Wen Zhu, Lindsey M. Easthon, Laurie A. Reinhardt, Chingkuang Tu, Steven E. Cohen, David N. Silverman, Karen N. Allen, Nigel G. J. Richards

55) Amyloid Hydrogen Bonding Polymorphism Evaluated by 15N{17O}REAPDOR Solid-State NMR and Ultra-High Resolution Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (Biochemistry) Friday April 1st 2016
Juan Wei, Oleg N. Antzutkin, Andrei V. Filippov, Dinu Iuga, Pui Yiu Lam, Mark P. Barrow, Ray Dupree, Steven P. Brown, Peter B. O

56) Biochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of a Radical S-Adenosyl-l-methionine Enzyme Involved in the Formation of a Peptide Thioether Cross-Link (Biochemistry) Friday April 1st 2016
Nathan A. Bruender, Jarett Wilcoxen, R. David Britt, Vahe Bandarian

57) Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Characterization of DNA Wrapping in Closed and Open Escherichia coli RNA Polymerase (Biochemistry) Thursday March 31st 2016
Raashi Sreenivasan, Sara Heitkamp, Munish Chhabra, Ruth Saecker, Emily Lingeman, Mikaela Poulos, Darrell McCaslin, Michael W. Capp, Irina Artsimovitch, M. Thomas Record

58) Insights into the Thiamine Diphosphate Enzyme Activation Mechanism: Computational Model for Transketolase Using a Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Method (Biochemistry) Thursday March 31st 2016
Lionel Nauton, Virgil He

59) Mechanism of Germacradien-4-ol Synthase-Controlled Water Capture (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 30th 2016
Daniel J. Grundy, Mengbin Chen, Vero

60) Single-Molecule Investigation of Response to Oxidative DNA Damage by a Y-Family DNA Polymerase (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 30th 2016
Austin T. Raper, Varun V. Gadkari, Brian A. Maxwell, Zucai Suo

61) Effect of Outer-Sphere Side Chain Substitutions on the Fate of the trans Iron (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 29th 2016
Hirotoshi Matsumura, Saumen Chakraborty, Julian Reed, Yi Lu, Pierre Moe

62) Single-Molecule Studies of the Linker Histone H1 Binding to DNA and the Nucleosome (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 29th 2016
Hongjun Yue, He Fang, Sijie Wei, Jeffrey J. Hayes, Tae-Hee Lee

63) Computer Simulations Reveal Substrate Specificity of Glycosidic Bond Cleavage in Native and Mutant Human Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 29th 2016
Geir Villy Isaksen, Kathrin Helen Hopmann, Johan

64) Membrane-Anchored Cyclic Peptides as Effectors of Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 29th 2016
Kristin Shirey, Kayla R. Stover, John Cleary, Ngoc Hoang, Jonathan Hosler

65) Selective Modulation of Protein Kinase C (Biochemistry) Friday March 25th 2016
Satyabrata Pany, Anjoy Majhi, Joydip Das

66) Inclusion of an RGD Motif Alters Invasin Integrin-Binding Affinity and Specificity (Biochemistry) Friday March 25th 2016
Tarik A. Khan, Xianzhe Wang, Jennifer A. Maynard

67) Coumarin Derivatives as Substrate Probes of Mammalian Cytochromes P450 2B4 and 2B6: Assessing the Importance of 7-Alkoxy Chain Length, Halogen Substitution, and Non-Active Site Mutations (Biochemistry) Thursday March 24th 2016
Jingbao Liu, Manish B. Shah, Qinghai Zhang, C. David Stout, James R. Halpert, P. Ross Wilderman

68) Interaction between the Rev1 C-Terminal Domain and the PolD3 Subunit of Pol (Biochemistry) Thursday March 24th 2016
Yulia Pustovalova, Mariana T. Q. Magalha

69) Structural Changes Associated with Transthyretin Misfolding and Amyloid Formation Revealed by Solution and Solid-State NMR (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 23rd 2016
Kwang Hun Lim, Anvesh K. R. Dasari, Ivan Hung, Zhehong Gan, Jeffery W. Kelly, David E. Wemmer

70) Stopped-Flow Studies of the Reduction of the Copper Centers Suggest a Bifurcated Electron Transfer Pathway in Peptidylglycine Monooxygenase (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 23rd 2016
Shefali Chauhan, Parisa Hosseinzadeh, Yi Lu, Ninian J. Blackburn

71) Conformational Dynamics of the Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide in a Membrane Environment: Toward the Aggregation Prone Form (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 23rd 2016
Katrine Kirkeby Skeby, Ole Juul Andersen, Taras V. Pogorelov, Emad Tajkhorshid, Birgit Schi

72) Conformational Flexibility Enables the Function of a BECN1 Region Essential for Starvation-Mediated Autophagy (Biochemistry) Monday March 21st 2016
Yang Mei, Arvind Ramanathan, Karen Glover, Christopher Stanley, Ruslan Sanishvili, Srinivas Chakravarthy, Zhongyu Yang, Christopher L. Colbert, Sangita C. Sinha

73) Redox Capacity of an Extracellular Matrix Protein Associated with Adhesion in Mytilus californianus (Biochemistry) Monday March 21st 2016
Sascha C. T. Nicklisch, Jamie E. Spahn, Hongjun Zhou, Cristina M. Gruian, J. Herbert Waite

74) (1,31,4)- (Biochemistry) Friday March 18th 2016
George Dimitroff, Alan Little, Jelle Lahnstein, Julian G. Schwerdt, Vaibhav Srivastava, Vincent Bulone, Rachel A. Burton, Geoffrey B. Fincher

75) RNA G-Quadruplex Invasion and Translation Inhibition by Antisense (Biochemistry) Friday March 18th 2016
Stanley N. Oyaghire, Collin J. Cherubim, Cheryl A. Telmer, Joe A. Martinez, Marcel P. Bruchez, Bruce A. Armitage

76) A Key Evolutionary Mutation Enhances DNA Binding of the FOXP2 Forkhead Domain (Biochemistry) Friday March 18th 2016
Gavin Morris, Sylvia Fanucchi

77) Improving Functional Annotation in the DRE-TIM Metallolyase Superfamily through Identification of Active Site Fingerprints (Biochemistry) Friday March 18th 2016
Garima Kumar, Jordyn L. Johnson, Patrick A. Frantom

78) ReAsH as a Quantitative Probe of In-Cell Protein Dynamics (Biochemistry) Friday March 18th 2016
Hannah Gelman, Anna Jean Wirth, Martin Gruebele

79) Investigation of the Binding Interaction of Fatty Acids with Human G Protein-Coupled Receptor 40 Using a Site-Specific Fluorescence Probe by Flow Cytometry (Biochemistry) Thursday March 17th 2016
Xiao-Min Ren, Lin-Ying Cao, Jing Zhang, Wei-Ping Qin, Yu Yang, Bin Wan, Liang-Hong Guo

80) Computational Study of Binding of (Biochemistry) Thursday March 17th 2016
Dharmeshkumar Patel, Somayeh Mahdavi, Serdar Kuyucak

81) A Rapid and Versatile Method for Generating Proteins with Defined Ubiquitin Chains (Biochemistry) Thursday March 17th 2016
Kirby Martinez-Fonts, Andreas Matouschek

82) Interactions of Haptoglobin with Monomeric Globin Species: Insights from Molecular Modeling and Native Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (Biochemistry) Thursday March 17th 2016
Ololade Fatunmbi, Rinat R. Abzalimov, Sergey N. Savinov, Anne Gershenson, Igor A. Kaltashov

83) Phosphorylation or Mutation of the ERK2 Activation Loop Alters Oligonucleotide Binding (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 16th 2016
Andrea C. McReynolds, Aroon S. Karra, Yan Li, Elias Daniel Lopez, Adrian G. Turjanski, Elhadji Dioum, Kristina Lorenz, Elma Zaganjor, Steve Stippec, Kathleen McGlynn, Svetlana Earnest, Melanie H. Cobb

84) Homologous PNA Hybridization to Noncanonical DNA G-Quadruplexes (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 16th 2016
Karen A. Kormuth, John L. Woolford, Bruce A. Armitage

85) Proton Inventory and Dynamics in the Nia-S to Nia-C Transition of a [NiFe] Hydrogenase (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 16th 2016
Brandon L. Greene, Chang-Hao Wu, Gregory E. Vansuch, Michael W. W. Adams, R. Brian Dyer

86) ADP-Ribose Pyrophosphatase Reaction in Crystalline State Conducted by Consecutive Binding of Two Manganese(II) Ions as Cofactors (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 16th 2016
Yoshihiko Furuike, Yuka Akita, Ikuko Miyahara, Nobuo Kamiya

87) Solution Behavior of the Intrinsically Disordered N-Terminal Domain of Retinoid X Receptor (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 15th 2016
Anna Y. Belorusova, Judit Osz, Maxim V. Petoukhov, Carole Peluso-Iltis, Bruno Kieffer, Dmitri I. Svergun, Natacha Rochel

88) Examination of ClpB Quaternary Structure and Linkage to Nucleotide Binding (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 15th 2016
JiaBei Lin, Aaron L. Lucius

89) Alteration of Polyketide Stereochemistry from anti to syn by a Ketoreductase Domain Exchange in a Type I Modular Polyketide Synthase Subunit (Biochemistry) Tuesday March 15th 2016
Clara H. Eng, Satoshi Yuzawa, George Wang, Edward E. K. Baidoo, Leonard Katz, Jay D. Keasling

90) Role of Electrostatic Interactions in Binding of Peptides and Intrinsically Disordered Proteins to Their Folded Targets: 2. The Model of Encounter Complex Involving the Double Mutant of the c-Crk N-SH3 Domain and Peptide Sos (Biochemistry) Monday March 14th 2016
Tairan Yuwen, Yi Xue, Nikolai R. Skrynnikov

91) [NiFe]-Hydrogenase Maturation (Biochemistry) Monday March 14th 2016
Michael J. Lacasse, Deborah B. Zamble

92) Effect of N-Terminal Extension of Cardiac Troponin I on the Ca2+ Regulation of ATP Binding and ADP Dissociation of Myosin II in Native Cardiac Myofibrils (Biochemistry) Monday March 14th 2016
Laura K. Gunther, Han-Zhong Feng, Hongguang Wei, Justin Raupp, Jian-Ping Jin, Takeshi Sakamoto

93) Structure-Based Engineering of Lithium-Transport Capacity in an Archaeal Sodium (Biochemistry) Thursday March 10th 2016
Bosmat Refaeli, Moshe Giladi, Reuben Hiller, Daniel Khananshvili

94) Energetic Coupling between Ligand Binding and Dimerization in Escherichia coli Phosphoglycerate Mutase (Biochemistry) Thursday March 10th 2016
Nathan W. Gardner, Lyman K. Monroe, Daisuke Kihara, Chiwook Park

95) Structural Basis for Iron-Mediated Sulfur Transfer in Archael and Yeast Thiazole Synthases (Biochemistry) Thursday March 10th 2016
Xuan Zhang, Bekir E. Eser, Prem K. Chanani, Tadhg P. Begley, Steven E. Ealick

96) Molecular Mechanism Underlying ATP-Induced Conformational Changes in the Nucleoprotein Filament of Mycobacterium smegmatis RecA (Biochemistry) Thursday March 10th 2016
G. P. Manjunath, Neelesh Soni, Pavana L. Vaddavalli, Dipeshwari J. Shewale, M. S. Madhusudhan, K. Muniyappa

97) Sulindac Sulfide Induces the Formation of Large Oligomeric Aggregates of the Alzheimer (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 9th 2016
Elke Prade, Christian Barucker, Riddhiman Sarkar, Gerhard Althoff-Ospelt, Juan Miguel Lopez del Amo, Shireen Hossain, Yifei Zhong, Gerd Multhaup, Bernd Reif

98) Intermolecular Interactions of Cardiac Transcription Factors NKX2.5 and TBX5 (Biochemistry) Wednesday March 9th 2016
Lagnajeet Pradhan, Sunil Gopal, Shichang Li, Shayan Ashur, Saai Suryanarayanan, Hideko Kasahara, Hyun-Joo Nam

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