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1) Substrate-Assisted and Enzymatic Pretransfer Editing of Nonstandard Amino Acids by Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase (Biochemistry) Friday September 4th 2015
Grant B. Fortowsky, Daniel J. Simard, Mohamed M. Aboelnga, James W. Gauld

2) Identification of Amino Acids at the Catalytic Site of a Ferredoxin-Dependent Cyanobacterial Nitrate Reductase (Biochemistry) Friday September 4th 2015
Anurag P. Srivastava, James P. Allen, Brian J. Vaccaro, Masakazu Hirasawa, Suzanne Alkul, Michael K. Johnson, David B. Knaff

3) Structural Dynamics of Insulin Receptor and Transmembrane Signaling (Biochemistry) Thursday September 3rd 2015
Suren A. Tatulian

4) Scavenger Receptor Class B Type I Regulates Plasma Apolipoprotein E Levels and Dietary Lipid Deposition to the Liver (Biochemistry) Thursday September 3rd 2015
Eleni A. Karavia, Nikolaos I. Papachristou, George C. Sakellaropoulos, Eva Xepapadaki, Eleni Papamichail, Peristera-Ioanna Petropoulou, Eugenia P. Papakosta, Caterina Constantinou, Ioannis Habeos, Dionysios J. Papachristou, Kyriakos E. Kypreos

5) Early Events in the Amyloid Formation of the A546T Mutant of Transforming Growth Factor (Biochemistry) Wednesday September 2nd 2015
Heidi Kolds

6) Human Erythroid 5-Aminolevulinate Synthase Mutations Associated with X-Linked Protoporphyria Disrupt the Conformational Equilibrium and Enhance Product Release (Biochemistry) Wednesday September 2nd 2015
Erica J. Fratz, Jerome Clayton, Gregory A. Hunter, Sarah Ducamp, Leonid Breydo, Vladimir N. Uversky, Jean-Charles Deybach, Laurent Gouya, Herve

7) Platelet Lipidomic Profiling: Novel Insight into Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 (Biochemistry) Tuesday September 1st 2015
Matthew T. Duvernay, Anton Matafonov, Craig W. Lindsley, Heidi E. Hamm

8) Replication-Competent Influenza Virus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus Luciferase Reporter Strains Engineered for Co-Infections Identify Antiviral Compounds in Combination Screens (Biochemistry) Tuesday September 1st 2015
Dan Yan, Marco Weisshaar, Kristen Lamb, Hokyung K. Chung, Michael Z. Lin, Richard K. Plemper

9) Destabilization of the Quaternary Structure of Bovine Heart Cytochrome c Oxidase upon Removal of Tightly Bound Cardiolipin (Biochemistry) Monday August 31st 2015
Erik Sedla

10) Kinetic and Structural Characterization of the Interaction of 6-Methylidene Penem 2 with the (Biochemistry) Monday August 31st 2015
Saugata Hazra, Sebastian G. Kurz, Kerstin Wolff, Liem Nguyen, Robert A. Bonomo, John S. Blanchard

11) The N-Terminal Peptides of the Three Human Isoforms of the Mitochondrial Voltage-Dependent Anion Channel Have Different Helical Propensities (Biochemistry) Friday August 28th 2015
Carlo Guardiani, Mariano Andrea Scorciapino, Giuseppe Federico Amodeo, Joze Grdadolnik, Giuseppe Pappalardo, Vito De Pinto, Matteo Ceccarelli, Mariano Casu

12) G-Quadruplex-Enabling Sequence within the Human Tyrosine Hydroxylase Promoter Differentially Regulates Transcription (Biochemistry) Friday August 28th 2015
Mohamed M. Farhath, Matthew Thompson, Sujay Ray, Abby Sewell, Hamza Balci, Soumitra Basu

13) The Structure of the Holo-Acyl Carrier Protein of Leishmania major Displays a Remarkably Different Phosphopantetheinyl Transferase Binding Interface (Biochemistry) Thursday August 27th 2015
Ambrish Kumar, Richa Arya, Pinakin K. Makwana, Rohit Singh Dangi, Usha Yadav, Avadhesha Surolia, Suman Kundu, Monica Sundd

14) Interdomain Linker Determines Primarily the Structural Stability of Dystrophin and Utrophin Tandem Calponin-Homology Domains Rather than Their Actin-Binding Affinity (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 26th 2015
Swati Bandi, Surinder M. Singh, Krishna M. G. Mallela

15) Kinetic Detection of Orthogonal Protein and Chemical Coordinates in Enzyme Catalysis: Double Mutants of Soybean Lipoxygenase (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 26th 2015
Sudhir C. Sharma, Judith P. Klinman

16) Conformational Polymorphism in Autophagy-Related Protein GATE-16 (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 26th 2015
Peixiang Ma, Oliver Schillinger, Melanie Schwarten, Justin Lecher, Rudolf Hartmann, Matthias Stoldt, Jeannine Mohrlu

17) Eukaryotic Catalase-Peroxidase: The Role of the Trp-Tyr-Met Adduct in Protein Stability, Substrate Accessibility, and Catalysis of Hydrogen Peroxide Dismutation (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 25th 2015
Bernhard Gasselhuber, Xavi Carpena, Michael M. H. Graf, Katharina F. Pirker, Andrea Nicolussi, Axel Su

18) Two Loops Undergoing Concerted Dynamics Regulate the Activity of the ASH1L Histone Methyltransferase (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 25th 2015
David S. Rogawski, Juliano Ndoj, Hyo Je Cho, Ivan Maillard, Jolanta Grembecka, Tomasz Cierpicki

19) Variants of Phosphotriesterase for the Enhanced Detoxification of the Chemical Warfare Agent VR (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 25th 2015
Andrew N. Bigley, Mark F. Mabanglo, Steven P. Harvey, Frank M. Raushel

20) Molecular Determinants for Unphosphorylated STAT3 Dimerization Determined by Integrative Modeling (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 25th 2015
Jacopo Sgrignani, Simon Olsson, Dariusz Ekonomiuk, Davide Genini, Rolf Krause, Carlo V. Catapano, Andrea Cavalli

21) Diacyltransferase Activity and Chain Length Specificity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PapA5 in the Synthesis of Alkyl (Biochemistry) Monday August 24th 2015
Megan H. Touchette, Gopal R. Bommineni, Richard J. Delle Bovi, John E. Gadbery, Carrie D. Nicora, Anil K. Shukla, Jennifer E. Kyle, Thomas O. Metz, Dwight W. Martin, Nicole S. Sampson, W. Todd Miller, Peter J. Tonge, Jessica C. Seeliger

22) Molecular Basis for the Mechanism of Constitutive CBP/p300 Coactivator Recruitment by CRTC1-MAML2 and Its Implications in cAMP Signaling (Biochemistry) Friday August 21st 2015
Michael David Clark, Ganesan Senthil Kumar, Ryan Marcum, Qianyi Luo, Yongbo Zhang, Ishwar Radhakrishnan

23) Mutations Proximal to Sites of Autoproteolysis and the (Biochemistry) Friday August 21st 2015
John M. Louis, Lalit Deshmukh, Jane M. Sayer, Annie Aniana, G. Marius Clore

24) Electrostatic Energetics of Bacillus subtilis Ribonuclease P Protein Determined by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Based Histidine pKa Measurements (Biochemistry) Thursday August 20th 2015
Pamela L. Mosley, Kyle G. Daniels, Terrence G. Oas

25) Light (Biochemistry) Thursday August 20th 2015
Sara Bruun, Daniel Stoeppler, Anke Keidel, Uwe Kuhlmann, Meike Luck, Anne Diehl, Michel-Andreas Geiger, David Woodmansee, Dirk Trauner, Peter Hegemann, Hartmut Oschkinat, Peter Hildebrandt, Katja Stehfest

26) Structural Basis for Substrate and Oxygen Activation in Homoprotocatechuate 2,3-Dioxygenase: Roles of Conserved Active Site Histidine 200 (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 19th 2015
Elena G. Kovaleva, Melanie S. Rogers, John D. Lipscomb

27) O2 and Water Migration Pathways between the Solvent and Heme Pockets of Hemoglobin with Open and Closed Conformations of the Distal HisE7 (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 19th 2015
Maria S. Shadrina, Gilles H. Peslherbe, Ann M. English

28) Quaternary-Linked Changes in Structure and Dynamics That Modulate O2 Migration within Hemoglobin (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 19th 2015
Maria S. Shadrina, Gilles H. Peslherbe, Ann M. English

29) Hydrogen (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 19th 2015
Yuetian Yan, Gregory A. Grant, Michael L. Gross

30) Improved Model for Predicting the Free Energy Contribution of Dinucleotide Bulges to RNA Duplex Stability (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 19th 2015
Jeremy C. Tomcho, Magdalena R. Tillman, Brent M. Znosko

31) Structural Basis of Substrate Recognition by Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 7A1 (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 19th 2015
Min Luo, John J. Tanner

32) Pif97, a von Willebrand and Peritrophin Biomineralization Protein, Organizes Mineral Nanoparticles and Creates Intracrystalline Nanochambers (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 18th 2015
Eric P. Chang, John Spencer Evans

33) Concerted Protein and Nucleic Acid Conformational Changes Observed Prior to Nucleotide Incorporation in a Bacterial RNA Polymerase: Raman Crystallographic Evidence (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 18th 2015
Ioanna H. Antonopoulos, Brittany A. Warner, Paul R. Carey

34) Substrate-Assisted Catalysis in the Reaction Catalyzed by Salicylic Acid Binding Protein 2 (SABP2), a Potential Mechanism of Substrate Discrimination for Some Promiscuous Enzymes (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 18th 2015
Jianzhuang Yao, Haobo Guo, Minta Chaiprasongsuk, Nan Zhao, Feng Chen, Xiaohan Yang, Hong Guo

35) Design and Characterization of Chemically Stabilized A (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 18th 2015
Ghiam Yamin, Tien-Phat Vuong Huynh, David B. Teplow

36) Light-Dependent Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase: Phylogeny, Regulation, and Catalytic Properties (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 18th 2015
Michal Gabruk, Beata Mysliwa-Kurdziel

37) Recognition of Damaged DNA for Nucleotide Excision Repair: A Correlated Motion Mechanism with a Mismatched cis-syn Thymine Dimer Lesion (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 18th 2015
Hong Mu, Nicholas E. Geacintov, Yingkai Zhang, Suse Broyde

38) Glucocorticoid Receptor (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 18th 2015
Rolando W. De Angelis, Nasib K. Maluf, Qin Yang, James R. Lambert, David L. Bain

39) Energy Equivalence of Information in the Mitochondrion and the Thermodynamic Efficiency of ATP Synthase (Biochemistry) Monday August 17th 2015

40) The Nucleus-Localized Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Is SUMOylated (Biochemistry) Friday August 14th 2015
Sylvia Packham, Yingbo Lin, Zhiwei Zhao, Dudi Warsito, Dorothea Rutishauser, Olle Larsson

41) Deciphering the Molecular Basis of Functional Divergence in AMPylating Enzymes by Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Structure Guided Phylogeny (Biochemistry) Friday August 14th 2015
Shradha Khater, Debasisa Mohanty

42) Rise of the Helix from a Collapsed Globule during the Folding of Monellin (Biochemistry) Friday August 14th 2015
Rama Reddy Goluguri, Jayant B. Udgaonkar

43) An Engineered SS Bridge Blocks the Conformational Change Required for the Nuclease Activity of BfiI (Biochemistry) Friday August 14th 2015
Mindaugas Zaremba, Virginijus Siksnys

44) Role of GxxxG Motifs in Transmembrane Domain Interactions (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Mark G. Teese, Dieter Langosch

45) Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Peptide Ligands Explored by Competition Assay and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Marie Reille-Seroussi, Jean-Franc

46) Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Mechanics Study of the Catalytic Mechanism of Human AMSH-LP Domain Deubiquitinating Enzymes (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Wenyou Zhu, Yongjun Liu, Baoping Ling

47) The Amino Acid Specificity for Activation of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Matches the Specificity for Stabilization of Regulatory Domain Dimers (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Shengnan Zhang, Andrew P. Hinck, Paul F. Fitzpatrick

48) Key Residues Regulating the Reductase Activity of the Human Mitochondrial Apoptosis Inducing Factor (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Raquel Villanueva, Patricia Ferreira, Carlos Marcuello, Alejandro Uso

49) Allosteric Breakage of the Hydrogen Bond within the Dual-Histidine Motif in the Active Site of Human Pin1 PPIase (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Jing Wang, Naoya Tochio, Ryosuke Kawasaki, Yu Tamari, Ning Xu, Jun-ichi Uewaki, Naoko Utsunomiya-Tate, Shin-ichi Tate

50) Environmental Pollutant Ozone Causes Damage to Lung Surfactant Protein B (SP-B) (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Joanna M. Hemming, Brian R. Hughes, Adrian R. Rennie, Salvador Tomas, Richard A. Campbell, Arwel V. Hughes, Thomas Arnold, Stanley W. Botchway, Katherine C. Thompson

51) Reduction of Tetrathionate by Mammalian Thioredoxin Reductase (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Vivek Narayan, Avinash K. Kudva, K. Sandeep Prabhu

52) Atomistic Characterization of the First Step of Calcium Pump Activation Associated with Proton Countertransport (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
G. Lizbeth Rami

53) LRRK2 Facilitates tau Phosphorylation through Strong Interaction with tau and cdk5 (Biochemistry) Thursday August 13th 2015
Mary R. Shanley, Dillon Hawley, Shirley Leung, Nikhat F. Zaidi, Roshni Dave, Kate A. Schlosser, Rina Bandopadhyay, Scott A. Gerber, Min Liu

54) Conformational Heterogeneity Determined by Folding and Oligomer Assembly Routes of the Interferon Response Inhibitor NS1 Protein, Unique to Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 12th 2015
Esteban Pretel, Ignacio E. Sa

55) In Vitro Enzymatic Activities of Bacteriochlorophyll a Synthase Derived from the Green Sulfur Photosynthetic Bacterium Chlorobaculum tepidum (Biochemistry) Monday August 10th 2015
Yoshitaka Saga, Keiya Hirota, Jiro Harada, Hitoshi Tamiaki

56) Structural and Kinetic Insights into the (Biochemistry) Monday August 10th 2015
Barbara Ghiglione, Mari

57) Metal Stabilization of Collagen and de Novo Designed Mimetic Peptides (Biochemistry) Monday August 10th 2015
Avanish S. Parmar, Fei Xu, Douglas H. Pike, Sandeep V. Belure, Nida F. Hasan, Kathryn E. Drzewiecki, David I. Shreiber, Vikas Nanda

58) Infrared Detection of a Proton Released from Tyrosine YD to the Bulk upon Its Photo-oxidation in Photosystem II (Biochemistry) Friday August 7th 2015
Shin Nakamura, Takumi Noguchi

59) A Rational Design Strategy for the Selective Activity Enhancement of a Molecular Chaperone toward a Target Substrate (Biochemistry) Friday August 7th 2015
Francesco A. Aprile, Pietro Sormanni, Michele Vendruscolo

60) Flexible Linker Modulates Glycosaminoglycan Affinity of Decorin Binding Protein A (Biochemistry) Friday August 7th 2015
Ashli Morgan, Krishna Mohan Sepuru, Wei Feng, Krishna Rajarathnam, Xu Wang

61) Functional Comparison of 45 Naturally Occurring Isoforms of the Plasmodium falciparum Chloroquine Resistance Transporter (PfCRT) (Biochemistry) Thursday August 6th 2015
Paul S. Callaghan, Matthew R. Hassett, Paul D. Roepe

62) The Moderately Efficient Enzyme: Futile Encounters and Enzyme Floppiness (Biochemistry) Thursday August 6th 2015
Arren Bar-Even, Ron Milo, Elad Noor, Dan S. Tawfik

63) Inhibition of Light Chain 6aJL2-R24G Amyloid Fiber Formation Associated with Light Chain Amyloidosis (Biochemistry) Thursday August 6th 2015
Angel E. Pelaez-Aguilar, Lina Rivillas-Acevedo, Leidys French-Pacheco, Gilberto Valdes-Garcia, Roberto Maya-Martinez, Nina Pastor, Carlos Amero

64) Plasticity in the High Affinity Menaquinone Binding Site of the Cytochrome aa3-600 Menaquinol Oxidase from Bacillus subtilis (Biochemistry) Thursday August 6th 2015
Sophia M. Yi, Alexander T. Taguchi, Rimma I. Samoilova, Patrick J. O

65) Modulation and Functional Role of the Orientations of the N- and P-Domains of Cu+-Transporting ATPase along the Ion Transport Cycle (Biochemistry) Thursday August 6th 2015
Dan Meng, Lei Bruschweiler-Li, Fengli Zhang, Rafael Bru

66) Dynamics and Membrane Interactions of Protein Kinase C (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 5th 2015
Tatyana I. Igumenova

67) Kinetic Analysis of a Globin-Coupled Histidine Kinase, AfGcHK: Effects of the Heme Iron Complex, Response Regulator, and Metal Cations on Autophosphorylation Activity (Biochemistry) Wednesday August 5th 2015
Veronika Fojtikova, Martin Stranava, Marten H. Vos, Ursula Liebl, Jakub Hranicek, Kenichi Kitanishi, Toru Shimizu, Marketa Martinkova

68) Development of a Reagentless Biosensor for Inorganic Phosphate, Applicable over a Wide Concentration Range (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 4th 2015
Claudia Solscheid, Simone Kunzelmann, Colin T. Davis, Jackie L. Hunter, Annie Nofer, Martin R. Webb

69) Domain Selection in Metallothionein 1A: Affinity-Controlled Mechanisms of Zinc Binding and Cadmium Exchange (Biochemistry) Tuesday August 4th 2015
Tyler B. J. Pinter, Gordon W. Irvine, Martin J. Stillman

70) Domain-Swapping Switch Point in Ste20 Protein Kinase SPAK (Biochemistry) Monday August 3rd 2015
Clinton A. Taylor, Yu-Chi Juang, Svetlana Earnest, Samarpita Sengupta, Elizabeth J. Goldsmith, Melanie H. Cobb

71) Inhibition of the dapE-Encoded N-Succinyl-l,l-diaminopimelic Acid Desuccinylase from Neisseria meningitidis by l-Captopril (Biochemistry) Monday August 3rd 2015
Anna Starus, Boguslaw Nocek, Brian Bennett, James A. Larrabee, Daniel L. Shaw, Wisath Sae-Lee, Marie T. Russo, Danuta M. Gillner, Magdalena Makowska-Grzyska, Andrzej Joachimiak, Richard C. Holz

72) Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange and Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Amyloid Fibrils Formed by a D69K Charge-Pair Mutant of Human Apolipoprotein C-II (Biochemistry) Monday August 3rd 2015
Yu Mao, Courtney O. Zlatic, Michael D. W. Griffin, Geoffrey J. Howlett, Nevena Todorova, Irene Yarovsky, Paul R. Gooley

73) Binding of Yeast Cytochrome c to Forty-Four Charge-Reversal Mutants of Yeast Cytochrome c Peroxidase: Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
James E. Erman, Lidia B. Vitello, Naw May Pearl, Timothy Jacobson, Meka Francis, Erik Alberts, Allen Kou, Kathy Bujarska

74) Asparagine Repeat Peptides: Aggregation Kinetics and Comparison with Glutamine Repeats (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Xiaomeng Lu, Regina M. Murphy

75) Biochemical and Spectroscopic Studies of Epoxyqueuosine Reductase: A Novel Iron (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Zachary D. Miles, William K. Myers, William M. Kincannon, R. David Britt, Vahe Bandarian

76) Profiling Aglycon-Recognizing Sites of UDP-glucose:glycoprotein Glucosyltransferase by Means of Squarate-Mediated Labeling (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Keiichiro Ohara, Yoichi Takeda, Shusaku Daikoku, Masakazu Hachisu, Akira Seko, Yukishige Ito

77) Identification, Characterization, and Three-Dimensional Structure of the Novel Circular Bacteriocin, Enterocin NKR-5-3B, from Enterococcus faecium (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Kohei Himeno, K. Johan Rosengren, Tomoko Inoue, Rodney H. Perez, Michelle L. Colgrave, Han Siean Lee, Lai Y. Chan, So

78) SufE D74R Substitution Alters Active Site Loop Dynamics To Further Enhance SufE Interaction with the SufS Cysteine Desulfurase (Biochemistry) Friday July 31st 2015
Yuyuan Dai, Dokyong Kim, Guangchao Dong, Laura S. Busenlehner, Patrick A. Frantom, F. Wayne Outten

79) Structure-Based Identification of Inhibitors for the SLC13 Family of Na+/Dicarboxylate Cotransporters (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Claire Colas, Ana M. Pajor, Avner Schlessinger

80) Competition between Different S-Components for the Shared Energy Coupling Factor Module in Energy Coupling Factor Transporters (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Maria Majsnerowska, Josy ter Beek, Weronika K. Stanek, Ria H. Duurkens, Dirk J. Slotboom

81) Importance of (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Geoffrey M. Gray, Arjan van der Vaart

82) α-Helical Domains Affecting the Oligomerization of Vipp1 and Its Interaction with Hsp70/DnaK in Chlamydomonas (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Fei Gao, Wenyan Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Cuimin Liu

83) Phospholipid Bicelles Improve the Conformational Stability of Rhodopsin Mutants Associated with Retinitis Pigmentosa (Biochemistry) Thursday July 30th 2015
Xiaoyun Dong, Eva Ramon, Mari

84) Deamidation of Human (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 29th 2015
Ajay Pande, Natalya Mokhor, Jayanti Pande

85) Tryptophan Lyase (NosL): Mechanistic Insights from Substrate Analogues and Mutagenesis (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 29th 2015
Dhananjay M. Bhandari, Hui Xu, Yvain Nicolet, Juan C. Fontecilla-Camps, Tadhg P. Begley

86) Insights into Protein Structure and Dynamics by Ultraviolet and Visible Resonance Raman Spectroscopy (Biochemistry) Wednesday July 29th 2015
Ignacio Lo

87) The Use of Liprotides To Stabilize and Transport Hydrophobic Molecules (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 28th 2015
Jannik N. Pedersen, Jan S. Pedersen, Daniel E. Otzen

88) Novel Staphylococcus aureus Secreted Protein Alters Keratinocyte Proliferation and Elicits a Proinflammatory Response In Vitro and In Vivo (Biochemistry) Tuesday July 28th 2015
Joseph A. Merriman, Aloysius J. Klingelhutz, Daniel J. Diekema, Donald Y. M. Leung, Patrick M. Schlievert

89) RNA Binds to Tau Fibrils and Sustains Template-Assisted Growth (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Paul D. Dinkel, Michael R. Holden, Nadira Matin, Martin Margittai

90) Structure and Functional Characterization of the Conserved JAK Interaction Region in the Intrinsically Disordered N-Terminus of SOCS5 (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Indu R. Chandrashekaran, Biswaranjan Mohanty, Edmond M. Linossi, Laura F. Dagley, Eleanor W. W. Leung, James M. Murphy, Jeffrey J. Babon, Sandra E. Nicholson, Raymond S. Norton

91) ATP Hydrolysis in the RecA (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Anna Reymer, Sa

92) Tissue Factor Residues That Modulate Magnesium-Dependent Rate Enhancements of the Tissue Factor/Factor VIIa Complex (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Joshua M. Gajsiewicz, Kristin M. Nuzzio, Chad M. Rienstra, James H. Morrissey

93) Structural Insights into the Distinct Binding Mode of Cyclic Di-AMP with SaCpaA_RCK (Biochemistry) Monday July 27th 2015
Ko-Hsin Chin, Juin-Ming Liang, Jauo-Guey Yang, Min-Shao Shih, Zhi-Le Tu, Yu-Chuang Wang, Xing-Han Sun, Nien-Jen Hu, Zhao-Xun Liang, J. Maxwell Dow, Robert P. Ryan, Shan-Ho Chou

94) Rational Modulation of the Induced-Fit Conformational Change for Slow-Onset Inhibition in Mycobacterium tuberculosis InhA (Biochemistry) Saturday July 25th 2015
Cheng-Tsung Lai, Huei-Jiun Li, Weixuan Yu, Sonam Shah, Gopal R. Bommineni, Victoria Perrone, Miguel Garcia-Diaz, Peter J. Tonge, Carlos Simmerling

95) Systematic Perturbations of Binuclear Non-heme Iron Sites: Structure and Dioxygen Reactivity of de Novo Due Ferri Proteins (Biochemistry) Saturday July 25th 2015
Rae Ana Snyder, Justine Betzu, Susan E. Butch, Amanda J. Reig, William F. DeGrado, Edward I. Solomon

96) Heme Stabilization of (Biochemistry) Friday July 24th 2015
Eric Y. Hayden, Prerna Kaur, Thomas L. Williams, Hiroshi Matsui, Syun-Ru Yeh, Denis L. Rousseau

97) Protein (Biochemistry) Friday July 24th 2015
Rekha Pattanayek, Martin Egli

98) Galectin CvGal2 from the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Displays Unique Specificity for ABH Blood Group Oligosaccharides and Differentially Recognizes Sympatric Perkinsus Species (Biochemistry) Friday July 24th 2015
Chiguang Feng, Anita Ghosh, Mohammed N. Amin, Tsvetan R. Bachvaroff, Satoshi Tasumi, Marta Pasek, Aditi Banerjee, Surekha Shridhar, Lai-Xi Wang, Mario A. Bianchet, Gerardo R. Vasta

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