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1) Degradation-by-design: Surface modification with functional substrates that enhance the enzymatic degradation of carbon nanotubes (Biomaterials) Friday September 4th 2015

2) A real-time documentation and mechanistic investigation of quantum dots-induced autophagy in live Caenorhabditis elegans (Biomaterials) Friday September 4th 2015

3) Cellular localization of iron(II) polypyridyl complexes determines their anticancer action mechanisms (Biomaterials) Friday September 4th 2015

4) Enhancing neural stem cell response to SDF-1 (Biomaterials) Thursday September 3rd 2015

5) Palladium-catalyzed denitrogenative Hiyama cross-coupling with arylhydrazines under air (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

6) Cymoside, a monoterpene indole alkaloid with a hexacyclic fused skeleton from Chimarrhis cymosa (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

7) Thermal rearrangement of 2,3-diaryl-1-phthalimidoaziridines (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

8) Intermolecular heterocyclization of alkynones with 2-mercaptoacetaldehyde under metal-free conditions: synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted thiophenes (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

9) Metal-free tandem Beckmann (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

10) Colorimetric signaling of Cu(II) ions by oxidative coupling of anilines with 4-aminoantipyrine (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

11) A convenient synthesis of phosphonomethyl (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

12) Facile ligand-free Pd-catalyzed tandem C (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

13) An efficient strategy for the synthesis of syn 1,3-diols via iterative acetate aldol reactions and synthesis of atorvastatin lactone (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

14) A facile synthesis of 2-(3-alkynyl-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-3-yl)acetate (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

15) Total synthesis of the proposed structure of decurrenside D (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

16) An analytical method for detecting toxic metal cations using cyclotriveratrylene derivative capped gold nanoparticles (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

17) Solid-phase synthesis of fused 1,4-diazepanone peptidomimetics via tandem N-iminium ion cyclization (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

18) Expedient one-pot synthesis of indolo[3,2-cisoquinolines via a base-promoted N-alkylation/tandem cyclization (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

19) Four component DHARMA-synthesis of some densely functionalized 1,8-naphthyridines (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

20) Ozonation of benzotetrazine 1,3-dioxides. Facile synthesis of di(methoxycarbonyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrazine 1,3-dioxide (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

21) Prodrugs of vitamin C: the reaction of 1-acyloxyalkyl-1-iodides with vitamin C 5,6-acetonide (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

22) Reversible nucleophilic addition can lower the observed enantioselectivity in palladium-catalyzed allylic amination reactions with a variety of chiral ligands (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

23) Palladium/copper tandem catalysis for carbon (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

24) Ningpoensines A (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

25) Asymmetric synthesis of common aza-tricyclic core of various alkaloids (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

26) Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of novel columnar liquid crystals based on polytopic gallic ethers with multiple-hydrogen bonding cyanuric cores (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

27) The insertion of arynes into the O (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

28) First total synthesis of antimalarial (+)-cryptorigidifoliol A (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

29) Novel photochromic diarylethenes bearing an imidazole moiety (Tetrahedron Letters) Wednesday September 2nd 2015

30) Towards programming immune tolerance through geometric manipulation of phosphatidylserine (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

31) A microfluidically perfused three dimensional human liver model (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

32) Antibiotic-loaded polypropylene surgical meshes with suitable biological behaviour by plasma functionalization and polymerization (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

33) In-situ birth of MSCs multicellular spheroids in poly(l-glutamic acid)/chitosan scaffold for hyaline-like cartilage regeneration (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

34) Clinoenstatite coatings have high bonding strength, bioactive ion release, and osteoimmunomodulatory effects that enhance in (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

35) 3D bioprinting of neural stem cell-laden thermoresponsive biodegradable polyurethane hydrogel and potential in central nervous system repair (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

36) Biological and MRI characterization of biomimetic ECM scaffolds for cartilage tissue regeneration (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

37) Development of curcumin loaded sodium hyaluronate immobilized vesicles (hyalurosomes) and their potential on skin inflammation and wound restoring (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

38) Ductile electroactive biodegradable hyperbranched polylactide copolymers enhancing myoblast differentiation (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

39) Tumor-specific penetrating peptides-functionalized hyaluronic acid-d- (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

40) LNA aptamer based multi-modal, Fe3O4-saturated lactoferrin (Fe3O4-bLf) nanocarriers for triple positive (EpCAM, CD133, CD44) colon tumor targeting and NIR, MRI and CT imaging (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

41) BaHoF5 nanoprobes as high-performance contrast agents for multi-modal CT imaging of ischemic stroke (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

42) Tumortropic monocyte-mediated delivery of echogenic polymer bubbles and therapeutic vesicles for chemotherapy of tumor hypoxia (Biomaterials) Tuesday September 1st 2015

43) AuNP flares-capped mesoporous silica nanoplatform for MTH1 detection and inhibition (Biomaterials) Saturday August 29th 2015

44) Interaction of blood components with cathelicidins and their modified versions (Biomaterials) Wednesday August 26th 2015

45) TALEN-mediated functional correction of X-linked chronic granulomatous disease in patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (Biomaterials) Wednesday August 26th 2015

46) Hydrophilic packaging of iron oxide nanoclusters for highly sensitive imaging (Biomaterials) Wednesday August 26th 2015

47) Cost-effective differentiation of hepatocyte-like cells from human pluripotent stem cells using small molecules (Biomaterials) Monday August 24th 2015

48) Oral delivery of shRNA based on amino acid modified chitosan for improved antitumor efficacy (Biomaterials) Monday August 24th 2015

49) Topographical effects on fiber-mediated microRNA delivery to control oligodendroglial precursor cells development (Biomaterials) Sunday August 23rd 2015

50) Terminal modification of polymeric micelles with (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

51) Novel fabrication of fluorescent silk utilized in biotechnological and medical applications (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

52) High resolution and dynamic imaging of biopersistence and bioreactivity of extra and intracellular MWNTs exposed to microglial cells (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

53) Enhanced efficiency of genetic programming toward cardiomyocyte creation through topographical cues (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

54) Nutrient-deprived cancer cells preferentially use sialic acid to maintain cell surface glycosylation (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

55) Co-delivery of platinum drug and siNotch1 with micelleplex for enhanced hepatocellular carcinoma therapy (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

56) A novel Trojan-horse targeting strategy to reduce the non-specific uptake of nanocarriers by non-cancerous cells (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

57) Silver nanoparticle-induced hemoglobin decrease involves alteration of histone 3 methylation status (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

58) Liver-targeted antiviral peptide nanocomplexes as potential anti-HCV therapeutics (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

59) Low cost industrial production of coagulation factor IX bioencapsulated in lettuce cells for oral tolerance induction in hemophilia B (Biomaterials) Saturday August 22nd 2015

60) A new fusarielin analogue from Penicillium sp. isolated from the Mediterranean sponge Ircinia oros (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

61) Cyclization of an alkene-bearing cyclopentanone: The role of rhodium and Br (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

62) The p-toluenesulfonic acid-catalyzed transformation of polyfluorinated 2-alkynylanilines to 2-aminoarylketones and indoles (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

63) Pyrrolidine-containing peptides, JBIR-126, -148, and -149, from Streptomyces sp. NBRC 111228 (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

64) Synthesis of novel cyano quinoline derivatives (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

65) A simple synthesis of anilines by LiAlH4/TiCl4 reduction of aromatic nitro compounds (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

66) Total synthesis and complete stereochemical assignment of heronapyrroles A and B (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

67) Convenient synthesis of 2-alkynylbenzazoles through Sonogashira cross-coupling reaction between thioethers and terminal alkynes (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

68) Identification and synthesis of the male produced volatiles of the carrion beetle, Oxelytrum erythrurum (Coleoptera: Silphidae) (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 22nd 2015

69) Bio-inspired configurable multiscale extracellular matrix-like structures for functional alignment and guided orientation of cells (Biomaterials) Monday August 17th 2015

70) Design of high-performance anti-adhesion agent using injectable gel with an anti-oxidative stress function (Biomaterials) Monday August 17th 2015

71) Geometric guidance of integrin mediated traction stress during stem cell differentiation (Biomaterials) Monday August 17th 2015

72) Cell type-specific adaptation of cellular and nuclear volume in micro-engineered 3D environments (Biomaterials) Sunday August 16th 2015

73) Enabling non-invasive assessment of an engineered endothelium on ePTFE vascular grafts without increasing oxidative stress (Biomaterials) Sunday August 16th 2015

74) Modulation of inflammation and angiogenesis and changes in ECM GAG-activity via dual delivery of nucleic acids (Biomaterials) Sunday August 16th 2015

75) Direct hippocampal injection of pseudo lentivirus-delivered nerve growth factor gene rescues the damaged cognitive function after traumatic brain injury in the rat (Biomaterials) Sunday August 16th 2015

76) Short and long-term phototoxicity in cells expressing genetic reporters under nanosecond laser exposure (Biomaterials) Saturday August 15th 2015

77) MRI evaluation of injectable hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel therapy to limit ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction (Biomaterials) Saturday August 15th 2015

78) Urethral tissue regeneration using collagen scaffold modified with collagen binding VEGF in a beagle model (Biomaterials) Saturday August 15th 2015

79) Single-layer tungsten oxide as intelligent photo-responsive nanoagents for permanent male sterilization (Biomaterials) Saturday August 15th 2015

80) Use of biomimetic microtissue spheroids and specific growth factor supplementation to improve tenocyte differentiation and adaptation to a collagen-based scaffold in (Biomaterials) Saturday August 15th 2015

81) Intranuclear biophotonics by smart design of nuclear-targeting photo-/radio-sensitizers co-loaded upconversion nanoparticles (Biomaterials) Saturday August 15th 2015

82) Nucleolin overexpression in breast cancer cell sub-populations with different stem-like phenotype enables targeted intracellular delivery of synergistic drug combination (Biomaterials) Saturday August 15th 2015

83) Application of catalytic Z-selective olefin metathesis in natural product synthesis (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

84) Chiral aziridine ring opening: facile synthesis of (R)-mexiletine and (R)-phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

85) The introduction of P (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

86) Synthesis of substituted pyridines from 1,2-nucleophilic addition products of functionalized N-acyl-2,3-dihydropyridones (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

87) Nonstabilized azomethine ylides as reagents for alkylaminomethylation of aromatic ketones via 5-aryloxazolidines (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

88) Rhodium(III)-catalyzed internal oxidative coupling of N-hydroxyanilides with alkenes via C (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

89) A new synthesis of versatile indolyl-3-carbonylnitriles (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

90) N-(2-Aminobenzylidene)-4-methylanilines (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

91) A facile and concise route toward the synthesis of novel imidazo-tetrazolodiazepinones via post-condensation modifications of the Ugi-azide adduct (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

92) Thiol ended carbosilane dendrimers. A multivalent platform for the binding of molecules of biological interest (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

93) A salt-free synthesis of 1,2-bisphosphorylethanes via an efficient PMe3-catalyzed addition of amp;gt;P(O)H to vinylphosphoryl compounds (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

94) Determination of the absolute configuration of picrasidine Y, a naturally occurring (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

95) An unexpected route for the synthesis of a new spiroheterocyclic system from ninhydrin (Tetrahedron Letters) Saturday August 15th 2015

96) Dragon fruit-like biocage as an iron trapping nanoplatform for high efficiency targeted cancer multimodality imaging (Biomaterials) Wednesday August 12th 2015

97) Pharmaceutical inhibition of glycogen synthetase kinase 3 beta suppresses wear debris-induced osteolysis (Biomaterials) Tuesday August 11th 2015

98) Regulating the surface poly(ethylene glycol) density of polymeric nanoparticles and evaluating its role in drug delivery in (Biomaterials) Tuesday August 11th 2015

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