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1) Modulation of Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 29th 2015
Florentina Tofoleanu, Bernard R. Brooks, Nicolae-Viorel Buchete

2) 5-HT6 Receptor: A New Player Controlling the Development of Neural Circuits (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Alexandre G. Dayer, Moritz Jacobshagen, Se

3) We Know Very Little about the Subjective Effects of Drugs in Females (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Rick A. Bevins, Sergios Charntikov

4) A Rodent Model of Traumatic Stress Induces Lasting Sleep and Quantitative Electroencephalographic Disturbances (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Michael T. Nedelcovych, Robert W. Gould, Xiaoyan Zhan, Michael Bubser, Xuewen Gong, Michael Grannan, Analisa T. Thompson, Magnus Ivarsson, Craig W. Lindsley, P. Jeffrey Conn, Carrie K. Jones

5) The First Structure (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 27th 2015
Xin Chen, Hyunah Choo, Xi-Ping Huang, Xiaobao Yang, Orrin Stone, Bryan L. Roth, Jian Jin

6) Decreased Plasma Iron in Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday January 23rd 2015
Dominic J. Hare, James D. Doecke, Noel G. Faux, Alan Rembach, Irene Volitakis, Christopher J. Fowler, Rudolf Grimm, Philip A. Doble, Robert A. Cherny, Colin L. Masters, Ashley I. Bush, Blaine R. Roberts

7) N-Benzyl-5-methoxytryptamines as Potent Serotonin 5-HT2 Receptor Family Agonists and Comparison with a Series of Phenethylamine Analogues (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 22nd 2015
David E. Nichols, M. Flori Sassano, Adam L. Halberstadt, Landon M. Klein, Simon D. Brandt, Simon P. Elliott, Wolfgang J. Fiedler

8) Molecular Determinants of (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Igor F. Tsigelny, Yuriy Sharikov, Valentina L. Kouznetsova, Jerry P. Greenberg, Wolf Wrasidlo, Cassia Overk, Tania Gonzalez, Margarita Trejo, Brian Spencer, Kori Kosberg, Eliezer Masliah

9) Memantine Plus Vitamin D Prevents Axonal Degeneration Caused by Lysed Blood (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 20th 2015
David Charier, Olivier Beauchet, Morgane Bell, Bernard Brugg, Robert Bartha, Cedric Annweiler

10) Benzodiazepinone Derivatives Protect against Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Mediated Cell Death in Human Neuronal Cell Lines (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Saturday January 17th 2015
Haixia Zou, Allison S. Limpert, Jiwen Zou, Anna Dembo, Pooi-San Lee, Daniel Grant, Robert Ardecky, Anthony B. Pinkerton, Gavin K. Magnuson, Mark E. Goldman, Juan Rong, Peter Teriete, Douglas J. Sheffler, John C. Reed, Nicholas D. P. Cosford

11) Intracortical Recording Interfaces: Current Challenges to Chronic Recording Function (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 14th 2015
Bhagya Gunasekera, Tarun Saxena, Ravi Bellamkonda, Lohitash Karumbaiah

12) Dynamic Measurement of Extracellular Opioid Activity: Status Quo, Challenges, and Significance in Rewarded Behaviors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Niall P. Murphy

13) Imaging Chemical Neurotransmission with Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Sensors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Ruqiang Liang, Gerard Joseph Broussard, Lin Tian

14) Amperometric Detection of Single Vesicle Acetylcholine Release Events from an Artificial Cell (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday January 12th 2015
Jacqueline D. Keighron, Joakim Wigstro

15) Brain Tissue Responses to Neural Implants Impact Signal Sensitivity and Intervention Strategies (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday January 12th 2015
Takashi D. Y. Kozai, Andrea S. Jaquins-Gerstl, Alberto L. Vazquez, Adrian C. Michael, X. Tracy Cui

16) Temporal Profiles Dissociate Regional Extracellular Ethanol versus Dopamine Concentrations (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday January 9th 2015
Ashley A. Vena, Rueben A. Gonzales

17) Data-Independent MS/MS Quantification of Neuropeptides for Determination of Putative Feeding-Related Neurohormones in Microdialysate (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 8th 2015
Claire M. Schmerberg, Zhidan Liang, Lingjun Li

18) Characterization and First Human Investigation of FIBT, a Novel Fluorinated A (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 8th 2015
Behrooz Hooshyar Yousefi, Andre

19) α-Synuclein Insertion into Supported Lipid Bilayers As Seen by in Situ X-ray Reflectivity (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Hendrik Ha

20) Lipoic-Based TRPA1/TRPV1 Antagonist to Treat Orofacial Pain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Roberta Gualdani, Stefania Ceruti, Giulia Magni, Davide Merli, Lorenzo Di Cesare Mannelli, Oscar Francesconi, Barbara Richichi, Giancarlo la Marca, Carla Ghelardini, Maria Rosa Moncelli, Cristina Nativi

21) U0126 Protects Cells against Oxidative Stress Independent of Its Function as a MEK Inhibitor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Qunxiang Ong, Shunling Guo, Kai Zhang, Bianxiao Cui

22) Ca2+ Binding Protein S100A1 Competes with Calmodulin and PIP2 for Binding Site on the C-Terminus of the TPRV1 Receptor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday December 31st 2014
Lenka Grycova, Blanka Holendova, Zdenek Lansky, Ladislav Bumba, Michaela Jirku, Kristyna Bousova, Jan Teisinger

23) Adaptations of Presynaptic Dopamine Terminals Induced by Psychostimulant Self-Administration (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 26th 2014
Cody A. Siciliano, Erin S. Calipari, Mark J. Ferris, Sara R. Jones

24) Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of [3H]HS665, a Novel, Highly Selective Radioligand for the Kappa Opioid Receptor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Elena Guerrieri, Jayapal Reddy Mallareddy, Ge

25) A Role for Phasic Dopamine Release within the Nucleus Accumbens in Encoding Aversion: A Review of the Neurochemical Literature (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Jennifer M. Wenzel, Noah A. Rauscher, Joseph F. Cheer, Erik B. Oleson

26) Microdialysis in the Rat Striatum: Effects of 24 h Dexamethasone Retrodialysis on Evoked Dopamine Release and Penetration Injury (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday December 22nd 2014
Kathryn M. Nesbitt, Erika L. Varner, Andrea Jaquins-Gerstl, Adrian C. Michael

27) Regional Variation in Phasic Dopamine Release during Alcohol and Sucrose Self-Administration in Rats (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday December 22nd 2014
Tatiana A. Shnitko, Donita L. Robinson

28) MRI Sensing of Neurotransmitters with a Crown Ether Appended Gd3+ Complex (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 19th 2014
Fatima Oukhatar, Sandra Me

29) Differential Influence of Dopamine Transport Rate on the Potencies of Cocaine, Amphetamine, and Methylphenidate (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 19th 2014
Erin S. Calipari, Mark J. Ferris, Cody A. Siciliano, Sara R. Jones

30) Rasagiline, a Suicide Inhibitor of Monoamine Oxidases, Binds Reversibly to (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday December 16th 2014
Joe Kakish, Omid Tavassoly, Jeremy S. Lee

31) Hypocretin/Orexin Regulation of Dopamine Signaling and Cocaine Self-Administration Is Mediated Predominantly by Hypocretin Receptor 1 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday December 11th 2014
Courtney D. Prince, Andrew R. Rau, Jordan T. Yorgason, Rodrigo A. Espan

32) Chimeric Agents Derived from the Functionalized Amino Acid, Lacosamide, and the (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday December 9th 2014
Ki Duk Park, Xiao-Fang Yang, Erik T. Dustrude, Yuying Wang, Matthew S. Ripsch, Fletcher A. White, Rajesh Khanna, Harold Kohn

33) Parsing Glucose Entry into the Brain: Novel Findings Obtained with Enzyme-Based Glucose Biosensors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday December 9th 2014
Eugene A. Kiyatkin, Ken T. Wakabayashi

34) Analysis of Neurotransmitter Tissue Content of Drosophila melanogaster in Different Life Stages (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 5th 2014
Madelaine E. Denno, Eve Privman, B. Jill Venton

35) Ni2+ Affects Dopamine Uptake Which Limits Suitability as Inhibitor of T-Type Voltage-Gated Ca2+ Channels (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 5th 2014
Katherine R. Brimblecombe, Stephanie J. Cragg

36) Pimozide, a Novel Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4 Inhibitor, Promotes Adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 Cells by Activating PPAR (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday December 3rd 2014
Yan Wang, Huang-Quan Lin, Wai-Kit Law, Wei-Cheng Liang, Jin-Fang Zhang, Jian-Shu Hu, Tsz-Ming Ip, Mary Miu-Yee Waye, David Chi-Cheong Wan

37) Chronic Ethanol Consumption Profoundly Alters Regional Brain Ceramide and Sphingomyelin Content in Rodents (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday December 1st 2014
Aurelie Roux, Ludovic Muller, Shelley N. Jackson, Katherine Baldwin, Virginia Womack, John G. Pagiazitis, Joseph R. O

38) Development of [11C]MFTC for PET Imaging of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase in Rat and Monkey Brains (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Katsushi Kumata, Joji Yui, Akiko Hatori, Jun Maeda, Lin Xie, Masanao Ogawa, Tomoteru Yamasaki, Yuji Nagai, Yoko Shimoda, Masayuki Fujinaga, Kazunori Kawamura, Ming-Rong Zhang

39) Hyperspectral Imaging Signatures Detect Amyloidopathy in Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Swati S. More, Robert Vince

40) The Melatonin (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday November 26th 2014
Izaskun Buendia, Javier Egea, Esther Parada, Elisa Navarro, Rafael Leo

41) Loss of Dopamine D2 Receptors Increases Parvalbumin-Positive Interneurons in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday November 24th 2014
Devon L. Graham, Heather H. Durai, Jamie D. Garden, Evan L. Cohen, Franklin D. Echevarria, Gregg D. Stanwood

42) Bromoalkaloids Protect Primary Cortical Neurons from Induced Oxidative Stress (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday November 20th 2014
M. Leiro

43) Early Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Induced Collapse of (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday November 17th 2014
Sujit Basak, G. V. R Krishna Prasad, Jobin Varkey, Krishnananda Chattopadhyay

44) In Situ Biospectroscopic Investigation of Rapid Ischemic and Postmortem Induced Biochemical Alterations in the Rat Brain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday November 13th 2014
Mark J. Hackett, Carter J. Britz, Phyllis G. Paterson, Helen Nichol, Ingrid J. Pickering, Graham N. George

45) Excitements and Challenges in GPCR Oligomerization: Molecular Insight from FRET (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday November 11th 2014
Hirak Chakraborty, Amitabha Chattopadhyay

46) Syntheses and Evaluation of Carbon-11- and Fluorine-18-Radiolabeled pan-Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase (Trk) Inhibitors: Exploration of the 4-Aza-2-oxindole Scaffold as Trk PET Imaging Agents (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday November 11th 2014
Vadim Bernard-Gauthier, Arturo Aliaga, Antonio Aliaga, Mehdi Boudjemeline, Robert Hopewell, Alexey Kostikov, Pedro Rosa-Neto, Alexander Thiel, Ralf Schirrmacher

47) Elucidating Molecular Mass and Shape of a Neurotoxic A (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday November 7th 2014
Adriano Sebollela, Gina-Mirela Mustata, Kevin Luo, Pauline T. Velasco, Kirsten L. Viola, Erika N. Cline, Gajendra S. Shekhawat, Kyle C. Wilcox, Vinayak P. Dravid, William L. Klein

48) Characterization of Novel Cannabinoid Based T-Type Calcium Channel Blockers with Analgesic Effects (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday November 5th 2014
Chris Bladen, Steven W. McDaniel, Vinicius M. Gadotti, Ravil R. Petrov, N. Daniel Berger, Philippe Diaz, Gerald W. Zamponi

49) Molecular Modeling of a Tandem Two Pore Domain Potassium Channel Reveals a Putative Binding Site for General Anesthetics (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday October 31st 2014
Edward J. Bertaccini, Robert Dickinson, James R. Trudell, Nicholas P. Franks

50) Casein Kinase 1 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday October 29th 2014
Travis T. Wager, Ramalakshmi Y. Chandrasekaran, Jenifer Bradley, David Rubitski, Helen Berke, Scot Mente, Todd Butler, Angela Doran, Cheng Chang, Katherine Fisher, John Knafels, Shenping Liu, Jeff Ohren, Michael Marconi, George DeMarco, Blossom Sneed, Kevin Walton, David Horton, Amy Rosado, Andy Mead

51) Role of the (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday October 29th 2014
Lik-Wei Wong, Han-Shen Tae, Brett A. Cromer

52) Methods To Locate and Track Ion Channels and Receptors Expressed in Live Neurons (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday October 24th 2014
Amanda M. Hussey, James J. Chambers

53) Efficient Modification of Alpha-Synuclein Serine 129 by Protein Kinase CK1 Requires Phosphorylation of Tyrosine 125 as a Priming Event (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday October 22nd 2014
Jonas Kosten, Andres Binolfi, Marchel Stuiver, Silvia Verzini, Francois-Xavier Theillet, Beata Bekei, Marleen van Rossum, Philipp Selenko

54) The Role of Tau Oligomers in the Onset of Alzheimer's Disease Neuropathology (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday October 16th 2014

55) Efficiency Gains in Tracer Identification for Nuclear Imaging: Can In Vivo LC-MS/MS Evaluation of Small Molecules Screen for Successful PET Tracers? (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday October 13th 2014
Elizabeth M. Joshi, Anne Need, John Schaus, Zhaogen Chen, Dana Benesh, Charles Mitch, Stuart Morton, Thomas J. Raub, Lee Phebus, Vanessa Barth

56) Modulation of Neurogenesis by Targeting Epigenetic Enzymes Using Small Molecules: An Overview (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday October 10th 2014
Amrutha Swaminathan, Manoj Kumar, Sarmistha Halder Sinha, Anne Schneider-Anthony, Anne-Laurence Boutillier, Tapas K Kundu

57) Classics in Chemical Neuroscience: Levodopa (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday October 10th 2014
A. Connor Whitfield, Ben T. Moore, R. Nathan Daniels

58) Identification of Positive Allosteric Modulators VU0155094 (ML397) and VU0422288 (ML396) Reveals New Insights into the Biology of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 7 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday October 9th 2014
Nidhi Jalan-Sakrikar, Julie R. Field, Rebecca Klar, Margrith E. Mattmann, Karen J. Gregory, Rocio Zamorano, Darren W. Engers, Sean R. Bollinger, C. David Weaver, Emily L. Days, L. Michelle Lewis, Thomas J. Utley, Miguel Hurtado, Delphine Rigault, Francine Acher, Adam G. Walker, Bruce J. Melancon, Michael R. Wood, Craig W. Lindsley, P. Jeffrey Conn, Zixiu Xiang, Corey R. Hopkins, Colleen M. Niswender

59) Ellagic Acid Mitigates SNO-PDI Induced Aggregation of Parkinsonian Biomarkers (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday October 8th 2014
Parijat Kabiraj, Jose Eduardo Marin, Armando Varela-Ramirez, Emmanuel Zubia, Mahesh Narayan

60) First Selective Dual Inhibitors of Tau Phosphorylation and Beta-Amyloid Aggregation, Two Major Pathogenic Mechanisms in Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday September 26th 2014
Marica Mariano, Christian Schmitt, Parisa Miralinaghi, Marco Catto, Rolf W. Hartmann, Angelo Carotti, Matthias Engel

61) Deciphering the Function and Regulation of microRNAs in Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday September 25th 2014
Lifeng Qiu, Wei Zhang, Eng King Tan, Li Zeng

62) JNJ-40255293, a Novel Adenosine A2A/A1 Antagonist with Efficacy in Preclinical Models of Parkinson (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday September 24th 2014
John R. Atack, Brian C. Shook, Stefanie Rassnick, Paul F. Jackson, Kenneth Rhodes, Wilhelmus H. Drinkenburg, Abdallah Ahnaou, Paula te Riele, Xavier Langlois, Brian Hrupka, Patrick De Haes, Herman Hendrickx, Nancy Aerts, Koen Hens, Annemie Wellens, Jef Vermeire, Anton A. H. P. Megens

63) Structure (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday September 22nd 2014
Phu hai Nguyen, Hassan Hammoud, Sophie Halliez, Yanhong Pang, Justine Evrard, Martine Schmitt, Nassima Oumata, Jean-Jacques Bourguignon, Suparna Sanyal, Vincent Beringue, Marc Blondel, Fre

64) PET Imaging Demonstrates Histone Deacetylase Target Engagement and Clarifies Brain Penetrance of Known and Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors in Rat (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday September 19th 2014
F. A. Schroeder, C. Wang, G. C. Van de Bittner, R. Neelamegam, W. R. Takakura, A. Karunakaran, H. Y. Wey, S. A. Reis, J. Gale, Y. L. Zhang, E. B. Holson, S. J. Haggarty, J. M. Hooker

65) The Potential of Indole and a Synthetic Derivative for PolyQ Aggregation Reduction by Enhancement of the Chaperone and Autophagy Systems (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday September 19th 2014
Chih-Hsin Lin, Yih-Ru Wu, Pin-Jui Kung, Wan-Ling Chen, Li-Ching Lee, Te-Hsien Lin, Chih-Ying Chao, Chiung-Mei Chen, Kuo-Hsuan Chang, Donala Janreddy, Guey-Jen Lee-Chen, Ching-Fa Yao

66) Antipsychotic Haloperidol Binding to the Human Dopamine D3 Receptor: Beyond Docking Through QM/MM Refinement Toward the Design of Improved Schizophrenia Medicines (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday September 18th 2014
Geancarlo Zanatta, Gustavo Nunes, Eveline M. Bezerra, Roner F. da Costa, Alice Martins, Ewerton W. S. Caetano, Valder N. Freire, Carmem Gottfried

67) Hydrogen Sulfide: A Neuromodulator and Neuroprotectant in the Central Nervous System (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday September 17th 2014
Xingzhou Zhang, Jin-Song Bian

68) Development of a Photoactivatable Allosteric Ligand for the M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday September 9th 2014
Briana J. Davie, Patrick M. Sexton, Ben Capuano, Arthur Christopoulos, Peter J. Scammells

69) Zebrafish Bioassay-Guided Microfractionation Identifies Anticonvulsant Steroid Glycosides from the Philippine Medicinal Plant Solanum torvum (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday September 8th 2014
Soura Challal, Olivia E. M. Buenafe, Emerson F. Queiroz, Snezana Maljevic, Laurence Marcourt, Merle Bock, Werner Kloeti, Fabian M. Dayrit, Alan L. Harvey, Holger Lerche, Camila V. Esguerra, Peter A. M. de Witte, Jean-Luc Wolfender, Alexander D. Crawford

70) Understanding the Role (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday August 29th 2014
Reinoud Maex, Vladimir P. Grinevich, Valentina Grinevich, Evgeny Budygin, Merouane Bencherif, Boris Gutkin

71) Targeting TRP Channels For Novel Migraine Therapeutics (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday August 29th 2014
Gregory Dussor, J. Yan, Jennifer Y. Xie, Michael H. Ossipov, David W. Dodick, Frank Porreca

72) Selective Interception of Gelsolin Amyloidogenic Stretch Results in Conformationally Distinct Aggregates with Reduced Toxicity (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday August 27th 2014
Prabha Arya, Ankit Srivastava, Suhas V. Vasaikar, Goutam Mukherjee, Prashant Mishra, Bishwajit Kundu

73) Synthesis, Biophysical, and Pharmacological Evaluation of the Melanocortin Agonist AST3-88: Modifications of Peptide Backbone at Trp 7 Position Lead to a Potent, Selective, and Stable Ligand of the Melanocortin 4 Receptor (MC4R) (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday August 27th 2014
Anamika Singh, Marvin L. Dirain, Andrzej Wilczynski, Chi Chen, Blake A. Gosnell, Allen S. Levine, Arthur S. Edison, Carrie Haskell-Luevano

74) Synthesis and Evaluation of Translocator 18 kDa Protein (TSPO) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Radioligands with Low Binding Sensitivity to Human Single Nucleotide Polymorphism rs6971 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday August 25th 2014
Paolo Zanotti-Fregonara, Yi Zhang, Kimberly J. Jenko, Robert L. Gladding, Sami S. Zoghbi, Masahiro Fujita, Gianluca Sbardella, Sabrina Castellano, Sabrina Taliani, Claudia Martini, Robert B. Innis, Federico Da Settimo, Victor W. Pike

75) De Novo Design of Self-Assembled Hexapeptides as (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Saturday August 23rd 2014
Qiuming Wang, Guizhao Liang, Mingzhen Zhang, Jun Zhao, Kunal Patel, Xiang Yu, Chao Zhao, Binrong Ding, Ge Zhang, Feimeng Zhou, Jie Zheng

76) Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Multitarget-Directed Selenium-Containing Clioquinol Derivatives for the Treatment of Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Saturday August 23rd 2014
Zhiren Wang, Yali Wang, Wenrui Li, Fei Mao, Yang Sun, Ling Huang, Xingshu Li

77) Selective Activation of M4 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors Reverses MK-801-Induced Behavioral Impairments and Enhances Associative Learning in Rodents (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday August 19th 2014
Michael Bubser, Thomas M. Bridges, Ditte Dencker, Robert W. Gould, Michael Grannan, Meredith J. Noetzel, Atin Lamsal, Colleen M. Niswender, J. Scott Daniels, Michael S. Poslusney, Bruce J. Melancon, James C. Tarr, Frank W. Byers, Ju

78) Plasma A (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday August 13th 2014
Kai-Yuan Tzen, Shieh-Yueh Yang, Ta-Fu Chen, Ting-Wen Cheng, Herng-Er Horng, Hsiang-Ping Wen, Ya-Yao Huang, Chyng-Yann Shiue, Ming-Jang Chiu

79) Mice Genetically Depleted of Brain Serotonin Do Not Display a Depression-like Behavioral Phenotype (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday August 13th 2014
Mariana Angoa-Pe

80) Advances in Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Tauopathies: Moving toward the Specific Targeting of the Most Toxic Tau Species (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday August 8th 2014
Julia E. Gerson, Diana L. Castillo-Carranza, Rakez Kayed

81) Retinal Prosthetics, Optogenetics, and Chemical Photoswitches (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday August 8th 2014
Robert Marc, Rebecca Pfeiffer, Bryan Jones

82) Striatal Dopamine Homeostasis is Altered in Mice Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday August 5th 2014
India A. Reddy, David H. Wasserman, Julio E. Ayala, Alyssa H. Hasty, Naji N. Abumrad, Aurelio Galli

83) Haptoglobin Interacts with Apolipoprotein E and Beta-Amyloid and Influences Their Crosstalk (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday August 1st 2014
Maria Stefania Spagnuolo, Bernardetta Maresca, Valeria La Marca, Albino Carrizzo, Carlo Veronesi, Chiara Cupidi, Tommaso Piccoli, Raffaele Giovanni Maletta, Amalia Cecilia Bruni, Paolo Abrescia, Luisa Cigliano

84) Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Iridoid and Catechol Derivatives from Eucommia ulmoides Oliver (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday August 1st 2014
Dan Luo, Terry C. T. Or, Cindy L. H. Yang, Allan S. Y. Lau

85) The Postnatal Development of d-Serine in the Retinas of Two Mouse Strains, Including a Mutant Mouse with a Deficiency in d-Amino Acid Oxidase and a Serine Racemase Knockout Mouse (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday August 1st 2014
Gabriel E. Romero, Amber D. Lockridge, Catherine W. Morgans, Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, Robert F. Miller

86) Nonpsychotropic Plant Cannabinoids, Cannabidivarin (CBDV) and Cannabidiol (CBD), Activate and Desensitize Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) Channels in Vitro: Potential for the Treatment of Neuronal Hyperexcitability (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday July 29th 2014
Fabio Arturo Iannotti, Charlotte L. Hill, Antonio Leo, Ahlam Alhusaini, Camille Soubrane, Enrico Mazzarella, Emilio Russo, Benjamin J. Whalley, Vincenzo Di Marzo, Gary J. Stephens

87) Improved Calibration of Voltammetric Sensors for Studying Pharmacological Effects on Dopamine Transporter Kinetics in Vivo (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday July 25th 2014
Christopher W. Atcherley, Nicholas D. Laude, Eric B. Monroe, Kevin M. Wood, Parastoo Hashemi, Michael L. Heien

88) Interoception and Learning: Import to Understanding and Treating Diseases and Psychopathologies (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday July 23rd 2014
Rick A. Bevins, Joyce Besheer

89) Electrophysiological Characterization of Methyleugenol: A Novel Agonist of GABA(A) Receptors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday July 21st 2014
Jing Ding, Chen Huang, Zhong Peng, Yuxuan Xie, Shining Deng, Yan-Zhen Nie, Tian-Le Xu, Wei-Hong Ge, Wei-Guang Li, Fei Li

90) Proteasome Activation is a Mechanism for Pyrazolone Small Molecules Displaying Therapeutic Potential in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday July 18th 2014
Paul C. Trippier, Kevin Tianmeng Zhao, Susan G. Fox, Isaac T. Schiefer, Radhia Benmohamed, Jason Moran, Donald R. Kirsch, Richard I. Morimoto, Richard B. Silverman

91) Tethered Protein Display Identifies a Novel Kir3.2 (GIRK2) Regulator from Protein Scaffold Libraries (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday July 17th 2014
Sviatoslav N. Bagriantsev, Franck C. Chatelain, Kimberly A. Clark, Noga Alagem, Eitan Reuveny, Daniel L. Minor

92) Synthesis and Preliminary Evaluation of N-(16-18F-Fluorohexadecanoyl)ethanolamine (18F-FHEA) as a PET Probe of N-Acylethanolamine Metabolism in Mouse Brain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday July 17th 2014
Mukesh K. Pandey, Timothy R. DeGrado, Kun Qian, Mark S. Jacobson, Clinton E. Hagen, Richard I. Duclos, S. John Gatley

93) Discovery of Novel-Scaffold Monoamine Transporter Ligands via in Silico Screening with the S1 Pocket of the Serotonin Transporter (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday July 16th 2014
Tammy L. Nolan, Laura M. Geffert, Benedict J. Kolber, Jeffry D. Madura, Christopher K. Surratt

94) ITH12410/SC058: A New Neuroprotective Compound with Potential in the Treatment of Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday July 15th 2014
Alejandro Romero, Javier Egea, Gema C. Gonza

95) Identification of Neuropeptide S Antagonists: Structure (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday July 11th 2014
Carla Hassler, Yanan Zhang, Brian Gilmour, Tyler Graf, Timothy Fennell, Rodney Snyder, Jeffrey R. Deschamps, Rainer K. Reinscheid, Celia Garau, Scott P. Runyon

96) A Platform Stratifying a Sequestering Agent and a Pharmacological Antagonist as a Means to Negate Botulinum Neurotoxicity (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday July 11th 2014
Tyler L. Harris, Colin A. Lowery, Mark S. Hixon, Kim D. Janda

97) A Novel Restricted Diffusion Model of Evoked Dopamine (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday July 10th 2014
Seth H. Walters, I. Mitch Taylor, Zhan Shu, Adrian C. Michael

98) Multifunctional D2/D3 Agonist D-520 with High in Vivo Efficacy: Modulator of Toxicity of Alpha-Synuclein Aggregates (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday July 9th 2014
Gyan Modi, Chandrashekhar Voshavar, Sanjib Gogoi, Mrudang Shah, Tamara Antonio, Maarten E. A. Reith, Aloke K. Dutta

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