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1) Tabersonine Inhibits Amyloid Fibril Formation and Cytotoxicity of A (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday April 23rd 2015
Tianhan Kai, Lin Zhang, Xiaoying Wang, Aihua Jing, Bingqing Zhao, Xiang Yu, Jie Zheng, Feimeng Zhou

2) Atorvastatin Prevents Neuroinflammation in Chronic Constriction Injury Rats through Nuclear NF (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday April 21st 2015
Li-Wen Chu, Jun-Yih Chen, Pao-Chu Wu, Bin-Nan Wu

3) Selectivity and Anti-Parkinson (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday April 20th 2015
Levi L. Blazer, Andrew J. Storaska, Emily M. Jutkiewicz, Emma M. Turner, Mariangela Calcagno, Susan M. Wade, Qin Wang, Xi-Ping Huang, John R. Traynor, Stephen M. Husbands, Michele Morari, Richard R. Neubig

4) Downregulation of 5-HT7 Serotonin Receptors by the Atypical Antipsychotics Clozapine and Olanzapine. Role of Motifs in the C-Terminal Domain and Interaction with GASP-1 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday April 20th 2015
Ornella Manfra, Kathleen Van Craenenbroeck, Kamila Skieterska, Thomas Frimurer, Thue W. Schwartz, Finn Olav Levy, Kjetil Wessel Andressen

5) Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of M4 Muscarinic Receptor Positive Allosteric Modulators Derived from VU10004 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday April 17th 2015
Tracey Huynh, Celine Valant, Ian T. Crosby, Patrick M. Sexton, Arthur Christopoulos, Ben Capuano

6) Serotonin Modulates Developmental Microglia via 5-HT2B Receptors: Potential Implication during Synaptic Refinement of Retinogeniculate Projections (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday April 17th 2015
Marta Kolodziejczak, Catherine Be

7) Azaphilones Inhibit Tau Aggregation and Dissolve Tau Aggregates in Vitro (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday April 15th 2015
Smita R. Paranjape, Andrew P. Riley, Amber D. Somoza, C. Elizabeth Oakley, Clay C. C. Wang, Thomas E. Prisinzano, Berl R. Oakley, T. Chris Gamblin

8) Synthesis and Pharmacology of Halogenated (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday April 14th 2015
Robyn Pescatore, Gina F. Marrone, Seth Sedberry, Daniel Vinton, Netanel Finkelstein, Yitzchak E. Katlowitz, Gavril W. Pasternak, Krista R. Wilson, Susruta Majumdar

9) Htr2a Expression Responds Rapidly to Environmental Stimuli in an Egr3-Dependent Manner (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday April 14th 2015
Amanda M. Maple, Xiuli Zhao, Diana I. Elizalde, Andrew K. McBride, Amelia L. Gallitano

10) Therapeutic Potential of 5-HT2C Receptor Agonists for Addictive Disorders (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday April 14th 2015
Guy A. Higgins, Paul J. Fletcher

11) Pharmacological Evidence for 5-HT6 Receptor Modulation of 5-HT Neuron Firing in Vivo (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday April 10th 2015
Julia T. Brouard, Judith V. Schweimer, Rachel Houlton, Katherine E. Burnham, Philip Que

12) Binding Mode of an (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday April 9th 2015
Charles S. Demmer, Charlotte M

13) Different Neuropeptides Are Expressed in Different Functional Subsets of Cholinergic Excitatory Motorneurons in the Nematode Ascaris suum (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday April 9th 2015
Christopher J. Konop, Jennifer J. Knickelbine, Molly S. Sygulla, Martha M. Vestling, Antony O. W. Stretton

14) Neurogenic Potential Assessment and Pharmacological Characterization of 6-Methoxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro- (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday April 9th 2015
Mario de la Fuente Revenga, Concepcio

15) Translating Drug-Induced Hibernation to Therapeutic Hypothermia (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday April 8th 2015
Tulasi R. Jinka, Velva M. Combs, Kelly L. Drew

16) Neurodevelopmental Animal Models Reveal the Convergent Role of Neurotransmitter Systems, Inflammation, and Oxidative Stress as Biomarkers of Schizophrenia: Implications for Novel Drug Development (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday April 2nd 2015
M. Mo

17) Striatal Dopamine Release Regulation by the Cholinergic Properties of the Smokeless Tobacco, Gutkha (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday April 1st 2015
Brian O

18) Serotonin Modulation of Prefronto-Hippocampal Rhythms in Health and Disease (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 31st 2015
M. Victoria Puig, Thomas Gener

19) Role for the Propofol Hydroxyl in Anesthetic Protein Target Molecular Recognition (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday March 30th 2015
Kellie A. Woll, Brian P. Weiser, Qiansheng Liang, Tao Meng, Andrew McKinstry-Wu, Benika Pinch, William P. Dailey, Wei Dong Gao, Manuel Covarrubias, Roderic G. Eckenhoff

20) Age-Related Decline in Brain and Hepatic Clearance of Amyloid-Beta is Rectified by the Cholinesterase Inhibitors Donepezil and Rivastigmine in Rats (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday March 30th 2015
Loqman A. Mohamed, Hisham Qosa, Amal Kaddoumi

21) AzoCholine Enables Optical Control of Alpha 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Neural Networks (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday March 27th 2015
Arunas Damijonaitis, Johannes Broichhagen, Tatsuya Urushima, Katharina Hu

22) Kinetic Analysis and Quantification of [11C]Martinostat for in Vivo HDAC Imaging of the Brain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday March 25th 2015
Hsiao-Ying Wey, Changning Wang, Frederick A. Schroeder, Jean Logan, Julie C. Price, Jacob M. Hooker

23) PET Neuroimaging Studies of [18F]CABS13 in a Double Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 24th 2015
Steven H. Liang, Jason P. Holland, Nickeisha A. Stephenson, Alina Kassenbrock, Benjamin H. Rotstein, Cory P. Daignault, Rebecca Lewis, Lee Collier, Jacob M. Hooker, Neil Vasdev

24) Monoaminylation of Fibrinogen and Glia-Derived Proteins: Indication for Similar Mechanisms in Posttranslational Protein Modification in Blood and Brain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 24th 2015

25) Proteasome Inhibition Augments New Protein Accumulation Early in Long-Term Synaptic Plasticity and Rescues Adverse A (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 24th 2015
Kathryn A. Haynes, Thuy K. Smith, Collin J. Preston, Ashok N. Hegde

26) Functional Interplay between Dopaminergic and Serotonergic Neuronal Systems during Development and Adulthood (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday March 18th 2015
Vera Niederkofler, Tedi E. Asher, Susan M. Dymecki

27) Biomarkers in Substance Use Disorders (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday March 18th 2015
Nora D Volkow, George Koob, Ruben Baler

28) The Serotonin 2C Receptor Agonist Lorcaserin Attenuates Intracranial Self-Stimulation and Blocks the Reward-Enhancing Effects of Nicotine (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 17th 2015
Fiona D. Zeeb, Guy A. Higgins, Paul J. Fletcher

29) Top-Down Control of Serotonin Systems by the Prefrontal Cortex: A Path toward Restored Socioemotional Function in Depression (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 17th 2015
Collin Challis, Olivier Berton

30) Modulatory Role of Postsynaptic 5-Hydroxytryptamine Type 1A Receptors in ( (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 17th 2015
Jan Brosda, Nadine Mu

31) Serotonergic Regulation of Prefrontal Cortical Circuitries Involved in Cognitive Processing: A Review of Individual 5-HT Receptor Mechanisms and Concerted Effects of 5-HT Receptors Exemplified by the Multimodal Antidepressant Vortioxetine (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday March 16th 2015
Steven C. Leiser, Yan Li, Alan L. Pehrson, Elena Dale, Gennady Smagin, Connie Sanchez

32) Single-Quantum-Dot Tracking Reveals Altered Membrane Dynamics of an Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity-Disorder-Derived Dopamine Transporter Coding Variant (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday March 16th 2015
Oleg Kovtun, Dhananjay Sakrikar, Ian D. Tomlinson, Jerry C. Chang, Xochitl Arzeta-Ferrer, Randy D. Blakely, Sandra J. Rosenthal

33) Cartography of 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A Receptor Subtypes in Prefrontal Cortex and Its Projections (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday March 13th 2015
Guadalupe Mengod, Jose

34) Ghrelin (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 10th 2015

35) Epigenetic Mechanisms of Serotonin Signaling (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 10th 2015
Terrell Holloway, Javier Gonza

36) A Cyclic Peptide Mimic of the (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday March 9th 2015
Patricia Y. Cho, Gururaj Joshi, Melissa D. Boersma, Jeffrey A. Johnson, Regina M. Murphy

37) Increased Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2 (VMAT2 Slc18a2) Protects against Methamphetamine Toxicity (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday March 9th 2015
Kelly M. Lohr, Kristen A. Stout, Amy R. Dunn, Minzheng Wang, Ali Salahpour, Thomas S. Guillot, Gary W. Miller

38) Delivery and Tracking of Quantum Dot Peptide Bioconjugates in an Intact Developing Avian Brain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday March 5th 2015
Rishabh Agarwal, Miriam S. Domowicz, Nancy B. Schwartz, Judy Henry, Igor Medintz, James B. Delehanty, Michael H. Stewart, Kimihiro Susumu, Alan L. Huston, Jeffrey R. Deschamps, Philip E. Dawson, Valle Palomo, Glyn Dawson

39) Stereoselective Actions of Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) To Inhibit Dopamine and Norepinephrine Transporters and Facilitate Intracranial Self-Stimulation in Rats (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday March 3rd 2015
R. Kolanos, J. S. Partilla, M. H. Baumann, B. A. Hutsell, M. L. Banks, S. S. Negus, R. A. Glennon

40) A New Method To Image Heme-Fe, Total Fe, and Aggregated Protein Levels after Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday March 2nd 2015
Mark J. Hackett, Mauren DeSouza, Sally Caine, Brian Bewer, Helen Nichol, Phyllis G. Paterson, Frederick Colbourne

41) Dihydroquinoline Carbamate Derivatives as (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Saturday February 28th 2015
Pierre Bohn, Fabienne Gourand, Cyril Papamicae

42) Thermodynamic Description of Beta Amyloid Formation Using Physicochemical Scales and Fractal Bioinformatic Scales (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday February 27th 2015
J. C. Phillips

43) Neurocytoprotective Effects of Aliphatic Hydroxamates from Lovastatin, a Secondary Metabolite from Monascus-Fermented Red Mold Rice, in 6-Hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA)-Treated Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)-Differentiated PC12 Cells (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday February 26th 2015
Chien-Min Lin, Yi-Tzu Lin, Rong-Dih Lin, Wei-Jan Huang, Mei-Hsien Lee

44) Novel Antioxidants Protect Mitochondria from the Effects of Oligomeric Amyloid Beta and Contribute to the Maintenance of Epigenome Function (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday February 24th 2015
Diego Mastroeni, Omar M. Khdour, Pablo M. Arce, Sidney M. Hecht, Paul D. Coleman

45) Quantitative Proteomics Analysis of CaMKII Phosphorylation and the CaMKII Interactome in the Mouse Forebrain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday February 24th 2015
Anthony J. Baucum, Brian C. Shonesy, Kristie L. Rose, Roger J. Colbran

46) The Implications of Angiotensin-Converting Enzymes and Their Modulators in Neurodegenerative Disorders: Current and Future Perspectives (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday February 24th 2015
Parneet Kaur, Arunachalam Muthuraman, Manjinder Kaur

47) Structural Analysis of Dopamine- and Amphetamine-Induced Depolarization Currents in the Human Dopamine Transporter (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday February 23rd 2015
Qiong-Yao Tang, Renata Kolanos, Louis J De Felice, Richard A Glennon

48) Targeting Human Central Nervous System Protein Kinases: An Isoform Selective p38 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday February 23rd 2015
Saktimayee M. Roy, Valerie L. Grum-Tokars, James P. Schavocky, Faisal Saeed, Agnieszka Staniszewski, Andrew F. Teich, Ottavio Arancio, Adam D. Bachstetter, Scott J. Webster, Linda J. Van Eldik, George Minasov, Wayne F. Anderson, Jeffrey C. Pelletier, D. Martin Watterson

49) Identification of G Protein-Biased Agonists That Fail To Recruit (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday February 20th 2015
Jennie L. Conroy, R. Benjamin Free, David R. Sibley

50) Serotonergic Systems in the Pathophysiology of Ethanol Dependence: Relevance to Clinical Alcoholism (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday February 19th 2015
Catherine A. Marcinkiewcz

51) Molecular Mechanism of HIV-1 Tat Interacting with Human Dopamine Transporter (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday February 19th 2015
Yaxia Yuan, Xiaoqin Huang, Narasimha M. Midde, Pamela M. Quizon, Wei-Lun Sun, Jun Zhu, Chang-Guo Zhan

52) Varenicline Interactions at the 5-HT3 Receptor Ligand Binding Site are Revealed by 5-HTBP (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday February 19th 2015
Kerry L. Price, Reidun K. Lillestol, Chris Ulens, Sarah C.R. Lummis

53) Pet-1 Controls Tetrahydrobiopterin Pathway and Slc22a3 Transporter Genes in Serotonin Neurons (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday February 18th 2015
Steven C. Wyler, Lauren J. Donovan, Mia Yeager, Evan Deneris

54) Discovery of the First Small-Molecule Opioid Pan Antagonist with Nanomolar Affinity at Mu, Delta, Kappa, and Nociceptin Opioid Receptors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday February 18th 2015
Nurulain T. Zaveri, V. Blair Journigan, Willma E. Polgar

55) Neurotransmitter Receptor Localization: From Autoradiography to Imaging Mass Spectrometry (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday February 16th 2015

56) Effect of 1-Substitution on Tetrahydroisoquinolines as Selective Antagonists for the Orexin-1 Receptor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday February 12th 2015
David A. Perrey, Nadezhda A. German, Ann M. Decker, David Thorn, Jun-Xu Li, Brian P. Gilmour, Brian F. Thomas, Danni L. Harris, Scott P. Runyon, Yanan Zhang

57) Vitamin C Deficiency in the Brain Impairs Cognition, Increases Amyloid Accumulation and Deposition, and Oxidative Stress in APP/PSEN1 and Normally Aging Mice (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday February 12th 2015
Shilpy Dixit, Alexandra Bernardo, Jennifer Michelle Walker, John Andrew Kennard, Grace Youngeun Kim, Eric Sean Kessler, Fiona Edith Harrison

58) Expedited Access to Vinaxanthone and Chemically Edited Derivatives Possessing Neuronal Regenerative Effects through Ynone Coupling Reactions (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday February 10th 2015
Matthew R. Chin, Katherine Zlotkowski, Michelle Han, Saagar Patel, Anders M. Eliasen, Abram Axelrod, Dionicio Siegel

59) Development of a Peptidomimetic Antagonist of Neuropeptide FF Receptors for the Prevention of Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Saturday February 7th 2015

60) Chloroquine and Chloroquinoline Derivatives as Models for the Design of Modulators of Amyloid Peptide Precursor Metabolism (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday February 6th 2015
Patricia Melnyk, Vale

61) Serotonylation and Transamidation of Other Monoamines (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday February 5th 2015
Nancy A. Muma, Zhen Mi

62) d-Serine Uptake and Release in PC-12 Cells Measured by Chiral Microchip Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Xiangtang Li, Cassandra McCullum, Shulin Zhao, Hankun Hu, Yi-Ming Liu

63) Identification and Characterization of ML352: A Novel, Noncompetitive Inhibitor of the Presynaptic Choline Transporter (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday February 2nd 2015
Elizabeth A. Ennis, Jane Wright, Cassandra L. Retzlaff, Owen B. McManus, Zhinong Lin, Xiaofang Huang, Meng Wu, Min Li, J. Scott Daniels, Craig W. Lindsley, Corey R. Hopkins, Randy D. Blakely

64) Structural Determinants of Polyglutamine Protofibrils and Crystallites (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday January 30th 2015
Viet Hoang Man, Christopher Roland, Celeste Sagui

65) Modulation of Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 29th 2015
Florentina Tofoleanu, Bernard R. Brooks, Nicolae-Viorel Buchete

66) 5-HT6 Receptor: A New Player Controlling the Development of Neural Circuits (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Alexandre G. Dayer, Moritz Jacobshagen, Se

67) We Know Very Little about the Subjective Effects of Drugs in Females (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Rick A. Bevins, Sergios Charntikov

68) A Rodent Model of Traumatic Stress Induces Lasting Sleep and Quantitative Electroencephalographic Disturbances (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 28th 2015
Michael T. Nedelcovych, Robert W. Gould, Xiaoyan Zhan, Michael Bubser, Xuewen Gong, Michael Grannan, Analisa T. Thompson, Magnus Ivarsson, Craig W. Lindsley, P. Jeffrey Conn, Carrie K. Jones

69) The First Structure (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 27th 2015
Xin Chen, Hyunah Choo, Xi-Ping Huang, Xiaobao Yang, Orrin Stone, Bryan L. Roth, Jian Jin

70) Decreased Plasma Iron in Alzheimer (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday January 23rd 2015
Dominic J. Hare, James D. Doecke, Noel G. Faux, Alan Rembach, Irene Volitakis, Christopher J. Fowler, Rudolf Grimm, Philip A. Doble, Robert A. Cherny, Colin L. Masters, Ashley I. Bush, Blaine R. Roberts

71) N-Benzyl-5-methoxytryptamines as Potent Serotonin 5-HT2 Receptor Family Agonists and Comparison with a Series of Phenethylamine Analogues (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 22nd 2015
David E. Nichols, M. Flori Sassano, Adam L. Halberstadt, Landon M. Klein, Simon D. Brandt, Simon P. Elliott, Wolfgang J. Fiedler

72) Molecular Determinants of (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 21st 2015
Igor F. Tsigelny, Yuriy Sharikov, Valentina L. Kouznetsova, Jerry P. Greenberg, Wolf Wrasidlo, Cassia Overk, Tania Gonzalez, Margarita Trejo, Brian Spencer, Kori Kosberg, Eliezer Masliah

73) Memantine Plus Vitamin D Prevents Axonal Degeneration Caused by Lysed Blood (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 20th 2015
David Charier, Olivier Beauchet, Morgane Bell, Bernard Brugg, Robert Bartha, Cedric Annweiler

74) Benzodiazepinone Derivatives Protect against Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Mediated Cell Death in Human Neuronal Cell Lines (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Saturday January 17th 2015
Haixia Zou, Allison S. Limpert, Jiwen Zou, Anna Dembo, Pooi-San Lee, Daniel Grant, Robert Ardecky, Anthony B. Pinkerton, Gavin K. Magnuson, Mark E. Goldman, Juan Rong, Peter Teriete, Douglas J. Sheffler, John C. Reed, Nicholas D. P. Cosford

75) Intracortical Recording Interfaces: Current Challenges to Chronic Recording Function (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday January 14th 2015
Bhagya Gunasekera, Tarun Saxena, Ravi Bellamkonda, Lohitash Karumbaiah

76) Dynamic Measurement of Extracellular Opioid Activity: Status Quo, Challenges, and Significance in Rewarded Behaviors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Niall P. Murphy

77) Imaging Chemical Neurotransmission with Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Sensors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 13th 2015
Ruqiang Liang, Gerard Joseph Broussard, Lin Tian

78) Amperometric Detection of Single Vesicle Acetylcholine Release Events from an Artificial Cell (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday January 12th 2015
Jacqueline D. Keighron, Joakim Wigstro

79) Brain Tissue Responses to Neural Implants Impact Signal Sensitivity and Intervention Strategies (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday January 12th 2015
Takashi D. Y. Kozai, Andrea S. Jaquins-Gerstl, Alberto L. Vazquez, Adrian C. Michael, X. Tracy Cui

80) Temporal Profiles Dissociate Regional Extracellular Ethanol versus Dopamine Concentrations (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday January 9th 2015
Ashley A. Vena, Rueben A. Gonzales

81) Data-Independent MS/MS Quantification of Neuropeptides for Determination of Putative Feeding-Related Neurohormones in Microdialysate (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 8th 2015
Claire M. Schmerberg, Zhidan Liang, Lingjun Li

82) Characterization and First Human Investigation of FIBT, a Novel Fluorinated A (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday January 8th 2015
Behrooz Hooshyar Yousefi, Andre

83) α-Synuclein Insertion into Supported Lipid Bilayers As Seen by in Situ X-ray Reflectivity (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Hendrik Ha

84) Lipoic-Based TRPA1/TRPV1 Antagonist to Treat Orofacial Pain (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Roberta Gualdani, Stefania Ceruti, Giulia Magni, Davide Merli, Lorenzo Di Cesare Mannelli, Oscar Francesconi, Barbara Richichi, Giancarlo la Marca, Carla Ghelardini, Maria Rosa Moncelli, Cristina Nativi

85) U0126 Protects Cells against Oxidative Stress Independent of Its Function as a MEK Inhibitor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday January 6th 2015
Qunxiang Ong, Shunling Guo, Kai Zhang, Bianxiao Cui

86) Ca2+ Binding Protein S100A1 Competes with Calmodulin and PIP2 for Binding Site on the C-Terminus of the TPRV1 Receptor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday December 31st 2014
Lenka Grycova, Blanka Holendova, Zdenek Lansky, Ladislav Bumba, Michaela Jirku, Kristyna Bousova, Jan Teisinger

87) Adaptations of Presynaptic Dopamine Terminals Induced by Psychostimulant Self-Administration (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 26th 2014
Cody A. Siciliano, Erin S. Calipari, Mark J. Ferris, Sara R. Jones

88) Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of [3H]HS665, a Novel, Highly Selective Radioligand for the Kappa Opioid Receptor (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Elena Guerrieri, Jayapal Reddy Mallareddy, Ge

89) A Role for Phasic Dopamine Release within the Nucleus Accumbens in Encoding Aversion: A Review of the Neurochemical Literature (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Wednesday December 24th 2014
Jennifer M. Wenzel, Noah A. Rauscher, Joseph F. Cheer, Erik B. Oleson

90) Microdialysis in the Rat Striatum: Effects of 24 h Dexamethasone Retrodialysis on Evoked Dopamine Release and Penetration Injury (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday December 22nd 2014
Kathryn M. Nesbitt, Erika L. Varner, Andrea Jaquins-Gerstl, Adrian C. Michael

91) Regional Variation in Phasic Dopamine Release during Alcohol and Sucrose Self-Administration in Rats (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Monday December 22nd 2014
Tatiana A. Shnitko, Donita L. Robinson

92) MRI Sensing of Neurotransmitters with a Crown Ether Appended Gd3+ Complex (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 19th 2014
Fatima Oukhatar, Sandra Me

93) Differential Influence of Dopamine Transport Rate on the Potencies of Cocaine, Amphetamine, and Methylphenidate (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 19th 2014
Erin S. Calipari, Mark J. Ferris, Cody A. Siciliano, Sara R. Jones

94) Rasagiline, a Suicide Inhibitor of Monoamine Oxidases, Binds Reversibly to (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday December 16th 2014
Joe Kakish, Omid Tavassoly, Jeremy S. Lee

95) Hypocretin/Orexin Regulation of Dopamine Signaling and Cocaine Self-Administration Is Mediated Predominantly by Hypocretin Receptor 1 (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Thursday December 11th 2014
Courtney D. Prince, Andrew R. Rau, Jordan T. Yorgason, Rodrigo A. Espan

96) Chimeric Agents Derived from the Functionalized Amino Acid, Lacosamide, and the (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday December 9th 2014
Ki Duk Park, Xiao-Fang Yang, Erik T. Dustrude, Yuying Wang, Matthew S. Ripsch, Fletcher A. White, Rajesh Khanna, Harold Kohn

97) Parsing Glucose Entry into the Brain: Novel Findings Obtained with Enzyme-Based Glucose Biosensors (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Tuesday December 9th 2014
Eugene A. Kiyatkin, Ken T. Wakabayashi

98) Analysis of Neurotransmitter Tissue Content of Drosophila melanogaster in Different Life Stages (ACS Chemical Neuroscience) Friday December 5th 2014
Madelaine E. Denno, Eve Privman, B. Jill Venton

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