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99) Single-Cell, Time-Resolved Antimicrobial Effects of a Highly Cationic, Random Nylon-3 Copolymer on Live Escherichia coli (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 5th 2015
Heejun Choi, Saswata Chakraborty, Runhui Liu, Samuel H. Gellman, James C. Weisshaar

100) Chemical Tools for the Study of Intramembrane Proteases (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 5th 2015
Minh T. N. Nguyen, Tim Van Kersavond, Steven H. L. Verhelst

101) Detection and Quantification of Ribosome Inhibition by Aminoglycoside Antibiotics in Living Bacteria Using an Orthogonal Ribosome-Controlled Fluorescent Reporter (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 4th 2015
Shijie Huang, Xuechen Zhu, Charles E. Melanc

102) In Vitro and in Vivo Demonstration of Photodynamic Activity and Cytoplasm Imaging through TPE Nanoparticles (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 4th 2015
Dhanya T. Jayaram, Sara Ramos-Romero, Balaraman H. Shankar, Cristina Garrido, Nuria Rubio, Lourdes Sanchez-Cid, Salvador Borros Go

103) Structural Insights into Anthranilate Priming during Type II Polyketide Biosynthesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
David R. Jackson, Stephanie S. Tu, MyChi Nguyen, Jesus F. Barajas, Andrew J. Schaub, Daniel Krug, Dominik Pistorius, Ray Luo, Rolf Mu

104) N-Methylation as a Strategy for Enhancing the Affinity and Selectivity of RNA-binding Peptides: Application to the HIV-1 Frameshift-Stimulating RNA (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Thomas A. Hilimire, Ryan P. Bennett, Ryan A. Stewart, Pablo Garcia-Miranda, Alex Blume, Jordan Becker, Nathan Sherer, Eric D. Helms, Samuel E. Butcher, Harold C. Smith, Benjamin L. Miller

105) Investigation of Specific Binding Proteins to Photoaffinity Linkers for Efficient Deconvolution of Target Protein (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Jongmin Park, Minseob Koh, Ja Young Koo, Sanghee Lee, Seung Bum Park

106) Deconstructing the Iboga Alkaloid Skeleton: Potentiation of FGF2-induced Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Release by a Novel Compound (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 30th 2015
Madalee M. Gassaway, Teresa L. Jacques, Andrew C. Kruegel, Richard J. Karpowicz, Xiaoguang Li, Shu Li, Yves Myer, Dalibor Sames

107) The Supersized Class III Lanthipeptide Stackepeptin Displays Motif Multiplication in the Core Peptide (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 29th 2015
Natalia A. Jungmann, Eric F. van Herwerden, Manuela Hu

108) Construction of Lasso Peptide Fusion Proteins (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 29th 2015
Chuhan Zong, Mikhail O. Maksimov, A. James Link

109) Unbiased Selection of Peptide (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 28th 2015
Jaya M. Matharage, John D. Minna, Rolf A. Brekken, D. Gomika Udugamasooriya

110) Phosphorylation of Capsaicinoid Derivatives Provides Highly Potent and Selective Inhibitors of the Transcription Factor STAT5b (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 28th 2015
Nagarajan Elumalai, Angela Berg, Stefan Rubner, Thorsten Berg

111) Correlative Synchrotron Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Single Molecule Super Resolution Microscopy for the Detection of Composition and Ultrastructure Alterations in Single Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 23rd 2015
Donna R. Whelan, Toby D. M. Bell

112) Disulfide Sensitivity in the Env Protein Underlies Lytic Inactivation of HIV-1 by Peptide Triazole Thiols (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 22nd 2015
Lauren D. Bailey, Ramalingam Venkat Kalyana Sundaram, Huiyuan Li, Caitlin Duffy, Rachna Aneja, Arangassery Rosemary Bastian, Andrew P. Holmes, Kantharaju Kamanna, Adel A. Rashad, Irwin Chaiken

113) Two Catechol Siderophores, Acinetobactin and Amonabactin, Are Simultaneously Produced by Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida Sharing Part of the Biosynthetic Pathway (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 22nd 2015
Miguel Balado, Alba Souto, Ana Vences, Valeria P. Careaga, Katherine Valderrama, Yuri Segade, Jaime Rodri

114) Identification of Thiotetronic Acid Antibiotic Biosynthetic Pathways by Target-directed Genome Mining (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 21st 2015
Xiaoyu Tang, Jie Li, Natalie Milla

115) Accurate Detection of Adenylation Domain Functions in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases by an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay System Using Active Site-directed Probes for Adenylation Domains (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 16th 2015
Fumihiro Ishikawa, Kengo Miyamoto, Sho Konno, Shota Kasai, Hideaki Kakeya

116) A Proteometric Analysis of Human Kinome: Insight into Discriminant Conformation-dependent Residues (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 16th 2015
Nicolas Bosc, Berthold Wroblowski, Samia Aci-Se

117) A Distinct Functional Site in (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 15th 2015
Varuna Hassan-Puttaswamy, David J. Adams, R. Manjunatha Kini

118) Disparate Mutations Confer Therapeutic Gain of Hsp104 Function (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 15th 2015
Meredith E. Jackrel, Keolamau Yee, Amber Tariq, Annie I. Chen, James Shorter

119) Microfluidic Mobility Shift Profiling of Lysine Acetyltransferases Enables Screening and Mechanistic Analysis of Cellular Acetylation Inhibitors (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 14th 2015
Alexander W. Sorum, Jonathan H. Shrimp, Allison M. Roberts, David C. Montgomery, Neil K. Tiwari, Madhu Lal-Nag, Anton Simeonov, Ajit Jadhav, Jordan L. Meier

120) The Recognition of Identical Ligands by Unrelated Proteins (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 12th 2015
Sarah Barelier, Teague Sterling, Matthew J. O

121) Identification of a New Type of Covalent PPAR (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 12th 2015
Anna Ohtera, Yusaku Miyamae, Kotaro Yoshida, Kazuhiro Maejima, Toru Akita, Akira Kakizuka, Kazuhiro Irie, Seiji Masuda, Taiho Kambe, Masaya Nagao

122) Bacterial Genome Mining of Enzymatic Tools for Alkyne Biosynthesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 12th 2015
Xuejun Zhu, Michael Su, Kadhirvel Manickam, Wenjun Zhang

123) EPR Distance Measurements in Native Proteins with Genetically Encoded Spin Labels (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 6th 2015
Moritz J. Schmidt, Artem Fedoseev, Dennis Bu

124) In Vivo Mapping of FACT (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 5th 2015
Christian Hoffmann, Heinz Neumann

125) Muscular Dystrophy Mutations Impair the Nuclear Envelope Emerin Self-assembly Properties (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 5th 2015
Isaline Herrada, Camille Samson, Christophe Velours, Louis Renault, Cecilia O

126) Evaluation of Kinase Activity Profiling Using Chemical Proteomics (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 5th 2015
Benjamin Ruprecht, Jana Zecha, Stephanie Heinzlmeir, Guillaume Me

127) Chemoproteomics Reveals Novel Protein and Lipid Kinase Targets of Clinical CDK4/6 Inhibitors in Lung Cancer (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 5th 2015
Natalia J. Sumi, Brent M. Kuenzi, Claire E. Knezevic, Lily L. Remsing Rix, Uwe Rix

128) Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of the Ethynyl Moiety as a Halogen Bioisostere (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 2nd 2015
Rainer Wilcken, Markus O. Zimmermann, Matthias R. Bauer, Trevor J. Rutherford, Alan R. Fersht, Andreas C. Joerger, Frank M. Boeckler

129) Selective Targeting of Extracellular Insulin-Degrading Enzyme by Quasi-Irreversible Thiol-Modifying Inhibitors (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 1st 2015
Samer O. Abdul-Hay, Thomas D. Bannister, Hui Wang, Michael D. Cameron, Thomas R. Caulfield, Amandine Masson, Juliette Bertrand, Erin A. Howard, Michael P. McGuire, Umberto Crisafulli, Terrone R. Rosenberry, Caitlyn L. Topper, Caroline R. Thompson, Stephan C. Schu

130) MAP4K4 Is a Threonine Kinase That Phosphorylates FARP1 (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 30th 2015
Adam G. Schwaid, Chunyan Su, Paula Loos, Jiang Wu, Chong Nguyen, Kathryn L. Stone, Jean Kanyo, Kieran F. Geoghegan, Samit K. Bhattacharya, Robert L. Dow, Leonard Buckbinder, Philip A. Carpino

131) Mannoside Glycolipid Conjugates Display Anti-inflammatory Activity by Inhibition of Toll-like Receptor-4 Mediated Cell Activation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 30th 2015
Vincent Flacher, Patrick Neuberg, Floriane Point, Franc

132) Studying a Drug-like, RNA-Focused Small Molecule Library Identifies Compounds That Inhibit RNA Toxicity in Myotonic Dystrophy (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 28th 2015
Suzanne G. Rzuczek, Mark R. Southern, Matthew D. Disney

133) Characterization of DDR2 Inhibitors for the Treatment of DDR2 Mutated Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 25th 2015
Hideki Terai, Li Tan, Ellen M. Beauchamp, John M. Hatcher, Qingsong Liu, Matthew Meyerson, Nathanael S. Gray, Peter S. Hammerman

134) Antisense RNA-based High-Throughput Screen System for Directed Evolution of Quorum Quenching Enzymes (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 24th 2015
Sang-Soo Han, Won-Ji Park, Hak-Sung Kim, Geun-Joong Kim

135) Chemical Proteomic Platform To Identify Citrullinated Proteins (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 23rd 2015
Daniel M. Lewallen, Kevin L. Bicker, Venkataraman Subramanian, Kathleen W. Clancy, Daniel J. Slade, Julianne Martell, Christina J. Dreyton, Jeremy Sokolove, Eranthie Weerapana, Paul R. Thompson

136) In Vitro Screening and in Silico Modeling of RNA-Based Gene Expression Control (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 22nd 2015
Maureen McKeague, Yen-Hsiang Wang, Christina D. Smolke

137) A Phenotypic Screen for Functional Mutants of Human Adenosine Deaminase Acting on RNA 1 (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 22nd 2015
Yuru Wang, Jocelyn Havel, Peter A. Beal

138) Characterization of Sviceucin from Streptomyces Provides Insight into Enzyme Exchangeability and Disulfide Bond Formation in Lasso Peptides (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 21st 2015
Yanyan Li, Re

139) Controlled Co-reconstitution of Multiple Membrane Proteins in Lipid Bilayer Nanodiscs Using DNA as a Scaffold (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 21st 2015
Thomas Raschle, Chenxiang Lin, Ralf Jungmann, William M. Shih, Gerhard Wagner

140) A Fluorescent, Reagentless Biosensor for ATP, Based on Malonyl-Coenzyme A Synthetase (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 21st 2015

141) G-Quadruplex DNA- and RNA-Specific-Binding Proteins Engineered from the RGG Domain of TLS/FUS (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 21st 2015
Kentaro Takahama, Arisa Miyawaki, Takumi Shitara, Keita Mitsuya, Masayuki Morikawa, Masaki Hagihara, Katsuhito Kino, Ayumu Yamamoto, Takanori Oyoshi

142) Tyrosine-Specific Chemical Modification with in Situ Hemin-Activated Luminol Derivatives (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 18th 2015
Shinichi Sato, Kosuke Nakamura, Hiroyuki Nakamura

143) Estrogen Receptor Folding Modulates cSrc Kinase SH2 Interaction via a Helical Binding Mode (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 18th 2015
Lidia Nieto, Inga M. Tharun, Mark Balk, Hans Wienk, Rolf Boelens, Christian Ottmann, Lech-Gustav Milroy, Luc Brunsveld

144) Activity-Independent Discovery of Secondary Metabolites Using Chemical Elicitation and Cheminformatic Inference (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 18th 2015
Sheila M. Pimentel-Elardo, Dan S

145) Mechanism-Based Post-Translational Modification and Inactivation in Terpene Synthases (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 17th 2015
Roland D. Kersten, Jolene K. Diedrich, John R. Yates, Joseph P. Noel

146) Chemical Tools To Decipher Regulation of Phosphatases by Proline Isomerization on Eukaryotic RNA Polymerase II (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 15th 2015
Joshua E. Mayfield, Shuang Fan, Shuo Wei, Mengmeng Zhang, Bing Li, Andrew D. Ellington, Felicia A. Etzkorn, Yan Jessie Zhang

147) Lysine-rich Cyclotides: A New Subclass of Circular Knotted Proteins from Violaceae (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 15th 2015
Anjaneya S. Ravipati, So

148) Biosynthesis of the Novel Macrolide Antibiotic Anthracimycin (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 8th 2015
Silke Alt, Barrie Wilkinson

149) Two of a Kind (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 8th 2015
Katrin Jungmann, Rolf Jansen, Klaus Gerth, Volker Huch, Daniel Krug, William Fenical, Rolf Mu

150) Repair of Alkylation Damage in Eukaryotic Chromatin Depends on Searching Ability of Alkyladenine DNA Glycosylase (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 4th 2015
Yaru Zhang, Patrick J. O

151) Discovery of Inhibitors for the Ether Lipid-Generating Enzyme AGPS as Anti-Cancer Agents (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 4th 2015
Valentina Piano, Daniel I. Benjamin, Sergio Valente, Simone Nenci, Biagina Marrocco, Antonello Mai, Alessandro Aliverti, Daniel K. Nomura, Andrea Mattevi

152) The L3MBTL3 Methyl-Lysine Reader Domain Functions As a Dimer (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 2nd 2015
Brandi M. Baughman, Samantha G. Pattenden, Jacqueline L. Norris, Lindsey I. James, Stephen V. Frye

153) Engineering Metamorphic Chemokine Lymphotactin/XCL1 into the GAG-Binding, HIV-Inhibitory Dimer Conformation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 2nd 2015
Jamie C. Fox, Robert C. Tyler, Christina Guzzo, Robbyn L. Tuinstra, Francis C. Peterson, Paolo Lusso, Brian F. Volkman

154) Selective Targeting of Cells via Bispecific Molecules That Exploit Coexpression of Two Intracellular Proteins (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 2nd 2015
Bryan M. Dunyak, Robert L. Nakamura, Alan D. Frankel, Jason E. Gestwicki

155) A Generalizable Platform for the Photoactivation of Cell Surface Receptors (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday August 28th 2015
Thinh Nguyen Duc, Morgan Huse

156) Structural Insight into Multivalent Galactoside Binding to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lectin LecA (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday August 28th 2015
Ricardo Visini, Xian Jin, Myriam Bergmann, Gaelle Michaud, Francesca Pertici, Ou Fu, Aliaksei Pukin, Thomas R. Branson, Dominique M. E. Thies-Weesie, Johan Kemmink, Emilie Gillon, Anne Imberty, Achim Stocker, Tamis Darbre, Roland J. Pieters, Jean-Louis Reymond

157) Mutations of Profilin-1 Associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Promote Aggregation Due to Structural Changes of Its Native State (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday August 28th 2015
Edoardo Del Poggetto, Francesco Bemporad, Francesca Tatini, Fabrizio Chiti

158) Optimized Plk1 PBD Inhibitors Based on Poloxin Induce Mitotic Arrest and Apoptosis in Tumor Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday August 27th 2015
Andrej Scharow, Monika Raab, Krishna Saxena, Sridhar Sreeramulu, Denis Kudlinzki, Santosh Gande, Christina Do

159) Binding Isotope Effects for para-Aminobenzoic Acid with Dihydropteroate Synthase from Staphylococcus aureus and Plasmodium falciparum (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday August 27th 2015
Christopher F. Stratton, Hilda A. Namanja-Magliano, Scott A. Cameron, Vern L. Schramm

160) Direct Monitoring of Nucleotide Turnover in Human Cell Extracts and Cells by Fluorogenic ATP Analogs (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 24th 2015
Stephan M. Hacker, Annette Buntz, Andreas Zumbusch, Andreas Marx

161) Regulation of Proteasomal Degradation by Modulating Proteasomal Initiation Regions (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 24th 2015
Kazunobu Takahashi, Andreas Matouschek, Tomonao Inobe

162) Position of Proline Mediates the Reactivity of S-Palmitoylation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday August 19th 2015
Neelam Khanal, Vikas Pejaver, Zhiyu Li, Predrag Radivojac, David E. Clemmer, Suchetana Mukhopadhyay

163) Beyond a Fluorescent Probe: Inhibition of Cell Division Protein FtsZ by mant-GTP Elucidated by NMR and Biochemical Approaches (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 17th 2015
Sonia Huecas, Filipa Marcelo, Almudena Perona, Laura B. Ruiz-A

164) A Small Molecule Inhibits Deregulated NRF2 Transcriptional Activity in Cancer (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 17th 2015
Michael J. Bollong, Hwayoung Yun, Lance Sherwood, Ashley K. Woods, Luke L. Lairson, Peter G. Schultz

165) Leveraging the Mechanism of Oxidative Decay for Adenylate Kinase to Design Structural and Functional Resistances (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 17th 2015
Stanley C. Howell, David H. Richards, William A. Mitch, Corey J. Wilson

166) Virtual Screening for UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase Ligands Identifies a New Class of Antimycobacterial Agents (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 17th 2015
Virginia A. Kincaid, Nir London, Kittikhun Wangkanont, Darryl A. Wesener, Sarah A. Marcus, Annie He

167) Modifying an Insect Cell N-Glycan Processing Pathway Using CRISPR-Cas Technology (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday August 13th 2015
Hideaki Mabashi-Asazuma, Chu-Wei Kuo, Kay-Hooi Khoo, Donald L. Jarvis

168) Genome-Directed Lead Discovery: Biosynthesis, Structure Elucidation, and Biological Evaluation of Two Families of Polyene Macrolactams against Trypanosoma brucei (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday August 13th 2015
Christopher J. Schulze, Mohamed S. Donia, Jair L. Siqueira-Neto, Debalina Ray, Jevgenij A. Raskatov, Richard E. Green, James H. McKerrow, Michael A. Fischbach, Roger G. Linington

169) Significant Impact of Immunogen Design on the Diversity of Antibodies Generated by Carbohydrate-Based Anticancer Vaccine (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday August 11th 2015
Zhaojun Yin, Sudipa Chowdhury, Craig McKay, Claire Baniel, W. Shea Wright, Philip Bentley, Katarzyna Kaczanowska, Jeffrey C. Gildersleeve, M.G. Finn, Lbachir BenMohamed, Xuefei Huang

170) Sialic Acid Glycoengineering Using an Unnatural Sialic Acid for the Detection of Sialoglycan Biosynthesis Defects and On-Cell Synthesis of Siglec Ligands (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 10th 2015
Christian Bu

171) Small Molecule Inhibitors of 8-Oxoguanine DNA Glycosylase-1 (OGG1) (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday August 7th 2015
Nathan Donley, Pawel Jaruga, Erdem Coskun, Miral Dizdaroglu, Amanda K. McCullough, R. Stephen Lloyd

172) Inhibitor Fingerprinting of Rhomboid Proteases by Activity-Based Protein Profiling Reveals Inhibitor Selectivity and Rhomboid Autoprocessing (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday August 7th 2015
Eliane V. Wolf, Annett Zeissler, Steven H. L. Verhelst

173) Differential Nanosecond Protein Dynamics in Homologous Calcium Sensors (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday August 7th 2015

174) Deciphering the Cellular Targets of Bioactive Compounds Using a Chloroalkane Capture Tag (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday August 6th 2015
Rachel Friedman Ohana, Thomas A. Kirkland, Carolyn C. Woodroofe, Sergiy Levin, H. Tetsuo Uyeda, Paul Otto, Robin Hurst, Matthew B. Robers, Kris Zimmerman, Lance P. Encell, Keith V. Wood

175) Burkholderia pseudomallei Capsular Polysaccharide Recognition by a Monoclonal Antibody Reveals Key Details toward a Biodefense Vaccine and Diagnostics against Melioidosis (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday August 5th 2015
Roberta Marchetti, Michael J. Dillon, Mary N. Burtnick, Mark A. Hubbard, Marielle Tamigney Kenfack, Yves Ble

176) Divalent Metal Ions Mg2+ and Ca2+ Have Distinct Effects on Protein Kinase A Activity and Regulation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday August 5th 2015
Matthias J. Knape, Lalima G. Ahuja, Daniela Bertinetti, Nicole C.G. Burghardt, Bastian Zimmermann, Susan S. Taylor, Friedrich W. Herberg

177) Identification of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase from Sphingobacterium sp. T2 as a Novel Bacterial Enzyme for Lignin Oxidation (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 3rd 2015
Goran M. M. Rashid, Charles R. Taylor, Yangqingxue Liu, Xiaoyang Zhang, Dean Rea, Vilmos Fu

178) Analysis of the Resistance Mechanism of a Benzoxaborole Inhibitor Reveals Insight into the Leucyl-tRNA Synthetase Editing Mechanism (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday July 31st 2015
Hanchao Zhao, Andres Palencia, Elena Seiradake, Zhaleh Ghaemi, Stephen Cusack, Zaida Luthey-Schulten, Susan Martinis

179) Small Molecule Inhibition of miR-544 Biogenesis Disrupts Adaptive Responses to Hypoxia by Modulating ATM-mTOR Signaling (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday July 30th 2015
Christopher L. Haga, Sai Pradeep Velagapudi, Jacqueline R. Strivelli, Wang-Yong Yang, Matthew D. Disney, Donald G. Phinney

180) Structure (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday July 30th 2015
Sonia Andre

181) Kinetics of Ribosome-Catalyzed Polymerization Using Artificial Aminoacyl-tRNA Substrates Clarifies Inefficiencies and Improvements (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday July 28th 2015
Jinfan Wang, Marek Kwiatkowski, Anthony C. Forster

182) Dual Screening of BPTF and Brd4 Using Protein-Observed Fluorine NMR Uncovers New Bromodomain Probe Molecules (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday July 28th 2015
Andrew K. Urick, Laura M. L. Hawk, Melissa K. Cassel, Neeraj K. Mishra, Shuai Liu, Neeta Adhikari, Wei Zhang, Camila O. dos Santos, Jennifer L. Hall, William C. K. Pomerantz

183) DNA Encoded Library Selections and Insights Provided by Computational Simulations (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday July 27th 2015
Alexander L. Satz

184) The Chaperoning Activity of Amino-oxyacetic Acid on Folding-Defective Variants of Human Alanine:Glyoxylate Aminotransferase Causing Primary Hyperoxaluria Type I (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday July 27th 2015
Elisa Oppici, Riccardo Montioli, Mirco Dindo, Laura Maccari, Valentina Porcari, Antonio Lorenzetto, Sara Chellini, Carla Borri Voltattorni, Barbara Cellini

185) A Dual Receptor and Reporter for Multi-Modal Cell Surface Engineering (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday July 23rd 2015
Wei Luo, Nathan Westcott, Debjit Dutta, Abigail Pulsipher, Dmitry Rogozhnikov, Jean Chen, Muhammad N. Yousaf

186) Nucleotide Sugar Pucker Preference Mitigates Excision by HIV-1 RT (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday July 22nd 2015
Ken Yamada, Alexander S. Wahba, Jean A. Bernatchez, Tatiana Ilina, Sau

187) L-type Calcium Channel Blockers Enhance Trafficking and Function of Epilepsy-associated (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday July 21st 2015
Dong-Yun Han, Bo-Jhih Guan, Ya-Juan Wang, Maria Hatzoglou, Ting-Wei Mu

188) Cellular Uptake and Ultrastructural Localization Underlie the Pro-apoptotic Activity of a Hydrocarbon-stapled BIM BH3 Peptide (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday July 21st 2015
Amanda L. Edwards, Franziska Wachter, Margaret Lammert, Annissa J. Huhn, James Luccarelli, Gregory H. Bird, Loren D. Walensky

189) eZinCh-2: A Versatile, Genetically Encoded FRET Sensor for Cytosolic and Intraorganelle Zn2+ Imaging (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday July 20th 2015
Anne M. Hessels, Pauline Chabosseau, Maarten H. Bakker, Wouter Engelen, Guy A. Rutter, Kathryn M. Taylor, Maarten Merkx

190) Type II Inhibitors Targeting CDK2 (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday July 20th 2015
Leila T. Alexander, Henrik Mo

191) Design of Protein (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday July 17th 2015
Elizabeth B. Speltz, Aparna Nathan, Lynne Regan

192) Catalytic Properties of Intramembrane Aspartyl Protease Substrate Hydrolysis Evaluated Using a FRET Peptide Cleavage Assay (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday July 15th 2015
Swe-Htet Naing, Krishna M. Vukoti, Jason E. Drury, Jennifer L. Johnson, Sibel Kalyoncu, Shannon E. Hill, Matthew P. Torres, Raquel L. Lieberman

193) Self-Assembled Hybrid Aptamer-Fc Conjugates for Targeted Delivery: A Modular Chemoenzymatic Approach (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday July 14th 2015
Stephan Dickgiesser, Nicolas Rasche, Daichi Nasu, Stephen Middel, Sebastian Ho

194) Photoactivatable Prodrugs of Antimelanoma Agent Vemurafenib (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday July 10th 2015
Rebecca Horbert, Boris Pinchuk, Paul Davies, Dario Alessi, Christian Peifer

195) Mechanism of Inactivation of GABA Aminotransferase by (E)- and (Z)-(1S,3S)-3-Amino-4-fluoromethylenyl-1-cyclopentanoic Acid (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday July 6th 2015
Hyunbeom Lee, Hoang V. Le, Rui Wu, Emma Doud, Ruslan Sanishvili, John F. Kellie, Phillip D. Compton, Boobalan Pachaiyappan, Dali Liu, Neil L. Kelleher, Richard B. Silverman

196) Protein Termini and Their Modifications Revealed by Positional Proteomics (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday July 6th 2015
Giada Marino, Ulrich Eckhard, Christopher M. Overall

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