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99) Engineering a Light-Regulated GABAA Receptor for Optical Control of Neural Inhibition (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 22nd 2014
Wan-Chen Lin, Christopher M. Davenport, Alexandre Mourot, Devaiah Vytla, Caleb M. Smith, Kathryne A. Medeiros, James J. Chambers, Richard H. Kramer

100) Synthetic versus Natural Receptors: Supramolecular Control of Chemical Sensing in Fish (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 22nd 2014

101) Optical Control of Protein Function through Unnatural Amino Acid Mutagenesis and Other Optogenetic Approaches (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 22nd 2014
Austin S. Baker, Alexander Deiters

102) Identification of Inhibitors of PvdQ, an Enzyme Involved in the Synthesis of the Siderophore Pyoverdine (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 22nd 2014
Jacqueline M. Wurst, Eric J. Drake, Jimmy R. Theriault, Ivan T. Jewett, Lynn VerPlank, Jose R. Perez, Sivaraman Dandapani, Michelle Palmer, Samuel M. Moskowitz, Stuart L. Schreiber, Benito Munoz, Andrew M. Gulick

103) Structure (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday May 20th 2014
Anette Brockmann, Tobias Strittmatter, Sarah May, Kerstin Stemmer, Andreas Marx, Thomas Brunner

104) Increasing Chemical Space Coverage by Combining Empirical and Computational Fragment Screens (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday May 20th 2014
Sarah Barelier, Oliv Eidam, Inbar Fish, Johan Hollander, Francis Figaroa, Ruta Nachane, John J. Irwin, Brian K. Shoichet, Gregg Siegal

105) Functionalization of (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 15th 2014
Andrea Chicca, Diego Caprioglio, Alberto Minassi, Vanessa Petrucci, Giovanni Appendino, Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati, Ju

106) A Biosensor of Src Family Kinase Conformation by Exposable Tetracysteine Useful for Cell-Based Screening (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 15th 2014
Sevgi Irtegun, Rebecca Wood, Kurt Lackovic, Jo

107) Role of N-Linked Glycans in the Interactions of Recombinant HCV Envelope Glycoproteins with Cellular Receptors (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 15th 2014
Po-Chang Chen, Po-Kai Chuang, Chein-Hung Chen, Ya-Ting Chan, Juine-Ruey Chen, Sheng-Wei Lin, Che Ma, Tsui-Ling Hsu, Chi-Huey Wong

108) Optimal Aggregation of Fc (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 15th 2014
Avanika Mahajan, Dipak Barua, Patrick Cutler, Diane S. Lidke, Flor A. Espinoza, Carolyn Pehlke, Rachel Grattan, Yuko Kawakami, Chang-Shung Tung, Andrew R. M. Bradbury, William S. Hlavacek, Bridget S. Wilson

109) Evaluating the Promiscuous Nature of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Assessed in A431 Epidermoid Carcinoma Cells by Both Chemical- and Phosphoproteomics (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday May 14th 2014
Piero Giansanti, Christian Preisinger, Kilian V. M. Huber, Manuela Gridling, Giulio Superti-Furga, Keiryn L. Bennett, Albert J. R. Heck

110) Electronic Sculpting of Ligand-GPCR Subtype Selectivity: The Case of Angiotensin II (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday May 14th 2014
Francesca Magnani, Charalampos G. Pappas, Tim Crook, Vassiliki Magafa, Paul Cordopatis, Susumu Ishiguro, Naomi Ohta, Jana Selent, Sanja Bosnyak, Emma S. Jones, Ioannis P. Gerothanassis, Masaaki Tamura, Robert E. Widdop, Andreas G. Tzakos

111) Molecular Basis of 1-Deoxygalactonojirimycin Arylthiourea Binding to Human (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday May 13th 2014
Yi Yu, Teresa Mena-Barraga

112) Rapid Kinetic Characterization of Glycosyl Hydrolases Based on Oxime Derivatization and Nanostructure-Initiator Mass Spectrometry (NIMS) (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday May 13th 2014
Kai Deng, Taichi E. Takasuka, Richard Heins, Xiaoliang Cheng, Lai F. Bergeman, Jian Shi, Ryan Aschenbrener, Sam Deutsch, Seema Singh, Kenneth L. Sale, Blake A. Simmons, Paul D. Adams, Anup K. Singh, Brian G. Fox, Trent R. Northen

113) Unnatural Amino Acid Mutagenesis Reveals Dimerization As a Negative Regulatory Mechanism of VHR (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday May 9th 2014
Karolina Pavic, Pablo Rios, Kristina Dzeyk, Christine Koehler, Edward A. Lemke, Maja Ko

114) Discovery of Multifold Modified Sialosides as Human CD22/Siglec-2 Ligands with Nanomolar Activity on B-Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday May 7th 2014
Horst Prescher, Astrid Schweizer, Elena Kuhfeldt, Lars Nitschke, Reinhard Brossmer

115) Thiamine Pyrophosphate Stimulates Acetone Activation by Desulfococcus biacutus As Monitored by a Fluorogenic ATP Analogue (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday May 6th 2014
Olga B. Gutie

116) Using 19F NMR to Probe Biological Interactions of Proteins and Peptides (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday May 6th 2014
E. Neil G. Marsh, Yuta Suzuki

117) Unique DC-SIGN Clustering Activity of a Small Glycomimetic: A Lesson for Ligand Design (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday May 6th 2014
Ieva Sutkeviciute, Michel The

118) Monoterpene Glycoside ESK246 from Pittosporum Targets LAT3 Amino Acid Transport and Prostate Cancer Cell Growth (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday May 5th 2014
Qian Wang, Tanja Grkovic, Josep Font, Sarah Bonham, Rebecca H Pouwer, Charles G Bailey, Anne M Moran, Renae M Ryan, John EJ Rasko, Mika Jormakka, Ronald J Quinn, Jeff Holst

119) Identification of Inhibitors of Inositol 5-Phosphatases through Multiple Screening Strategies (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday May 1st 2014
Michelle Pirruccello, Ramiro Nandez, Olof Idevall-Hagren, Abel Alcazar-Roman, Laura Abriola, Shana Alexandra Berwick, Louise Lucast, Dayna Morel, Pietro De Camilli

120) Directing the Immune System with Chemical Compounds (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday April 30th 2014
Rock J. Mancini, Lalisa Stutts, Keun Ah Ryu, Janine K. Tom, Aaron P. Esser-Kahn

121) Arixanthomycins A (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday April 30th 2014
Hahk-Soo Kang, Sean F. Brady

122) A Chemical Strategy for the Cell-Based Detection of HDAC Activity (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday April 30th 2014
Himashinie V. K. Diyabalanage, Genevieve C. Van de Bittner, Emily L. Ricq, Jacob M. Hooker

123) Exploration of Type II Binding Mode: A Privileged Approach for Kinase Inhibitor Focused Drug Discovery? (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday April 29th 2014
Zheng Zhao, Hong Wu, Li Wang, Yi Liu, Stefan Knapp, Qingsong Liu, Nathanael S. Gray

124) Structures of Darunavir-Resistant HIV-1 Protease Mutant Reveal Atypical Binding of Darunavir to Wide Open Flaps (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday April 28th 2014
Ying Zhang, Yu-Chung E. Chang, John M. Louis, Yuan-Fang Wang, Robert W. Harrison, Irene T. Weber

125) Inositol Phosphate Recycling Regulates Glycolytic and Lipid Metabolism That Drives Cancer Aggressiveness (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday April 28th 2014
Daniel I. Benjamin, Sharon M. Louie, Melinda M. Mulvihill, Rebecca A. Kohnz, Daniel S. Li, Lauryn G. Chan, Antonio Sorrentino, Sourav Bandyopadhyay, Alyssa Cozzo, Anayo Ohiri, Andrei Goga, Shu-Wing Ng, Daniel K. Nomura

126) Gyramides Prevent Bacterial Growth by Inhibiting DNA Gyrase and Altering Chromosome Topology (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday April 22nd 2014
Manohary Rajendram, Katherine A. Hurley, Marie H. Foss, Kelsey M. Thornton, Jared T. Moore, Jared T. Shaw, Douglas B. Weibel

127) Characterizing the Altered Cellular Proteome Induced by the Stress-Independent Activation of Heat Shock Factor 1 (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday April 16th 2014
Lisa M. Ryno, Joseph C. Genereux, Tadasuke Naito, Richard I. Morimoto, Evan T. Powers, Matthew D. Shoulders, R. Luke Wiseman

128) Noncovalent Spin Labeling of Riboswitch RNAs To Obtain Long-Range Structural NMR Restraints (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday April 10th 2014
Christina Helmling, Irene Bessi, Anna Wacker, Kai A. Schnorr, Hendrik R. A. Jonker, Christian Richter, Dominic Wagner, Michael Kreibich, Harald Schwalbe

129) An Inhibitor (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday April 10th 2014
Aude Echalier, Alison J. Hole, Graziano Lolli, Jane A. Endicott, Martin E. M. Noble

130) Peptide Formation by N-Methyl Amino Acids in Translation Is Hastened by Higher pH and tRNAPro (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday April 10th 2014
Jinfan Wang, Marek Kwiatkowski, Michael Y. Pavlov, Ma

131) A Selective Phenelzine Analogue Inhibitor of Histone Demethylase LSD1 (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday April 7th 2014
Polina Prusevich, Jay H. Kalin, Shonoi A. Ming, Manuela Basso, Jeffrey Givens, Xin Li, Jianfei Hu, Martin S. Taylor, Anne M. Cieniewicz, Po-Yuan Hsiao, Rong Huang, Heather Roberson, Nkosi Adejola, Lindsay B. Avery, Robert A. Casero, Sean D. Taverna, Jiang Qian, Alan J. Tackett, Rajiv R. Ratan, Oliver G. McDonald, Andrew P. Feinberg, Philip A. Cole

132) X-ray Structures of Human Furin in Complex with Competitive Inhibitors (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday April 2nd 2014
Sven O. Dahms, Kornelia Hardes, Gero L. Becker, Torsten Steinmetzer, Hans Brandstetter, Manuel E. Than

133) Nav1.1 Modulation by a Novel Triazole Compound Attenuates Epileptic Seizures in Rodents (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday April 1st 2014
John Gilchrist, Stacey Dutton, Marcelo Diaz-Bustamante, Annie McPherson, Nicolas Olivares, Jeet Kalia, Andrew Escayg, Frank Bosmans

134) Identification and Characterization of an Allosteric Inhibitory Site on Dihydropteroate Synthase (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday March 28th 2014
Dalia I. Hammoudeh, Mihir Date

135) Expanded Cellular Amino Acid Pools Containing Phosphoserine, Phosphothreonine, and Phosphotyrosine (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday March 28th 2014
Justin B. Steinfeld, Hans R. Aerni, Svetlana Rogulina, Yuchen Liu, Jesse Rinehart

136) Synthetic RNA Recognition Motifs That Selectively Recognize HIV-1 Trans-Activation Response Element Hairpin RNA (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday March 26th 2014
Brett D. Blakeley, Brian R. McNaughton

137) Mito-DCA: A Mitochondria Targeted Molecular Scaffold for Efficacious Delivery of Metabolic Modulator Dichloroacetate (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday March 26th 2014
Rakesh K. Pathak, Sean Marrache, Donald A. Harn, Shanta Dhar

138) Optical Control of the Ca2+ Concentration in a Live Specimen with a Genetically Encoded Ca2+-Releasing Molecular Tool (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday March 24th 2014
Noritaka Fukuda, Tomoki Matsuda, Takeharu Nagai

139) A Small Molecule Compound Targeting STAT3 DNA-Binding Domain Inhibits Cancer Cell Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday March 24th 2014
Wei Huang, Zizheng Dong, Fang Wang, Hui Peng, Jing-Yuan Liu, Jian-Ting Zhang

140) Bright Building Blocks for Chemical Biology (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday March 20th 2014
Luke D. Lavis, Ronald T. Raines

141) Teaching (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday March 17th 2014
Tony Velkov, Kade D. Roberts, Roger L. Nation, Jiping Wang, Philip E. Thompson, Jian Li

142) Discovery of a Potent, Covalent BTK Inhibitor for B-Cell Lymphoma (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday March 17th 2014
Hong Wu, Wenchao Wang, Feiyang Liu, Ellen E. Weisberg, Bei Tian, Yongfei Chen, Binhua Li, Aoli Wang, Beilei Wang, Zheng Zhao, Douglas W. McMillin, Chen Hu, Hong Li, Jinhua Wang, Yanke Liang, Sara J. Buhrlage, Junting Liang, Jing Liu, Guang Yang, Jennifer R. Brown, Steven P. Treon, Constantine S. Mitsiades, James Griffin, Qingsong Liu, Nathanael S. Gray

143) Genetic Incorporation of Histidine Derivatives Using an Engineered Pyrrolysyl-tRNA Synthetase (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday March 17th 2014
Han Xiao, Francis B. Peters, Peng-Yu Yang, Sean Reed, Johnathan R. Chittuluru, Peter G. Schultz

144) Acetyl-lysine Binding Site of Bromodomain-Containing Protein 4 (BRD4) Interacts with Diverse Kinase Inhibitors (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday March 13th 2014
Stuart W. J. Ember, Jin-Yi Zhu, Sanne H. Olesen, Mathew P. Martin, Andreas Becker, Norbert Berndt, Gunda I. Georg, Ernst Scho

145) Molecular Determinants of a Regulatory Prolyl Isomerization in the Signal Adapter Protein c-CrkII (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday March 11th 2014
Philipp A. M. Schmidpeter, Franz X. Schmid

146) A Structural and Energetic Model for the Slow-Onset Inhibition of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Enoyl-ACP Reductase InhA (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday March 11th 2014
Huei-Jiun Li, Cheng-Tsung Lai, Pan Pan, Weixuan Yu, Nina Liu, Gopal R. Bommineni, Miguel Garcia-Diaz, Carlos Simmerling, Peter J. Tonge

147) Organophosphorus Flame Retardants Inhibit Specific Liver Carboxylesterases and Cause Serum Hypertriglyceridemia (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday March 11th 2014
Patrick J. Morris, Daniel Medina-Cleghorn, Ann Heslin, Sarah M. King, Joseph Orr, Melinda M. Mulvihill, Ronald M. Krauss, Daniel K. Nomura

148) Cyclic Nucleotide Mapping of Hyperpolarization-Activated Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated (HCN) Channels (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday March 7th 2014
Stefan Mo

149) MVAPACK: A Complete Data Handling Package for NMR Metabolomics (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday March 7th 2014
Bradley Worley, Robert Powers

150) Insights into the Biosynthesis of 12-Membered Resorcylic Acid Lactones from Heterologous Production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday March 6th 2014
Yuquan Xu, Tong Zhou, Patricia Espinosa-Artiles, Ying Tang, Jixun Zhan, Istva

151) Selective Ligand Behaviors Provide New Insights into Agonist Activation of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday March 5th 2014
Christopher B. Marotta, Iva Rreza, Henry A. Lester, Dennis A. Dougherty

152) A Key n (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday February 27th 2014
Robert W. Newberry, Ronald T. Raines

153) Imparting Albumin-Binding Affinity to a Human Protein by Mimicking the Contact Surface of a Bacterial Binding Protein (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday February 27th 2014
Satoshi Oshiro, Shinya Honda

154) Efficient Nuclear DNA Cleavage in Human Cancer Cells by Synthetic Bleomycin Mimics (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday February 27th 2014
Qian Li, Monique G.P. van der Wijst, Hinke G. Kazemier, Marianne G. Rots, Gerard Roelfes

155) Molecular Recognition of Epothilones by Microtubules and Tubulin Dimers Revealed by Biochemical and NMR Approaches (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday February 25th 2014
Angeles Canales, Lidia Nieto, Javier Rodri

156) Reaction Mechanism of N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Lyase Revealed by a Combination of Crystallography, QM/MM Simulation, and Mutagenesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday February 21st 2014
Adam D. Daniels, Ivan Campeotto, Marc W. van der Kamp, Amanda H. Bolt, Chi H. Trinh, Simon E. V. Phillips, Arwen R. Pearson, Adam Nelson, Adrian J. Mulholland, Alan Berry

157) Identification of a New Class of Small Molecules That Efficiently Reactivate Latent Epstein (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Nadezhda Tikhmyanova, David C. Schultz, Theresa Lee, Joseph M. Salvino, Paul M. Lieberman

158) Targeting the r(CGG) Repeats That Cause FXTAS with Modularly Assembled Small Molecules and Oligonucleotides (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Tuan Tran, Jessica L. Childs-Disney, Biao Liu, Lirui Guan, Suzanne Rzuczek, Matthew D. Disney

159) Antiviral Activity of an Isatin Derivative via Induction of PERK-Nrf2-Mediated Suppression of Cap-Independent Translation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Huifang M. Zhang, Huanqin Dai, Paul J. Hanson, Huidong Li, Hui Guo, Xin Ye, Maged G. Hemida, Luoqiang Wang, Yaojun Tong, Ye Qiu, Selina Liu, Fengping Wang, Fuhang Song, Buchang Zhang, Jian-Guo Wang, Li-Xin Zhang, Decheng Yang

160) Protein Kinase C (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 19th 2014
Asami Takashima, Brandon English, Zhihong Chen, Juxiang Cao, Rutao Cui, Robert M. Williams, Douglas V. Faller

161) Potent and Selective Small-Molecule Inhibitors of cIAP1/2 Proteins Reveal That the Binding of Smac Mimetics to XIAP BIR3 Is Not Required for Their Effective Induction of Cell Death in Tumor Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 12th 2014
Haiying Sun, Jianfeng Lu, Liu Liu, Chao-Yie Yang, Shaomeng Wang

162) Cruentaren A Binds F1F0 ATP Synthase To Modulate the Hsp90 Protein Folding Machinery (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 12th 2014
Jessica A. Hall, Bhaskar Reddy Kusuma, Gary E. L. Brandt, Brian S. J. Blagg

163) De Novo Design of Self-Assembling Foldamers That Inhibit Heparin (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 12th 2014
Geronda L. Montalvo, Yao Zhang, Trevor M. Young, Michael J. Costanzo, Katie B. Freeman, Jun Wang, Dylan J. Clements, Emma Magavern, Robert W. Kavash, Richard W. Scott, Dahui Liu, William F. DeGrado

164) Heparinoids Activate a Protease, Secreted by Mucosa and Tumors, via Tethering Supplemented by Allostery (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 12th 2014
Yan G. Fulcher, Raghavendar Reddy Sanganna Gari, Nathan C. Frey, Fuming Zhang, Robert J. Linhardt, Gavin M. King, Steven R. Van Doren

165) Novel Inhibitors of Human DOPA Decarboxylase Extracted from Euonymus glabra Roxb. (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 12th 2014
Jie Ren, Yuanyuan Zhang, Huizi Jin, Jing Yu, Yueyang Zhou, Fang Wu, Weidong Zhang

166) Epitope Recognition of Antibodies against a Yersinia pestis Lipopolysaccharide Trisaccharide Component (ACS Chemical Biology) Saturday February 8th 2014
Felix Broecker, Jonas Aretz, You Yang, Jonas Hanske, Xiaoqiang Guo, Anika Reinhardt, Annette Wahlbrink, Christoph Rademacher, Chakkumkal Anish, Peter H. Seeberger

167) Unsaturated Macrocyclic Dihydroxamic Acid Siderophores Produced by Shewanella putrefaciens Using Precursor-Directed Biosynthesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday February 5th 2014
Cho Z. Soe, Rachel Codd

168) Characterization of Intracellular Regions in the Human Serotonin Transporter for Phosphorylation Sites (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday February 3rd 2014
Lena S

169) Finding the Right (Bioorthogonal) Chemistry (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 30th 2014
David M. Patterson, Lidia A. Nazarova, Jennifer A. Prescher

170) Structure Determinants for the Substrate Specificity of Acyl-CoA (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 30th 2014
Dauenpen Meesapyodsuk, Xiao Qiu

171) A Fluorogenic Probe for SNAP-Tagged Plasma Membrane Proteins Based on the Solvatochromic Molecule Nile Red (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 30th 2014
Efthymia Prifti, Luc Reymond, Miwa Umebayashi, Ruud Hovius, Howard Riezman, Kai Johnsson

172) A FluoPol-ABPP PAD2 High-Throughput Screen Identifies the First Calcium Site Inhibitor Targeting the PADs (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Daniel M. Lewallen, Kevin L. Bicker, Franck Madoux, Peter Chase, Lynne Anguish, Scott Coonrod, Peter Hodder, Paul R. Thompson

173) Genetic Incorporation of Seven ortho-Substituted Phenylalanine Derivatives (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 28th 2014
Jeffery M. Tharp, Yane-Shih Wang, Yan-Jiun Lee, Yanyan Yang, Wenshe R. Liu

174) Role of tRNA Orthogonality in an Expanded Genetic Code (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Tsotne Javahishvili, Anthony Manibusan, Shaila Srinagesh, Darin Lee, Semsi Ensari, Mark Shimazu, Peter G. Schultz

175) Molecular Vehicles for Mitochondrial Chemical Biology and Drug Delivery (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 23rd 2014
Sae Rin Jean, David V. Tulumello, Simon P. Wisnovsky, Eric K. Lei, Mark P. Pereira, Shana O. Kelley

176) Proteomic Profiling of Nitrosative Stress: Protein S-Oxidation Accompanies S-Nitrosylation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 22nd 2014
Yue-Ting Wang, Sujeewa C. Piyankarage, David L. Williams, Gregory R. J. Thatcher

177) Isoform-Selective Disruption of AKAP-Localized PKA Using Hydrocarbon Stapled Peptides (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 22nd 2014
Yuxiao Wang, Tienhuei G. Ho, Daniela Bertinetti, Matthias Neddermann, Eugen Franz, Gary C. H. Mo, Lewis P. Schendowich, Avinash Sukhu, Raybun C. Spelts, Jin Zhang, Friedrich W. Herberg, Eileen J. Kennedy

178) Actin Controls the Vesicular Fraction of Dopamine Released During Extended Kiss and Run Exocytosis (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 21st 2014

179) NMR Structure of the S-Linked Glycopeptide Sublancin 168 (ACS Chemical Biology) Saturday January 18th 2014
Chantal V. Garcia De Gonzalo, Lingyang Zhu, Trent J. Oman, Wilfred A. van der Donk

180) Discovery of Highly Potent p53-MDM2 Antagonists and Structural Basis for Anti-Acute Myeloid Leukemia Activities (ACS Chemical Biology) Saturday January 18th 2014
Yijun Huang, Siglinde Wolf, Barbara Beck, Lisa-Maria Ko

181) First Site-Specific Incorporation of a Noncanonical Amino Acid into the Photosynthetic Oxygen-Evolving Complex (ACS Chemical Biology) Saturday January 18th 2014
Adam R. Offenbacher, Cynthia V. Pagba, Brandon C. Polander, Udita Brahmachari, Bridgette A. Barry

182) Single Molecule Activity Measurements of Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase Reveal the Existence of Two Discrete Functional States (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 17th 2014
Tomas Laursen, Aparajita Singha, Nicolai Rantzau, Marijonas Tutkus, Jonas Borch, Per Hedega

183) Genetically Engineered Photoinducible Homodimerization System with Improved Dimer-Forming Efficiency (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 17th 2014
Yuta Nihongaki, Hideyuki Suzuki, Fuun Kawano, Moritoshi Sato

184) Colloidal Drug Formulations Can Explain (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 15th 2014
Shawn C. Owen, Allison K. Doak, Ahil N. Ganesh, Lyudmila Nedyalkova, Christopher K. McLaughlin, Brian K. Shoichet, Molly S. Shoichet

185) Development of Accessible Peptidic Tool Compounds To Study the Phosphatase PTP1B in Intact Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 15th 2014
Christoph Meyer, Birgit Hoeger, Koen Temmerman, Marianna Tatarek-Nossol, Vivian Pogenberg, Ju

186) A Novel Indirect Sequence Readout Component in the E. coli Cyclic AMP Receptor Protein Operator (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 14th 2014

187) Analysis of Amyloid Nanostructures Using Photo-cross-linking: In Situ Comparison of Three Widely Used Photo-cross-linkers (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 14th 2014
George W. Preston, Sheena E. Radford, Alison. E. Ashcroft, Andrew J. Wilson

188) An Unusual Interstrand H-Bond Stabilizes the Heteroassembly of Helical (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 10th 2014
Elisabeth K. Nyakatura, Raheleh Rezaei Araghi, Je

189) Structural Basis of Mos1 Transposase Inhibition by the Anti-retroviral Drug Raltegravir (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 10th 2014
Urszula M. Wolkowicz, Elizabeth R. Morris, Michael Robson, Maryia Trubitsyna, Julia M. Richardson

190) Comparison of Cancer Cell Survival Triggered by Microtubule Damage after Turning Dyrk1B Kinase On and Off (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 8th 2014
Liwen Li, Yin Liu, Qiu Zhang, Hongyu Zhou, Yi Zhang, Bing Yan

191) Small Molecules Targeting in Vivo Tissue Regeneration (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 7th 2014
Daniel La

192) Using Unnatural Amino Acid Mutagenesis To Probe the Regulation of PRMT1 (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday January 6th 2014
Heather L. Rust, Venkataraman Subramanian, Graham M. West, Douglas D. Young, Peter G. Schultz, Paul R. Thompson

193) Small Molecules for Cell Reprogramming and Heart Repair: Progress and Perspective (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday January 6th 2014
Min Xie, Nan Cao, Sheng Ding

194) Quinine Dimers Are Potent Inhibitors of the Plasmodium falciparum Chloroquine Resistance Transporter and Are Active against Quinoline-Resistant P. falciparum (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday January 6th 2014
Christine A. Hrycyna, Robert L. Summers, Adele M. Lehane, Marcos M. Pires, Hilda Namanja, Kelsey Bohn, Jerrin Kuriakose, Michael Ferdig, Philipp P. Henrich, David A. Fidock, Kiaran Kirk, Jean Chmielewski, Rowena E. Martin

195) Distinct BimBH3 (BimSAHB) Stapled Peptides for Structural and Cellular Studies (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 3rd 2014
Greg H. Bird, Evripidis Gavathiotis, James L. LaBelle, Samuel G. Katz, Loren D. Walensky

196) Identification and Validation of Cryptochrome Inhibitors That Modulate the Molecular Circadian Clock (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 3rd 2014
Sung Kook Chun, Jaebong Jang, Sooyoung Chung, Hwayoung Yun, Nam-Jung Kim, Jong-Wha Jung, Gi Hoon Son, Young-Ger Suh, Kyungjin Kim

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