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1) Chemoproteomic Profiling of Acetanilide Herbicides Reveals Their Role in Inhibiting Fatty Acid Oxidation (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 20th 2017
Jessica L. Counihan, Megan Duckering, Esha Dalvie, Wan-min Ku, Leslie A. Bateman, Karl J. Fisher, Daniel K. Nomura

2) Biosynthesis of the Methylthioxylose Capping Motif of Lipoarabinomannan in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 20th 2017
Shiva kumar Angala, Michael R. McNeil, Libin Shi, Maju Joe, Ha Pham, Sophie Zuberogoitia, Je

3) Deciphering the Functions of Protein O-GlcNAcylation with Chemistry (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 19th 2017
Matthew Worth, Hao Li, Jiaoyang Jiang

4) An Engineered Allele of afsQ1 Facilitates the Discovery and Investigation of Cryptic Natural Products (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 19th 2017
Martin Daniel-Ivad, Nabeela Hameed, Stephanie Tan, Rachna Dhanjal, Daniel Socko, Patricia Pak, Tomas Gverzdys, Marie A. Elliot, Justin R. Nodwell

5) Extensive Turnover of Compatible Solutes in Cyanobacteria Revealed by Deuterium Oxide (D2O) Stable Isotope Probing (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 18th 2017
Richard Baran, Rebecca Lau, Benjamin P. Bowen, Spencer Diamond, Nick Jose, Ferran Garcia-Pichel, Trent R. Northen

6) Fluorescent Branched RNAs for High-Throughput Analysis of Dbr1 Enzyme Kinetics and Inhibition (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 18th 2017
Adam Katolik, Nathaniel E. Clark, Nobuhiro Tago, Eric J. Montemayor, P. John Hart, Masad J. Damha

7) Hepta-Mutant Staphylococcus aureus Sortase A (SrtA7m) as a Tool for in Vivo Protein Labeling in Caenorhabditis elegans (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 18th 2017
Qin Wu, Hidde L. Ploegh, Matthias C. Truttmann

8) Arylsulfatase K is the Lysosomal 2-Sulfoglucuronate Sulfatase (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 17th 2017
Omkar P. Dhamale, Roger Lawrence, Elena M. Wiegmann, Bhahwal A. Shah, Kanar Al-Mafraji, William C. Lamanna, Torben Lu

9) Inactivation of the Nuclear Orphan Receptor COUP-TFII by Small Chemicals (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 13th 2017

10) Two Flavoenzymes Catalyze the Post-Translational Generation of 5-Chlorotryptophan and 2-Aminovinyl-Cysteine during NAI-107 Biosynthesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 13th 2017
Manuel A. Ortega, Dillon P. Cogan, Subha Mukherjee, Neha Garg, Bo Li, Gabrielle N. Thibodeaux, Sonia I. Maffioli, Stefano Donadio, Margherita Sosio, Jerome Escano, Leif Smith, Satish K. Nair, Wilfred A. van der Donk

11) An Allosteric Inhibitor Scaffold Targeting the PIF-Pocket of Atypical Protein Kinase C Isoforms (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 13th 2017
Jose M. Arencibia, Wolfgang Fro

12) Development of an Azoreductase-based Reporter System with Synthetic Fluorogenic Substrates (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 13th 2017
Narae Shin, Kenjiro Hanaoka, Wen Piao, Takuya Miyakawa, Tomotsumi Fujisawa, Satoshi Takeuchi, Shodai Takahashi, Toru Komatsu, Tasuku Ueno, Takuya Terai, Tahei Tahara, Masaru Tanokura, Tetsuo Nagano, Yasuteru Urano

13) Structural and Functional Basis of C-Methylation of Coumarin Scaffolds by NovO (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 13th 2017
Joanna C. Sadler, Chun-wa H. Chung, Julie E. Mosley, Glenn A. Burley, Luke D. Humphreys

14) A Highly Promiscuous (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 12th 2017
Mostafa E. Abugrain, Corey J. Brumsted, Andrew R. Osborn, Benjamin Philmus, Taifo Mahmud

15) Chemical Modifications to RNA: A New Layer of Gene Expression Regulation (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 12th 2017
Jinghui Song, Chengqi Yi

16) Development of Autologous C5 Vaccine Nanoparticles to Reduce Intravascular Hemolysis in Vivo (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday January 12th 2017
Lingjun Zhang, Wen Qiu, Stephen Crooke, Yan Li, Areeba Abid, Bin Xu, M.G. Finn, Feng Lin

17) Global N-Glycan Site Occupancy of HIV-1 gp120 by Metabolic Engineering and High-Resolution Intact Mass Spectrometry (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday January 9th 2017
Weston B. Struwe, Alexandra Stuckmann, Anna-Janina Behrens, Kevin Pagel, Max Crispin

18) N@a and N@d: Oligomer and Partner Specification by Asparagine in Coiled-Coil Interfaces (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday January 9th 2017
Jordan M. Fletcher, Gail J. Bartlett, Aimee L. Boyle, Jonathan J. Danon, Laura E. Rush, Andrei N. Lupas, Derek N. Woolfson

19) Iterative Focused Screening with Biological Fingerprints Identifies Selective Asc-1 Inhibitors Distinct from Traditional High Throughput Screening (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday January 6th 2017
Peter S. Kutchukian, Lee Warren, Brian C. Magliaro, Adam Amoss, Jason A. Cassaday, Gregory O

20) Duration Control of Protein Expression in Vivo by Light-Mediated Reversible Activation of Translation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday January 4th 2017
Shinzi Ogasawara

21) Profiling Protease Specificity: Combining Yeast ER Sequestration Screening (YESS) with Next Generation Sequencing (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 3rd 2017
Qing Li, Li Yi, Kam Hon Hoi, Peter Marek, George Georgiou, Brent L. Iverson

22) Translocation of an Intracellular Protein via Peptide-Directed Ligation (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday January 3rd 2017
Christiane Stiller, Dennis M. Kru

23) A Photoactivatable Innate Immune Receptor for Optogenetic Inflammation (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 29th 2016
Brittany A. Moser, Aaron P. Esser-Kahn

24) Exploring the Structural Compliancy versus Specificity of the Estrogen Receptor Using Isomeric Three-Dimensional Ligands (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 29th 2016
Naina Sharma, Kathryn E. Carlson, Jerome C. Nwachukwu, Sathish Srinivasan, Abhishek Sharma, Kendall W. Nettles, John A. Katzenellenbogen

25) Kinetic Isotope Effects and Transition State Structure for Human Phenylethanolamine N-Methyltransferase (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 28th 2016
Christopher F. Stratton, Myles B. Poulin, Quan Du, Vern L. Schramm

26) Trapping Reactions of the Sulfenyl and Sulfinyl Tautomers of Sulfenic Acids (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 28th 2016
Murugaeson R. Kumar, Patrick J. Farmer

27) Identification of the Ferric-Acinetobactin Outer Membrane Receptor in Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida and Structure (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 28th 2016
Miguel Balado, Yuri Segade, Diego Rey, Carlos R. Osorio, Jaime Rodri

28) Characterization of Two Late-Stage Enzymes Involved in Fosfomycin Biosynthesis in Pseudomonads (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 27th 2016
Philip Olivares, Emily C. Ulrich, Jonathan R. Chekan, Wilfred A. van der Donk, Satish K. Nair

29) hBfl-1/hNOXA Interaction Studies Provide New Insights on the Role of Bfl-1 in Cancer Cell Resistance and for the Design of Novel Anticancer Agents (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 27th 2016
Elisa Barile, Guya D. Marconi, Surya K. De, Carlo Baggio, Luca Gambini, Ahmed F. Salem, Manoj K. Kashyap, Januario E. Castro, Thomas J. Kipps, Maurizio Pellecchia

30) Heat Capacity Changes for Transition-State Analogue Binding and Catalysis with Human 5 (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 27th 2016
Ross S. Firestone, Scott A. Cameron, Jerome M. Karp, Vickery L. Arcus, Vern L. Schramm

31) Rapid Chagas Disease Drug Target Discovery Using Directed Evolution in Drug-Sensitive Yeast (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 23rd 2016
Sabine Ottilie, Gregory M. Goldgof, Claudia Magalhaes Calvet, Gareth K. Jennings, Greg LaMonte, Jake Schenken, Edgar Vigil, Prianka Kumar, Laura-Isobel McCall, Eduardo Soares Constantino Lopes, Felicia Gunawan, Jennifer Yang, Yo Suzuki, Jair L. Siqueira-Neto, James H. McKerrow, Rommie E. Amaro, Larissa M. Podust, Jacob D. Durrant, Elizabeth A. Winzeler

32) Discovery of Inhibitors of MicroRNA-21 Processing Using Small Molecule Microarrays (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 23rd 2016
Colleen M. Connelly, Robert E. Boer, Michelle H. Moon, Peter Gareiss, John S. Schneekloth

33) The GLO1 Gene Is Required for Full Activity of O-Acetyl Homoserine Sulfhydrylase Encoded by MET17 (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 22nd 2016
Matias I. Kinzurik, Kien Ly, Karine M. David, Richard C. Gardner, Bruno Fedrizzi

34) A Rationally Designed, General Strategy for Membrane Orientation of Photoinduced Electron Transfer-Based Voltage-Sensitive Dyes (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 22nd 2016
Rishikesh U. Kulkarni, Hang Yin, Narges Pourmandi, Feroz James, Maroof M. Adil, David V. Schaffer, Yi Wang, Evan W. Miller

35) Proteoform-Specific Protein Binding of Small Molecules in Complex Matrices (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 21st 2016
Geuncheol Gil, Pan Mao, Bharathi Avula, Zulfiqar Ali, Amar G. Chittiboyina, Ikhlas A. Khan, Larry A. Walker, Daojing Wang

36) Mechanism of the Spontaneous and Directional Membrane Insertion of a 2-Transmembrane Ion Channel (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 21st 2016
Steffen Altrichter, Maximilian Haase, Belinda Loh, Andreas Kuhn, Sebastian Leptihn

37) Heparin-Promoted Cellular Uptake of the Cell-Penetrating Glycosaminoglycan Binding Peptide, GBPECP, Depends on a Single Tryptophan (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 21st 2016
Li-Chun Hung, Ingjye Jiang, Chien-Jung Chen, Jia-Yin Lu, Yi-Fen Hsieh, Ping-Hsieh Kuo, Yi-Lin Hung, Lily Hui-Ching Wang, Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang, Shih-Che Sue

38) SIRT7 Is an RNA-Activated Protein Lysine Deacylase (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 20th 2016
Zhen Tong, Miao Wang, Yi Wang, David D. Kim, Jennifer K. Grenier, Ji Cao, Sushabhan Sadhukhan, Quan Hao, Hening Lin

39) Engineering High Affinity Protein (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 20th 2016
Sungwon Lim, Bob Chen, Mihalis S. Kariolis, Ivan K. Dimov, Thomas M. Baer, Jennifer R. Cochran

40) Engineering Cyclohexanone Monooxygenase for the Production of Methyl Propanoate (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 20th 2016
Hugo L. van Beek, Elvira Romero, Marco W. Fraaije

41) Lipidomics Characterization of Biosynthetic and Remodeling Pathways of Cardiolipins in Genetically and Nutritionally Manipulated Yeast Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 16th 2016
Yulia Y. Tyurina, Wenjia Lou, Feng Qu, Vladimir A Tyurin, Dariush Mohammadyani, Jenney Liu, Maik Hu

42) Internal Structure and Preferential Protein Binding of Colloidal Aggregates (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 16th 2016
Da Duan, Hayarpi Torosyan, Daniel Elnatan, Christopher K. McLaughlin, Jennifer Logie, Molly S. Shoichet, David A. Agard, Brian K. Shoichet

43) A Look into the Biochemistry of Magnetosome Biosynthesis in Magnetotactic Bacteria (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 16th 2016
Shiran Barber-Zucker, Raz Zarivach

44) LSD1 Substrate Binding and Gene Expression Are Affected by HDAC1-Mediated Deacetylation (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 15th 2016
Dhanusha A. Nalawansha, Mary Kay H. Pflum

45) Elucidating the Origin of Long Residence Time Binding for Inhibitors of the Metalloprotease Thermolysin (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 13th 2016
Jonathan Cramer, Stefan G. Krimmer, Veronica Fridh, Tobias Wulsdorf, Robert Karlsson, Andreas Heine, Gerhard Klebe

46) Transformation of the Non-Selective Aminocyclohexanol-Based Hsp90 Inhibitor into a Grp94-Seletive Scaffold (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 13th 2016
Sanket J. Mishra, Suman Ghosh, Andrew R. Stothert, Chad A. Dickey, Brian S. J. Blagg

47) High-throughput Identification of DNA-Encoded IgG Ligands that Distinguish Active and Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infections (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 13th 2016
Kimberly R. Mendes, Marie Lynne Malone, John Maina Ndungu, Irena Suponitsky-Kroyter, Valerie J. Cavett, Patrick J. McEnaney, Andrew B. MacConnell, Todd. M. Doran, Katharina Ronacher, Kim Stanley, Ofelia Utset, Gerhard Walzl, Brian M. Paegel, Thomas Kodadek

48) A Chemical Biology Solution to Problems with Studying Biologically Important but Unstable 9-O-Acetyl Sialic Acids (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 12th 2016
Zahra Khedri, An Xiao, Hai Yu, Corinna Susanne Landig, Wanqing Li, Sandra Diaz, Brian R. Wasik, Colin R. Parrish, Lee-Ping Wang, Ajit Varki, Xi Chen

49) Probing the Binding Interfaces of Histone-Aptamer by Photo Cross-Linking Mass Spectrometry (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 12th 2016
Congcong Lu, Shanshan Tian, Guijin Zhai, Zuofei Yuan, Yijun Li, Xiwen He, Yukui Zhang, Kai Zhang

50) Cell-Density Dependence of Host-Defense Peptide Activity and Selectivity in the Presence of Host Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 9th 2016
Filippo Savini, Vincenzo Luca, Alessio Bocedi, Renato Massoud, Yoonkyung Park, Maria Luisa Mangoni, Lorenzo Stella

51) Catalytic Promiscuity of O-GlcNAc Transferase Enables Unexpected Metabolic Engineering of Cytoplasmic Proteins with 2-Azido-2-deoxy-glucose (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 9th 2016
David L. Shen, Ta-Wei Liu, Wesley Zandberg, Tom Clark, Razieh Eskandari, Matthew G. Alteen, Hong Yee Tan, Yanping Zhu, Samy Cecioni, David Vocadlo

52) Histone Ketoamide Adduction by 4-Oxo-2-nonenal Is a Reversible Posttranslational Modification Regulated by Sirt2 (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 7th 2016
Yiwen Cui, Xin Li, Jianwei Lin, Quan Hao, Xiang David Li

53) Live Cell Imaging of Endogenous mRNA Using RNA-Based Fluorescence (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 7th 2016
Wei Qiang Ong, Y. Rose Citron, Sayaka Sekine, Bo Huang

54) Assigning the Algal Source of Dimethylsulfide Using a Selective Lyase Inhibitor (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 6th 2016
Uria Alcolombri, Lei Lei, Diana Meltzer, Assaf Vardi, Dan S. Tawfik

55) What Can We Learn from Bioactivity Data? Chemoinformatics Tools and Applications in Chemical Biology Research (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 5th 2016
Lina Humbeck, Oliver Koch

56) Disruption of Mycobacterial AftB Results in Complete Loss of Terminal (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 5th 2016
Monika Jankute, Luke J. Alderwick, Stephan Noack, Natacha Veerapen, Je

57) Observing Biosynthetic Activity Utilizing Next Generation Sequencing and the DNA Linked Enzyme Coupled Assay (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 5th 2016
Markus de Raad, Cyrus Modavi, David J. Sukovich, J. Christopher Anderson

58) Simultaneous Targeting of NPC1 and VDAC1 by Itraconazole Leads to Synergistic Inhibition of mTOR Signaling and Angiogenesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 2nd 2016
Sarah A. Head, Wei Q. Shi, Eun Ju Yang, Benjamin A. Nacev, Sam Y. Hong, Kalyan K. Pasunooti, Ruo-Jing Li, Joong Sup Shim, Jun O. Liu

59) Mapping the Phosphorylation Pattern of Drosophila melanogaster RNA Polymerase II Carboxyl-Terminal Domain Using Ultraviolet Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 1st 2016
Joshua E. Mayfield, Michelle R. Robinson, Victoria C. Cotham, Seema Irani, Wendy L. Matthews, Anjana Ram, David S. Gilmour, Joe R. Cannon, Yan Jessie Zhang, Jennifer S. Brodbelt

60) Sudemycin K: A Synthetic Antitumor Splicing Inhibitor Variant with Improved Activity and Versatile Chemistry (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 1st 2016
Kamil Makowski, Luisa Vigevani, Fernando Albericio, Juan Valca

61) Phenotypic Screen for Cardiac Regeneration Identifies Molecules with Differential Activity in Human Epicardium-Derived Cells versus Cardiac Fibroblasts (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Amalia I. Paunovic, Lauren Drowley, Anneli Nordqvist, Elke Ericson, Elizabeth Mouchet, Anna Jonebring, Gunnar Gro

62) Structure and Function of a C (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Guohui Pan, Xiaoqin Gao, Keqiang Fan, Junlin Liu, Bing Meng, Jinmin Gao, Bin Wang, Chaobo Zhang, Hui Han, Guomin Ai, Yihua Chen, Dong Wu, Zhi-Jie Liu, Keqian Yang

63) Genome Mining of Amino Group Carrier Protein-Mediated Machinery: Discovery and Biosynthetic Characterization of a Natural Product with Unique Hydrazone Unit (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Kenichi Matsuda, Fumihito Hasebe, Yuh Shiwa, Yu Kanesaki, Takeo Tomita, Hirofumi Yoshikawa, Kazuo Shin-ya, Tomohisa Kuzuyama, Makoto Nishiyama

64) An Advance in Prescription Opioid Vaccines: Overdose Mortality Reduction and Extraordinary Alteration of Drug Half-Life (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Atsushi Kimishima, Cody J. Wenthur, Bin Zhou, Kim D. Janda

65) Inversion of Extender Unit Selectivity in the Erythromycin Polyketide Synthase by Acyltransferase Domain Engineering (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Irina Koryakina, Christian Kasey, John B. McArthur, Andrew N. Lowell, Joseph A. Chemler, Shasha Li, Douglas A. Hansen, David H. Sherman, Gavin J. Williams

66) Complete Tetrasaccharide Repeat Unit Biosynthesis of the Immunomodulatory Bacteroides fragilis Capsular Polysaccharide A (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 28th 2016
Sunita Sharma, Katelyn M. Erickson, Jerry M. Troutman

67) Targeting NF- (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 28th 2016
John C. Widen, Aaron M. Kempema, Peter W. Villalta, Daniel A. Harki

68) Structure Based Substrate Specificity Analysis of Heparan Sulfate 6-O-Sulfotransferases (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 23rd 2016
Yongmei Xu, Andrea F. Moon, Shuqin Xu, Juno M. Krahn, Jian Liu, Lars C. Pedersen

69) Activation Pathway of a Nucleoside Analog Inhibiting Respiratory Syncytial Virus Polymerase (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 22nd 2016
Paul C. Jordan, Sarah K. Stevens, Yuen Tam, Ryan P. Pemberton, Shuvam Chaudhuri, Antitsa D. Stoycheva, Natalia Dyatkina, Guangyi Wang, Julian A. Symons, Jerome Deval, Leo Beigelman

70) An Effective Bacterial Fucosidase for Glycoprotein Remodeling (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday November 18th 2016
Tsung-I Tsai, Shiou-Ting Li, Chiu-Ping Liu, Karen Y. Chen, Sachin S. Shivatare, Chin-Wei Lin, Shih-Fen Liao, Chih-Wei Lin, Tsui-Ling Hsu, Ying-Ta Wu, Ming-Hung Tsai, Meng-Yu Lai, Nan-Horng Lin, Chung-Yi Wu, Chi-Huey Wong

71) A Malaria Transmission-Blocking (+)-Usnic Acid Derivative Prevents Plasmodium Zygote-to-Ookinete Maturation in the Mosquito Midgut (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 17th 2016
Rebecca Pastrana-Mena, Derrick K. Mathias, Michael Delves, Krithika Rajaram, Jonas G. King, Rebecca Yee, Beatrice Trucchi, Luisella Verotta, Rhoel R. Dinglasan

72) Elucidating the Rimosamide-Detoxin Natural Product Families and Their Biosynthesis Using Metabolite/Gene Cluster Correlations (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 15th 2016
Ryan A. McClure, Anthony W. Goering, Kou-San Ju, Joshua A. Baccile, Frank C. Schroeder, William W. Metcalf, Regan J. Thomson, Neil. L Kelleher

73) Probing the Catalytic Charge-Relay System in Alanine Racemase with Genetically Encoded Histidine Mimetics (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 15th 2016
Vangmayee Sharma, Yane-Shih Wang, Wenshe R. Liu

74) A Cell-Permeable Biscyclooctyne As a Novel Probe for the Identification of Protein Sulfenic Acids (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday November 11th 2016
David J. McGarry, Maria M. Shchepinova, Sergio Lilla, Richard C. Hartley, Michael F. Olson

75) Interrogating Key Positions of Size-Reduced TALE Repeats Reveals a Programmable Sensor of 5-Carboxylcytosine (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 10th 2016
Sara Maurer, Mario Giess, Oliver Koch, Daniel Summerer

76) Discovery of a JAK3-Selective Inhibitor: Functional Differentiation of JAK3-Selective Inhibition over pan-JAK or JAK1-Selective Inhibition (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 10th 2016
Jean-Baptiste Telliez, Martin E. Dowty, Lu Wang, Jason Jussif, Tsung Lin, Li Li, Erick Moy, Paul Balbo, Wei Li, Yajuan Zhao, Kimberly Crouse, Caitlyn Dickinson, Peter Symanowicz, Martin Hegen, Mary Ellen Banker, Fabien Vincent, Ray Unwalla, Sidney Liang, Adam M. Gilbert, Matthew F. Brown, Matthew Hayward, Justin Montgomery, Xin Yang, Jonathan Bauman, John I. Trujillo, Agustin Casimiro-Garcia, Felix F. Vajdos, Louis Leung, Kieran F. Geoghegan, Amira Quazi, Dejun Xuan, Lyn Jones, Erik Hett, Katherine Wright, James D. Clark, Atli Thorarensen

77) ATP Recycling with Cell Lysate for Enzyme-Catalyzed Chemical Synthesis, Protein Expression and PCR (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 10th 2016
Apostolos Alissandratos, Karine Caron, Thomas D. Loan, James E. Hennessy, Christopher J. Easton

78) Phenyl Glycolipids with Different Glycosyl Groups Exhibit Marked Differences in Murine and Human iNKT Cell Activation (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Tai-Na Wu, Kun-Hsien Lin, Ying-Ta Wu, Jing-Rong Huang, Jung-Tung Hung, Jen-Chine Wu, Chien-Yu Chen, Kuo-Ching Chu, Nan-Horng Lin, Alice L. Yu, Chi-Huey Wong

79) Comprehensive Analysis of a Novel Ketoreductase for Pentangular Polyphenol Biosynthesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Timothy R. Valentic, David R. Jackson, Sean F. Brady, Shiou-Chuan Tsai

80) Native Design of Soluble, Aggregation-Resistant Bioactive Peptides: Chemical Evolution of Human Glucagon (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Piotr A. Mroz, Diego Perez-Tilve, Fa Liu, John P. Mayer, Richard D. DiMarchi

81) Temporal Analysis of PP2A Phosphatase Activity During Insulin Stimulation Using a Direct Activity Probe (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 7th 2016
Jon R. Beck, Tiffany Truong, Cliff I. Stains

82) Host Cell Interactions Are a Significant Barrier to the Clinical Utility of Peptide Antibiotics (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 7th 2016
Charles G. Starr, Jing He, William C. Wimley

83) Chemical Proteomics and Structural Biology Define EPHA2 Inhibition by Clinical Kinase Drugs (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 7th 2016
Stephanie Heinzlmeir, Denis Kudlinzki, Sridhar Sreeramulu, Susan Klaeger, Santosh Lakshmi Gande, Verena Linhard, Mathias Wilhelm, Huichao Qiao, Dominic Helm, Benjamin Ruprecht, Krishna Saxena, Guillaume Me

84) Deciphering Piperidine Formation in Polyketide-Derived Indolizidines Reveals a Thioester Reduction, Transamination, and Unusual Imine Reduction Process (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 3rd 2016
Haidong Peng, Erman Wei, Jiali Wang, Yanan Zhang, Lin Cheng, Hongmin Ma, Zixin Deng, Xudong Qu

85) Nitrilase-Activatable Noncanonical Amino Acid Precursors for Cell-Selective Metabolic Labeling of Proteomes (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 2nd 2016
Zefan Li, Yuntao Zhu, Yuting Sun, Ke Qin, Weibing Liu, Wen Zhou, Xing Chen

86) A TPX2 Proteomimetic Has Enhanced Affinity for Aurora-A Due to Hydrocarbon Stapling of a Helix (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 1st 2016
Yana K. Rennie, Patrick J. McIntyre, Tito Akindele, Richard Bayliss, Andrew G. Jamieson

87) Quantitative Chemical Proteomic Profiling of Ubiquitin Specific Proteases in Intact Cancer Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 31st 2016
Jennifer A. Ward, Lauren McLellan, Martin Stockley, Karl R. Gibson, Gavin A. Whitlock, Charlotte Knights, Jeanine A. Harrigan, Xavier Jacq, Edward W. Tate

88) Molecular Mechanism for Isoform-Selective Inhibition of Acyl Protein Thioesterases 1 and 2 (APT1 and APT2) (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 31st 2016
Sang Joon Won, Dahvid Davda, Kristin J. Labby, Sin Ye Hwang, Rachel Pricer, Jaimeen D. Majmudar, Kira A. Armacost, Laura A. Rodriguez, Christina L. Rodriguez, Fei San Chong, Kristopher A. Torossian, Jasmine Palakurthi, Edward S. Hur, Jennifer L. Meagher, Charles L. Brooks, Jeanne A. Stuckey, Brent R. Martin

89) Development of Rare Bacterial Monosaccharide Analogs for Metabolic Glycan Labeling in Pathogenic Bacteria (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 28th 2016
Emily L. Clark, Madhu Emmadi, Katharine L. Krupp, Ananda R. Podilapu, Jennifer D. Helble, Suvarn S. Kulkarni, Danielle H. Dube

90) Ligand Optimization by Improving Shape Complementarity at a Hepatitis C Virus RNA Target (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 27th 2016
Brian P. Charrette, Mark A. Boerneke, Thomas Hermann

91) Diazo Compounds: Versatile Tools for Chemical Biology (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 26th 2016
Kalie A. Mix, Matthew R. Aronoff, Ronald T. Raines

92) Characterization of Hedgehog Acyltransferase Inhibitors Identifies a Small Molecule Probe for Hedgehog Signaling by Cancer Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 25th 2016
Ursula R. Rodgers, Thomas Lanyon-Hogg, Naoko Masumoto, Markus Ritzefeld, Rosemary Burke, Julian Blagg, Anthony I. Magee, Edward W. Tate

93) Immune Response Modulation of Conjugated Agonists with Changing Linker Length (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 25th 2016
Keun Ah Ryu, Katarzyna Slowinska, Troy Moore, Aaron Esser-Kahn

94) The Plasma Protein Binding Proteome of Ertapenem: A Novel Compound-Centric Proteomic Approach for Elucidating Drug (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 25th 2016
Mark A. Baker, Elena K. Schneider, Johnny X. Huang, Matthew A. Cooper, Jian Li, Tony Velkov

95) Discovery and Characterization of Allosteric WNK Kinase Inhibitors (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 19th 2016
Ken Yamada, Ji-Hu Zhang, Xiaoling Xie, Juergen Reinhardt, Amy Qiongshu Xie, Daniel LaSala, Darcy Kohls, David Yowe, Debra Burdick, Hajime Yoshisue, Hiromichi Wakai, Isabel Schmidt, Jason Gunawan, Kayo Yasoshima, Q. Kimberley Yue, Mitsunori Kato, Muneto Mogi, Neeraja Idamakanti, Natasha Kreder, Peter Drueckes, Pramod Pandey, Toshio Kawanami, Waanjeng Huang, Yukiko I. Yagi, Zhan Deng, Hyi-Man Park

96) Domain Organization and Active Site Architecture of a Polyketide Synthase C-methyltransferase (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 18th 2016
Meredith A. Skiba, Andrew P. Sikkema, William D. Fiers, William H. Gerwick, David H. Sherman, Courtney C. Aldrich, Janet L. Smith

97) Boc3Arg-Linked Ligands Induce Degradation by Localizing Target Proteins to the 20S Proteasome (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 18th 2016
Yuntao Shi, Marcus J.C. Long, Masha M. Rosenberg, Shican Li, Aimee Kobjack, Philip Lessans, Rory T. Coffey, Lizbeth Hedstrom

98) A Unique Mdm2-Binding Mode of the 3-Pyrrolin-2-one- and 2-Furanone-Based Antagonists of the p53-Mdm2 Interaction (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 17th 2016
Ewa Surmiak, Aleksandra Twarda-Clapa, Krzysztof M. Zak, Bogdan Musielak, Marcin D. Tomala, Katarzyna Kubica, Przemyslaw Grudnik, Mariusz Madej, Mateusz Jablonski, Jan Potempa, Justyna Kalinowska-Tluscik, Alexander Do

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