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1) Cell-Density Dependence of Host-Defense Peptide Activity and Selectivity in the Presence of Host Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 9th 2016
Filippo Savini, Vincenzo Luca, Alessio Bocedi, Renato Massoud, Yoonkyung Park, Maria Luisa Mangoni, Lorenzo Stella

2) Catalytic Promiscuity of O-GlcNAc Transferase Enables Unexpected Metabolic Engineering of Cytoplasmic Proteins with 2-Azido-2-deoxy-glucose (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 9th 2016
David L. Shen, Ta-Wei Liu, Wesley Zandberg, Tom Clark, Razieh Eskandari, Matthew G. Alteen, Hong Yee Tan, Yanping Zhu, Samy Cecioni, David Vocadlo

3) Histone Ketoamide Adduction by 4-Oxo-2-nonenal Is a Reversible Posttranslational Modification Regulated by Sirt2 (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 7th 2016
Yiwen Cui, Xin Li, Jianwei Lin, Quan Hao, Xiang David Li

4) Live Cell Imaging of Endogenous mRNA Using RNA-Based Fluorescence (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday December 7th 2016
Wei Qiang Ong, Y. Rose Citron, Sayaka Sekine, Bo Huang

5) Assigning the Algal Source of Dimethylsulfide Using a Selective Lyase Inhibitor (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday December 6th 2016
Uria Alcolombri, Lei Lei, Diana Meltzer, Assaf Vardi, Dan S. Tawfik

6) What Can We Learn from Bioactivity Data? Chemoinformatics Tools and Applications in Chemical Biology Research (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 5th 2016
Lina Humbeck, Oliver Koch

7) Disruption of Mycobacterial AftB Results in Complete Loss of Terminal (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 5th 2016
Monika Jankute, Luke J. Alderwick, Stephan Noack, Natacha Veerapen, Je

8) Observing Biosynthetic Activity Utilizing Next Generation Sequencing and the DNA Linked Enzyme Coupled Assay (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday December 5th 2016
Markus de Raad, Cyrus Modavi, David J. Sukovich, J. Christopher Anderson

9) Simultaneous Targeting of NPC1 and VDAC1 by Itraconazole Leads to Synergistic Inhibition of mTOR Signaling and Angiogenesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday December 2nd 2016
Sarah A. Head, Wei Q. Shi, Eun Ju Yang, Benjamin A. Nacev, Sam Y. Hong, Kalyan K. Pasunooti, Ruo-Jing Li, Joong Sup Shim, Jun O. Liu

10) Mapping the Phosphorylation Pattern of Drosophila melanogaster RNA Polymerase II Carboxyl-Terminal Domain Using Ultraviolet Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 1st 2016
Joshua E. Mayfield, Michelle R. Robinson, Victoria C. Cotham, Seema Irani, Wendy L. Matthews, Anjana Ram, David S. Gilmour, Joe R. Cannon, Yan Jessie Zhang, Jennifer S. Brodbelt

11) Sudemycin K: A Synthetic Antitumor Splicing Inhibitor Variant with Improved Activity and Versatile Chemistry (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday December 1st 2016
Kamil Makowski, Luisa Vigevani, Fernando Albericio, Juan Valca

12) Phenotypic Screen for Cardiac Regeneration Identifies Molecules with Differential Activity in Human Epicardium-Derived Cells versus Cardiac Fibroblasts (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Amalia I. Paunovic, Lauren Drowley, Anneli Nordqvist, Elke Ericson, Elizabeth Mouchet, Anna Jonebring, Gunnar Gro

13) Structure and Function of a C (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Guohui Pan, Xiaoqin Gao, Keqiang Fan, Junlin Liu, Bing Meng, Jinmin Gao, Bin Wang, Chaobo Zhang, Hui Han, Guomin Ai, Yihua Chen, Dong Wu, Zhi-Jie Liu, Keqian Yang

14) Genome Mining of Amino Group Carrier Protein-Mediated Machinery: Discovery and Biosynthetic Characterization of a Natural Product with Unique Hydrazone Unit (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 30th 2016
Kenichi Matsuda, Fumihito Hasebe, Yuh Shiwa, Yu Kanesaki, Takeo Tomita, Hirofumi Yoshikawa, Kazuo Shin-ya, Tomohisa Kuzuyama, Makoto Nishiyama

15) An Advance in Prescription Opioid Vaccines: Overdose Mortality Reduction and Extraordinary Alteration of Drug Half-Life (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Atsushi Kimishima, Cody J. Wenthur, Bin Zhou, Kim D. Janda

16) Inversion of Extender Unit Selectivity in the Erythromycin Polyketide Synthase by Acyltransferase Domain Engineering (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 29th 2016
Irina Koryakina, Christian Kasey, John B. McArthur, Andrew N. Lowell, Joseph A. Chemler, Shasha Li, Douglas A. Hansen, David H. Sherman, Gavin J. Williams

17) Complete Tetrasaccharide Repeat Unit Biosynthesis of the Immunomodulatory Bacteroides fragilis Capsular Polysaccharide A (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 28th 2016
Sunita Sharma, Katelyn M. Erickson, Jerry M. Troutman

18) Targeting NF- (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 28th 2016
John C. Widen, Aaron M. Kempema, Peter W. Villalta, Daniel A. Harki

19) Structure Based Substrate Specificity Analysis of Heparan Sulfate 6-O-Sulfotransferases (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 23rd 2016
Yongmei Xu, Andrea F. Moon, Shuqin Xu, Juno M. Krahn, Jian Liu, Lars C. Pedersen

20) Activation Pathway of a Nucleoside Analog Inhibiting Respiratory Syncytial Virus Polymerase (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 22nd 2016
Paul C. Jordan, Sarah K. Stevens, Yuen Tam, Ryan P. Pemberton, Shuvam Chaudhuri, Antitsa D. Stoycheva, Natalia Dyatkina, Guangyi Wang, Julian A. Symons, Jerome Deval, Leo Beigelman

21) An Effective Bacterial Fucosidase for Glycoprotein Remodeling (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday November 18th 2016
Tsung-I Tsai, Shiou-Ting Li, Chiu-Ping Liu, Karen Y. Chen, Sachin S. Shivatare, Chin-Wei Lin, Shih-Fen Liao, Chih-Wei Lin, Tsui-Ling Hsu, Ying-Ta Wu, Ming-Hung Tsai, Meng-Yu Lai, Nan-Horng Lin, Chung-Yi Wu, Chi-Huey Wong

22) A Malaria Transmission-Blocking (+)-Usnic Acid Derivative Prevents Plasmodium Zygote-to-Ookinete Maturation in the Mosquito Midgut (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 17th 2016
Rebecca Pastrana-Mena, Derrick K. Mathias, Michael Delves, Krithika Rajaram, Jonas G. King, Rebecca Yee, Beatrice Trucchi, Luisella Verotta, Rhoel R. Dinglasan

23) Elucidating the Rimosamide-Detoxin Natural Product Families and Their Biosynthesis Using Metabolite/Gene Cluster Correlations (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 15th 2016
Ryan A. McClure, Anthony W. Goering, Kou-San Ju, Joshua A. Baccile, Frank C. Schroeder, William W. Metcalf, Regan J. Thomson, Neil. L Kelleher

24) Probing the Catalytic Charge-Relay System in Alanine Racemase with Genetically Encoded Histidine Mimetics (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 15th 2016
Vangmayee Sharma, Yane-Shih Wang, Wenshe R. Liu

25) A Cell-Permeable Biscyclooctyne As a Novel Probe for the Identification of Protein Sulfenic Acids (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday November 11th 2016
David J. McGarry, Maria M. Shchepinova, Sergio Lilla, Richard C. Hartley, Michael F. Olson

26) Interrogating Key Positions of Size-Reduced TALE Repeats Reveals a Programmable Sensor of 5-Carboxylcytosine (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 10th 2016
Sara Maurer, Mario Giess, Oliver Koch, Daniel Summerer

27) Discovery of a JAK3-Selective Inhibitor: Functional Differentiation of JAK3-Selective Inhibition over pan-JAK or JAK1-Selective Inhibition (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 10th 2016
Jean-Baptiste Telliez, Martin E. Dowty, Lu Wang, Jason Jussif, Tsung Lin, Li Li, Erick Moy, Paul Balbo, Wei Li, Yajuan Zhao, Kimberly Crouse, Caitlyn Dickinson, Peter Symanowicz, Martin Hegen, Mary Ellen Banker, Fabien Vincent, Ray Unwalla, Sidney Liang, Adam M. Gilbert, Matthew F. Brown, Matthew Hayward, Justin Montgomery, Xin Yang, Jonathan Bauman, John I. Trujillo, Agustin Casimiro-Garcia, Felix F. Vajdos, Louis Leung, Kieran F. Geoghegan, Amira Quazi, Dejun Xuan, Lyn Jones, Erik Hett, Katherine Wright, James D. Clark, Atli Thorarensen

28) ATP Recycling with Cell Lysate for Enzyme-Catalyzed Chemical Synthesis, Protein Expression and PCR (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 10th 2016
Apostolos Alissandratos, Karine Caron, Thomas D. Loan, James E. Hennessy, Christopher J. Easton

29) Phenyl Glycolipids with Different Glycosyl Groups Exhibit Marked Differences in Murine and Human iNKT Cell Activation (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Tai-Na Wu, Kun-Hsien Lin, Ying-Ta Wu, Jing-Rong Huang, Jung-Tung Hung, Jen-Chine Wu, Chien-Yu Chen, Kuo-Ching Chu, Nan-Horng Lin, Alice L. Yu, Chi-Huey Wong

30) Comprehensive Analysis of a Novel Ketoreductase for Pentangular Polyphenol Biosynthesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Timothy R. Valentic, David R. Jackson, Sean F. Brady, Shiou-Chuan Tsai

31) Native Design of Soluble, Aggregation-Resistant Bioactive Peptides: Chemical Evolution of Human Glucagon (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 8th 2016
Piotr A. Mroz, Diego Perez-Tilve, Fa Liu, John P. Mayer, Richard D. DiMarchi

32) Temporal Analysis of PP2A Phosphatase Activity During Insulin Stimulation Using a Direct Activity Probe (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 7th 2016
Jon R. Beck, Tiffany Truong, Cliff I. Stains

33) Host Cell Interactions Are a Significant Barrier to the Clinical Utility of Peptide Antibiotics (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 7th 2016
Charles G. Starr, Jing He, William C. Wimley

34) Chemical Proteomics and Structural Biology Define EPHA2 Inhibition by Clinical Kinase Drugs (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday November 7th 2016
Stephanie Heinzlmeir, Denis Kudlinzki, Sridhar Sreeramulu, Susan Klaeger, Santosh Lakshmi Gande, Verena Linhard, Mathias Wilhelm, Huichao Qiao, Dominic Helm, Benjamin Ruprecht, Krishna Saxena, Guillaume Me

35) Deciphering Piperidine Formation in Polyketide-Derived Indolizidines Reveals a Thioester Reduction, Transamination, and Unusual Imine Reduction Process (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday November 3rd 2016
Haidong Peng, Erman Wei, Jiali Wang, Yanan Zhang, Lin Cheng, Hongmin Ma, Zixin Deng, Xudong Qu

36) Nitrilase-Activatable Noncanonical Amino Acid Precursors for Cell-Selective Metabolic Labeling of Proteomes (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday November 2nd 2016
Zefan Li, Yuntao Zhu, Yuting Sun, Ke Qin, Weibing Liu, Wen Zhou, Xing Chen

37) A TPX2 Proteomimetic Has Enhanced Affinity for Aurora-A Due to Hydrocarbon Stapling of a Helix (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday November 1st 2016
Yana K. Rennie, Patrick J. McIntyre, Tito Akindele, Richard Bayliss, Andrew G. Jamieson

38) Quantitative Chemical Proteomic Profiling of Ubiquitin Specific Proteases in Intact Cancer Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 31st 2016
Jennifer A. Ward, Lauren McLellan, Martin Stockley, Karl R. Gibson, Gavin A. Whitlock, Charlotte Knights, Jeanine A. Harrigan, Xavier Jacq, Edward W. Tate

39) Molecular Mechanism for Isoform-Selective Inhibition of Acyl Protein Thioesterases 1 and 2 (APT1 and APT2) (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 31st 2016
Sang Joon Won, Dahvid Davda, Kristin J. Labby, Sin Ye Hwang, Rachel Pricer, Jaimeen D. Majmudar, Kira A. Armacost, Laura A. Rodriguez, Christina L. Rodriguez, Fei San Chong, Kristopher A. Torossian, Jasmine Palakurthi, Edward S. Hur, Jennifer L. Meagher, Charles L. Brooks, Jeanne A. Stuckey, Brent R. Martin

40) Development of Rare Bacterial Monosaccharide Analogs for Metabolic Glycan Labeling in Pathogenic Bacteria (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 28th 2016
Emily L. Clark, Madhu Emmadi, Katharine L. Krupp, Ananda R. Podilapu, Jennifer D. Helble, Suvarn S. Kulkarni, Danielle H. Dube

41) Ligand Optimization by Improving Shape Complementarity at a Hepatitis C Virus RNA Target (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 27th 2016
Brian P. Charrette, Mark A. Boerneke, Thomas Hermann

42) Diazo Compounds: Versatile Tools for Chemical Biology (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 26th 2016
Kalie A. Mix, Matthew R. Aronoff, Ronald T. Raines

43) Characterization of Hedgehog Acyltransferase Inhibitors Identifies a Small Molecule Probe for Hedgehog Signaling by Cancer Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 25th 2016
Ursula R. Rodgers, Thomas Lanyon-Hogg, Naoko Masumoto, Markus Ritzefeld, Rosemary Burke, Julian Blagg, Anthony I. Magee, Edward W. Tate

44) Immune Response Modulation of Conjugated Agonists with Changing Linker Length (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 25th 2016
Keun Ah Ryu, Katarzyna Slowinska, Troy Moore, Aaron Esser-Kahn

45) The Plasma Protein Binding Proteome of Ertapenem: A Novel Compound-Centric Proteomic Approach for Elucidating Drug (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 25th 2016
Mark A. Baker, Elena K. Schneider, Johnny X. Huang, Matthew A. Cooper, Jian Li, Tony Velkov

46) Discovery and Characterization of Allosteric WNK Kinase Inhibitors (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 19th 2016
Ken Yamada, Ji-Hu Zhang, Xiaoling Xie, Juergen Reinhardt, Amy Qiongshu Xie, Daniel LaSala, Darcy Kohls, David Yowe, Debra Burdick, Hajime Yoshisue, Hiromichi Wakai, Isabel Schmidt, Jason Gunawan, Kayo Yasoshima, Q. Kimberley Yue, Mitsunori Kato, Muneto Mogi, Neeraja Idamakanti, Natasha Kreder, Peter Drueckes, Pramod Pandey, Toshio Kawanami, Waanjeng Huang, Yukiko I. Yagi, Zhan Deng, Hyi-Man Park

47) Domain Organization and Active Site Architecture of a Polyketide Synthase C-methyltransferase (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 18th 2016
Meredith A. Skiba, Andrew P. Sikkema, William D. Fiers, William H. Gerwick, David H. Sherman, Courtney C. Aldrich, Janet L. Smith

48) Boc3Arg-Linked Ligands Induce Degradation by Localizing Target Proteins to the 20S Proteasome (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 18th 2016
Yuntao Shi, Marcus J.C. Long, Masha M. Rosenberg, Shican Li, Aimee Kobjack, Philip Lessans, Rory T. Coffey, Lizbeth Hedstrom

49) A Unique Mdm2-Binding Mode of the 3-Pyrrolin-2-one- and 2-Furanone-Based Antagonists of the p53-Mdm2 Interaction (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 17th 2016
Ewa Surmiak, Aleksandra Twarda-Clapa, Krzysztof M. Zak, Bogdan Musielak, Marcin D. Tomala, Katarzyna Kubica, Przemyslaw Grudnik, Mariusz Madej, Mateusz Jablonski, Jan Potempa, Justyna Kalinowska-Tluscik, Alexander Do

50) Click-MS: Tagless Protein Enrichment Using Bioorthogonal Chemistry for Quantitative Proteomics (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 17th 2016
Arne H. Smits, Annika Borrmann, Mark Roosjen, Jan C.M. van Hest, Michiel Vermeulen

51) Small Molecule Inhibitor of NRF2 Selectively Intervenes Therapeutic Resistance in KEAP1-Deficient NSCLC Tumors (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 17th 2016
Anju Singh, Sreedhar Venkannagari, Kyu H. Oh, Ya-Qin Zhang, Jason M. Rohde, Li Liu, Sridhar Nimmagadda, Kuladeep Sudini, Kyle R. Brimacombe, Sachin Gajghate, Jinfang Ma, Amy Wang, Xin Xu, Sampada A. Shahane, Menghang Xia, Juhyung Woo, George A. Mensah, Zhibin Wang, Marc Ferrer, Edward Gabrielson, Zhuyin Li, Fraydoon Rastinejad, Min Shen, Matthew B. Boxer, Shyam Biswal

52) K-CLASP: A Tool to Identify Phosphosite Specific Kinases and Interacting Proteins (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 17th 2016
Pavithra M. Dedigama-Arachchige, Mary Kay H. Pflum

53) An OGA-Resistant Probe Allows Specific Visualization and Accurate Identification of O-GlcNAc-Modified Proteins in Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 14th 2016
Jing Li, Jiajia Wang, Liuqing Wen, He Zhu, Shanshan Li, Kenneth Huang, Kuan Jiang, Xu Li, Cheng Ma, Jingyao Qu, Aishwarya Parameswaran, Jing Song, Wei Zhao, Peng George Wang

54) A New Design Strategy and Diagnostic to Tailor the DNA-Binding Mechanism of Small Organic Molecules and Drugs (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 13th 2016
Phi Doan, Demar R. G. Pitter, Andrea Kocher, James N. Wilson, Theodore Goodson

55) First-in-Class Chemical Probes against Poly(ADP-ribose) Glycohydrolase (PARG) Inhibit DNA Repair with Differential Pharmacology to Olaparib (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 12th 2016
Dominic I. James, Kate M. Smith, Allan M. Jordan, Emma E. Fairweather, Louise A. Griffiths, Nicola S. Hamilton, James R. Hitchin, Colin P. Hutton, Stuart Jones, Paul Kelly, Alison E. McGonagle, Helen Small, Alexandra I. J. Stowell, Julie Tucker, Ian D. Waddell, Bohdan Waszkowycz, Donald J. Ogilvie

56) The Dynamics Behind the Affinity: Controlling Heme-Gas Affinity via Geminate Recombination and Heme Propionate Conformation in the NO Carrier Cytochrome c (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 12th 2016
Colin R. Andrew, Olga N. Petrova, Isabelle Lamarre, Jean-Christophe Lambry, Fabrice Rappaport, Michel Negrerie

57) The Optimization of Bioorthogonal Epitope Ligation within MHC-I Complexes (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 10th 2016
Joanna B. Pawlak, Brett J. Hos, Michel J. van de Graaff, Otty A. Megantari, Nico Meeuwenoord, Herman S. Overkleeft, Dmitri V. Filippov, Ferry Ossendorp, Sander I. van Kasteren

58) Phage Display Technology in Biomaterials Engineering: Progress and Opportunities for Applications in Regenerative Medicine (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday October 10th 2016
Ivone M. Martins, Rui L. Reis, Helena S. Azevedo

59) Phenanthriplatin Acts As a Covalent Poison of Topoisomerase II Cleavage Complexes (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday October 7th 2016
Imogen A. Riddell, Keli Agama, Ga Young Park, Yves Pommier, Stephen J. Lippard

60) 5-Substituted Pyrimidine and 7-Substituted 7-Deazapurine dNTPs as Substrates for DNA Polymerases in Competitive Primer Extension in the Presence of Natural dNTPs (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday October 6th 2016
Hana Cahova

61) Protein-Observed Fluorine NMR Is a Complementary Ligand Discovery Method to 1H CPMG Ligand-Observed NMR (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 5th 2016
Andrew K. Urick, Luis Pablo Calle, Juan F. Espinosa, Haitao Hu, William C. K. Pomerantz

62) Rational Design of Dual Agonist-Antibody Fusions as Long-acting Therapeutic Hormones (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday October 5th 2016
Yan Liu, Ying Wang, Yong Zhang, Tao Liu, Haiqun Jia, Huafei Zou, Qiangwei Fu, Yuhan Zhang, Lucy Lu, Elizabeth Chao, Holly Parker, Van Nguyen-Tran, Weijun Shen, Danling Wang, Peter G. Schultz, Feng Wang

63) Challenges in Targeting a Basic Helix (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 4th 2016
Amanda L. Edwards, Dimphna H. Meijer, Rachel M. Guerra, Remco J. Molenaar, John A. Alberta, Federico Bernal, Gregory H. Bird, Charles D. Stiles, Loren D. Walensky

64) Specific Detection of Cellular Glutamine Hydrolysis in Live Cells Using HNCO Triple Resonance NMR (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 4th 2016
Sujin Lee, He Wen, Jin Wook Cha, Sunghyouk Park

65) Isolated Polar Amino Acid Residues Modulate Lipid Binding in the Large Hydrophobic Cavity of CD1d (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 4th 2016
Shinsuke Inuki, Toshihiko Aiba, Natsumi Hirata, Osamu Ichihara, Daisuke Yoshidome, Shunsuke Kita, Katsumi Maenaka, Koichi Fukase, Yukari Fujimoto

66) Approaches to Study Phosphatases (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday October 4th 2016
Sara Fahs, Pablo Lujan, Maja Ko

67) Engineering Soluble Human Paraoxonase 2 for Quorum Quenching (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 30th 2016
Xin Cathy Li, Christopher Wang, Ashok Mulchandani, Xin Ge

68) Real-Time Kinetic Probes Support Monothiol Glutaredoxins As Intermediate Carriers in Fe (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 30th 2016
James N. Vranish, Deepika Das, David P. Barondeau

69) Structural Aspects of Heparan Sulfate Binding to Robo1 (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 29th 2016
Qi Gao, Cheng-Yu Chen, Chengli Zong, Shuo Wang, Annapoorani Ramiah, Pradeep Prabhakar, Laura C. Morris, Geert-Jan Boons, Kelley W. Moremen, James H. Prestegard

70) Molecular Determinants of Tubulin (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 28th 2016
Kathryn P. Wall, Maria Pagratis, Geoffrey Armstrong, Jeremy L. Balsbaugh, Eric Verbeke, Chad G. Pearson, Loren E. Hough

71) Structure of the Epigenetic Oncogene MMSET and Inhibition by N-Alkyl Sinefungin Derivatives (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 27th 2016
Dominic Tisi, Elisabetta Chiarparin, Emiliano Tamanini, Puja Pathuri, Joseph E. Coyle, Adam Hold, Finn P. Holding, Nader Amin, Agnes C. L. Martin, Sharna J. Rich, Valerio Berdini, Jeff Yon, Paul Acklam, Rosemary Burke, Ludovic Drouin, Jenny E. Harmer, Fiona Jeganathan, Rob L. M. van Montfort, Yvette Newbatt, Marcello Tortorici, Maura Westlake, Amy Wood, Swen Hoelder, Tom D. Heightman

72) Discovery of Allosteric and Selective Inhibitors of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 26th 2016
Allan H. Pang, Atefeh Garzan, Martha J. Larsen, Thomas J. McQuade, Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, Oleg V. Tsodikov

73) Rhamnolipids Mediate an Interspecies Biofilm Dispersal Signaling Pathway (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 26th 2016
Arunima Bhattacharjee, Tyler D. Nusca, Allon I. Hochbaum

74) Neuropeptide-Induced Mast Cell Degranulation and Characterization of Signaling Modulation in Response to IgE Conditioning (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 26th 2016
Benjamin M. Manning, Sarah M. Gruba, Audrey F. Meyer, Christy L. Haynes

75) Designed Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Anthranilyl-CoA Synthetase PqsA Block Quinolone Biosynthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 22nd 2016
Cheng Ji, Indrajeet Sharma, Debarshi Pratihar, L. Lynn Hudson, Damien Maura, Tezcan Guney, Laurence G. Rahme, Everett C. Pesci, James P. Coleman, Derek S. Tan

76) Antitumor Activity of Cytotoxic Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 20th 2016
Md. Jashim Uddin, Brenda C. Crews, Shu Xu, Kebreab Ghebreselasie, Cristina K. Daniel, Philip J. Kingsley, Surajit Banerjee, Lawrence J. Marnett

77) Inhibition of the Flavin-Dependent Monooxygenase Siderophore A (SidA) Blocks Siderophore Biosynthesis and Aspergillus fumigatus Growth (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 15th 2016
Julia S. Marti

78) Thermal Unthreading of the Lasso Peptides Astexin-2 and Astexin-3 (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 15th 2016
Caitlin D. Allen, Maria Y. Chen, Alexander Y. Trick, Dan Thanh Le, Andrew L. Ferguson, A. James Link

79) Aggregated Compound Biological Signatures Facilitate Phenotypic Drug Discovery and Target Elucidation (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 14th 2016
Alvaro Cortes Cabrera, Daniel Lucena-Agell, Mariano Redondo-Horcajo, Isabel Barasoain, Jose

80) Understanding Cytotoxicity and Cytostaticity in a High-Throughput Screening Collection (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 13th 2016
Lewis H. Mervin, Qing Cao, Ian P. Barrett, Mike A. Firth, David Murray, Lisa McWilliams, Malcolm Haddrick, Mark Wigglesworth, Ola Engkvist, Andreas Bender

81) The Escherichia coli Periplasmic Aldehyde Oxidoreductase Is an Exceptional Member of the Xanthine Oxidase Family of Molybdoenzymes (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 13th 2016

82) Optogenetic Regulation of Tunable Gene Expression in Yeast Using Photo-Labile Caged Methionine (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 12th 2016
Peter M. Kusen, Georg Wandrey, Christopher Probst, Alexander Gru

83) Cysteine Sulfoxidation Increases the Photostability of Red Fluorescent Proteins (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 12th 2016
Haiyan Ren, Bing Yang, Cheng Ma, Ying S. Hu, Peng George Wang, Lei Wang

84) Bile Acid Recognition by NAPE-PLD (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday September 12th 2016
Eleonora Margheritis, Beatrice Castellani, Paola Magotti, Sara Peruzzi, Elisa Romeo, Francesca Natali, Serena Mostarda, Antimo Gioiello, Daniele Piomelli, Gianpiero Garau

85) Battling Btk Mutants With Noncovalent Inhibitors That Overcome Cys481 and Thr474 Mutations (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday September 7th 2016
Adam R. Johnson, Pawan Bir Kohli, Arna Katewa, Emily Gogol, Lisa D. Belmont, Regina Choy, Elicia Penuel, Luciana Burton, Charles Eigenbrot, Christine Yu, Daniel F. Ortwine, Krista Bowman, Yvonne Franke, Christine Tam, Alberto Estevez, Kyle Mortara, Jiansheng Wu, Hong Li, May Lin, Philippe Bergeron, James J. Crawford, Wendy B. Young

86) Chemically Linked Vemurafenib Inhibitors Promote an Inactive BRAFV600E Conformation (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 6th 2016
Michael Grasso, Michelle A. Estrada, Christian Ventocilla, Minu Samanta, Jasna Maksimoska, Jessie Villanueva, Jeffrey D. Winkler, Ronen Marmorstein

87) A Single-Site Mutation at Ser146 Expands the Reactivity of the Oxygenase Component of p-Hydroxyphenylacetate 3-Hydroxylase (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 6th 2016
Taweesak Dhammaraj, Chatchadaporn Pinthong, Surawit Visitsatthawong, Chanakan Tongsook, Panida Surawatanawong, Pimchai Chaiyen

88) Calcitroic Acid (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday September 6th 2016
Olivia B. Yu, Leggy A. Arnold

89) Trisaccharides of Phenolic Glycolipids Confer Advantages to Pathogenic Mycobacteria through Manipulation of Host-Cell Pattern-Recognition Receptors (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday September 2nd 2016
Ainhoa Arbue

90) Dual Readout BRET/FRET Sensors for Measuring Intracellular Zinc (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 1st 2016
Stijn J. A. Aper, Pieterjan Dierickx, Maarten Merkx

91) New Methods for the Site-Selective Placement of Peptides on a Microelectrode Array: Probing VEGF (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 1st 2016
Matthew D. Graaf, Bernadette V. Marquez, Nai-Hua Yeh, Suzanne E. Lapi, Kevin D. Moeller

92) Direct Evidence for Metabolon Formation and Substrate Channeling in Recombinant TCA Cycle Enzymes (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 1st 2016
Beyza Bulutoglu, Kristen E. Garcia, Fei Wu, Shelley D. Minteer, Scott Banta

93) Genetic and Molecular Basis of Botrydial Biosynthesis: Connecting Cytochrome P450-Encoding Genes to Biosynthetic Intermediates (ACS Chemical Biology) Thursday September 1st 2016
Javier Moraga, Be

94) Metabolic Labeling with an Alkyne-modified Isoprenoid Analog Facilitates Imaging and Quantification of the Prenylome in Cells (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday August 31st 2016
Charuta C. Palsuledesai, Joshua D. Ochocki, Michelle M. Kuhns, Yen-Chih Wang, Janel K. Warmka, Dustin S. Chernick, Elizabeth V. Wattenberg, Ling Li, Edgar A. Arriaga, Mark D. Distefano

95) Antioxidative Theranostic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles toward Brain Tumors Imaging and ROS Production (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday August 31st 2016
Sophie Richard, Ana Saric, Marianne Boucher, Christian Slomianny, Franc

96) Precursor-Directed Mutational Biosynthesis Facilitates the Functional Assignment of Two Cytochromes P450 in Thiostrepton Biosynthesis (ACS Chemical Biology) Tuesday August 30th 2016
Qingfei Zheng, Shoufeng Wang, Rijing Liao, Wen Liu

97) Site-Directed Chemical Mutations on Abzymes: Large Rate Accelerations in the Catalysis by Exchanging the Functionalized Small Nonprotein Components (ACS Chemical Biology) Monday August 29th 2016
Fumihiro Ishikawa, Masato Shirahashi, Hiroshi Hayakawa, Asako Yamaguchi, Takatsugu Hirokawa, Takeshi Tsumuraya, Ikuo Fujii

98) Antagonizing the Androgen Receptor with a Biomimetic Acyltransferase (ACS Chemical Biology) Friday August 26th 2016
Yuchen Zhang, Pavan K. Mantravadi, Soma Jobbagy, Wei Bao, John T. Koh

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