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1) Enol ethers as carbonyl surrogates in a modification of the Povarov synthesis of 3-aryl quinolines and their anti-Toxoplasma activity (Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry) Thursday May 26th 2016
Carla E Brown, James McNulty, Claudia Bordon, Robert Yolken, Lori Brando

2) Turn-on mode fluorescence photoswitching of diarylethene single crystals (Crystal Engineering Communications) Thursday May 26th 2016
Masakazu Morimoto, Ryota Kashihara, Katsuya Mutoh, Yoichi Kobayashi, Jiro Abe, Hikaru Sotome, Syoji Ito, Hiroshi Miyasaka, Masahiro Irie

3) In situ microscopic studies on the structures and phase behaviors of SF/PEG film with solid-state NMR and Raman imaging (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Cong-Heng Chen, Ting Yao, Sidong Tu, Weijie Xu, Yi Han, Ping Zhou

4) Predictive Thermodynamics for Ionic Solids and Liquids (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Leslie Glasser, H D B Jenkins

5) Structural and Relative Energy Assessments of DFT Functionals and MP2 Method to Describe the Gas Phase Methylation of Nitronates: [R1R2CNO2]- + CH3I (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Ayyaz Mahmood, Ricardo Luiz Longo

6) Large spin-filtering effect in Ti-doped defective zigzag graphene nanoribbon (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Sherif Abdulkader Tawfik, Xiangyuan Cui, Simon Ringer, Catherine Stampfl

7) Partial oxidation of Step-Bound Water Leads to Anomalous pH Effects on Metal Electrode Step-Edges (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Kathleen A Schwarz, Bingjun Xu, Yushan Yan, Ravishankar Sundararaman

8) The ab initio study on the spin-forbidden cooling transitions of LiRb molecule (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Yang You, Chuan-Lu Yang, Qing-Qing Zhang, Meishan Wang, Xiao-Guang Ma, Wen-Wang Liu

9) Low temperature synthesis of silicon quantum dots with plasma chemistry control in dual frequency non-thermal plasmas (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Bibhuti Bhusan Sahu, Yongyi Yin, Jeon Geon Han, Masaharu Shiratani

10) Effect of water on the structure of a prototype ionic liquid (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) Thursday May 26th 2016
Oleg Borodin, David L. Price, Bachir Aoun, Miguel A. Gonzalez, Justin B. Hooper, Maiko Kofu, Shinji Kohara, Osamu Yamamuro, Marie-Louise Saboungi

11) An all-glass 12 [small mu ]m ultra-thin and flexible micro-fluidic chip fabricated by femtosecond laser processing (Lab on a Chip) Thursday May 26th 2016
Yaxiaer Yalikun, Yoichiroh Hosokawa, Takanori Iino, Yo Tanaka

12) Dynamic-field devices for the ultrasonic manipulation of microparticles (Lab on a Chip) Thursday May 26th 2016
Bruce Drinkwater

13) Antimony/Graphitic Carbon Composite Anode for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Batteries (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Thursday May 26th 2016
Xin Zhao, Sean A. Vail, Yuhao Lu, Jie Song, Wei Pan, David R. Evans, Jong-Jan Lee

14) Near diffusion-controlled reaction of a Zn(Cys)4 zinc finger with hypochlorous acid (Chemical Science) Thursday May 26th 2016
Vincent Lebrun, Jean-Luc Ravanat, Jean-Marc Latour, Olivier Seneque

15) Determination of reducing sugars in foodstuff applying multivariate second-order calibration (Analytical Methods) Thursday May 26th 2016
Julia Aimo, Ezequiel Promancio, Patricia C. Damiani

16) Synthesis and structures of stable phosphorus zwitterions derived from mesoionic 4-trifluoroacetyl-1,3-oxazolium-5-olates (Chemical Communications) Thursday May 26th 2016
Kawase Masami, Ryosuke Saijo, Hidemitsu Uno, Shigeki Mori

17) A New Hydrophilic Supramolecular Photocatalyst for the Production of H2 in Aerobic Aqueous Solutions (Chemical Communications) Thursday May 26th 2016
Theodore Canterbury, Shamindri M Arachchige, Karen Brewer, Robert B Moore

18) N-Heterocyclic Olefins as Efficient Phase-Transfer Catalysts for Base-Promoted Alkylation Reactions (Chemical Communications) Thursday May 26th 2016
Marcus Blumel, Reece Douglas Crocker, Jason B Harper, Dieter Enders, Thanh Vinh Nguyen

19) Vertically encoded tetragonal hydrogel microparticles for multiplexed detection of miRNAs associated with Alzheimer's disease (The Analyst) Thursday May 26th 2016
Yoon Ho Roh, Sang Jun Sim, Il-Joo Cho, Nakwon Choi, Ki Wan Bong

20) Microfluidic Enzymatic DNA Extraction on a Hybrid Polyester-Toner-PMMA Device (The Analyst) Thursday May 26th 2016
Brandon Leland Thompson, Christopher Birch, Jingyi Li, Jacquelyn A. DuVall, Delphine Le Roux, Daniel A. Nelson, An-Chi Tsuei, Daniel L. Mills, Shannon T Krauss, Brian E. Root, James Landers

21) APPEAL: Pencil It In: Pencil Drawn Electrochemical Sensing Platforms (The Analyst) Thursday May 26th 2016
Craig E Banks, Christopher William Foster, Dale Brownson, Ana Ruas de Souza, Jesus Iniesta, Mauro Bertotti, Elena Bernalte

22) Arabinan and Galactan Oligosaccharide Profiling by High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography with Pulsed Amperometric Detection (HPAEC-PAD) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Thursday May 26th 2016
Daniel Wefers, Mirko Bunzel

23) Fabrication and Directed-Assembly of Magnetic Janus Rods (New Journal of Chemistry) Thursday May 26th 2016
Bin Zhao, Hui Zhou, Chuanyong Liu, Yue Long, Guoqiang Yang, Chen-Ho Tung, Kai Song

24) Poly(glycidyl methacrylate) Coated Dual Mode Upconverting Nanoparticles For Neuronal Cell Imaging (New Journal of Chemistry) Thursday May 26th 2016
Nicole M. Smith, Diwei Ho, Alaa Munshi, Michael House, Sarah Dunlop, Melinda Fitzgerald, Swaminathan Iyer

25) Impact of Molecular Orientation and Packing Density on Electronic Polarization in the Bulk and at Surfaces of Organic Semiconductors (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Thursday May 26th 2016
Sean M. Ryno, Chad Risko, Jean-Luc Bre

26) Synthesis of Electroneutralized Amphiphilic Copolymers with Peptide Dendrons for Intramuscular Gene Delivery (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Thursday May 26th 2016
Linyu Pu, Jiali Wang, Na Li, Qiuxia Chai, Juan M. Irache, Gang Wang, James Zhenggui Tang, Zhongwei Gu

27) Loading Capacity versus Enzyme Activity in Anisotropic and Spherical Calcium Carbonate Microparticles (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Thursday May 26th 2016
Senem Donatan, Alexey Yashchenok, Nazimuddin Khan, Bogdan Parakhonskiy, Melissa Cocquyt, Bat-El Pinchasik, Dmitry Khalenkow, Helmuth Mo

28) High Performance PbS Quantum Dot/Graphene Hybrid Solar Cell with Efficient Charge Extraction (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Thursday May 26th 2016
Byung-Sung Kim, Darren C. J. Neo, Bo Hou, Jong Bae Park, Yuljae Cho, Nanlin Zhang, John Hong, Sangyeon Pak, Sanghyo Lee, Jung Inn Sohn, Hazel E. Assender, Andrew A. R. Watt, SeungNam Cha, Jong Min Kim

29) Patterns, Variability, and Predictors of Urinary Bisphenol A Concentrations during Childhood (Environmental Science & Technology) Wednesday May 25th 2016 (American Chemical Society)

30) Preparation of Floating Au/PVP Film on Water for a Green and Rapid Extraction of Gold Ion (ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Minyue Li, Qidi Sun, Chang-jun Liu

31) Homogeneously Dispersed Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles Supported on Hydrochar-Derived Porous Carbon: Simple, in Situ Synthesis and Use for Dechlorination of PCBs (ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Zhengang Liu, Fang Zhang, S. Kent Hoekman, Tingting Liu, Chao Gai, Nana Peng

32) Novel Nano-/Micro-Biocatalyst: Soybean Epoxide Hydrolase Immobilized on UiO-66-NH2 MOF for Efficient Biosynthesis of Enantiopure (R)-1, 2-Octanediol in Deep Eutectic Solvents (ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Shi-Lin Cao, Dong-Mei Yue, Xue-Hui Li, Thomas J. Smith, Ning Li, Min-Hua Zong, Hong Wu, Yong-Zheng Ma, Wen-Yong Lou

33) Robust Interfacial Cylindrites of Polylactic Acid Modulated by an Intense Shear Flow Field (ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Yang Li, Su Yang, Yu-Ke Li, Jia-Zhuang Xu, Hai-Wei Ni, Zhi-Hong Su, Zhong-Ming Li

34) High Performing Biobased Ionic Liquid Crystal Electrolytes for Supercapacitors (ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Renjith Sasi, Sujatha Sarojam, Sudha J. Devaki

35) Coordination Chemistry of Anticrowns. Synthesis and Structures of Double-Decker Sandwich Complexes of the Three-Mercury Anticrown (o-C6F4Hg)3 with Halide Anions Containing and Not Containing Coordinated Dibromomethane Molecules (Organometallics) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Kirill I. Tugashov, Dmitry A. Gribanyov, Fedor M. Dolgushin, Alexander F. Smol

36) Thermally Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrochemically Activated by Bis-Spiro Quaternary Alkyl Ammonium for Capacitors (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Tieshi He, Xiangling Meng, Junping Nie, Yujin Tong, Kedi Cai

37) Endowing Inspiration (Journal of Chemical Education) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Deanna M. Cullen, Jenelle L. Ball

38) Using a Combination of Experimental and Mathematical Method To Explore Critical Micelle Concentration of a Cationic Surfactant (Journal of Chemical Education) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Jelena Goronja, Natas

39) Biospectroscopy, biospectrometry and imaging of Ilex paraguariensis. Basis for non-destructive quality evaluation using artificial vision (Photochemical Photobiological Science) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Tamara Parapugna, Gabriela Petroselli, Rosa Erra-Balsells, Maria Gabriela Lagorio

40) Repartition of oil miscible and water soluble UV filters in an applied sunscreen film determined by confocal Raman microspectroscopy (Photochemical Photobiological Science) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Myriam Sohn, Theodor Buehler, Georgios Imanidis

41) Treating the enigmatic "exceptional responders" as patients with undiagnosed diseases (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

42) Amyloid-{beta} peptide protects against microbial infection in mouse and worm models of Alzheimers disease (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

43) Dormant breast cancer micrometastases reside in specific bone marrow niches that regulate their transit to and from bone (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

44) Up-regulation of miR-31 in human atrial fibrillation begets the arrhythmia by depleting dystrophin and neuronal nitric oxide synthase (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

45) Unwanted guests: Bacterial microbiome in COPD (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

46) Nothing but a hound dog (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

47) Size matters: A growth chart for the brain connectome (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

48) Nanoparticle gets the worm (Science Translational Medicine) Wednesday May 25th 2016

49) Synthesis of (Z)- (The Journal of Organic Chemistry) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Yilong Zhao, Yuhan Zhou, Juan Liu, Dongmei Yang, Liang Tao, Yang Liu, Xiaoliang Dong, Jianhui Liu, Jingping Qu

50) Microbiology: Pumping persisters (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Kenn Gerdes, Szabolcs Semsey

51) Evolutionary biology: To mimicry and back again (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
David W. Pfennig

52) Archaeology: Neanderthals built underground (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Marie Soressi

53) Proteogenomics connects somatic mutations to signalling in breast cancer (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Philipp Mertins, D. R. Mani, Kelly V. Ruggles, Michael A. Gillette, Karl R. Clauser, Pei Wang, Xianlong Wang, Jana W. Qiao, Song Cao, Francesca Petralia, Emily Kawaler, Filip Mundt, Karsten Krug, Zhidong Tu, Jonathan T. Lei, Michael L. Gatza, Matthew Wilkerson, Charles M. Perou, Venkata Yellapantula, Kuan-lin Huang, Chenwei Lin, Michael D. McLellan, Ping Yan, Sherri R. Davies, R. Reid Townsend, Steven J. Skates, Jing Wang, Bing Zhang, Christopher R. Kinsinger, Mehdi Mesri, Henry Rodriguez, Li Ding, Amanda G. Paulovich, David Feny, Matthew J. Ellis, Steven A. Carr

54) Early Neanderthal constructions deep in Bruniquel Cave in southwestern France (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Jacques Jaubert, Sophie Verheyden, Dominique Genty, Michel Soulier, Hai Cheng, Dominique Blamart, Christian Burlet, Hubert Camus, Serge Delaby, Damien Deldicque, R. Lawrence Edwards, Catherine Ferrier, Fran, Fran, Fr, Pascal Mora, Xavier Muth, Édouard Régnier, Jean-No, Fr

55) Overcoming EGFR(T790M) and EGFR(C797S) resistance with mutant-selective allosteric inhibitors (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Yong Jia, Cai-Hong Yun, Eunyoung Park, Dalia Ercan, Mari Manuia, Jose Juarez, Chunxiao Xu, Kevin Rhee, Ting Chen, Haikuo Zhang, Sangeetha Palakurthi, Jaebong Jang, Gerald Lelais, Michael DiDonato, Badry Bursulaya, Pierre-Yves Michellys, Robert Epple, Thomas H. Marsilje, Matthew McNeill, Wenshuo Lu, Jennifer Harris, Steven Bender, Kwok-Kin Wong, Pasi A. J, Michael J. Eck

56) Oil sands operations as a large source of secondary organic aerosols (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
John Liggio, Shao-Meng Li, Katherine Hayden, Youssef M. Taha, Craig Stroud, Andrea Darlington, Brian D. Drollette, Mark Gordon, Patrick Lee, Peter Liu, Amy Leithead, Samar G. Moussa, Danny Wang, Jason O, Richard L. Mittermeier, Jeffrey R. Brook, Gang Lu, Ralf M. Staebler, Yuemei Han, Travis W. Tokarek, Hans D. Osthoff, Paul A. Makar, Junhua Zhang, Desiree L. Plata, Drew R. Gentner

57) Neural correlates of single-vessel haemodynamic responses in vivo (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Philip O, Pratik Y. Chhatbar, Manuel Levy, Zhiming Shen, Adrien E. Schramm, Zhongyang Lu, Prakash Kara

58) Development of the gut microbiota and mucosal IgA responses in twins and gnotobiotic mice (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Joseph D. Planer, Yangqing Peng, Andrew L. Kau, Laura V. Blanton, I. Malick Ndao, Phillip I. Tarr, Barbara B. Warner, Jeffrey I. Gordon

59) Pitx2 promotes heart repair by activating the antioxidant response after cardiac injury (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Ge Tao, Peter C. Kahr, Yuka Morikawa, Min Zhang, Mahdis Rahmani, Todd R. Heallen, Lele Li, Zhao Sun, Eric N. Olson, Brad A. Amendt, James F. Martin

60) Structural basis of N6-adenosine methylation by the METTL3 (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Xiang Wang, Jing Feng, Yuan Xue, Zeyuan Guan, Delin Zhang, Zhu Liu, Zhou Gong, Qiang Wang, Jinbo Huang, Chun Tang, Tingting Zou, Ping Yin

61) Diverse roles of assembly factors revealed by structures of late nuclear pre-60S (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Shan Wu, Beril Tutuncuoglu, Kaige Yan, Hailey Brown, Yixiao Zhang, Dan Tan, Michael Gamalinda, Yi Yuan, Zhifei Li, Jelena Jakovljevic, Chengying Ma, Jianlin Lei, Meng-Qiu Dong, John L. Woolford, Ning Gao

62) Corrigendum: A novel multiple-stage antimalarial agent that inhibits protein synthesis (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Beatriz Baraga, Irene Hallyburton, Marcus C. S. Lee, Neil R. Norcross, Raffaella Grimaldi, Thomas D. Otto, William R. Proto, Andrew M. Blagborough, Stephan Meister, Grennady Wirjanata, Andrea Ruecker, Leanna M. Upton, Tara S. Abraham, Mariana J. Almeida, Anupam Pradhan, Achim Porzelle, Mar, Judith M. Bolscher, Andrew Woodland, Torsten Luksch, Suzanne Norval, Fabio Zuccotto, John Thomas, Frederick Simeons, Laste Stojanovski, Maria Osuna-Cabello, Paddy M. Brock, Tom S. Churcher, Katarzyna A. Sala, Sara E. Zakutansky, Mar, Laura Maria Sanz, Jennifer Riley, Rajshekhar Basak, Michael Campbell, Vicky M. Avery, Robert W. Sauerwein, Koen J. Dechering, Rintis Noviyanti, Brice Campo, Julie A. Frearson, I, Santiago Ferrer-Bazaga, Francisco Javier Gamo, Paul G. Wyatt, Didier Leroy, Peter Siegl, Michael J. Delves, Dennis E. Kyle, Sergio Wittlin, Jutta Marfurt, Ric N. Price, Robert E. Sinden, Elizabeth A. Winzeler, Susan A. Charman, Lidiya Bebrevska, David W. Gray, Simon Campbell, Alan H. Fairlamb, Paul A. Willis, Julian C. Rayner, David A. Fidock, Kevin D. Read, Ian H. Gilbert

63) Corrigendum: Cerebral cavernous malformations arise from endothelial gain of MEKK3 (Nature) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Zinan Zhou, Alan T. Tang, Weng-Yew Wong, Sharika Bamezai, Lauren M. Goddard, Robert Shenkar, Su Zhou, Jisheng Yang, Alexander C. Wright, Matthew Foley, J. Simon C. Arthur, Kevin J. Whitehead, Issam A. Awad, Dean Y. Li, Xiangjian Zheng, Mark L. Kahn

64) Effect of methacrylic acid beads on the sonic hedgehog signaling pathway and macrophage polarization in a subcutaneous injection mouse model (Biomaterials) Wednesday May 25th 2016

65) Model Study of Enhanced Oil Recovery by Flooding with Aqueous Solutions of Different Surfactants: How the Surface Chemical Properties of the Surfactants Relate to the Amount of Oil Recovered (Energy & Fuels) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Paul D. I. Fletcher, Luke D. Savory, Andrew Clarke, Andrew M. Howe

66) Nanoparticle-Aided Amplification of Fluorescence Polarization for Ultrasensitively Monitoring Activity of Telomerase (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Yanfang Gao, Jing Xu, Baoxin Li, Yan Jin

67) Dual-Modal Imaging-Guided Theranostic Nanocarriers Based on Indocyanine Green and mTOR Inhibitor Rapamycin (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Xiaojuan Pang, Jinping Wang, Xiaoxiao Tan, Fang Guo, Mingzhu Lei, Man Ma, Meng Yu, Fengping Tan, Nan Li

68) Enhanced thermoelectric performance of PEDOT:PSS/PANI-CSA polymer multilayer structures (Energy & Environmental Science) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Hye-Jeong Lee, Anoop Gopinathan, Hyeon-Jun Lee, Chingu Kim, Ji-Woong Park, Jaeyoo Choi, Heesuk Kim, Yong-Jae Kim, Eunji Lee, Sang-Gil Lee, Young-Min Kim, JiYoung Jo

69) Pyroelectric Control of Magnetization for Tuning Thermomagnetic Energy Conversion Efficiency and Magnetocaloric Effect (Energy & Environmental Science) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Gaurav Vats, Ashok Kumar, Nora P Ortega, Chris Bowen, Ram S Katiyar

70) Ultrafast charge-discharge characteristics of a nanosized core-shell structured LiFePO4 material for hybrid supercapacitor applications (Energy & Environmental Science) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Katsuhiko Naoi, Kazuaki Kisu, Etsuro Iwama, Shota Nakashima, Yuki Sakai, Yuki Orikasa, Philippe Leone, Nicolas Dupre, Thierry Brousse, Patrick Rozier, Wako Naoi, Patrice Simon

71) Hexamethyl-p-terphenyl poly(benzimidazolium): a universal hydroxide-conducting polymer for energy conversion devices (Energy & Environmental Science) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Andrew G. Wright, Jiantao Fan, Benjamin Britton, Thomas Weissbach, Hsu-Feng Lee, Elizabeth A. Kitching, Timothy J. Peckham, Steven Holdcroft

72) Quantification of spatial inhomogeneity in perovskite solar cells by hyperspectral luminescence imaging (Energy & Environmental Science) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Gilbert El-Hajje, Cristina Momblona, Lidon Gil-Escrig, Jorge Avila, Thomas Guillemot, Jean Francois Guillemoles, Michele Sessolo, Henk J. Bolink, Laurent Lombez

73) Biophysical investigation and conformational analysis of p38α kinase inhibitor doramapimod and its analogues (ChemMedComm) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Amir H. Nasiri, Krishna Saxena, Jan W. Bats, Hamid R Nasiri, H Schwalbe

74) Energetically favoured defects in dense packings of particles on spherical surfaces (Soft Matter) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Stefan Paquay, Halim Kusumaatmaja, David J Wales, Roya Zandi, P. van der Schoot

75) Hydrophobic three-dimensionally networked boron-doped diamond electrode towards electrochemical oxidation (Chemical Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Yapeng He, Haibo Lin, Xue Wang, Weimin Huang, Rongling Chen, Hongdong Li

76) Two-Dimensional TaC Nanosheets on Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid as Efficient and Stable Electrocatalyst for Water Splitting (Chemical Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
He Chunyong, Tao Juzhou

77) N (Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis) Wednesday May 25th 2016

78) Ni(II)/Cu(II)/Zn(II) 5,5-diethylbarbiturate complexes with 1,10-phenantroline and 2,2'-dipyridylamine: Synthesis, structures, DNA/BSA binding, nuclease activity, molecular docking, cellular uptake, cytotoxicity and the mode of cell death (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Veysel T. Yilmaz, Ceyda Icsel, Feruza Suyunova, Muhittin Aygun, Nazlihan Aztopal, Egin Ulukaya

79) Spotlight on the ligand: luminescent cyclometalated Pt(IV) complexes containing the fluorenyl moiety (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Fabio Julia, Pablo Gonzalez-Herrero

80) Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of labile intercalative ruthenium(II) complexes for anticancer drug screening (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Huaiyi Huang, Pingyu Zhang, Yu Chen, Kangqiang Qiu, Chengzhi Jin, Liang-Nian Ji, Hui Chao

81) A series of lanthanide germanate cluster organic frameworks (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Guo-Yu Yang, Lei-Lei Li, Rui Pan, Junwei Zhao, Bai-Feng Yang

82) Improvement of Electrochemical Performance of Nickel Rich LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 Cathode Active Material by ultrathin TiO2 Coating (Dalton Transactions) Wednesday May 25th 2016
CanCan Qin, JiaLi Cao, Jun Chen, GaoLe Dai, Tongfu Wu, Y. B. Chen, YueFeng TANG, Li Ai-Dong, Yanfeng Chen

83) KI-Catalyzed α-Acyloxylation of Acetone with Carboxylic Acids (Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Ya-Dong Wu, Bei Huang, Yue-Xin Zhang, Xiao-Xu Wang, Jian-Jun Dai, Jun Xu, Hua-Jian Xu

84) Cyclic peptide-based potent human SIRT6 inhibitors. (Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Jiajia Liu, Weiping Zheng

85) Influence of the Ion Coordination Number on Cation Exchange Reactions with Copper Telluride Nanocrystals (Journal of the American Chemical Society) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Renyong Tu, Yi Xie, Giovanni Bertoni, Aidin Lak, Roberto Gaspari, Arnaldo Rapallo, Andrea Cavalli, Luca De Trizio, Liberato Manna

86) One-Pot Ketone Synthesis with Alkylzinc Halides Prepared from Alkyl Halides via a Single Electron Transfer (SET) Process: New Extension of Fukuyama Ketone Synthesis (Journal of the American Chemical Society) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Jung Hwa Lee, Yoshito Kishi

87) Polycarbonate Based Biodegradable Copolymers for Stimuli Responsive Targeted Drug Delivery (Polymer Chemistry) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Mutyala Naidu Ganivada, Pawan Kumar, Pintu Kanjilal, Himadri Dinda, Jayasri Das Sarma, Raja Shunmugam

88) Syntheses, structures and properties of group 12 element (Zn, Cd, Hg) coordination polymers with a mixed-functional phosphonate-biphenyl-carboxylate linker (Crystal Engineering Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Christian Heering, Biju Francis, Bahareh Nateghi, Gamall Makhloufi, Steffen Ludeke, Christoph Janiak

89) Crystallisation, thermal analysis and acetal protection activity of new layered Zn(II) hybrid polymorphs (Crystal Engineering Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Salem Said, Houcine Naili, Thierry Bataille, Raquel P. Herrera

90) Metal-organic and Supramolecular Lead(II) Networks Assembled from Isomeric Nicotinoylhydrazone Blocks: The Effects of Ligand Geometry and Counter-ion on Topology and Supramolecular Assembly (Crystal Engineering Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Ghodrat Mahmoudi, Antonio Bauza, Antonio Frontera, Piotr Garczarek, Vladimir Stilinovic, Alexander M. Kirillov, A R Kennedy, Catalina Ruiz-Perez

91) Effect of ampoule support on the growth of organic benzimidazole single crystals by vertical Bridgman technique for nonlinear optical applications (Crystal Engineering Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Anuj Krishna, N. Vijayan, Chandan Bagdia, Kanika Thukral, Sonia, D. Haranath, K. K. Maurya, G. Bhagavannarayana

92) Growth and optical properties of (Y1-xGdx)3Al5O12:Ce single crystal phosphors for high-brightness neutral white LEDs and LDs (Crystal Engineering Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Stelian Arjoca, Daisuke Inomata, Yoshitaka Matsushita, Kiyoshi Shimamura

93) Chemical engineering of donor-acceptor liquid crystalline dyads and triads for the controlled nanostructuration of organic semiconductors (Crystal Engineering Communications) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Yiming Xiao, Xiaolu Su, Lydia Sosa-Vargas, Emmanuelle Lacaze, Benoit Heinrich, Bertrand Donnio, David Kreher, Fabrice Mathevet, Andre-Jean Attias

94) Perspectives on Anti-Glycan Antibodies Gleaned from Development of a Community Resource Database (ACS Chemical Biology) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Eric Sterner, Natalie Flanagan, Jeffrey C. Gildersleeve

95) On matrix reference materials characterised by proficiency test (Analytical Methods) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Michael Thompson

96) Heteroatom Role in Polymeric Dioxyselenophene/Dioxythiophene Systems for Color and Redox Control (ACS Macro Letters) Wednesday May 25th 2016
James F. Ponder, Sandra L. Pittelli, John R. Reynolds

97) Reversible Regulation of Thermoresponsive Property of Dithiomaleimide-Containing Copolymers via Sequential Thiol Exchange Reactions (ACS Macro Letters) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Zengchao Tang, Paul Wilson, Kristian Kempe, Hong Chen, David M. Haddleton

98) Quantum Plasmonic Sensing: Beyond the Shot-Noise and Diffraction Limit (ACS Photonics) Wednesday May 25th 2016
Changhyoup Lee, Frederik Dieleman, Jinhyoung Lee, Carsten Rockstuhl, Stefan A. Maier, Mark Tame

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